2009-06-10-What Is Whole Soul Choice

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Topic: What Is Whole Soul Choice

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Jonathan



Question #1: [Whole-Soul Choice] We would like to start out tonight with a question from Session #49 in which you mention in one of your answers, a word phrase "whole-soul choice" and you also used another word phrase "accumulation of soul-matter." Could you elaborate on the meaning, thank you.

Monjoronson: I will address the first, the "whole-souled choice". That is a decision made that is not done in the realm of the intellect or of the mind. It is a choice that encompasses all of ones being. A decision of mind is capable of shifting from one polarity to the other as is exemplified in the realm of your political ideologies. One may hold to an orientation until convinced of another and shift the choice to the new manner of perspective. A whole souled choice is one wherein the personality has discerned the eternal elements entailed in their decision and has ruled out any other contrary perspective or orientations. It usually involves a decision along the order of choosing to continue the ascension of choosing to submit the human will to the divine will as best can be discerned and there in the experience of that alignment adjust the human will even more closely to the divine will. In regard to your second point in the question,["accumulation of soul matter"] morontia substance is what I referred to. It is the accumulation of experiences that are weighted with eternal value and serve to support the life vehicle of a creature who has passed through mortal death and has resurrected into the morontia realm. This substance is the incubating form of pure spirit existence. The morontia substances are supportive, are nurturing of those elements of ones being that will eventually emerge as a pure spirit being. You are now in this human life creating such substances. You might liken it to your activities of composting wherein you store up nutrients for future use. Here in your physical realm you are storing up your morontia qualities and these qualities will contribute to the fruition of spirit existence. Every whole-souled choice you make will establish these standards or sub-straits in the morontia realm, the foundation upon which you will be able to grow into the life beyond the morontia state, the realm of pure spirit. You will not be able to develop all that you need here in your current life to support such a transition but throughout the morontia realms you will accumulate all that is necessary to make the transition to the higher realm, the realm you have sought and your soul has hungered for ever since the kindling of spirit desire within your being. Thank you for asking for such clarification. I hope I have addressed your needs.

  • Universe Politics

Question #2: [Universe Politics] Was Lucifer's selection to run a system considering his flaws and potential for evil, was it an experiment to see, learn, "experience" just how bad or how low free will choice can go and thereby creating a planet like Urantia which in turn serves as the greatest classroom in the universe for celestial teachers, angels, star students and the like to come and serve in the project of bringing this planet back from the brink into Life and Light? So was Lucifer's selection to run a system given his potential for evil forces kind of an experiment? The questioner does say that they are not suggesting that there was any wrong doing, that they do see the whole universe as a huge classroom where the question of "what if this happens" is always out there and must be experienced. They thank you for your reply.

Monjoronson: Thank you for your request of my perspective. Lucifer was no different from any other Lanonandek Son. Each son contains the same potential for evil as do every human being for it is the free will that allows one to deviate from a prescribed divine order and so it was not deliberate on the part of those who chose to assign Lucifer to this system as System Sovereign, that he would then fail and thereby create the potentials that you speak of in your question for the exaltation of spirit over negativity. It was his choice to do so. He was not driven by higher beings to fulfill such a mission but it does speak to the freedom that is given to all creatures throughout all time and space to extend themselves, to express themselves and to discover the edges of reality and in so doing define what is real and what is not real.

This is the supreme experience and every one of you are engaged in the very same process as was Lucifer. However, it falls to every free will creature to be alert and to discern when they have exhausted the energies which exist within the real and have begun to spin artificially, energies which are within the unreal. Most sincere souls recognize within a margin of acceptance, that limitation, and adjust themselves. Lucifer however, chose to penetrate beyond that margin and to attempt to make real that which cannot be and that was his mistake. It was not the plan to have him do so for inherent in every free will creature is the potential to act as he has. However since he has done so, the universe has benefited from the display of the consequences of his actions. His actions themselves are not beneficial but the consequences have become very nourishing to all who seek truth and to expand their being into the higher realms.

The Lanonandek Sons are all given the freedom to experiment and that is the full extent to which the higher beings who assign such sons to a system have any control over what they will do. After such an assignment it is the free choice of such a System Sovereign to engage in whatever activities they discern to be beneficial to the growth of the Supreme in time and space. And so there are times when such a Son will run contrary to what is supportive of the unfoldment of the Supreme and while that is disruptive as you have indicated in your question, ultimately it will contribute to the overall benefit of grand universe expansion. Again, thank you for your question.

  • The Magisterial Son's Incarnation Form

Question #3: The next questioner refers to their understanding that you Monjoronson, are preparing for the day when you will take up material form and appear before men on Urantia. This questioner recently read a transcript in which Machiventa cautioned us about the way we should receive you when you do arrive, that our egos should be put to the side and that we should not become as "groupies". He pointed out that our individual transformation continues to be the most important thing because it is our individual aspiring toward Light and Life that will eventually lead to planetary Light and Life. But since you are so far above us in age and experience and spiritual attainment, how can we avoid the human failing of attaching ourselves to one that comes from Paradise. This questioner says that they want to view you as their friend. Thank you for your consideration.

Monjoronson: I honor your respect for who I am for I do hail from Paradise and I am of the order of sons that reflect perfection however, I am here among you as a fellow, as a friend and a comrade. I am not here to enlist followers to the extent that you will adore me. I am here to enlist compatriots, those who do sense the higher purpose from which I hail and to which to you ascend and it is this purpose that we come together in fellowship. And so, when the event arrives, when I stand among you in forms visible I desire that you take up the mission just as you do now in the full faith that we serve our common Father. I am not here for adoration, I am here for upliftment. I want you to recognize the spirit that resides within you and to acknowledge it daily in every action you take for that is what I do when I come out to these realms that are so highly physical in their orientation, I am here to manifest spirit.

You do me adoration when you manifest spirit, not when you descend to your knees and give me praise. Michael said when he was on your world, "If I am lifted up I will draw all men to Myself." He spoke not of the historical occurrences which defined His death, He spoke of His attainment of sovereignty as the Local Universe ruler and in acquiring such high esteem, His first response is to draw all unto Himself. This too is my goal, not to have you lift me above you unless I take you to where I am. If you are inclined to give me adoration, you must find within yourself the ability to acknowledge your divinity and elevate yourself as well. I hope this addresses your question.

[Mary:] Thank you Monjoronson, this same questioner did have a little additional question in which they were wondering what your appearance will be like and if you will follow along the lines of the Material Sons and Daughters who had an unusual appearance. Could you address that?

Monjoronson: The machinations whereby I will inhabit the forms of materiality, the physical vehicles that you are familiar with, your bodies, are of the design of the local universe Life Carriers. These are considerations within their domain and it is not my privilege to reveal how I will manifest at this time however I may safely say that I will not be in a form that is unfamiliar to you. I will take on anatomy that you will recognize. It is not my desire to overwhelm you with superiority, therefore I will not be in the form of great beauty or athletic prowess, I will simply be a man among men. The Material Sons and Daughters had a mission that is not like my mission. They were here to uplift the genetic strains of the planet and they came with the abilities inherent within their physique which would when infused with the races on Urantia, bring them to a higher state. That is not my mission. I am here to transition Urantia into the next dispensation to inaugurate another era of spiritual unfoldment which will advance the planet toward Light and Life. That means that the physical form that I have will be tandem to your current physical qualities and I will work with you to advance the world. I will not stand apart and say here come to me, I will come among you and go with you to the advanced stage. Thank you for your question.

  • Educational Progression

Question #4: [Educational Progression] This next question has to do with our ascension plan for humans and they state: We proceed from here through the Morontia Worlds and then on to the Local System Headquarters World and we eventually go to the Headquarters World of this Local Universe. After that do we make the rounds of the 6 other [Super] Universes or do we proceed to the Central Universe? Thank you.

Monjoronson: Your ascension has one purpose and that is to attain Paradise. You may liken the realms of time and space, the 7 superuniverses, as an inverted funnel wherein the wide edges of the funnel are all the 7 superuniverses and the narrow point of the funnel is the isle of Paradise. As you ascend through your superuniverse, the many way stations accommodate both your needs and your successes. They allow you to acquire what you lack and to bring into full fruition that which you are attaining. As you work your way up through these realms your direction continues to be towards Paradise. When you leave the Local Universe and begin the traversal of the sectors of the superuniverse you are undertaking the same educational experiences as would one in any of the other superuniverses. Upon your arrival at the dimension of Havona you will have all that you need to traverse those spheres just as anyone in any of the other superuniverses. You need not go through the other 6 remaining superuniverses to acquire the experiences you need to make it to Havona and attain Paradise.

Granted, that each superuniverse reflects an element of beauty distinct from each of the others, no one universe is deficient in what is necessary to make it into the realms of the Eternal and the Absolute. You will however benefit from engagements into any one of the other superuniverses only as an expansion of your experiences. It will not necessarily teach you anything new but it will enrich your attainment to that date. It will fortify and expand but you will have already acquired the framework wherein you would be able to accommodate such enlarging experiences. You are funneling inward to Paradise, you will not need to traverse the circumference of the wide universe in order to become qualified to make it to the realm of Havona and Paradise. Thank you.

[Concerning The Lower Levels of Mansion World & Human Evolutionary Development] Question #5: [Semi-Physical Beings] This person says that they recently read a transcript from you that spoke of semi-physical beings on the lowest level of the morontia worlds. They want to know if the lowest levels of the morontia worlds exist in darkness and torment.

Monjoronson: I can assure you that they do not any more than does one who dwells on an evolutionary world in the early stages of the development of civilization is in torment or darkness. They are merely developing their soul within the conditions that they are born into. The lower realms of the morontia realm, the lower spheres or precisely the first and second mansion worlds are simply reflections of such earlier stages in evolutionary development. They are not dark nor are they evil, they are merely early developmental stages. The entire realm of morontia is semi-physical just as it is semi-spiritual.

You will look back upon your experiences at this stage of the unfoldment of Urantia towards Light and Life and realize how apparently dark and primitive your existence was while you were here in the ages to come but do you feel that now? Do you not recognize the light of spirit, the love of God, the joy of the fellowship of the brotherhood of mankind regardless of how advanced the world is? There is no judgment upon any stage of the unfoldment, every level is a valid contribution to the experience of God in the finite realm.

In the revelation to your world of the gradation of the ascension, it is a precarious presentation to express these levels from lower to higher. Yes, while you ascend you will enjoy the exhilaration of such advancement but at no time, at any point in anyone’s ascension are they considered less worthy at the stage they are at because they could be at a higher level. Although it is a static comparison, if you were to look at a wall of bricks and take out every brick at the bottom layer, the wall would crumble if you were to assume that the lower level were dark and lesser and that the higher levels were more acceptable and advanced, the wall would fall. It is acceptable in the eyes of God. All levels of spiritual attainment, all that God seeks to discern is are you growing?

  • Looking Forward to Fusion with the Thought Adjuster

Question #6: [Divine Monitor] The next questioner says that their greatest ambition is to fuse with their Divine Monitor in their lifetime. They have noticed definite progress in that direction however situations often arise where they find themselves acting inappropriately due to forgetfulness and bad habits. Because of these factors they see that their ambition to fuse in this lifetime may not be realized and they ask: How can I change these genetic propensities that are constantly surfacing and re-surfacing? They say that they continuously talk with their Monitor and there has been progress but not enough in their opinion to realize their ambition during their lifetime. Thank you.

Monjoronson: My response is: If it is your primary desire, your utmost goal to attain the eternal fusion with the Divine Spirit bestowed upon you, what does it matter, the realm in which you attain that status? Is it lesser of you that you were to fuse with the Divine Fragment on any of the mansion worlds? Are you to be more proud of your fusion status if it were to be done in physical form on an evolutionary world? Is there a quality difference between fusion in the physical realm and fusion on any one of the mansion worlds for are you not at that time wholly divine and is not your Divine Fragment wholly personal? This is the goal regardless of your station in life. I admire your diligence, your seeking to make that atune-ment however every one of your so called "failings" are merely reminders of the element of your partnership with God that is human. It may be that you have oriented yourself toward all those aspects of spirit that would qualify you toward the fusion experience but you must respect the presence of the Divine Monitor who is still at this point acquiring those human frailties, those human conditions, those experiences which you may fault yourself for falling into. These are valuable to this Divine Presence. They are the balance in the scale of life.

I ask you to calm down, to accept your station, to relish your current condition and let the Divine Monitor within you absorb that experience. When you are fused with the Divine Presence there is no turning back. There is no longer the ability to experience yourself merely in partnership with God for you will be one. Seek yes, the experience of oneness but do not fret over the conditions of your partnership at this point for it is a valuable contribution to the experience you so long for. I admire your diligence, I ask you to be softer upon yourself and to let the Divine Presence enjoy your human conditions.

  • Are There Enough Creator Sons to Rule All the Galaxies Available?

Question #7: [Majority of Grand Universe Uninhabited?] Well, get ready for this next one Monjoronson, its got a lot of numbers in it. I know that the Urantia Book states that there are 700,000 Creator Sons and each of these Sons are sent out into a particular part of the physical universe to claim a portion of space as their own and to create trillions of their own creatures. The problem that I have always had with this figure is the fact that the estimated number of major galaxies dwarfs the stated total of Creator Sons. The current estimate of major galaxies is about 100 billion. None of us can be sure if that figure is correct but nevertheless it is a guesstimate for now.

. . . Is it true that, comparatively speaking, the majority of the galaxies in the universe are uninhabited? Thank you Monjoronson for working with us on that.

Monjoronson: The astronomical awareness, the scientific knowledge developing upon Urantia at this point is also on the precipice of a new age just as is your religious development by way of spiritual inspiration. In the description of the universe cosmology presented to the Urantia Papers, you were given a framework in which to understand the administrative control in working throughout the finite realm as well as the higher realms to which you will ascend. One hundred thousand (100,000) Creator Sons are in each of the seven superuniverses. You obviously are aware of the dimensions that lie outside of time and space-- these are as revealed in the papers-- the outer space range. Very much of the matter of the universe is within these realms and yet indeed they are uninhabited.

It was not long ago, speaking in time, that the universe began yet you are at the beginning. The frontier, if I may say, is large. Let me draw an example. In your history of the continental development of European arrival in the Americas you landed on the Eastern shores and you developed a civilization of your own. Unbeknown to you, was the large expanse of land yet to be settled. This is how the universe appears to those above your station in life. The beginning of time and the few moments that have followed thereafter, that is where you are now. There is a stupendous unfoldment. It will be spectacular in its array of dimensional qualities. What you understand as forms of life at this point is only one part of a plethora of manifestations. As you gaze out about the universe using the mechanical forms that allow you to do so at this point in your scientific advancements, you are only beginning to glimpse what lies ahead in the universe adventure yet the 700,000 Creator Sons are only the start of the administrative outreach of Divinity into the vast reaches of space.

I must also inform you that you are going to be co-administrators in these uninhabited realms. You will be some of the pioneers which bring about life in these starry clusters, 700,000 is merely the beginning of what is yet to come. Your own Milky Way galaxy is a small part of the larger superuniverse. You have yet to define truly the perimeters of what is defined as the superuniverse. You understand certain of the physical structures circulating within what you call the Milky Way but you have yet to discern some of the energy structures that are also incorporated within this vortex. If I may conclude, I would say simply that we have only just begun.

  • The Ultimaton

Question #8: [The Ultimaton] This person would like for you to describe the ultimaton in more detail. They reiterate some of the things that the Urantia Book states about the ultimaton having three varieties of motion: mutual resistance to cosmic force, individual revolutions of anti gravity potential, and the intra-electronic positions of the 100 mutually inter-associated ultimatons. They also pull out the Urantia Book quote that says mutual attraction holds 100 ultimatons together in the constitution of the electron. They ask, if the ultimaton truly exists, why have scientists yet to discover it? There have been certain particle accelerators that shoot particles at the speed of light more or less and when they collide they hope to discover as yet undiscovered particles or as yet undiscovered dimensions. Would it take far more energy than is available at present to break apart the electron into its 100 separate ultimatons? Is that why scientist have yet to discover it? Could the ultimaton be discovered through mathematics or a scientific formula? I would appreciate your insight on this matter. Thank you.

Monjoronson: Your question is thorough in its considerations and I would acknowledge that yes, the human sciences have yet not been able to discern the existence of the ultimaton and you speak of the primary secret as to why this has yet gone undiscovered and that is the dimensional qualities. The ultimaton, while being the elemental construct of all things physical is yet of a dimension transcendent to physical, things and beings. Recall in your readings that the ultimaton has Paradise as its nucleus and yet you are told that 100 ultimatons make up an electron and yet you know that an electron exists around the nucleus of an atom. So where is this ultimaton located, around Paradise, around the nucleus of a single atom? Is it conjoined as a unit as an electron? The ultimaton in the realm of the physical is as mysterious as the Divine Spirit within the human soul. Human science has not yet developed the ability to discern the energy presence of the ultimaton. It is drawing closer and it is on track and you have wisely supposed that your mathematics will discern the reality long before you are able to measure it through your instruments. Just as you are equally able to sense the presence of God within you long before you are able to stand in the Divine Presence in all Its radiance and glory.

There are many levels of energy gradations from subtlety to density. The farther from Paradise the denser it becomes. The ultimaton is able to exist in all these dimensions. It is the unifier, the one cohesive link between each dimension. The ultimaton makes up the spheres of Havona just as it does at the far stretches of the universe in the outer space galaxies. It has qualities which transcend time and space and yet is fully capable of functioning as the elemental source of all things physical within time and space. While it composes all those physical dimensions, it is really of the nature of Paradise and that makes it a miraculous presence throughout the universe. Thank you for that question and you will be further intrigued by the reality of this elemental form even as you work your way up through the superuniverse and you will find more satisfaction in understanding as you traverse Havona however it will still remain a mystery what this unitary particle is until you experience the oneness of Paradise and the Deities thereupon.


I thank you all for these questions. I look to Michael and thank Him for the honor of addressing each of my fellows here today. It is my duty to fulfill the program of Michael, to bring about greater understanding upon Urantia, to foster spiritual development, to love each one of you, to accept your perspective and to do my best to nourish you where you are at and foster your advancement. It is a privilege to be with you. Again, thank you.

Mary: Thank you so much Monjoronson and we feel privileged ourselves and we appreciate your efforts and we also take the time to thank our T/R for his services this evening.