2009-04-05-Sincerity & Spiritual Orbits

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Topic: Sincerity & Spiritual Orbits

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, LIGHT, Monjoronson, Michael

TR: Jonathan, Kathy



Elyon (Jonathan TR): This is Elyon, I greet you. I will speak some using the words: “sincerity” and “genuine”.


It may be viewed as a progression from one to the other; one may be sincere and yet unattained, unenlightened or inexperienced but at the hour of volition is oriented toward the attainment, and that, in the course of pursuit, there is the acquirement of the real nature sought, of the high status to attain. And then enters in “genuine”, the true character.

All of the apostles began their ministry with Jesus sincerely. They did not understand what would unfold in the years of ministry, and they realized in hindsight the great rewards from which they benefitted by undergoing the experiences with their master. They followed Jesus because he was genuine; he was not merely clothed, but he was through and through the Son of God.

Early these apostles relied greatly upon Jesus to do the teaching, to address the masses, but as they matured in their spiritual growth, when the genuineness enlarged within them, they too could preach the gospel. You remember the episode of their attempts to heal an individual, and they tried in sincerity but failed. It was because they had not become genuine in their ability. So the divine grace was withheld that they might learn.

I do not wish to put sincerity in a lesser light, for it is the drive, the wanting, that pushes you forward or pulls you forward and causes the attainments that make you genuine. They go hand in hand.

A connecting link between the two is loyalty, a loyalty to that which is true and real, a recognition of means and manners whereby one may distort reality and to safeguard oneself from such encounters, that even when one wishes for an outcome that is not based upon truth or reality, that one honestly and loyally holds to what is real and disregards the fanciful wish.

The sincere desire to do the will of God leads to the genuine practice of the will of God without any contrivance. You find in an individual who has done so great loyalty to spirit, a loyalty even unto death.

The apostles of Jesus underwent the greatest test of their faith at the conclusion of his life, for they were devoted to his mission, and yet it appeared to come to a sudden disastrous conclusion. But upon viewing him subsequent to his death and discovering the continued relationship, they had a profound revelation of true genuineness, for here was a being who not only in flesh reflected the qualities of God, but here before them was a being of the morontia order. Then they knew without any doubt of the reality of his presence and his mission.

So many have followed over the centuries and have recognized from the sense of the soul the genuine teaching and the true spiritual nature of Jesus. Why is it that one so many years later could hold the same faith as those first twelve did who actually saw him reappear subsequent to his death? It is because of the Spirit of Truth; it is because Michael indwells and in so doing each one of you sees the master. You begin with a faith that is sincere and tender and young, and in your relationship with him you develop a mature faith that is genuine and strong.

I make room now that others may come in to your presence and address you.

Light (Kathy): This is Light responding to your request to spread light on this planet.

In my growth on this world I have seen many situations where an infusion of light has worked to bring about change in both persons and groups. Be confident that in your efforts to bring a focus of light there will emerge a change in the underlying problems faced by those who are at the center of the problem area. In the spirit’s circuit lies great power for change. Attention is needed to bring the power of the spirit circuits to an area of conflict and need. If you are in intention to change to bring light, your efforts will be utilized and appreciated.

As always I am in great appreciation of your taking action to create with your intention. I am always with you.

Monjoronson (Jonathan): Monjoronson here. You spoke today of planets and moons and recognized the value of the warmth of the sun and the fortuitous situation of a planet such that a sun can foster growth: too close and you scorch, too far and you freeze. Every planet that supports life requires conditions such as you spoke of.

On a world like Urantia there are many human beings who are like planets that seek the warmth of the spiritual sun. At times there are those who have drawn so close to the sun they are scorched, and I do not mean that this scorching comes from spirit, but it comes from a fanaticism. A healthy soul is one who can maintain an orbit that fosters life.

I will make another point based upon your discussion. You spoke of Jupiter as a source of warmth for its moons. Each one of you is a Jupiter; you give out the warmth of spirit, the glow of the light of God. There are those in orbit around you who are able to draw healthful energy from you and be sustained. This is a ministry that you can give, and all individuals are capable of such radiance. By you living so you foster the ability for another to adopt that very manner.

When Michael said as he left, “My peace I give you; my peace I leave with you” he was illustrating who he was to be transferred to you and to become you. So, my dear friends, be the light and share the light. Let it warm all about you and draw together in fellowship that you may be like a cluster of stars greatly radiating the spirit of God.

Thank you for receiving me.


Michael: I am Michael. At this moment we tarry by the side of the road of life, and we rest under the shade of our Father’s grace. I sit with you in fellowship. We share laughter; we refresh one another. In this joviality being in one another’s presence is rejuvenating. Yes, we have a long road to traverse, and the sun does get hot and the dust thick. But it is at these moments of pause that we are reminded of why we carry on. It is that deep love of friendship and that care for the benefit of one another.

I would that so many would pause under this tree of our Father with us that there would be hardly any room under the shade. But we know our Father and that He is infinite and that His refreshing cool coverage can expand throughout the entire universe. Let us always take in a passerby who is weary, for there is always room under the tree to come in and fellowship with us.

I give my love to you.