2009-04-14-Prayer, Awakening, and Prompts

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Topic: Prayer, Awakening, and Prompts

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Sharmon

TR: George Barnard

Session 1


Sharmon: “This is Midwayer Sharmon. I greet you both. This evening it is my opportunity, and also my pleasure, to provide you with a lesson. We shall talk about prayer, we shall talk about awakening, and we shall talk about prompts, not necessarily in that order, because I’m one who loves to keep you guessing.

“It is kind of you to let me into your hearts. You know you are very dear to me, and it is not all that often that I have the opportunity, and that I am allowed the free time, to come around to see you, and to impress you with my charming, loving presence . . . well enough of that, Sharmon!


“To the point now. There are many different types of awakening. Each morning as you are aroused from your sleep, stretch and remember your world, that’s one kind of awakening, routine, and we all know about that one. When the opportunity and the right time comes along for you to suddenly become a more spiritual individual, a cosmic conscious citizen, through some event that is triggered by yourself, or that is granted from On High, that is another kind of awakening, a spiritual awakening, and that’s a very important one more and more of you are learning about!

“There is yet another kind of awakening. This particular awakening is also rather important. It doesn’t deal with you dragging yourself out of bed in the morning, and it doesn’t deal with what is happening ever more often to people that become spiritually enlightened on this planet. This is a different awakening altogether. It is an awakening by the person, for instance, who spends his or her life being very critical, and suddenly finds that the universe responds in kind by them being criticized. It is a glorious awakening to realize that by being less critical of others, one will also be less subject to criticism.


“Take note, my lovelies! This is how the University of Terra Firma teaches it mortal ascenders its age-long, never-changing curriculum. Be back shortly. This is Sharmon.”

Session 2


Sharmon: “We follow on after a short break.


Likewise, it is a life-changing awakening for the individual who tends to be jealous and is disturbed by others being jealous of him or her, until they walk a distance in their siblings’ shoes. There is a lesson in the jealousy they themselves feel. It is an awakening to the realization that being less jealous of another -- that controlling their jealousy -- will give them less reminders of how other people may be jealous of them. It is all part and parcel of spiritually moving ahead by shedding those baser character traits of human nature in the mortal College of Terra Firma. Ponder these words. They are so very important. Learn what it is that you dislike about another, and you may well find that these are the creature habits you yourself are unwisely ‘cultivating.’ Could it be greed, a need to control, slothfulness?

“My next subject is prayers. Your prayers should almost always be directed to benefit another, be for the welfare of another, for the good of another. And in that you will find that you yourself will be taken care of. Prayers for the self, and regarding specific gimme’s, have you placing Him in the same position as Kris Kringle, the one who shells out his presents once a year. The Creator is not like Kris. Ask for what He knows you need, believe, and you will discover many improvements coming into your life.

“Ask for others, and you will find that your cup will be overflowing. In asking for another, you, who receive regular 11:11 time prompts, it is okay, and it is good, to ask for others whom you feel are entitled to this, to also be prompted. It need not originate on the Mansion Worlds where those who have passed on can put in their requests. It can originate here from many and all members that are being 11:11 prompted. Ponder this idea. Think this through, and consider the ones you know who may be ready, those you know who could do with regular contact with the Midwayers. We Midwayers, the Morontia Companions, and the Morontia Cherubim, and many others, can time prompt them, if we’re allowed.


“This is Sharmon. It is a pleasure to be with you, my dear, dear friends. I will say goodbye for now, and return to my regular task of being a messenger. Good night.”

George: “Thank you Sharmon. We love you.”