2009-05-13-Effective Prayer

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Topic: Effective Prayer

Group: Indianapolis TeaM


Teacher: Welmek

TR: Michael Painter



(Joins opening prayer in progress)


WELMEK (David) . ..truths and oversee these individuals that have been prayer-requests-made, to facilitate the exercise of the angels in producing environmental circumstances that will help these folks gain the spirit insight necessary to adjust their attitudes, their spirit energy and motivation to be more like You (Jesus). We would also like to petition the Chief of the Angels on this planet, that if it is possible and in the realm of the will of both Michael and God, to allow some interventions at critical times that may facilitate, to a greater extent, the conscious recognition by these individuals of the support and prayers so pro-offered. While I and those gathered understand that prayers cannot be answered until the human is willing to receive the grace of the Father and the knowledge of the Son, if it is within Your will, we ask that this process, via the angelic overseers, be enhanced. May Your will be done in all things. Thank you for listening and hearing our petition.

  • Circuitry (Permission to Broadcast Meeting to The Local Universe Granted)

In this meeting this evening, the permission was given to broadcast this. It is being shared with those across the local universe and even beyond. These words that come from me now, as you know, may be doubted. Nevertheless, so be it. Much can be learned by your brothers and sisters across the universes - especially of evolutionary material creation - to see how you interact with each other; how your mind works; how your will reveals your inner spirit and the somewhat blind faith that you exercise on this planet. Except for those worlds that are still somewhat in isolation, the recipients of this meeting and others that will transpire over the next few months will be broadcast. There is more that I can reveal to you at a later time as to the response that may come from some of these worlds and be shared with you, as far as their observations. I think you will find this most interesting. I do believe there was a time in the past that we attempted to do this before with relative success.

What I find about human nature is you need positive feedback. You need to know that your efforts and your energy are (1) recognized (2) appreciated and (3) increase your spirit receptivity. Our mission has changed to some degree, as you know. I engage in activities that, before, I let others share information about certain subjects. Frankly, I was fully capable of doing these things even though I would, again, allow others to intercede. It does not matter where truth comes from. What matters is what you do with it. These things you all know well as we have discussed over much of this seventeen years we have been together.

  • Reflection (The Old Indianapolis Group First Met About 17 Years Ago)

Seventeen years seems like a long time, in a way, doesn't it? But I would ask each of you to go home tonight and think about two or three of the core ideas that you have gathered from these meetings over this period of time and what impact, both direct and indirect, it has had on your lives. I think, if you give this thought to stillness, you will find two or three things that have the most value to you. And I, here, say to you this evening that these things of value you will carry with you throughout your entire career for all eternity. While the modifications of greater spirit insight will certainly make adjustments on how you have perceived and exercised these values that you have added, if you will, to your personality, the rudiments will always be a part of you. That is one of the great things of our Father in heaven.

What questions do you have for me this evening?


MARTY: Good evening, Welmek. It's wonderful being in your presence as always. I'm interested in following up on the lesson of last month - I'm interested in knowing what further exercises you may have in mind for us. I'm interested in knowing more on the reasons why you provided the exercise and I'm interested to share what my experience was with it, in order to gain some appreciation and understanding and value to me.

WELMEK: The reason that I participate in this, as I mentioned earlier, something that I have been capable of doing but tended to defer to others that may have reached you in a different way. Our groups are small and I have decided, since I am one of the senior teachers, to exercise my seniority, if you will, and engage in these so called healing techniques. The purpose of this is, simply, to help each of you gain better insight into your own physical mechanism, which will lead, then, to a more controlled electronic and chemical environment in which your soul is growing.

As I have observed you and others on this world, it still comes back to the primary objective of, one must first get their body more under control before the spirit is truly able to live through your personality contained within. In further addressing your question, as far as future meetings, let's allow them to unfold as they may.

MARTY: Alright.

WELMEK: Human nature is such that anticipation is something that you like and hate at the same time (laughter)...not that I am trying to tease you, but simply help prepare you for what's to come after this world. There is no short cut, as you well know. But there is great anticipation, even from within my own being, of what's to come. Let the day be enough for itself. Do the will of God as best you can each day and all else will be added unto you. That statement is literally true.

Now, as far as you (Marty) are concerned, my friend...what did you experience in your attempt to radiate from the heart?

  • Energy (Practicing The Radiating-Heart-Energy Exercise)

MARTY: What I did is, in stillness each morning, that I would spend time radiating a...I just used... and what I recall from your technique of being conscious of the heart, and of drawing all the energy to the heart and then projecting it to an individual that I had selected...and I selected somebody different each day. In fact, everybody in this room was the subject of at least one session. Several times I would do more people...more than one person.

What I experienced was, that I received a significant uplifting or vibrational enhancement. I felt a lot of energy that coursed through my system. Essentially, what it did was it...I felt that it gathered in my mid-section and then it went down my arms and was real strong in my forearms and hands...it eventually came to my hands. It felt like there was energy that was just soaring and flowing at a very high level. It was quite pleasant. It increased the pleasure aspect of stillness significantly. So, I enjoyed doing it. So, I was glad to do it. Now, it took effort to do this. I really had to consciously work on doing this thing. In other words, anything that I have to do that requires effort, for whatever reason, I'm loathe to do it... lol [Editor: abbrev. for “laugh-out-loud”]...even if I enjoy what benefits I get from it. But I did do it and it was very enjoyable.

As far as putting my hands up to my ears, I would follow the prayer section or the projecting of energy section with putting my hands to the ears and having the energy flow into the ears. I had a sensation of energy flowing in that direction, but as far as you said, "Don't be surprised to hear what you hear"...or whatever...I didn't perceive any significant change in my hearing. What I did experience as a result of all this is more commitment to spirituality. I don't think there is any question; it was helpful and it enhanced my willingness to be more engaged in spiritual progression. So, I liked the technique and it had benefits for me.

WELMEK: When your hands were full of energy, how did that feel? Be more descriptive.

MARTY: It was a very tingling...when you receive electrical shock, you feel that energy...but this was a pleasant feeling. I enjoyed the feeling. It was as though my hands were swollen. And it also felt as though the energy was outside of my hands and arms...as if it were beyond my body. I could feel six to eight inches, almost a foot from my body. I could feel that energy outside my physical body.

WELMEK: Did you feel any sensation of love within that energy?

MARTY: Oh yes.

WELMEK: So, my good friend, let me ask you one question..If you were to be in that state, given that energy and love pulsating through; I wonder what would happen, or rather, what do you think would happen, if someone were not of full health and you were to lay your hands upon them; say, perhaps, at the shoulder to neck level? What do you think would occur?

MARTY: Well, based upon the question that you asked me, I suspect that it would be possible...I felt as though the energy was flowing through me...and It was flowing out...projecting out. I felt like I was able to project the energy. And I've been practicing on that in sessions where I'll be in . . . [active] common’s meetings and I will be sharing. Someone will be going through a real, real hard time and I will project that energy to them...and I can feel that leaving...I mean I can feel that happening. So, my sense is that, if they were receptive, they would experience the flow of love. How that would affect them, I have know idea. I would assume that it would in some way upstage their physical being. But that's an assumption and not based upon any understanding or knowledge that I have .

WELMEK: I want you to try this technique. First of all, imagine yourself in the presence of Christ Michael right now and He walks up to you and shakes your hand. How do you think your hand would feel?

MARTY: I think my hand would feel very warm and vibrating and pleasant.

WELMEK: . ..and that would transmit through your body?

MARTY: Yes, I feel that it would go from my hands to my arms through the rest of my body.

WELMEK: . ..and you would, more than likely, feel sensations of emotions such as love...peace?


WELMEK: Keep practicing, my friend. You are on the right track.

Exercise: Listen to Your Heart Beat

I would like for you to all do something for me, if you would. I would like for you to cup your ears with your hands so you block the outside noise and you can literally here your heart beat. If this causes discomfort, by all means, do not try this technique.....

Well? Angie, what did you hear?

ANGIE: You stopped me before I was able to get it.

WELMEK: We'll try it again. Linda?

LINDA: A pounding...a slight pounding...it wasn't as loud as I expected it to be.

WELMEK: It will not be in this environment. There is too much distraction and I haven't given you much time...


MARTY: I experienced some pounding but I could still hear the bird (in the house).

WELMEK: So, tonight when you're laying in bed and, hopefully, it's somewhat quieter than it is now, what I would like you to do is a breathing technique first, with these ideas - I'm more than willing to share those with you. Breathing techniques are taken for granted. Some people will do five or six repetitions and stop. I would encourage you to consciously do more than five or six repetitions...breath in, hold, release, hold, breath in, hold, release, hold...that technique. The breathing will help energize the lungs which will, in turn, increase the oxygen within the blood, which, as you all know, has great benefit. As you become more filled within the breathing technique, then cup your ears with your hands and listen to your heart. You will not only hear the pounding of your heart but you will begin to hear the blood pulsating through your veins.

The purpose of this technique is to attune you more to what's going on inside. Humans are all about what's going on outside...and this technique has a direct correlation to your inner spirit. We have found, working with you, that it is better, perhaps, to facilitate the recognition of the inner spirit to better acquaint you with the inner workings of your physical body.

Now...why did I have you start with the hands a few inches away? I was not thinking that you would be able to hear what you will with the hands cupped...but, what I want to do is to start you on a path of slowly releasing the cupped hands, over time, to where you will still, in this quiet time and continued breathing, be able to literally hear your heart without your hands involved. This attunement to the body will make you realize just how much of a spirit being's potential you have.

The Master was fully attuned to His body. You have so many distractions, so many chemicals and so many other things that can inhibit this inter-relationship between your conscious mind and the physical body that it will require work and practice. But the benefits will truly be there and...just as important...any self-healing techniques will be enhanced. While this is not a cure-all remedy, what you will find is - when you have this technique mastered better than tonight - you will be able to begin to isolate, within your body, problem areas and you will then be able to focus healing energies to those specific areas. If you are to be a healer, heal yourself first. Questions about this?

  • Pain (Removing Pain & Discomfort By Using The Above Exercise)

ANGIE: I've experienced some of that...but, it's when I'm touching my back for example...or somebody else's back... I can take the pain away but it's only while my hand is there, it's only while I'm focusing meditating on that or if I have somebody else put their hands on my back, where I am in so much pain, no amount of medicine can help me...I'm able to take the pain away while I'm meditating. But again, it's only while I'm meditating. I always call it a transfer of pain and I just transferred it out of my body, you know. Is that in any way related?

WELMEK: Yes...as you practice this technique, one of the goals is for you to be able to recognize, no longer the isolation of the heartbeat, but the transference of energy from within the heart, if you will, to those spots that you've touched. You will be able to focus direct energy to those points within your spine that hurt the most.

I am not guaranteeing you anything here, my friends. This technique is completely dependent upon your dedication, your willingness and your desire. If these three things are in tandem, then let's see what happens. Without these things, nothing will happen other than perhaps medication or some effective transference healing techniques that some humans have the ability to do from a distance. Many people profess this...few actualize it. But it is possible and I have witnessed this happen.

ANGIE: So, I could actually heal parts of my body by putting energies and stuff...and heal parts of myself first

WELMEK: I would differentiate one thing. There is a difference between healing and control of pain. I would think for you, my sister, the first goal is to control your pain. Once your pain is under control, it allows the harmonic vibration of the cellular structure within your spine and your entire body for that matter, to begin, in earnest, its real work to start a healing process. Not everything, every time, can be healed but most things, most of the time, can be controlled. If you were out of pain, so to speak, through techniques that we are talking about this evening, how would you feel?

ANGIE: I would be able to focus on other things.

WELMEK: Exactly. Perhaps, service to others?

ANGIE: Absolutely.

WELMEK: Indeed. Any other questions about this?

  • Accidents (of Time)

LINDA: Yes, I have a question. Does having a physical problem of some kind...is that directly related to a spiritual cause? and if...

WELMEK: Not necessarily. If you get in your car tonight and David backs into you and causes you a knee injury, that is no direct correlation to something of your spirituality. It is simply one of those accidents of time. If someone comes in and shoots you in the leg, that does not mean that you have been a bad spirit. It simply means what it is. Someone shot you in the leg. Be careful to transfer human mechanics relative to the body, such as pain, to spirit leadings and spirit deficiencies. Rarely are there full, direct correlations. More of what I find as a direct correlation, on this world, is between the physical body and the mind. It is the core, let's say thinking . . . creates the disruption in the harmonic vibration.

Keep this in mind, that it is the mind that tends to force the activities of the indwelling spirit. For the mind will engage the freewill process and don't we know what happens when the freewill process gets a little bit out of alignment?

LINDA: What about a chronic disease condition? Is that more likely because there is something in the mind or spirit or both?

WELMEK: More of the mind. I have witnessed people on this planet who have chronic illness, and yet, their spirit shines. They have accepted the fact that this is not punishment...it is not God's wrath. It is simply (1) a physical condition that was inherited, (2) an accidental condition that was experienced and/or (3) a subconscious mind choice, for whatever reason, to not be in harmony. What happens most of the time is a conjunction of the physical calamity with the mental breakdown...the so-called pity party...the blaming God for my condition today. While your spirit, so to speak, may be in jail in a crippled body, that does not mean that your spirit is dead or cannot grow. Think about this, my friends. The reverse is literally true. Picture yourself as a quadriplegic who has little mechanical function. How do you know if this person's spirit could be at a point of transition? It all depends upon the mind choices as to which direction the balance scales will follow.

LINDA: Thank you

  • Free will (The Interaction of Mind And Freewill)

MARTY: Welmek, I had a question about something...you said I was...I'm not sure I caught it and I wonder if you could elaborate or expand on that a little bit. You talked about the interaction between mind and freewill and how mind can effect freewill. Would you explain that more? I'm not sure...I heard the reference and I'm not sure that I understand what you said.

WELMEK: In the mind, all things are experienced on an intellectual level. Let's say that you hear a story on TV that sexually excites you. Your mind makes a decision whether to act on that, or not. If the mind is so inclined to act on it, let's say in a way of pursuit of those activities, then the will will make it come to reality. If the will is such that the mind directs you to engage more in spirit activity, then you will gain knowledge, via your will exercise, in the realities of God. You cannot control what thoughts come into your mind but your will can determine if you act upon them, or not. It is, really, that simple.

MARTY: And I understand that process, entirely. It's my understanding that while I am not at all responsible for the thoughts that come into my mind, that I do have...whether or not I bring those thoughts into reality is a matter of freewill on my choice and I am responsible for my actions - not my thoughts. However, there is something I've learned from participation in narcotics anonymous...and that is not to ride a thought...once a thought comes into my mind that is non-spiritual or what we call addict thinking...not to ride that particular thought...once a thought occurs...not to give it any strength by continuing to focus in on it and thought to it...because the more attention I give it, the stronger it becomes.

WELMEK: Indeed...have I answered your question?

MARTY: You have...you confirmed something I already knew to be true...I just misunderstood what you said.

WELMEK: Other questions?

  • Change (What One Thing Would You Change in Your Life?)

I want you to think about, between tonight and the next meeting, if you could really change one thing in your life, what would that be? And I want you to take this exercise most seriously. Make it realistic...not that you will be able to become the so-called chariot of fire and leave the planet...(laughter)...nor become some deviant, serial killer type person...the obvious two extremes. Honestly face yourself in the so-called mirror. Do not take on more than what you think you could possibly achieve. I find it best for me to take on little things at first to start to build momentum. By momentum, I literally mean from the physical level, the accelerational vibration of each part of your body - your spine, your head, your feet, every part of your body.

One of the biggest challenges this human race has is the ability to find love for themselves. I'm not talking here about ego exaggeration where the sun revolves around the human. I'm talking about honest and sincere self-love. My, friends, without honest and sincere self-love, as we have discussed over these years, you will not find the spiritual success you look for. Now, tell me this. What are three things that must happen before you feel like you can love yourself?

Marty? Name one...

MARTY: I must accept that I am human and that I make mistakes.

WELMEK: Linda, name one.

LINDA: I think I love myself because I've accepted myself...I know all my imperfections, already . ..so, it's OK...God loves me and all is right with the world...not that I couldn't change a few things, but I love myself within that.

WELMEK: Then, let's re-phrase the question. As you became to know the fact that you loved yourself, what was one thing that you needed to do to facilitate that?

LINDA: For me, I have to have self-respect. I think that's almost more important than just loving yourself. I don't know that you can love yourself without having a respect for yourself. Well, I'm fairly certain that the Urantia Book says you can't love yourself more than you love your neighbor. The two are together. Self-respect, I think, is a very important part of loving yourself.

WELMEK: How do you differentiate between self-respect and ego-exaggeration?

LINDA: Ego-exaggeration, to me, is thinking that you're better or smarter or whatever it is than somebody else...beyond the bounds of reality... I mean, putting yourself as more important in the world, or whatever...more important than your brothers and sisters.

WELMEK: Does self-respect mean self-satisfaction?

LINDA: Not always. (chuckles) Sometimes.....

ANGIE: Self-respect and self-acceptance are features very closely related.

WELMEK: If I say to you, "I accept myself as a womanizer and I just have to live with that"; is that self-respect? (No... No...Nope)

ANGIE: I don't know if that is accepting as much as settling.

WELMEK: Settling...accepting...to me, as I observe the race, I don't see much difference. We tend to rationalize to ourselves on this world...or some of you say, ra-tion-a-liz-ed behavior. It's kind of funny, in a way, 'cause if you really want something, you'll go out and get it, no matter what the cost or the consequences. Yet, most humans will say that they want God, and yet, won't do it no matter what the cost. I guess it must be the difference between that which is tangible and that which is not yet fully realized.

  • Prayer (Do You Pray for Yourself?)

WELMEK: What one thing would you say? What one thing would you need to do before you become, if you will, self-actualized?

ANGIE: Well, it's something that I think I'm pretty good at, and that is forgiving others for either their ignorance or their actions.


ANGIE: . ..as well as for myself.

WELMEK: Do you all pray for yourself?


ANGIE: Yes. I mostly pray for other people but I do pray for myself because my child depends on me.

WELMEK: What do you pray for?

ANGIE: . ..for myself? I pray for the courage...to face the difficult challenges I come under, so I can wrap things up, so to speak, and put them behind me. I'm going through a lot of difficult situations and I want to become more settled. So, I pray that I have the courage to face those things and be the best that I can with them and be proud of the choices that I make.

WELMEK: Do you believe that God loves you?

ANGIE: Absolutely.

WELMEK: Do you believe that God knows that you need these things?

ANGIE: Interesting...Yes, I do.

WELMEK: Then, why do you pray for yourself?

ANGIE: I think that it gets the support of my angels...that it maybe makes me feel a little stronger in order to accomplish the things I need to accomplish...when it comes to praying for my thoughts to shore up my strength. Sometimes things are too much to bear, but if I can break it down in little things, I'm able to do it better.

WELMEK: When will God answer those prayers?

ANGIE: When he feels that I'm ready for that...God usually answers my prayers - not always when I want - but I think that He puts things in my life in a certain order so that I can be prepared for what He is doing for me.

WELMEK: So, while you are preparing yourself for the answer to this prayer, would it be an idea that, perhaps, the time and energy that you are praying for yourself, you might transfer that to someone else who is more in need, since your Father already knows what you need? By suggesting this you may be - in a kind of close illustration - cleaning your apartment by being of service to others. Does that make sense to you?

  • Prayer (Do I Need to Pray Less for Myself & More for Others?)

ANGIE: It does. I spend a lot of time praying for others...I spend so much time praying for others that sometimes I forget to pray for myself but, like I said, the reason I pray for myself is so my daughter can have a better life. So you think that I need to pray for myself less...or not at all?

WELMEK: It seems to me, in my experience in the short time that I have been alive, that the more I focus on others and the less I focus on me - since my Father already knows what I need - the more fulfilled I become by sharing my time and energy with others. You see, there is something miraculous - and I say that word literally 'cause I still do not understand how this whole process of spirit energy works - I have a good understanding, but there is something beyond my spirit recognition yet, as to how the Father, while [He] knows what you need, still encourages you to be, as you said, self-forgetful.

Be not worried about yourself and how you will be able to raise your daughter and your interaction with your family. Focus more on what their needs are and try to help THEM understand what YOU know - that God is here, God is within us, God knows what I need - when I am ready, God will share that grace with me and I will be consciously aware of it and I will grow. The more I grow through self-forgetfulness, the more spirit energy I will be able to (1) transfer to others and (2) to effect a prayer, those spirit forces - way beyond you - will be able to have a more positive and direct impact. There is nothing wrong with praying for yourself. My point simply is this; if you're going to take that time and energy...share it with others. All that you need will be added to you.

Kind of a hard concept, in a way, isn't it...because we're so used to praying for ourselves - "Oh, God, give me the energy and strength and wisdom to help my child...Oh, God give my son-in-law the energy to recognize the wrong ways of his life." - Be not afraid to let yourself go and trust in God that all you need will be added.

ANGIE: Well, I knew that.

WELMEK: Indeed. Trust in it, then...

ANGIE: I've always considered myself to be very self-less...too selfless...and that's why I started trying to incorporate a little more prayers for my family...which, you know, doesn't help me...but, I will think about that.

WELMEK: The more you pray for others, the better the stress relief on you. When you take the focus off of yourself, you become less important...and when you feel less important, actually you gain in strength of a spiritual nature...where you've recognized that you are part of something much greater and that you are loved just as much.

So, for the next time we gather, if you feel that your self-love and recognition and value is at a good point, then think about what you can do for someone else that may help them recognize the same thing within themselves.

ANGIE: I have a question about that...when you said that to me...was that really directed toward me because of observation or directed to human beings because it's the way humans tend to be?

WELMEK: What if I said both?

ANGIE: I would still be a little bit surprised because, if I said a hundred prayers a day, one of them would be for myself.

WELMEK: So be it. I'm making this simple suggestion that you become more selfless.

ANGIE: I guess I was wondering if that's a general thing or even I'm wondering if that's ok?

WELMEK: If it feels right at this stage of your existence, do it.

ANGIE: Everything seems to have focused well at this time. I've been very fortunate in that, when I was a little girl, I didn't have all the knowledge but I felt that I was Jesus and nobody'd do it because I could feel the presence of Jesus within me and I thought, "Oh, my gosh, I'm Jesus and he is reincarnated in me and nobody knows this." I've always felt that since I was a little girl but really I was just feeling His presence in me, but as I've grown older, I've understood what that is.

WELMEK: And what is that?

ANGIE: It's this feeling that I am part of this universe...that God is within me...that this is a spiritual thing that we're all a part of and I don't think most human beings even have a clue what that is. They are too busy with the day-to-day distractions.

  • Mind (Exchange Your Mind for The Mind of Jesus - What Does That Mean?)

WELMEK: It's been said that you can exchange your mind for the mind of Jesus. What does that mean to you?

ANGIE: That you can exchange your mind........?

WELMEK: . ......for the mind of Jesus. You can, in a sense, replace your mind with His.

ANGIE: Well, I think that would go back to that comment when people say, "Well, what would Jesus do?" I think that you try to live and be and think and do the things that Jesus would have done... as His brother.

WELMEK: So, in a conscious state of mind, if every thought and interaction that you had was motivated by what Jesus would do, how would that change your life? . . .

ANGIE: I don't know that it would change it so much. Because I really think that I live the way that I think Jesus wants me to live...and if I do all of those things...although, I typically don't think of Jesus working . ..but I have to do my work and my day-to-day life and I try to have a good attitude and....it just seems to be....I don't know what to say...I'm not sure I know what you’re getting at.

WELMEK: If each person that you came in contact with, where there was a conversation or reporting function at work or no matter what your relationship may be, if you thought that you were literally, in a sense, talking to Jesus and treating that person as if he WERE, or she WAS, would that change you in any way? And I mean this in a literal sense. In other words, when you talk with Marty and you, in essence, are talking to his spirit...or Jesus, would there be any behavior modification on your part?

ANGIE: Perhaps. Maybe the personality would be different...

WELMEK: Whose?

ANGIE: Maybe my personality would be different...Maybe I would be so silly...you know...more silly, loving and light-hearted.

WELMEK: Jesus had a wonderful sense of humor. Nothing wrong with...humor is very important.

ANGIE: You bet it is. I don't think that I would be so much different. Using Marty as an example, I think Marty knows that I just love him for who he is and I appreciate who he is and all he's been through and I'm not judgmental and I totally understand that what we go through is what makes us who we are...and to be grateful even for those things that we never thought we could be grateful for...maybe sometimes we are going through some really hard times. That's by design.

WELMEK: Is there someone in your life that you have...or let's say... is a challenge to see them as Jesus?

ANGIE: . ..to see them AS Jesus?

WELMEK: Yes...therefore by treating...

ANGIE: There are a lot of people I don't see AS Jesus but I still treat them in a way that I think that Jesus would treat them.

WELMEK: So, the difference is then, in the actions of treating them as THOUGH they were verses as seeing them as they ARE Him?

ANGIE: Because they're not treating me or living in a way that they would expect me to treat them, still the way that I do treat them. Or maybe what they say or do, they wouldn't expect, maybe, what they do get from me, which is positive and shocking to a lot of people that I come across and confuses them because they're thinking...actually I think people probably think that I think that I'm... all my life I think that people really have thought that I thought that I was better, but really.. it was just that I accepted them and I didn't necessarily fall to the trend gossip and those sorts of things. Does that make any sense?

WELMEK: Yes...do you have any other questions for me?

ANGIE: I did, a moment ago, but as usual, I forgot it... but hopefully, I will remember it...thank

  • Praying for Self

MARTY: Welmek, I have a question about praying for yourself? It's been my practice, each day, as I complete stillness to pray for the knowledge of God's will and the courage to carry it out. Is that a wasted effort?

WELMEK: Wasted? I don't think I would necessarily use that word...perhaps misdirected

MARTY: Misdirected...ok...I appreciate that. If I can do something that's more effective, then, I'd like to know that.

WELMEK: My friend, I already know that you know that God loves you...and I know that you love God. As any good parent who loves their child, they see their child, they know what their child needs and they will do everything they can to provide for those needs, whether the child asks for it or not. Is this not true?

MARTY: It is true.

WELMEK: Is there any difference then, between you as the child and God as the Father?

MARTY: The reason that I like to do that is because I like to ask my Father for things...I want Him to know how much that I care for Him and how much that I'm grateful for what He does. And I want Him to know that, when I ask Him to do things for me, it will give Him joy.

WELMEK: Marty...the point is that (1) God already knows these things about you and (2) it is because you wish these things that it brings Him joy. You, my friend, know these things. Trust in yourself more and realize that these conversations you have with the Father are more self-fulfilling than self-revealing.

MARTY: . ..more self-fulfilling than self-revealing...I don't understand.

WELMEK: By asking God to give you more knowledge, you are trying to gain something for yourself (self-fulfilling) that the Father already knows you need. Self-revealing is when you transfer the prayer to another...and what will happen is, the more you do this, the more things will be revealed to you through your own spirit about the nature and love of the Father, Himself. Relax with these things, my friend. The Father knows these things before you even ask. You have heard this many, many times. Focus on others. Share what blessings...what grace and energy you have with others. Take the focus off of self . Allow the spirit to do that part for you...on a conscious level, hopefully...and focus all of your energy and prayer toward those who really need it.

  • Free will (The Greatest Gift To Father)

For, don't you see, the three of you sitting here this evening already have some of the greatest gifts that God can possibly give you, which is the acceptance of Him and His will. Your greatest gift back to the Father is YOUR will. There is nothing greater in my mind than for me to give my will to God...nor is there anything more pleasurable and honorable...and I know that, by doing this, He will reveal Himself to me more and more, each time I reveal MYSELF to my brothers and sisters through the act of prayer. If it brings you pleasure, then so be it and don't stop.

Remember there is a part of your teaching that talks about effective prayer? I do not remember anything being mentioned about prayers for ones self. I remember everything being mentioned about praying for others.

ANGIE: I have a question about that part...I don't know if that part...but asking Marty that praying for knowledge to carry out God's will...It seems as though he was asking for direction, so he could better serve God by looking for direction.

WELMEK: Do you believe in your angels?

ANGIE: Absolutely...and I wanted to tell you about that later.

WELMEK: Do you believe they have some active role in directing you toward or guiding you toward doing the will of God?

ANGIE: Yea...I've basically got that part.

WELMEK: Do you believe that the Spirit within you comes from God?

ANGIE: Yes...

WELMEK: Do you believe that that Spirit's soul purpose is to lead you back to God?

ANGIE: Yes...

WELMEK: So, in a sense, you have quite a little group of people working for your....

ANGIE: I get it...(laughter from Marty)...good answer...that was a great answer...just great.

MARTY: (laughing) We just wanted to make sure they were all doing their jobs right...(more laughter)

WELMEK: Marty? Your angels have petitioned the Chief and have asked for a little bit of reduction in overtime...(all laugh heartily).

MARTY: Tell them I'm willing to give them more vacation time...(laughter)

WELMEK: No, you tell them, my friend...I'm not getting in the middle of that one. But, the Chief has made note of you and does want to see you on the first mansion world. (more laughter)

LINDA: You know, Welmek, you asked a question...why bother to serve if God knows everything you need anyway?

WELMEK: Prayer for yourself...yes...

LINDA: Prayer for yourself . .. and uh...I wrote a big article. I did a speech on it at this teaching conference in 1996. (Talking to Marty) [Were you at the Loveland prayer one and I gave this speech on prayer?]... Because, when the mission started, I started spending two hours or more a day praying. I had a list of names that was just unbelievable and I prayed for each one separately...and I learned a lot. So, after that speech, Allene Vick asked if she could put it in the Teaching Mission's newspaper she was doing. Apparently some of the groups had some lively discussions about it. It would be too involved to go into, now...but I feel that I've learned and experienced an awful lot...by praying.

WELMEK: By praying...or talking to God?

LINDA: I do a visualization...to these people. I take an individual and I would see them in my mind and I would see Michael holding them and putting His hands on there shoulders and comforting them...whatever it is and just hold that for a little bit...because I know He was there...He's always there with a person...and I was trying to help them feel that comfort and everything. It was more of a visualization. I wasn't exactly asking. I was just trying to put them in the presence of Michael.

WELMEK: So, to me, that is a form of prayer. But it is for someone else, not for yourself. You are projecting God's love to another individual which, in essence, really is prayer, as far as I'm concerned. What I'm not clear...what do you mean, then...are you saying that you do pray for yourself and find value? Or, do you take that energy and visualize the Master with someone of your mind and heart to help them?

LINDA: I guess both...but then pretty much for myself... but the Urantia book gives you such a guilt feeling about praying for yourself and uh...

Many years ago, back in the 70's, I asked - I was one of the first editors of the Urantia Journal - and I asked people, in the movement, to write an article on prayer...and nobody would write an article on prayer. They all had wanted one on worship, but not prayer. And I asked, "Well, do you pray?"... "Oh, no...I worship." And I couldn't believe this because the Urantia Book has this paper on prayer and all this stuff...obviously they want us to pray. So, this was very confusing and I thought, "Well, I'm going to do this." I started doing this. And the book says prayer does not make you more knowledgeable but it makes you more REALIZING. And you start REALIZING some things when you keep praying for other people.

And I remember one of the things was, when you pray for somebody, everyday...I started praying for this young man...and I thought he could be my son...and then one day, suddenly, he was . ..it's like they become a member of your family...and I think this is what the Supreme is about...and when you keep sending love to somebody, you know, that person begins to feel that that person is closer to you...I mean, there's a whole thing I don't feel whole with...and yet I've thought about putting it in the Herald but I need people to read it first; 'cause, in the teaching mission, it created some real comments that some people were bothered by - the visualization part of it - so, I don't know... It worked very well for me...and still does. It's still what I do when I pray for somebody. I don't say heal this person...I leave it up to Michael and His way with them and that between the two of them, they'll decide what's going to happen.

WELMEK: When it comes to knowledge on this world...what's the most important thing?

LINDA: How Jesus lived his life...what He believed and how He lived it.

WELMEK: And by how He lived it, you mean how He treated others.

LINDA: That's what would be part of living it...and His attitudes towards life and the world of life...yeah.

WELMEK: I say it to you, now, with full surety, the more you pray for others, the faster this realization will be actualized in your own lives...this living the life of Jesus or, as mentioned earlier, trading your mind for the mind of Jesus.

LINDA: Welmek, what would...When I'm in some situation that could be really nasty, what I do before I go into it is just say, "Michael, help me to do this with love"...And I go into it and, somehow, the right words come out that I never even thought of before...but they're there. It's not a prayer, exactly. It is...it's like saying "help me"...but what I'm trying to do is let Him show me what to do...'cause I go into certain things, sometimes...I don't know what's going to happen.

WELMEK: You may consider, rather than saying, "Michael or Father, help me with this person"...exchange that for, "Father, your will be done"...and let it go, my sister.

LINDA: That's essentially, I think, what must happen because what happens is always seems to be, in looking back, the right thing at that time, even though I hadn't thought of it going into the situation.

WELMEK: But, do you see, Linda, the obvious difference in phraseology...because your utterances, "Help me, Father" verses "Father, your will be done"...again, I stress to all of you this evening, take the emphasis off of self...become part of the spirit and all else will be added to you. It does not mean that you will be healthy, always...it does not mean that you will escape death...it does not mean that you won't be exempt from trials or tribulations. But it exemplifies, clearly, what Jesus said, "Come into Me all ye who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest." Give yourself to God...allow God to take care of your needs...and all else will be added. People will see this in you and wonder.

  • Prayer (Is There Value in Praying for Someone Repeatedly?)

MARTY: Is there any value, Welmek, in praying for someone repeatedly?

WELMEK: Effective prayer...how many times must you say it? I think this is a valid question. If someone has a behavior that you pray for them they can consciously control and give up to God, how many different ways can you say that, my friend, and still be effective?

MARTY: My understanding is that it is only significant or important to say it one time and that's it. There's no need to continually repeat the prayer...

WELMEK: . ..for a particular situation...

MARTY: . ..for a particular situation...and I think, maybe, the question I'm asking is . .in order to be effective, I need to be more specific about the particular thing. For instance, when you prayed today, you were very specific about how the prayer was to be carried out...and the particular entities and personalities who are involved in bringing about the outcome which we wanted to occur. I lack the capability to be able to understand what personalities need to be involved in what ways. I guess it's sort’a like saying, I'm not very good at framing effective prayers...and I think what you're saying is, if you're going to pray for an individual, you prayer for the individual within the context of a particular situation...and that you can continue to pray for that individual in the context of other situations, as time goes on.

WELMEK: Indeed...and...as you heard ME...call upon those agents that can effectively engage with this individual to help THEM make the choice.

ANGIE: [[[ I guess that....would you ever...?...do that ever....?....is that ageless?]]]

  • Prayer (Who Do We Call Upon to Help Us Most Effectively in Our Prayers?)

WELMEK: Do you remember the prayer? Do you remember who I solicited on behalf of all of you?

MARTY: The Chief Seraphim, I believe. I can't recall.

WELMEK: No, that was in our little quip earlier about the overtime.

MARTY: Oh, sorry. (laughter)

WELMEK: Which we'll get back to at another time. (more laughter) . .....

Who has both direct and indirect influence on your life outside of other human beings? One, the angels that are in charge of overseeing you, whether they're personal angels or you're part of a group. They have a direct responsibility, my friends, to engage in your life in such a manner that will help to create circumstances that will further your conscious recognition of God's will rather than self-expression of, sometimes, destructive behavior.

Who else did I call upon?

MARTY: Michael?

WELMEK: Jesus Christ - Michael of Nebadon. Do all of you in this room believe that Jesus, the man who walked this planet, the Creator of this universe, knows who you are personally? (affirmations from all) Don't you call upon good friends to help in matters that are important to you? So why not solicit two of the most important parties to help enact, to see the outcome, the fruition of your prayer?

Use the tools at hand to make your prayers effective. You're beginning, I believe, to understand, maybe, a little more fully who you can call upon. IT IS WITHIN YOUR RIGHT AND PRIVILEGE TO EXERCISE THIS ACT. To say, "Father, help them understand themselves so that they can better behave...make changes," is fine...I personally like to get, as sometimes is said, down in the weeds more by going after those personalities who have, then, that more direct, tangible influence on that individual.

MARTY: And that's precisely...the things is...I don't have the awareness, or the knowledge or understanding that you do. And so I'm not sure. If I was more aware of the specific agencies that would be of help to me as an individual, then I would appreciate getting that information. I would like to be more effective. I know about angels, I know about Michael, but...

LINDA: Our angels communicate with their angels? A problem...it causes me . ..

WELMEK: Who.. Marty, you asked the question, "Well...tell me more about different agents who can facilitate the prayer process."


WELMEK: I will ask this again, now, to you... Who has the most direct influence on you as a non-human mortal in this short life in the flesh.

MARTY: I'd say angels, that would be my guess.

WELMEK: And...? What about the Spirit of Truth?

MARTY: Spirit of Truth? oh...ok, well.. I wasn't aware of that one.

WELMEK: Where does the Spirit of Truth originate?

MARTY: Probably from Michael.

WELMEK: The Creator of our universe...from Jesus Christ


WELMEK: My friend, I don't know about you, but for me, that's plenty.

  • Thought Adjusters (Are Thought Adjusters Affected by Prayer?)

MARTY: What about . .. are our Thought Adjuster affected by prayer? Is it possible to be effective by praying for someone else's Thought Adjuster?

WELMEK: Thought Adjusters do communicate with each other. But, keep in mind, what is the primary goal of a Thought Adjuster in this short life of the flesh?

MARTY: . ..is to...adjust thoughts...and the greater desire that I have to be like God - the more the TA gets to be involved with me and be more effective - the more permission I give the TA to do His /hard work.

WELMEK: At a certain point in your spiritual development, that is literally true. But, at the point of development that you are speaking of this evening, in this group, about those whom you pray for, I would suggest that a more immediate, direct impact would be to call upon the agencies of your angels and the agency of Jesus via the Spirit of Truth...for it is through the Spirit that they can, then, recognize the, perhaps, apparent behaviors and the consequences that are derived from those actions, and replace them with the so-called mind of Jesus.

The angels, by being called upon so for this effective prayer, are now charged with a petition - a worthy petition - to do what they can within their scope of authority to make this happen for the person. Always remember, the individual has freewill which, most times, thwarts the active engagement of circumstances created by the angelic hosts in order to help the human see, feel and know what's more important.

MARTY: A question I have about that is... if I petition somebody else's angels to do a particular thing and make them work harder are they expecting to get overtime from that person...or from me? (long pause)

WELMEK: Shall I have the Chief talk to you now or later? (laughter) It's fun isn't it...this jousting like this a little? The best humor that I have seen on this world is when you make fun of yourself and realize that you can't take yourself too seriously. Linda said earlier that she accepts herself...she feels good about her relationship with God and finds comfort within that feeling. I pray that all angelic hosts work with their particular mortals to help them experience the same thing. When that happens, this planet will begin the transformation from one of greed and lust to one of love and honor.

Angie, did you have another question?

  • Prayer (So Many Prayers)

ANGIE: Yes, I did. We talked about that it doesn't make sense to try to say the same sort of prayer with the same circumstances more than one time, but I find in life that I've had to repeatedly say prayers...I mean so many different prayers, so many times, and although I know that God knows this, doesn't it help...or is there any benefit to God knowing that...or even the people knowing that we're praying for them...is there some benefit in knowing that they are being thought of and concentrated about and prayed about and all that...I'll let you get to that one first...

WELMEK: You should always advise people that you are praying for them.

Now, how many times would you recite? If Jesus was standing in front of you now, and you asked something of Him, would you continually ask Him the same thing? or do you think He would get it on the first request?

ANGIE: He would get it on the first request. But, I'm going to say that time after time of praying over a period of weeks or something I guess that you could say it would be kind of insulting to say, "Oh, you forgot about mine". So...

WELMEK: Not insulting...Trust that all effective prayer will be responded to when the individual is ready to receive it. To ask for it over and over and over again is energy best used for that person in another area or...another individual.

  • Worship (Giving Thanks is Worship)

ANGIE: The second question was, when we thank God for our food and such and we pray before we eat, does that make any sense? I mean, God already knows we're thankful. Then, why do we do that?

WELMEK: It's a form of worship that goes beyond prayer because you give thanks...by giving thanks to the Father for your life...for the love that you feel...for your family, your friends...all of these things are part of thanksgiving. I do it every day...many times throughout the day...a big difference between worship and prayer.

So, to answer your question, I would encourage you, in those times of thanksgiving, not to think of them as prayer. Think of them merely as, "Thank you, God, once again, for all you've given me." And I will tell you this. As you continue your journey inward toward Paradise, the desire for spontaneous worship will continue to exponentially grow.

ANGIE: Apparently, I've had worship and prayer mingled up some...all along the way.

WELMEK: That's pretty much a human condition.

Prayer is nothing more or less than a petition on behalf of another, that they receive the insight and spirit growth necessary to perceive a more spiritual life.

Worship is the adoration, the thanksgiving, the giving up, if you will, of your will to God.

ANGIE: All right. Well...that is a very, very good thing to understand and that makes a lot of things a lot more clear because, now, a lot of my questions, that I was beginning to wonder why I didn't understand so much of what you were telling me was because I had the two definitions entangled and mixed up...and some words...

WELMEK: Do you see how, in human communication it's easy to give up? One person has their point of view and another has theirs...and apparently there is discordance...and so the tendency of human nature is to say, "Aw, forget it. Their stupid" or "They don't understand." or "Whatever..."

In your transition worlds, both in the morontia level and the constellation level, much attention will be given to your ability to come to know personalities of great difference and be able to...not always agree on tactics...but, understand strategy and worship the same God.


If there is nothing else, I wish to adjourn this meeting.

LINDA: Thank you, Welmek.

MARTY: Thank you, Welmek.

ANGIE: Thank you

WELMEK: Thank YOU, for your time. I will pray for each of you tonight. I understand your needs from the conversations and what you have shared over the years. I will call upon some resources yet unrevealed to you...and I cannot...to also assist in your growth, your understanding and your willingness to let go a little more of the ME and surrender to the ONE.

Go in peace, my friends.

MARTY: Thank you, Welmek.

LINDA: Thank you.

ANGIE: Thank you