2009-03-03-Human Coordination in Mission

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Topic: Human Coordination in Mission

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Mark Rogers



Prayer: Divine Parents, as you know we gather here together to manifest our intention to be of service in this hour and we would invite you to join us and to drink this cup with us. We request to be close to you in this process and to welcome your embrace throughout. We invite Monjoronson by name to be with us in this process to meet us once again here at this place of service. We are certain that you hear our petition and that you will honor our request. This brings us great joy and it is our desire that it bring you joy as well and that what we do here in this hour may be pleasing in your sight, may even be your will. Let it be so even now.

Monjoronson: Greetings my friends and associates in this project, I am Monjoronson here to join you side by side as we access this joint venture. I deeply appreciate your commitment in forming this avenue of approach between us that we may work together for the common purpose of reaching out in service to others. I stand with you and beside you as we once again move forward. Let us begin.

Mary: Good evening Monjoronson. The first question this evening from is someone who is concerned about the coordination between volunteers and groups identified with the Magisterial Mission. They found a quote from a teacher that felt very good to them as far as an answer to coordination between volunteers and groups. The quote mentions that you as teachers are here to transform one person at a time, the teaching corps. I think, and that it is not important for one to feel responsible for changing the world nor is any group responsible but you should begin to discern the importance of changing yourself. It is by small acts by a few which will eventually create the momentum to encourage dramatic and swift acts among men.


Question #1: Is it right to say that we are moving through an inner and invisible way, everyone finding and contacting just the right person needed to establish a spiritual connection? Is it right to say this?

Monjoronson: Thank you for submitting this question. It is indeed right to say this. I will make a couple of observations about your offering in this statement and in this question. First, I observe the natural tendency of humans to desire to be coordinated, to be led, guided, instructed and a part of a great and glorious plan and I will assure you that you are and that you have been. As you have sensed, there is of course a great and glorious plan which embraces all groups and all avenues of approach.

This gigantic enterprise encompasses every aspect conceivable by you and therefore it is true simultaneously that you may be an individual involved in your own isolated project while in the same moment being a part of a grand project of great scale. While you are engaged in your own individual pursuits you may not notice that you are but one of many who are also engaged in similar pursuits and in fact there is such a vast plan as to include virtually everyone and their individual undertaking.

So you should never consider that you could not be a part of all this. It would be rather impossible for you to be left out of such a grand plan. Also, I will make mention of the observation that as you were formulating this very question, as you were seeking for this answer you were able to find that which you sought. It was there for you to discover, it was part of the great plan as well. And so I point out that it has already been considered your seeking and it has already been provided for your finding.

As I mentioned at the beginning, your statement is an appropriate statement of affirmation. The plan is quite invisible as you refer to it and yet it is the most significant and real undertaking you will ever be engaged in. Your statement touches on the personal nature and individual importance of such spiritual growth and transformation and truly this is of great significance for an entire universe reaches light and life, one enlightened individual at a time. While you may consider it very important to utilize your energies in service to others, there is but one master task you have in this life and that is to address your own personal spiritual growth for you are the only one that can do that.

What good is it if you are so busy helping others that you fail to do the only task that is left up to you in your life. I honor your questions and observations and appreciate your accessing this forum to engage with me about these considerations, thank you.

Question #2: Thank you Monjoronson, this seems like the appropriate question to follow up with. This individual says they are ready to serve you in any way that they can and they are asking you what you would like them to do? They also mention that they find it difficult to go into complete stillness and that they have difficulty shutting their mind down and if you have any suggestions about that they would appreciate it.

Monjoronson: Thank you for your questions and for your sincere offer to be of assistance in this program. As I have just mentioned, it would be rather difficult for you to not be involved to some degree but I formally accept your offer to be of service to me in my mission as well. To that end you ask what I would ask of you? I would ask of you that you prepare yourself, that as an individual you be mindful of your personal individual status as a spiritualized being and in doing this seemingly simple and isolated task you become a highly skilled and trained worker in the fields of service.

I would make the distinction at this time that there are many who would like to do many things. If I were to give you an assignment to do certain actions you would immediately receive this assignment because it is your desire to serve. But rather I would have you become a spiritualized being and as such you would be what I have referred to as a "light anchor", even what you might consider more identifiable as a lighthouse, one who is sure and certain and able to guide others by virtue of their light.

This is accomplished not so much by the actions you would undertake and all the doing that you could envision but more so by being in awareness that you are a spirit being, an infinite being, a divine being and as such you are connected to all that is outside of you; to me, to Michael, to your Divine Parents and the Creator of Creators. This rock solid foundation provides you with the stability to be of great significance when there are storms about and when there is uncertainty you may remain fixed in your certainty. You may be a guiding light to all those around you who have yet to establish a solid foundation. It may not seem as though simply being so genuine and real is a significant act of doing but I assure you it is the most significant act you might accomplish in this life.

As for your concern over what to do with this river of thought which flows through your mind, I suggest that you do not try to dam up this river. This task is too large for there is too much for you to attempt to stop altogether. Your thoughts are indeed a stream and they do indeed have momentum and they are a powerful force to be reckoned with but I have a suggestion that will be of great benefit to you. While you may not effectively dam up this stream you can most certainly redirect it.

By taking this approach you may utilize the flowing force of your mind to your greater advantage and rather than allowing your thoughts to take you downstream to a place you have not chosen, decide that you will be the one who will direct this thought stream and you will direct it in the manner of your choosing. Direct it in an attitude of gratitude, direct it in expressing your hearts desire to be of service, direct it in visualizing yourself as a child of God, direct it in seeing your connection to all that is.

Petition your Divine Parents for those attributes of divinity which you would assume. Occupy your thoughts with worthy thoughts and instead of becoming a distraction and floating you away they may be harnessed as you would direct them through the power generator and become a useful force. If they cannot be ceased, then harness them and waste no thoughts on erroneous subjects which are unhelpful to your purpose. This is as powerful a meditation as your attempts to cease all thoughts and you will discover that there are moments in between, after spending some time in association with thoughts of gratitude, there will be a space.

Before your next train of thought comes and if you are aware and prepared to direct these thought patterns, you will notice when one has run its course and then there is a gap. It is in this gap, this small space that you may seek what you find in attempting total stillness as you call it. But sure enough, another stream of thought will arise and this could either serve to derail your position or to help to reenforce this connection if you would but use this energy to your benefit. I hope this suggestion finds some resonance with you and again, I assure you, your offer has been accepted, thank you.

Question #3: Thank you Monjoronson. First of all this questioner sends you their love and respect. Are you operating under a system of guidelines which restrict what information you are allowed to provide us with? Is there a restriction on us as to what may be answered and what not answered? Are some questions off limits? Thank you.

Monjoronson: Thank you for this submission. I too would return the gesture and offer you my love and respect as well. You ask if I function under certain conditions and most certainly I do, most certainly you do. All manner and forms of life operate under certain mandates and parameters. You cannot fill a quart into a pint container. The pint has certain parameters and is conditioned by its state of being, it is only a pint. Likewise there are many orders of beings and each order of beings has a different capacity and so one order of beings having a greater capacity than another is subject to a different set of parameters which you may see as guidelines.

The word mandate may be used as a reference as well in reference to me. I do In fact operate under strict mandates which dictate much about my mission and its unfolding on your world of time and space. Due consideration must be given at all times to the supreme value of free will choice and therefore as much as I might like to, I am restricted to the capacities involved in those whom I minister to. It would not do for me to attempt to overfill your capacities. This would serve no purpose and be a fruitless exercise. And so I will make every attempt to match my responses to the frequency of your questions, that is the vibrational level of your questions.

You can recognize this phenomenon in play in your own lives. It is quite easy for you to recognize the experience when a child runs up to you and asks you a question. You immediately must assess how to best condition your response to be received by one who is in a diminished state of capacity as a result of their growth. And so it is with any of the celestial personalities whom you may be in contact with. We must all honor your station in life, your position, and we will do our best to speak to that position in terms which are available to you and which you can relate to in your own experience.

This brings up a very valuable issue which needs to be addressed. You ask what questions are appropriate. That determination involves several factors. You the asker, for instance, are in a particular state when asking the question. Then there is to be considered your state of receptivity to receive a possible answer. Then there is to be considered the permission which must be secured from your Indwelling Guide, your Thought Adjuster, your Voice Within for any interaction which occurs between one of my order and one of yours must involve including this circuitry as well.

There are other considerations which are needful of mentioning since we are both dependent on this process in the moment of transmitter/receiver and celestial associate, in this case, myself. It is a distinct process that must be undertaken, to make this question available in the consciousness of the transmitter/receiver and then to be accessed by one of my order requires the active participation of a transmitter and requires a catalog of reference within the transmitter which then may be accessed to formulate the response.

This process can break down in route when a question is asked of a transmitter that is entirely unfamiliar to the transmitter and therefore there is no catalog of reference to be used to translate the question and formulate the response. For instance, an inappropriate question might be: What is the best form of brain surgery to be used in my particular case? Because the transmitter would have no access to information about either brain surgery or your particular case and so therefore the question would lie outside the field or construct available to be used to answer that question.

Similarly, if the question were offered in a foreign language it could not be translated by one who was unfamiliar with that language. So concepts which are of a very personal nature or of a very specific nature may or may not be found within the construct of the participants within the process and therefore may be seen as inappropriate questions. You of course are free to ask any question that is in your hearts but whether or not you will receive the response of your desire will be dependent on many things but I assure you, you will always receive a response which will have some significance and purpose even if it does not directly address your question because behind every question there is a sentiment, there is an energy, there is a vibration and that is what may be addressed and answered in the final analysis where the specifics or details may not be as significant as the thrust of the question or the intent behind it.


Thank you for inquiring about this subject. We are in fact, building this process as we go and the more questions we endeavor to provide a response to the more this process is refined and that which serves us and works is promoted and that which falls short of our goal to be of service will simply fade away. I honor your desire to ask these questions and will do my best to address them within the parameters of my mandate and of your capacity and of the process itself. We will do our best and it will be successful if even only by degree. Thank you for your questions this evening and I bid you all farewell.

Mary: Thank you Monjoronson, farewell.