2009-04-26-Cultivating Faith

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Topic: Cultivating Faith

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Ophelius

TR: Chris



Ophelius: “Today’s lesson is on cultivating the seeds of faith. What are seeds of faith and how do we cultivate or grow these newly planted seeds? The seeds of faith are the embryonic form or beginnings of a new spiritual path in the life, a change in attitude, the acceptance of new truth, or the decisive action of a son or daughter of eternity potential to follow the divine leading. These are the waking moments, the morning of the eternal day, and one should rise from his or her bed of slumber to seize the day and resist the easy comfortable habit of rolling over and closing the eyes again.

“Once this tender sprout of faith has peaked through the shadowy soil of material existence, it is imperative that it be watered and nourished, for the infancy of faith craves truth, and the Father is all willing to provide it and is prepared to finish the good work that has begun anew. The seedling must reach for the light and circumvent all obstacles that cast shadow over its position in the soil of earth life. You must be willing to follow this light and make decisions, shift positions, and relinquish unhealthy habits and relationships that cast shadows on your new budding faith. These are tumultuous times for many, the trials of fire, but have no fear children, the rewards of eternal life far outweigh any earthly prize, power, or self gratifying pursuit.

“These are the growth spurts of soul development and oftentimes they are accompanied by growing pains. To break free from the dark heavy soil of material existence takes much work, perseverance, and faith. It is important to focus on the prize in these trying times of temptation and doubt -- to expand the vision of your horizon, to see the big picture of eternity, and the glory of the grand adventure that awaits those who choose the sometimes difficult path over the easy path that leads to destruction.

“Seek the nourishment of truth in these fragile times of spiritual development. Read, learn, pray, and grow your faith using the innate curiosity of your God given endowments. Trust in the still voice of your Thought Adjuster and know that your guides and guardians will help and steer you towards those goals and opportunities that lead to paradise. God speed to you, children of Urantia, in your struggle for perfection.


“Good day, “The Circle of Seven.”