2009-03-13-Carry the Harvest to New Cycle

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Topic: Carry the Harvest to New Cycle

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Michael, Lanaforge, Nebadonia

TR: Jonathan



Michael: Greetings to you, I am Michael. You recall that I once said that "The harvest is great but the workers are few". Over these centuries we have been successful in enlarging the ranks of the workers of light and today you are at a seasonal change wherein the harvest is of eminence. This harvest, while it does entail the reaching to the hungry souls throughout your life, lifting them into an awareness at their belonging in our Father's family, we also have another form of the harvest and that is the transformation of the garden planet, Urantia.


We will begin establishing the next season of growth upon your world and it will be done by you. Today we will cut down the spent stocks that yielded the fruits of the past dispensation and prepare for the new growth of the new age. You will be the ones to carry the harvest into the new cycle, to provide the stability in the transformation to retain that which is of great value, that which provides spiritual strength during all uncertainty but you will also be put to the task of establishing what is hitherto-fore an unknown way of living and being.

The unfoldment of the spiritual dimension within your being, that is, coming to recognize in your mind and coming to feel in your heart of the presence of spirit is changing from one wherein the spirit dimension is perceived as an object by these two great centers of your being, mind and heart. A blending is to occur wherein there will be no differentiation, wherein you can say as I said once, "I and my Father are one". The human being is adept at manipulating objects. You perforce do so every day from the moment you rise to the moment you go to rest.

Some of your occupations have the added advantage of not only working with things external but also of the manifestation of ones personality as the work itself. Your artists do so, your songwriters do so, lo even your politicians do so. You are the manifestation of all that religion teaches, you are the spirit in body and this is what the world will look to for certainty throughout this transition. Your martial artists seek of attaining a center of power such that you may lift one leg or two and remain centered in balance. You may duck or thrust arms in any direction and not pull off center.

As we establish a strong core of spirituality across this world it will be those of you who maintain this center of power. Gain the ability to be so focused by doing it as I exemplified while on your world, of going off alone to be with the Father. Many methods and approaches to earthly living are being called into question, many patterns of behavior and curriculums of teaching are going through adjustment. You will be the ones to provide the stability, not a static, rigid unmoving stability but a flexible dynamic stability anchored in light.

It will be much as if you were to be standing in a small boat and the waves rocking the boat back and forth, bobbing it to and fro and yet you do not fall over. Your feet move with the boat but you are stable. These are the light workers I require for the coming dispensation. I and my ministering associates have presented to you many stabilizers such as the revelation from the Orvonton Commission and we have also developed with you a working interface wherein you may personally identify with the work of spirit on this world and not merely comprehend it from an intellectual vantage point.

Now that you know, it is time to go forward. I told my original apostles to go forth and proclaim the gospel and I tell you likewise that I say with one adjustment, to go forth and be that gospel for today on your world exists many teachings which can proclaim but there needs to be greater quantity of children of light who are with that proclamation declared. I know many of you, being the human beings you are as I was once in form like yours, are aware of your frailties and even your resistances but do remember that I take into my fold apostles of any caliber.

All you need is a heart that loves God and a willingness to adapt and a desire to express what you have come to be in spirit. If we were to assemble highly qualified workers of light, I ask, would we really have a task to perform? for such attainments create a great gulf between those who have not attained and those high beings of spirit stature. The change into the new dispensation that is upon you is not a leap from one edge over a chasm to another, it is an incremental bridging that requires each one of you at any level of qualification, at any level of enlightenment.

So today we are enlarging the workers. The harvest will be in all fields of human endeavor for this is not only a spiritual change, it is an expansive holistic change throughout all aspects of human civilization. Today what appears as a tearing down and a disruption of the way your world operates is really only a redirectionization [sic]. You know that the one who tends to the fields prior to harvest can be quite content as that harvest ripens for much of the work in preparation and in sustaining the growth is complete.

But one cannot sit indefinitely for that harvest will spoil and so the workers go to the field to an apparent disruption of such beauty, gathering the crop. Today the destruction is apparent but the crop is being harvested. Trust that we are undergoing advancing changes. You are my beloved children and I know the compassion that resides within your heart to be about our Father's business. You grasped it in the early days of your spiritual awakening and it has driven you ever since. Take the deep breath of faith and trust yourself for I am with here with you always and will direct you in the way to go.

It will bring joy to my heart to engage with you in dialog. I will receive your questions if you have them and will delight in your comments.


Comment: Hello Master, good day to you.

Michael: And greetings to you.

Comment: I want to thank you for being here and your message today. Your words have been very very comforting and I appreciate the insight that you have brought to the table. Thank you so much.

Michael: I bless you my dear child and I acknowledge our Father's presence within you. I behold the strength of His radiance and I perceive your transparency in allowing that luminosity to flow from you and to touch the lives of those around you.

Beloveds I discern contentment among you and I am overjoyed for you perhaps recall the story of my being kept up all night by those around me when I was on your world with questions and discourses and I used this opportunity to underline reality of your preparedness, of your accomplishment and of your enlightenment. I praise our Father for such children, I am truly blessed.

Lanaforge [system sovereign]: Greetings to you, this is Lanaforge. I make my presence known with the simple objective of assuring you that we in this system of planets stand behind Michael and His efforts upon your world and every world within my realm. I will not let Him down and I will not let you down in fulfilling the mission of bringing each world into light and life. We have met with rocky travel, destruction in our itinerary but we have nonetheless progressed. I have the allegiance of all angels and I have the dedication of all the volunteers that not only reside within our system [but those] that come as ambassadors from afar. Indeed together we are strong.


Nebadonia: This is your Mother, Nebadonia. You know that I am the manifestation of the God of action, the Third Person of the Divine Trinity. Where I am, things transpire. There can be no stagnation. We are alive, life pulsates through us. You are thereby energized by the outpouring of my being upon you. I come to you as nourishment that you strengthen for the tasks that lie ahead, that you be stronger than the challenges that will face you and that you be so tender to those who hurt for it is through your hands and your words and your gaze that I will find entrance into one who does not know me and there they will discover that I am with them. I give you my blessing to go about manifesting the pure love of our Holy God. May it be so.