2009-06-23-Nature of the Unqualified Absolute

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Topic: Nature of the Unqualified Absolute

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Henry Z.



Prayer: Good evening Father, connect us in this circuit of love and wisdom that we may proceed with this session this evening. I ask for the presence of Monjoronson and any other celestial who happens to be near by.

Monjoronson: Greetings, this is Monjoronson this evening. We are here to answer questions from the Monjoronson.com website and we are ready to proceed.


Question #1: [Fusion with The Indwelling Thought Adjuster]

My question is about fusion. If we are truly sincere in our daily efforts to grow spiritually to prepare and to perform services to our faith brothers and sisters here on earth and as we cooperate in our partnership with our indwelling Thought Adjuster, is it possible that more of such mortals from earth will experience fusion prior to decay death?

Monjoronson: Thank you for this question. We are still waiting for 2 or 3 people every century to fuse with their Adjuster and at some point we hope that the frequency will increase. Thank you.

Question #2: [Unqualified Absolute]

This questioner thanks you for the many concepts you have made much clearer. There are certain terms and concepts that are unclear to him and one of these is the Unqualified Absolute. He wonders if it is a spirit person or is it a concept that describes the Paradise Trinity or is it representative of the infinite energy resident in the Paradise Trinity? . . . .

Monjoronson: The Unqualified Absolute is the unqualified aspect of the First Source and Center. . . . The Unqualified Absolute is neither a personality or a spirit presence, it is merely an aspect of the First Source and Center that has not been qualified. To help you understand the unqualified part, the qualified part is the Paradise Trinity, Paradise, the space and worlds of Havona and the seven superuniverses. . . . The unqualified part of God has none of the attributes of Deity, it has no personality, it is non-creative, it is a part of Deity that is not needed in the present universe age. . . . Thank you.

Question #3: [Ascended Masters]

This individual recently read a transcript of yours where you talked about ascended masters. He has over the years heard or read a little about them but wrote them off as possible nonsense but now he hears there is a lot going on behind the scenes we mortals are not aware of.

Would you be so kind as to educate us as to who and what are ascended masters and what is their mission?

  • Where are they from in the universe?
  • How long have they been operating on Urantia?
  • Are they a part of your mission or the Correcting Time?

Please give us as much information as you can for our education and understanding. Thank you in advance.

Monjoronson: Urantia mortals live in an ascension universe, a universe which is ever evolving and the created beings in it on evolutionary worlds are forever ascending. They may ascend to the first mansion worlds, they may ascend to the second, they may ascend to the local system capitol, they may ascend to the constellation capitol and they may ascend to the universe capitol. Most ascension takes place once a mortal leaves the planet from which he hails. For hundreds of thousands of years there have been ascension candidates that have offered their services as teachers and guides to the mortals of time and space. Therefore it is nothing new that has been stumbled upon.

There are many masters from all over the universe who come to Urantia. Some of them have specific agendas with specific individuals and groups of individuals. All human attempts at understanding spirit and how spirit interacts with mankind are made possible to any human who so seeks help. Ascended masters are very much like the Teaching Mission Corps working intimately and closely with individuals and groups within specific belief systems. It matters not what belief system an ascended master works with for it is certain that the inquiring human mind will eventually grow into a greater awareness and that greater awareness will eventually lead to other awareness.

It is only possible to be aware of so much coming from Urantia. Those that are aware of more have done more work in preparing their minds for whatever awarenesses have become available to them. It is tremendously difficult in a race and nation of people who are not completely unselfish and who have not completely embraced the universe religion to come to any cohesive and ascending awareness. What happens is that awareness becomes fractured and everyone is getting a glimpse, therefore it is necessary to have all parts together so that the picture is more replete, that everyone is on the same page. Until this happens you are destined to languish in idealistic thought, impractical method and half truths.

A greater effort is one in which everyone is pulling an equal weight. At that point, much more within the universe will begin to make sense. This concept of ascended masters is no more than beings who have gone forward in their spiritual progression and have accomplished the spiritual tasks at hand. Thank you.

Question #4: [Addictions]

This individual notes that many humans suffer from addictions that include but are not limited to chemicals, food, sex, gambling , work, power, status and money.

Is there a common basis for these obsessive-compulsive disorders and if so, what is it and how does it activate and manifest in someone's life?

How do addictions affect spiritual development and what is the best method for individuals who suffer from such disorders to seek relief from the devastation caused by active addiction?

Thank you so much for any insight that you can provide regarding this subject.

Monjoronson: Addiction is one of the aspects of what the rebellion has rendered to the human condition on Urantia. Now that Urantians can do whatever they want, whenever they want and however they please, addiction becomes an impulsive indulgence, one that in time becomes uncontrollable. When it becomes uncontrollable the person has forgotten how to take control of themselves and think that they can't. An addiction becomes a disorder when it completely takes over within a human being and creates a behavior pattern which is harmful to the human and for other humans in association with that person.

As you have stated, it is true, anything can become an addiction. Addictions are merely evidence that people have not mastered their own mind, their own senses. It is a sign of immaturity within the races. An addiction may start out as a harmless habit, some fragile human behavior displaying itself for whatever reason why within the humans mind, yet when these are taken to a compulsive and indulgent level they become completely overwhelming and the human does not have adequate resources to gain control. This is why it is necessary to separate yourself from the behavior you are trying to control. It will not do for an alcoholic to hang around with a group of alcoholics, that is not how you stop drinking.

It is interesting that in trying to solve human problems, humans tend to seek for shortcuts, something that will take away the mess in their life and make everything perfect. There may be some of you who have already realized that this is not how it works, it takes a tremendous desire and a tremendous will to overcome addiction. It takes admitting to oneself that one has a problem. I am not sure why very few Urantians look into their own mirror and see their reflection in their behavior. It seems to be that most people are afraid of what they might see so they avoid the inevitable until it becomes such a problem that it begins to affect others who are in relationship.

If you are looking for a spiritual solution to a human problem you must begin to see the problem within its spiritual component. At first you see that there are no spiritual components to human addiction problems. What that means is that by indulging in some of the addictive practices, a human is less likely to spend time in a spiritual state. A human spends less time looking at the problems in his life and seeing how he can make adjustments and correct and bring his life around. Humans want to say, we are helpless and we want God to help us. God truly does help the individual who helps himself.

A tremendous amount of people translate to the mansion worlds and suffer adjustments of addiction for on the mansion worlds there do not exist negative things to become addicted to. If you must indulge in an addictive behavior, indulge in one that is positive, one that will help you to make decisions now that will help to change your life tomorrow and in the future. Many problems of addictions stem from abuse, lack of self esteem, arrogance, self righteousness. Even now on Urantia there are children being born to chemically addicted mothers.

Yes, Urantia has lots of problems, there is a lot of work to do. Since you are already here, it is thus necessary for you to do the work in helping straighten these situations out. Groups of people will have to come to terms with making decisions, lifestyle decisions and laws which not only protect their children but which govern a human race. Unfortunately your governments don't write laws with spiritual counterparts, another of your human faults. It is not that spirit has given up on helping humans, it is more that humans are not interested in the kind of help that spirit has to offer.

In the spiritual world there are no shortcuts, things are done in a precise and ultimately correct manner. Eventually humans will learn this, albeit in time. For now humans must learn to grapple human problems with the solutions that humans have at hand. Again, this is another aspect of evidence that the universe religion has not established itself on Urantia. Thank you for this question.

Question #5: [Divine Monitor]

This subject was touched on by this individual earlier when he was reassured in his understanding that it is our deficiencies that are of most value to our Divine Monitors and the Urantia Book alludes that during the era of Light and Life more than half the population achieves Adjuster fusion.

Would you elaborate on the differences between us now and in the future, perhaps we might gain some insights on what we are missing which makes us who we are today and perhaps less attuned to spirituality?

Monjoronson: You are missing the religion of Jesus. You are missing the service everyone needs to offer everyone else. You are missing a loving environment in which everything exists. In the time in which worlds attain Light and Life, for the most part the humans on the world will have aligned themselves in the spiritual stance of Jesus' religion. This religion has been brought to your planet 2000 years ago and yet there is still hatred for each other. There are hatreds because of human boundaries, of human political camps, boundaries of countries, boundaries of language, boundaries of race, boundaries of intellect.

In the true religion of Jesus there are no boundaries, all are loved no matter who they are. If everyone feels that they are loved by everyone else it is easier for a race of people to begin to adjust their behavioral tendencies; therefore some of the questions asked tonight would have far less impact upon the society of mankind, things such as addiction, crime, crimes against each other, crimes of one country against another, crimes of one people against another, crimes of one economic strata against another.

What will it take for the people of Urantia to embrace the religion of Jesus? These are the questions you need to ask yourself, not when is everything going to be better, but when are you going to start and make it better for everyone else? And if you are in a space where you are attempting to make it better for everyone else, continue to have faith and trust. The religion of Jesus was meant to prepare the whole human race for the coming of the Thought Adjusters to live in all men regardless of which side of a boundary line they stand on, regardless of who they were or who they had been or what they had done. If you are loving everyone, eventually you will come to a place where you can accept them even with their erratic and irreverent behavior, for in time this can be adjusted.

So many of these questions are asked because people want to know why they have been short changed. People don't realize that they have short changed themselves. They believe in things which have no basis in spiritual reality. They believe too much in themselves, too much in their own agendas, too much in their own needs and wants. So many people in America have become obsessed with themselves rather than each other. No one can be blamed for everyone has the right to say no and to begin to move in an area of correction, of adjustment.

I truly believe that many on Urantia are willing today to grasp the greater concepts of Jesus' religion and to begin to interact within the fearless and limitless conditions of Jesus' religion. Even now all humans are indwelt with Divine Monitors. It is not the fashion on Urantia to love each other. It is the fashion to compete, to overpower, to kill, to place ones needs and wants and make them greater than everyone else's needs and wants. This is the problem which exists.

And many of you ask ridiculous questions wondering why something isn't perfect when you haven't done everything in your power to make it perfect. This is how I interpret many of these questioning. Again, there are no shortcuts in the spiritual universe. The shortcuts are only here on Urantia within the very short time that you have to make a difference on this planet. It seems like everyone is interested in everything else but what they are supposed to be doing and you are supposed to be loving and serving of your fellow men and honoring God as your Father and working with the aspect of Divinity which is within the mind of man. This is of utmost importance.

We of the spiritual universe do not understand what it is that inhibits man from proceeding forward with a purely simple task. As an indulgent people you want to reap the rewards without doing any of the work and if you were really doing the work you wouldn't have time to be asking; When is my reward coming? When will the spiritual universe finally grant Urantia its just reward? This has nothing to do with the spiritual universe. Man is given complete control over his life, over his decisions, over his actions. Man has tremendous guidance that has been given, that is constantly outpoured. It is coming from within as well as from without, from the inside to the outside. There is a perfect spiritual agency working within your mind and multiple spiritual agencies working with the human race.

In an attempt to help humans to grow in an understanding that in the spiritual universe we are all one, as tremendously difficult as it may be, humans will also have to begin to act as one, begin to think as one. It's as if everyone want to believe that their way of seeing things is the correct way. Everyone possesses a piece of the puzzle. You can only see the picture of the puzzle when all of the pieces have been put into their correct places. You have a tremendous amount of work to do, good luck. Thanks for your question.


Philip: Monjoronson, I would like to personally thank you for those very constructive admonitions and pointing out in plain simple terms what our mission is. I would also like to thank our T/R for his services and that concludes our question/answer session for this evening. Thank you.