2009-05-21-Inner Life

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Topic: The Inner Life

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Thought Adjuster, Monjoronson

TR: Mark Rogers



Prayer: Divine Parents, you know all things therefore do you know that we gather in this hour to seek wisdom from your emissaries of peace and light that you send so regularly and faithfully for us. Help us to align ourselves to receive what your emissaries would bring at this time. Join us in this process to help us feel your presence as well. Help us to align our will to be pleasing to your will. We thank you for this process but you know that already as well. Still, we would mention this and refer to it to confirm it between us and among us. Thank you.


The Voice: Greetings to everyone assembled here on this conference call and as well to all others who will come across this material in transcribed form. As you have witnessed in this process, it is common for my associate to feel the need to spend a few moments with some sort of centering exercise. This is a common practice for all those who are attempting to shift the gears of their awareness and seek to transform their ability to receive insight from what appears to be an external source. In fact this source, this moment, is not external at all but rather emanates from deep within and rises up when the occasion is offered and the conditions are right this contact from within is allowed to trickle up and pervade the general space.

What transpires here in this moment is the deep listening for contact within. There is a great tendency when attempting to make such contact to dismiss the thought patterns as being too familiar or too close to you personally. As you recognize these familiar thought patterns you may say to yourself; I have thought that before so therefore it is not a thought that is brought to me from another place but rather a thought I have generated here myself, internally. The interesting part of this attempt of your mind is it's failure to distinguish this otherness of contact because it is indeed common for one to assume all thoughts they register generating are simply theirs and theirs alone when in fact many times, thoughts are a combination of influences and as such they contain elements of your inner contact meshed with elements of your material and physical thought patterns.

There is this rather constant commingling of different sources and so this having been present for most of your lives it becomes as one input registered by you and it is very difficult for you to tease out the more divine inner influence from the more materialistic outer influence. But the overall goal is not to learn to distinguish and separate for the whole plan is designed around more and more of this commingling of influences and if you will allow that this goes on on a regular basis and is part of this process of joining these two influences into one common shared approach.

The normal process of transmitting and receiving that you are also familiar with is an altogether different process wherein there is a partnership between the transmitter/receiver and the celestial personality agreeing to utilize this process and the conduit of the transmitter/receiver to facilitate this process. That is a process of listening for external contact and identifying it and allowing it to utilize the pathways that you provide as a mortal of the realm but also as a volunteer in service as a transmitter/receiver.

So to look at this process, you can see that there are a number of directions one can go to try to establish contact with different arenas of awareness. One technique involves the practice of looking within and allowing that small aspect of what is coupled with your voice and your personality to become a dominant influence in the process and another altogether different process of attempting to tune your radio dial to an alternate frequency and receive communication from another individual outside of yourself.

I applaud your efforts at coming together to facilitate your success in such endeavors of exploring such arenas. Remember, you are not bound to your physical body or your current set of understandings but you will constantly grow and change and move from phase to phase in developing these alternate senses. Thank you for taking the time to invest in this exploration. You will see for yourselves that it is time well spent in exploration of your potential and the more time you invest, the greater your rewards at the success of your efforts.

I now will step back or down and allow this process to swing and come about as we will take another tack and follow another course in demonstration of what I have just described. Thank you.

Monjoronson: Greetings, I am Monjoronson here to join your conversation and accept your invitation. There is a question on the mind of my liaison associate which I would bring to the fore and use to springboard into some discussion. The question he has pondered has been how to reach out to an individual who has little or no background in the principles and circumstances that he has come to know over his years of spiritual exploration. This is a good question to address.

Your brothers and sisters on this world need to know of their connection; their connection to each other as a family, their connection to their Divine Parents and their divine family. They need to be assured of sonship in this family and to know that they are loved and fostered and cherished as valuable members of this human and divine family. Great despair and discouragement can arise from an individual feeling separated and alone. In this case they are without any broad base of support and it is easy to form grooves or ruts in their thinking which don't allow them to experience alternate situations because they are entrenched in their well worn grooves.

Once an individual becomes well convinced that they are part of the grand family of man and as well divine sons of God, then they have a great base to draw strength from, to forge faith from and this strong foundation enables them to embrace new concepts and higher ideals and this allows them to jump out of their ruts and search for a new groove. Mankind is not meant to go through this journey alone. It is part of the plan that you work together, you help each other, you reach out to each other both in times of need as well as in times of simple gratitude and appreciation. By joining together to express these human conditions the burdens are lightened and the joy is expanded. Having someone to share the experience with can bring brand new dimension to the experience and provide alternate viewpoints and perspectives which is helpful in combining various viewpoints into some overall truths.

Mankind also suffers from basic insecurity and every child and every adult needs to receive the signal that they are part of the whole together with others who are part of this whole. And as such they are all secure together, secure within the family, secure in the eyes of God, secure to eternally survive no matter what earthly changes and transformations may occur. They simply need to know that they are part of a cosmic family and that this family goes on and on through many lives, many incarnations but in each one they are equally loved, cherished, cared for, their every need provided because they are a valued member of this grand family. Once they know this, they will have greater courage to face adversity. They will have greater levels of joy to share with others and they will feel connected and loved like you would wish any family member to feel.

Also, constantly be aware that every individual out there has their own Voice Within, their own I Am Presence and they are being worked with every hour of every day. Their path of evolution is unique to themselves and whatever is in their paradigm is in there intentionally for a reason with an ultimate higher purpose that is difficult for others to discern. So allow that every individual will have their own course and while it is good and noble to reach out to each other in this process, do not make the mistake of attempting to take on another's issues and "fix them" for if someone is dealing with a particular set of circumstances then that is part of their journey, part of their necessary experience and while you might offer comfort and encouragement and love, oftentimes it is not possible for you to bring about great change within another. Great change is only brought about individually and personally when the time is right and the choice is made. So allow that everyone must have their own time in which to travel their own journey and arrive at the destination in their own time but never hesitate to offer comrades fellowship and comfort and the joy of sharing the experience. All of these help to bring light into the equation and bring peace where the waters may be troubled.

Have great faith and trust in your survival eternally as well as the eternal survival of your brothers and sisters. They are all like you, cherished members of the family, not to be overlooked or forgotten but rather ministered to as lovingly and faithfully and devotedly as you have been and are and will be. So in the overall big picture, all truly is well, even if at any given moment in time it may not appear so. It is certainly working towards the best and highest outcome and much is to be gained by simply learning to allow the process to work, to go with the flow and show your awareness that there is a flow, a process to be undergone and that you are willing to undergo this process cheerfully and joyfully.

That concludes my remarks for this evening. I would end this evenings discourse there unless there were any questions or topics of interest at this time.


Question: Thank you and hello. I was wondering how involved all the personalities are in everyday life? Is it only the Thought Adjusters that know what's going on in each individuals life? Do the personalities going all the way up have a good idea?

Monjoronson: You have a number of different relationships going on simultaneously with your being. Your Indwelling Spirit Guide, your Inner Voice is assigned to you and you to it throughout this process of growing to become one, therefore there is no part of your being that your Inner Guide is not privy to and familiar with; it is your most intimate association. Then there are your mortal associations; your friends, your family, your relatives, they know you as the body that they see and know you almost completely by your actions. They observe you and they witness you and this is how they know you.

Celestial personalities such as myself are as well observers. We do not avail ourselves of the private sanctuary of yourself unless we are invited in the capacity such as is transpiring in this moment of transmitter/receiver. We are wholly respectful of your freewill sovereign state and would never trespass on your individual person. We can however observe with much greater perspective, your nature and tendencies and actions.

Then there is the relationship that you have with your Divine Parents who also have a connection to you and this connection runs so deep and so pure that they can be aware of your inner citadel of the self because they pervade your being with their very bestowal and this gift they have given you of your individual self is descendant from them and so therefore they have this cellular connection with you and are wholly aware of you. Michael as well has said that He in-circuits all His children but even He will respect your sovereign free will and await your invitation to come forward.

Your free will and your Thought Adjuster are your gateways to extending invitations out to all these other levels of connection. They await your invitation and then they will gladly come in and co-mingle with you which allows them to know you the greater and allows you to know them the greater. That is what is so significant about your making the effort, taking the time and following through with the gesture to invite your Divine Parents in to your life, to your experience, even into your inner self of thoughts and co-creative capacities. Thank you for your question. [Thank you.]


If there are no other questions this evening then I would thank you all for applying yourselves and advancing your studies. Thank you for creating this arena wherein we were able to meet and enjoy each others presence. I now bid you farewell and good evening.