2009-03-11-Sincerity of Intent

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Topic: Sincerity of Intent

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Samuel

TR: George Barnard



Samuel: “I greet you all assembled here. This evening I wish to speak with you about sincerity in intent, especially when it deals with receiving and transmitting of messages from Celestial Teachers, such as those from Teacher Aaron and me. This is Samuel of Panoptia. I wish to firstly speak with you about my life on my home planet. My work there, my duties on Panoptia, were many-sided.

“I was responsible for providing the food for my family, of course. I was also responsible for the education of my own children, and some of the children of other families in our settlement. My important contribution to the community was the ethical genetic engineering, which I undertook in my small laboratory.

“In preparing the new edible foods that came into being because of my experimental work, I was fortunate in having the assistance of a Life Carrier. Much in the way this conversation with you all takes place, it was a Panoptia Midwayer, and some number of celestials above him, that put me in touch with this universe’s extraordinary bioengineers, the Life Carriers.

“To the point now: What I learned in my lengthy journey towards adequate contact with the Powers Above was that sincerity in intent, and humility, were the most important aspects of my success over many years. It was important for me to contribute to all – all brothers and sisters, wherever on the planet – and this I achieved.

“The decision as to whether or not the human being can and may receive information from his Celestial Teachers rests entirely with the Thought Adjuster, not the person, not the Midwayer, not the Teacher. It is with sincere intent to do what is good, and with great humility to ask for it, yes, in a kindly fashion, and with determination to persevere, that this kind of communication can come about, will be approved.

“We learn from your Midwayer Helpers that many will try with the idea that they will somehow become . . . famous in their work. We learn from your Midwayer Friends that more often than not, an aspect of unrealized fear has not been overcome. We learn from your Midwayer Companions that on many occasions no heartfelt request has been made of the Thought Adjuster, who will always, literally, have the first and last word.

“And so it is my suggestion to those, who are using whatever method of meditation or visualization, to in the first instance approach their indwelling Though Adjuster; to respect but certainly not venerate the Midwayer Helpers that may initially be employed; to approach the subject of channeling in a humble fashion, and to be sincere about producing good results for their selves, but for others first of all, and to persevere.

“Some of you will have quick results; quick and good results, in very little time. Some of you may struggle in your endeavors, but with the information provided to you in this lesson, you may be able to discover just what it is that is slowing you down, or what gives you the idea that you are not going to succeed, when in fact you truly can succeed.

“This is Samuel of Panoptia. I thank you for your time at this late hour. I greet all present, and I say farewell for now. Thank you.”

George: “Thank you Samuel.”