2009-04-12-Choose Me and Open the Door

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Topic: Choose Me and Open the Door

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Michael, Elyon

TR: Mark Rogers, Jonathan, Kathy, Mary Rogers



Michael (Mark TR): Hello, my dear ones, you know who I am. I accept the invitation that you have furnished me in creating this space and welcoming me with such terms of endearment.


I am duly honored by the statement just offered, that you truly know who I am and that you are not dependent on another’s depiction of who I am but rather you are relying on a personal experience of who I am in relationship to who you are. This is indeed the answer to my prayers, that you will have such a relationship with me as to be able to claim in this life that you know me of a certainty. It can truly be said that I am present in this way, that I have arrived in your dimension as a result of this experience of relationship.

Many seek for outward ... of my ... from shaking of the ground perhaps, some loud voice heard from above perhaps, some blinding light to assure them, to stir their senses that something indeed has transpired. But you who know me know that I come to you in quiet ways, in subtle terms, but I am nonetheless quite real, to be observed as you each can witness. Just as I declined when I walked this world to offer such signs for the amusement of those of little faith, so now do I decline to manifest in such ways. Rather, do I choose to come to those who will create the space for me to do so as in this moment. I rely on the individual to choose me and open the door, and then I most certainly will accept this ... and that I am welcome. I will most gladly be with you even now, this day and this hour. You who know me know that you need not wait for some special event of a second coming, for you have had the experience of my repeatedly coming to you at your request and invitation. This is how I choose to interface with my children at their request and in honor of their invitation.

It deeply pleases me to hear your discussions of how you are discovering that those around you are in fact perceiving that you are generators of the light, and they are drawn to you as moths to the flame, instinctually and perhaps wholly uncertain as to why. But you may take their approach to you as their invitation to you to share that which brings you the light, and in this way you may represent me in this world, and my coming to you may be spread exponentially when you represent this experience out to the others.

Simply relax into that which you know already, that which has brought you the peace and the certainty that you enjoy, that which I bring to you freely. Certainly you may share freely with all those who are eager to experience ....

I am aware that on this day once again you honor me for my service to your world and even to you. I accept your honor on behalf of he who sent me to perform such a service. Likewise you honor me when you seek to perform any service in my name or on my behalf. I am aware of the services you offer, and I am humbled at your desire to be of service. I accept your offer with deep gratitude and will foster every attempt you make that you perceive is in service to me or my children.

Let today symbolize in your own lives your own chance to rise again and become even greater today than when you had the opportunity to rise yesterday. Know that this is how I see you, as rising on a new day with new opportunities before you. Let us work that we may more fully implement our desires to be of service, for as you know I am all about service myself, and therefore I recognize that same attribute in each of you. Let us joyfully be about the opportunities before us to express our inner most desires. ... and as well turn right around and offer you my thanks for your service and my gratitude for your heartfelt desires. Let us be about this with joy.

I leave you now but you know me and you well know that I never truly leave you but rather follow you around looking for the chances that you provide for us to work together in your world, in our world. I leave my peace and my love as always. Farewell.

Elyon (Jonathan): Greetings, Elyon here. You have spoken today about the Spirit of Truth and its importance upon this world and in each soul. The Spirit of Truth may be likened to atmosphere, that cloaking around all life which supports life, that blanket of protection, that reservoir of nourishment. The Spirit of Truth is ever present and everywhere. You may not notice it just as on a calm day the air is still, but you do take note when the wind blows, when spirit moves, and you recognize, yes, Michael is here. And you rejoice at the cooling presence when the day is warm, just as you are thrilled when the warm air of spring heats the cold grounds from winter.

This Spirit of Truth is ever capable of ministering to anyone in need in any way. Michael has just today encouraged you to join him in ministry. While you seek for that greater connection by way of his spirit, grow in your confidence that he has likewise reached in connection toward you. There are times when the air is still, and he seeks to minister to your fellows where you may step up as a fan and create the stir, start the breeze, and bring that Spirit of Truth to another’s assistance. It may be natural for the winds to blow and spirit to be felt, but it is not unnatural for you to create those currents by way of your presence and your manifestation of spirit. We have spoken often of love flowing through you and grace and light. Thus it is so with the Spirit of Truth.

Jonathan: It comes to mind: the fan facing the wind, what then? I’m waiting for Elyon to address that, when your fan is blowing toward the wind.

Elyon: I bring to our mind two phrases common, one, “going with the flow” and the other, “even dead fish can swim downstream”. Ministry with Michael is cooperative and sensitive to the direction of spirit. This is where one who works for spirit is ever alert to the means whereby the Spirit of Truth may be presented. You adjust your ministry to the receptivity of the individual, recognizing that you may wish to reach out in one manner, and it being the fan into the wind you quickly turn and assist to go with the flow.

Let us now add to this that all peoples are indwelt with the Spirit of Truth and each individual has its own orientation. As everyone manifests this spirit there are complex currents all about you. There are times when you will need to turn up the velocity of your fan that you may push more air, for in this realm of time and space truth takes on layers of levels. Higher levels often are obscured by the plethora of lesser levels, and it takes a greater force for them to be observed and recognized and attained.

This day celebrates the conclusion of Michael’s bestowal on your world. For many he is merely another great prophet, to others the Son of God come to earth. You know within your heart the reality of the presence and that, what definitions are applied, it is nonetheless a reality, though the descriptions fail to accurately present it. Accept your manifestation; let yourself move the spirit. Be unconcerned over the proper direction for spirit to flow. Merely make it available. It will adjust.

I will conclude my sharing with you with one other image, that is of the turntable. As it rotates the music engraved upon the record unfolds and you hear it begin and end. It goes about in its prescribed order, and when functioning properly the music is heard and enjoyed. This may seem formal, for only one direction will provide the pleasure. If it were to be reversed it would not present itself as desired or described, composed. But one is free nonetheless to traverse the surface of this disc in any direction even while it moves. Under these conditions of relative motion one may become disoriented as to where one is going. I draw your attention to the infinitesimal center. It does not move ever. Seek that center, go to stillness and all the motions will be clear. Even I say to you the entire song will be noticed fully, simultaneously.

Thank you.

Evelyn: In trying to convey the concept of the Supreme I’m baffled whether it is that which is true, beautiful, and good or the sum total of all that transpires. Or is it everything, every branch on every tree, every cell that has actualized. Maybe the answer lies at the center of that record, stillness; there it would all make sense. Could someone comment on that.

Elyon: Elyon here, may I exploit my turntable imagery? Yes, the Supreme unfolds all its potentials in every manner possible. So your world has its beauty and its ugliness, each becoming a part of the unfoldment. However, this is the mechanical aspect of the Supreme revelation. You spoke of truth, beauty, and goodness and its enhancement. Just as God created all things bringing out of nothing everything, the ultimate and absolute will power of the universe, each one of you is a point of will power, and this is the aspect of the Supreme that is not merely manifestation of thought potentials, but the creative discovery from a new source of power, yourself. This makes each one of you unique. This is why each one of you can serve regardless of your status and stature, of your training and qualifications. It is because you are the one who is bringing it about.

Let us look at this turntable, and let us put a fly on this turntable, but first let us dip its legs in paint and watch it walk around. These are the creative expressions of each one of you within the revolving Supreme. The great current of time and space flows ever onward, but you are also contributing to its direction and its velocity. This is why we encourage you to foster those values which bring about Light and Life. Urantia will attain that state, but it can do so sooner with your creative input, with your conscious application of spirit awareness.

Jesus’ parable of the talents illustrates the individual’s contribution to the Supreme. You have been given the potentials of time and space. How will you profit therefrom?

Kathy: Earlier we were speaking about the story of the small fish trying to swallow the large fish. I received some comments about that from a source indicated by some sort of Japanese symbol.

unidentified (Kathy): Just as the small fish swallows the large fish in your story today, you have taken steps to enlarge your capacity so the enlightenment will become you. Instead of searching for spirit growth you have opened to the possibility of assimilating this seemingly larger spiritual fish. As impossible as this seems, the large fish of truth and enlightenment is capable of being contained in you, the small fish. If you allow for the possibility of spiritual enhancement, it will become a reality. It requires intention and perhaps a stretching of your current capacity. Even if you feel yourself to be a small fish, you have the ability to stretch and engulf a larger spiritual truth.

unidentified (Mary): I have a message about springtime. As you look around you in your world you see the sun bringing its warmth, its energy, to bear upon the planet causing the rebirth, causing the sap to rise in the trees, causing the blades of grass to rise. So should you open your heart to the warmth and the energy of God who nourishes your soul, causes your spirit to rise. Every day you can be born again, rise anew. Whatever time of year it happens to be the warmth and light of God is available to nourish the growth of your soul. Enjoy.