2009-03-23-View Situations with Compassion & Humor

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Topic: Viewing Situations with Compassion & Humor

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham, Mary

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. We are enjoying your conversation this evening on the realities and frailties of mortal living. I find that you each combine compassion with logic and that is a good formula for inner peace. We all know that we are not going to save mankind, but we can help a little each day in our personal ministry.


I remember there was a day when I was overwhelmed by the despair in the world and I had asked Machiventa to say a few words to enlighten me on how to handle my emotions and also be a living solution. Machiventa had suggested that I should detach from those things that would bring my spirit hopelessness and strengthen my trust in Father’s abilities. He reminded me that this planet is experimental and many of the issues that mortals face are supposed to be. Is there supposed to be such despair in the world? Yes. Are we to have compassion, of course and at the same time we are to detach our emotional selves and put that energy toward trusting Father who can do all things.

In many situations concerning mortal life, Machiventa taught me to view situations with compassion, logic and humor. This attitude helps our spirits to stay strong and keep moving forward with our ministries. You have seen for yourselves that hopelessness is not helpful. Many times Michael will speak with the Teaching Staff to keep exercising our faith and trust in Father, because we do become overwhelmed from time to time with despair and hopelessness. When we are made to feel hopeless then it is likely, especially with mortals, to quit trying to make any kind of an effort.

Last week we had experimented with the idea of replacing labels we attach on our brothers and sisters to simply seeing others as spirit siblings. I am pleased to hear your comments on that experience and I would leave you to Mary to provide further comment.

I am MARY. Greetings and thank you for always being so accommodating. I know that throughout history there have always been labels or identifications placed on individuals for one reason or another. It would seem that mortal life was better if you were wealthy, educated and a man. This Correcting Time is requiring that we each broaden our minds to view everyone as a spirit sibling, meaning that we all start out life with almost the exact same gifts. We have mind, heart, personality. There are many factors that may shape us, from parents to environmental.

If one can see that this life is simply one step in our ongoing careers, then all our experience can make sense to us. For the most part however, at this time in history many individuals see that their lives are either a blessing or curse from God. It is about chasing good fortune and having luck on our side. There is a point in our mortal careers that we need to stop blaming others for our status in life and take on the responsibility that when all is seemingly taken away, that we are all left with the same gifts: mind, body and spirit.

I do know that back at the time of meeting Jesus at the tomb, upon his resurrection, I had gained some popularity for being the one who the Master had appeared to. Some people thought the Master had chosen me because I was somehow spiritually advanced. For a time I thought this was true and later reality showed me that I was just in the right place at the right time and would be willing to share the message. It is a little disturbing how I attached to this label of ‘chosen one’ because it brought me a lot of attention.

There were further issues that my new label had me facing and that was people had expected me to have knowledge to certain spiritual ideas that I did not. It seems to be a common theme throughout history for people to want heroes and at that time it seemed I was becoming one. I wanted to be one. I was having to live up to an identity which was not me. I can see how my ego took joy in being made to feel special and after a while I became burdened with trying to hide my true identity. I was just another Kingdom worker with no more or less gifts than anyone else.

After meeting with the Master on a few of His resurrection appearances I was brought some relief by Him showing me that I was important and loved just like everybody else. It was a great relief to let the façade of my being spiritually advanced go. It was helpful to confide in my sisters that this strange occurrence was happening. We had great fun with it. It was so much better to be my true self than the person people thought I was. I found peace within to know that the Master knew of my mind games and still loved me and was still showing me the value from such an experience.

We all want to be a hero and held in high accord with our fellows and that comes naturally when you can live your life as the Master taught. Last week Abraham spoke of us defining others and this week I am speaking of living up to the ideals of how others define you. That is wasted energy and time. What you value most is what you will become. This week I would request that we go before the Father as little children. We need to release ourselves from the useless garbage we have piled upon ourselves and each other, so that we can get down to the business of true ministry.


Your Utah weather is a mystery. I know as each of you are looking forward to Spring, take a moment to appreciate nature for what it really is. It does not try to impress anyone. It is what it is and it serves. That is all for this evening. I am overjoyed to be with you again and sometime soon we will have more questions. From Abraham and myself, we send you with our love. Until next time, Shalom.