2009-05-07-Elements & Perceptions of Joining with the Inner Voice

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Topic: Elements and Perceptions of Joining Inner Voice

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Thought Adjuster, Monjoronson, LIGHT

TR: Mark Rogers



Mark: I would give voice to mention what it is we're doing here and refresh for the sake of those who read transcripts, how and what we do to center ourselves since we don't mention this every time we meet. We have covered this in the past but when we gather like this it is a process of combining intention, bringing all of our intention and desire that this process be formed and built together. In doing this we literally form an energy circuit which is a living system. This living system is a direct result of our energy which we donate to this system and which we combine together here and now, again as a result of our intention to do so.

If you would all join me in this process expressing your intention into the circuit, internally, and your desire that this living energy system be created and born here in this minute and then, I am sure we can all feel it, I felt it just then. We kind of turn on the circuit and when we do that it becomes this in-circuitment between us and then having established this "merkaba," this energy field or circuit, we then use this to play as an antenna, sort of a receiver. We then unfold this receiver and point it towards the heavens as it were, point it towards spirit and in doing this we are able to actually receive input from outside of this circuit and this evening we are also able to receive input from inside this circuit.

I am referring to our petition to furnish a place at this table for the Indwelling Voice that has graced us with being here with us when we do this. Because we are well practiced and have great faith, we naturally move into the mode of receiving that which we petition and request from the universe. This extension of our faith has always proved faithful to us, has always provided us with the connection that we seek. So it is once again in this moment, we have established this connection, we are currently doing our part to reach in the direction of spirit and we bridge the gap between where we perceive ourselves to be and into the infinite with our faith in confidence that we have indeed established this energy circuit called the "merkaba" energy field, an in-circuitment of spirit between us.

Then I project my petition into this energy field that we hear by way of our ministers, our liaison spirit and I offer myself for this purpose at this time. Then I find it helpful to orient myself in relationship to the whole by once again confirming my gratitude to our Creator for this process and all that it contains and for the opportunity that it represents for me and all of us to be part of this process at this time. I express my humble gratitude for this experience in this hour and I ask any other spirit liaison who would like to interface with this circuitry to do so and extend them an invitation. Then I walk the edge of the abyss and I always take a deep breath and as I exhale the breath I am projecting my faith, extending beyond my being in this time and space in an effort to go out in that part of myself which is not limited by time and space and stand in conviction and in faith that this is so. As I have witnessed it before, so I have certain security and confidence in this process. Now I invite you to come with me as I proceed in faith and welcome what is to happen next.


The Voice: Greetings, I accept the invitation extended. I am this ones Inner Voice and I find it most interesting, this description offered by my associate and partner of how he perceives this process. The statement of walking to the edge of the abyss or perhaps the unknown is a very real and valid part of the human experience and I honor the expression of this experience from the human perspective. Indeed, as I have witnessed in my encounter with my human counterpart, there is a great deal of faith and even no small amount of courage required to walk to the edge of the unknown and to not turn back allowing fear and doubt and uncertainty to prevail. Certainly many times in your lives, fear, doubt and uncertainty do prevail and subsequently you are prevented from taking that final step in faith and turn back into the paradigm that you know and are comfortable and familiar with.

A key element was mentioned in my partners sharing of his experience, and that key element was that he has had direct experience prior to this one in this moment which bring him conviction and a sense of certainty even in the face of apparent unknowingness. That is what you are all building right here, right now and in your daily personal exercises as you extend your faith. Each time you do so you are rewarded by having a direct personal experience with the result of of having extended yourself, having stretched your wings once again and felt that the air currents are indeed ascending.

But like the young bird, it takes many efforts until the courage is developed to simply step out and give it a try. You watch others, you read books about others experience, you share among yourselves your individual encounters with having felt these air currents but there is simply nothing that can provide you with that personal encounter with the truth of what it is to rely on faith, to act in faith and to experience the reward of this action. The system is designed so that each and every one of the participants must actively engage in this process to have the rewards of their own personal experience.

Then once you have extended yourself and once you have felt how strong the air currents are and that you are designed to soar upon them, then no other proof or substantiation is required or necessary. You bring the proof, you bring the conviction yourselves to the equation and you eagerly await the opportunity to test your wings and the air current again and soon enough, as a reward for your practice and your effort, you are then the example that others watch as you leave the nest with ease and confidence. The younger ones begin to watch you soar about and see the thrill that you experience in having the conviction of the design of your being and the interface of the process. Much as the wings are designed to catch the air currents, you are designed to rise in spirit and if you will but stretch your wings and position yourself on the edge of your foundation, you will become of complete conviction that you were meant to be there, you were meant to step off and you were meant to soar to different places and you need not be confined to the environment in which you've been reared.

But this process may take a lifetime or more for you to develop the confidence and understand your relationship to the process. Birds have what you refer to as an instinct, that is an internal unexplained knowing of how they are to fly, where they are to go and what they are to do in their existence. You as well have a component of yourself, your Inner Guide, your Inner Voice who knows who you are, where you are supposed to go and what you are supposed to do. As you partner more and more closely with this aspect of yourself and the two of you become as one, you are relieved of your not knowing, of your uncertainty, of your doubts and you are soaring together in complete confidence of your relationship to all that is, in complete awareness of who you are as a combination being: the one with the wings and the body as well as the one who knows all.

This is your process of discovery and as you engage in this process and become one you will eagerly seek the opportunity to soar together and your human effort at taking the step and making the effort will go hand in hand with your Divine Fragment's effort to help you see the way, the process and the direction to go. Even in this moment we are riding on these air currents, we are allowing the natural ascension of these air currents to keep us from falling and even to raise us up. You may feel this even in this moment, a sense of being held in this process. These are the universal currents of ascension to which I refer and they may feel quite comfortable, natural and normal. They are part of your process and you are growing to trust them and your relationship to them and you are learning that all you need do is spread your wings and that these natural currents will hold you and will lift you up.

I honor the steps that you take in this process. Your individual Inner Voices honor the steps you take in this direction. You may consider more actively petitioning your Inner Guide to assist you in this process. In so doing you align your will with that of your Adjuster and you make the job much easier at hand. This task of petitioning or creating this alignment is an active task that you can take to demonstrate your commitment and open the door for your Inner Guide. You see, they are always there to assist and help, perhaps even suggest but their role is a passive one and they require your free will to grant them the space to work.

So always consider it a valuable thing to do, to recommit your intention daily, even hourly so your Inner Guide is given greater latitude to function, in a sense, your petitioning for this partnership is the most vital role that you can play for it acknowledges this partnership and requests that this partnership be enhanced. That is your gift that you and you alone can give to your Indwelling Guide and thereby to the Supreme, to the Creator of all, that is the gift that you can give. When it is the desire of your heart, the sincere intention of your being, there is no more supreme gift that can be offered or received. Never underestimate what you may consider to be this simple act, in fact it is the most profound act you can make as a mortal of the realm. It demonstrates your awareness, it puts forth your faith and it actively engages your partnership.

So I invite you to embrace this opportunity whenever you are in awareness. I have just now greatly enjoyed the opportunity to embrace this experience that you all have granted me by your act of actively petitioning and welcoming me. I am here, only by this act am I here. I cannot nor would I ever forcefully project my intention above yours and therefore I await your invitation and your opening of this door wherein I may then enter; therefore am I deeply grateful that you have offered me this gift. I have accepted and we have both come together and enjoyed experiencing these universal air currents together.

I now in respect for the expected process, will allow for these expectations and withdraw to create a space for another. Thank you once again, farewell.

Monjoronson: Greetings once again, as per your invitation and expectation I am here, I am Monjoronson. As you will all witness who have been a part of this gathering for some time, I have rather attached myself to your process. I see great value in this arena that you have created and therefore I am honored to join you in support as you do this process that we are engaged in even now.

I would talk for a moment about a subject that was earlier mentioned and that I have touched on before and that is the concept brought forward of a sort of spiritual immunization. By this I refer to the phenomenon of different energy fields or different vibration levels as you may see it and how each of these different levels has a set of reality that is contained within these different levels. You are all familiar with your radio frequencies and you know that these frequencies, while all being radio frequencies are all yet distinct and different and that you are not able to receive FM frequencies while you receiver is set to AM.

Likewise if your receiver is reset to FM you still must turn the dial to a particular desired frequency before you are able to access that frequency and then you are only able to access that frequency. All other frequencies are still present but you have dialed in your reality set to accommodate only this one small set of frequencies and when it is time for you to desire to access television frequencies, you must again switch receivers and you must again dial in among all the frequencies of television which one you would choose to participate.

So it is with many many aspects of your life. It's not that all options are not out there, just as all radio frequencies are not in play but that you have dialed your receiver to only receive certain ones and you may become versed in changing your receiver and be able to switch back and forth and receive different frequencies, in fact, tuning yourself into those frequencies. This process we are engaged in in this moment is no different. It is a separate set of frequencies if you will, a different bandwidth as you may be familiar and as such this process of transmitting and receiving requires the receiver to switch frequencies and tune in to an alternate set that is then able to be received.

The more you develop your ability to identify and then receive different and higher frequencies, the more your receiver becomes adapted to these higher frequencies. You may be familiar with the channel selector on your car radio and after you have well determined of all the available possibilities on your radio, you desire to program in and choose your favorite, the ones you desire over all others. Then having invested the effort to fine tune your receiver, you are able to quickly punch your desired buttons and arrive at your desired frequency and this becomes habitual and second nature. You no longer have to search the dial and locate this frequency for you have determined that this is one you will return to.

And so it is that your radio can receive all but you have narrowed your field of focus to but a few. This is what you are doing in your spiritual lives. All frequencies are out there, you are determining which ones are your favorite, which ones you will program yourselves to find readily and return to with ease. The more time you spend with these desired frequencies the less influence any other frequencies would have over you. This process of choosing more and more desired frequencies over the random choices that are optional to you the more your receiver becomes specialized and your overall frequency level if you will, or vibrational level, will become adjusted to those frequencies that you frequent and all others will simply not apply to you.

This is a crude illustration of how you are changing yourselves as receivers and adapting your receivers to only accept higher and higher vibrations or frequencies and as such, elements which are lower vibrations, things which you may identify as fear or hate or panic, things which might be scattered all over your available radio dial will not be chosen by you and so they will not be part of your created level of vibration, therefore they cannot coexist with you. You are truly functioning on one end of the dial and those things you wish to not be part of your reality are on the other end of the dial. It is not as though they do not exist, it is simply as though you are not tuned into them.

This is the value of making deliberate and intentional choices when deciding what you will allow in your receiver and what choices you will make when you turn your dial and try to pick up universal frequencies. Will they be the frequencies of love, of peace, of joy, of faith or will you turn the dial and engage in doubt and fear, hatred, criticism and discontent for all choices are out there on the dial. The more you choose things which are helpful and conducive to your spiritual up-liftment the more your particular receiver is refined to only accept those frequencies and the less any other frequency can have any impact on you.

This is true all the way down into the material dimension. If you allow yourself to be engaged in fear of illness or pathogens then fear is the carrier and illness will become the symptoms. If you refuse to tune in to that frequency and rather tune in to the frequency of the certainty of your divine connection, the love that you experience from that, the peace that you know of as a result, then there is no room for any material pathogen to have a carrier wave into your receiver. Therefore it simply cannot coexist, it is altogether a different frequency.

So if you are concerned and desire to insulate yourself from the potential condition of pandemic for instance, then work not on washing the hands in fear of contracting pandemic, work on tuning in to the higher frequencies which then crowd out any potential for cross-contamination from other lower frequencies. Overall, above all, fear not. Fear never will serve you in your ascension process in the manner you desire. Fear is of the lower vibration and will unfailingly impact your receiver and so simply do not allow yourself to engage in that activity and you will be the better for it.

I hope this further discussion has brought you some additional perspective and perhaps even some peace of mind. Right now, this moment, these vibrations that we share, this frequency that we are both on is one of a high calibre and of a spiritual nature in which troubles of the material plane simply are not present. We are engaged in matters of the spirit and matters of the flesh are on another frequency. I hope you are able to discern the difference.


Thank you for this opportunity to be with you in this process and join you in this great expansion of awareness that we are engaged in. You all have had your vibrations raised as a result. This is your possession to keep and hold and rely on. I have greatly enjoyed and benefitted from this process as well. I now release you from your dutiful attention to be about taking this sense that you have gained in this hour out into the real world and interfacing with these two different frequencies. Be at peace and be without fear to the limit of your capacity and you may trust that you will have a margin of protection from exposure that you cannot get from any earthly precautions. Thank you and good evening.