2009-06-29-Who Am I

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Topic: Who Am I

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Mark Rogers, Henry Z.



Prayer: [Mark] Divine Parents, you know all things and therefore you know we gather together in this hour seeking your guidance and your wisdom, that we receive through your emissaries of light, your teachers, your helpers, those who volunteer to step forward in this process and bring us your grace and your peace in service. Help us to humbly receive their acts of service in this moment. Help us to align ourselves to receive that which you would bring to us, that which we would seek in this hour. Help us to find it as we do when we come seeking in your direction. We act with our faith in certainty that you hear us and that you will respond to our petition to come close to you in this way and approach you in this fashion. It is our desire and intention that we serve this process to the highest good and the best possible purpose. Let it represent our will that this be so and, let it be so. Thank you.


Monjoronson: Greetings, I am Monjoronson to honor your petition and to join in with it as well for it resembles my petition to the great Creators to be allowed access such as this to further my mission and yours on this world at this time. It is ever true that what the Son desires and the Father approves, is, and so it is true of the sons of the Sons. What you so desire and the Father approves simply is. That universal principle is basic and true throughout as you will discover in your ascension career. So I am here just as you are here because we both desire to do so. We have arrived at this place together and I honor all who arrive here with me for having heard the call. There is a great call being put forth at this time for those devoted to truth, to beauty and to goodness, those devoted to upholding the teachings that Michael imparted when He was here as Jesus and walked among you.

There is a great new awakening and desire that arises within those who hear this calling and who will respond on a very individual, personal, internal level. And so it is, that when you arrive here in that state with such a degree of intention and willingness and purpose, you are sure to find what you seek as you have already paved the way with your seeking and desire to know more about spirit truths and principles. This moment is a direct response to your seeking and searching. It is a direct response to my desire to be of service to you and to your world. Truly our prayers have been answered in this moment. Now let us go forth in the realization that this is so and let us ride this wave and assume that where we go from here we will also find what we seek for we are sincere in our intentions to be about this process and to be in service to Michael whose world this is and who has all aspects of this worlds growth in His hands so to speak.

I recognize that this call was set up with the intention of providing maximum access to me by individuals directly and I honor this purpose and will support this intention. To that degree I will now open up this forum for participation by others with questions or comments that may be grounds for discussion.


Question #1: Monjoronson [yes], I bid you welcome and am truly glad to be here. My question is this: Who am I? I only know that I was born, I became self aware, I know I am a faith son of God but who am I truly, who am I? Can you help me realize who I really am? Thank you.

Monjoronson: [Mark] No, it is my thanks to you my friend for such a magnificent question. Truly, this question strikes at the heart of so many other issues. As mortals of the realm you attempt to discern who you are and how you fit in, where you belong and what you should do. Let me tell you in as plain terms as I can, who you are. You are a child of Divine Parents. You are a cherished fragment of the whole. You have something no other living combination of energy on the planet has. You are an individual, unto yourself and as such you become a cherished part of a divine family.

Your mission here is to discover this divine lineage that you spring from. You have in this life, had the opportunity to experience the most extreme degree of separation from your divine family and from your divine heritage and as this experience unfolds for you, you are given a multitude of opportunities to come to this realization of self awareness and then of group awareness, that you are a member of the family of man, the brotherhood of man which is no accident, which is a grand experience and a grand experiment.

You need to learn to know of this association, the part to the whole, so that you can gain proper perspective of what it is you are doing in the interim while you are in the process of returning to the whole. You have been fragmented off as the water drop is to the ocean so that you may experience life on your own in relative darkness and seclusion and there is with you, within you, a Fragment of the Creator who is your guiding light back to your Creator and the Source of all that is. This guiding light will unerringly lead you the way to get back to where your soul desires, to be part of the whole. But you are learning that even now, even now the drop identifies with the ocean and can relate to the whole even though they may feel they are just a drop.

You are made of the same stuff, you come from the same place, you will return to the same place. You are all experiencing this sojourn of loneliness and within you wells up the desire to return home and yet in this life you are not even sure what home is or where you are supposed to return. But like the birds who are given an innate sense of where to migrate, within you there is an innate sense of how to return to the First Source and Center from whence you sprang. This entire life experience and many more that are scheduled for you are for your edification, your delight, your growth, your experience. What you have to add to the equation is the uniqueness of your journey. Your journey can be done by no other individual ever created either before or after you. The circumstances of your life and your individual experiences are 100% unique and unto you.

The First Source and Center, the Supreme, may benefit from the addition of your individual observation of truth, beauty and goodness as you go forward in this process. If every single one ever created willingly and lovingly donates the sum total of their experience as they journey back to this First Source, then all experiences may be contained within this Supreme and all that ever could be experienced may be harvested by the one who made these experiences possible.

Your primary mission is to yourself, make no mistake about this. You are here to grow your soul, that is your sole purpose in this life and many lives beyond. To that end it must remain a top priority in your life because you are most beneficial to the whole when as a part you are secure and aware and practiced in being just as you are. Many individuals wrestle with a great desire to be of service to others when they become spiritually aware and this is noble and good but one should never forget, their first duty, their first job in this life is to grow their soul, is to harvest these experiences and to make forward momentum in individual soul growth because no one else can do this for you and everyone else needs you to do your part because the family of man is a family, it moves together forward as a whole by virtue of the individuals within moving together.

I hope this provides you with some sense of where you fit in to this grand plan for this entire plan is here for you. This entire universe has been created for you to be here, now, in this moment, in these days, in these times. All that stretches out before you has been arranged for your personal edification and the edification of the family of man. I hope these word symbols are enough to address your question, thank you. [Thank you so much.]

Question #2: I would like to ask a question of Monjoronson and I just want to say I really appreciate the opportunity that we all have to talk with him personally. This question concerns death. You know every day about 150,000 people die. Husbands lose their wives, wives their husbands, parents lose their child or the child lose their parent. Really, the grief that mankind experiences because of death is really incalculable. So I would like to know, why did our Creator Son and why did our Heavenly Father choose death as the way we would get to the other side? Isn't there a more humane and compassionate way than the death of each and every one as a way to get to the mansion worlds? Thank you very much.

Monjoronson: [Mark] Thank you for your question. This is another question which is on the minds of many, many sojourning mortals on this world. From where you stand, your individual perspective, it may in fact appear as though there is some cruel mechanism at work when you personally are confronted with the loss of a loved one which is a rather routine part of the experience if you are blessed to live long enough on this world, but understand that it is more a matter of awareness and perception that causes mankind to be in such distress over the passing of a loved one.

If you avail yourself of the Urantia Book and its expanded view of what happens to individuals upon the passing we refer to as death, you are granted an enlarged perspective on what happens as a result of death and what happens after death and this information if embraced, brings the reader a new sense of understanding of the process. With this new sense of understanding comes peace of mind about the process, how it works, what's involved and why this event we refer to as death happens.

In fact, there has to be some means whereby we transition from a world of material aspects and environment to a world more spiritually based and enlarged. This process of the material beings clock running out is entirely consistent with life lived in a strictly material plane. But you are discovering that you are more than this strictly material being. You are morphing, even in this life, as the tadpole morphs into the frog, into a being which is capable of living in the realm of materialism but also has the ability to poke their head out of that realm and take in the spiritual realm above the water. Once you embrace your spiritual side, the aspect of you which is not bound by material restrictions of time and space, then you can look at your other side with an entirely different perspective and realize that yes, your material component, that smaller aspect of yourself must one day give way so that the larger aspect of yourself, your spiritual being that you are growing, that is eternal, and that will enjoy a magnificent journey, may change your seat of perspective and you may begin to look at your material life as just what it is, a short, turbulent life that is bound to wind down when your material vehicle runs out.

All this is as the tadpole morphing into the frog, a slow gradual transformation and one day you will realize that as a frog you have far more freedom, you are able to go into different realms, go back and forth into the material, into the spiritual and you will choose to reside more and more in the spiritual as there is more freedom granted there. On more evolved worlds, death is not as much a part of the paradigm. You have read about worlds in Light and Life where fusion is more common than death, the conscious act of combining with your Internal Fragment and choosing to transform from the material plane into the spiritual plane as an act of will, of choice. This potential is there for you as well, even in this life; there are no preconditions that such is not possible.

So I invite you to take the grander perspective on this event of transformation. Truly, from our side, when one undergoes this event of death there is gladness and joy for we realize that they have now been loosened from the fetters of materialism and they have been granted the access of spirit and truly I can guarantee you that everyone that passes through this event feels similarly when they awake. There is a renewed enthusiasm for life and yet life was just given up. There is a joy and a peace and a spiritual life which cannot be described to the one who is still the tadpole.

I hope these words bring you some comfort in trying to justify what may seem a brutal means to transformation but I assure you, everyone who passes through would disagree with you from the other side. Thank you.

Question #3: Monjoronson, I was wondering whether or not you would be willing to identify the important aspects of soul growth? You mentioned that it was our goal on this material plane; to grow our soul. Would you expand upon that concept?

Monjoronson: When I refer to growing your soul, I am likewise referring to this identification of your spiritual component. This transferring of awareness to embrace the greater sense of who you are spiritually, who you are as an eternal divine being. This is what I refer to as growing your soul because this is not part of what happens with your body or your material circumstances while here on this earth to any great degree; albeit your vehicle and your material circumstances have much impact on your predisposition, your time, your energy and all that you bring to the equation but growing your soul is something you are going to do for an eternity.

It is a matter of continued forward momentum, of expanding yourself day by day, hour by hour, even moment by moment. Some refer to it as an unfolding; some refer to it as an awakening; some think that it must be a very rigorous and demanding process and take ultimate devotion. It is what you make of it, it can be a grueling, demanding process if you think that that is what is required. It can be a joyful journey if you are willing to see it that way. It can be an awakening of truths from within where you will ask where these truths came from. It can be an embracing of truths found outside and brought in to nurture and support the ever-present soul growth.

There is not a moment you are not engaged in this process. It is not as though you go home after work and sit down and do two hours of homework on soul growth and call it good. This is happening always, all the time, with or without your assistance or awareness. It is greatly accelerated and amplified when you bring your intention to the process and you include your awareness in the process but this whole paradigm of material existence is designed to foster such growth in every circumstance, in all circumstances. It is merely how much you are able to harvest from life's opportunities and experiences that dictate the amount that you own and embrace in this process.

Some choose to go slowly and there are many mansion worlds for that purpose. Others are inspired to race ahead and will do anything and everything they can find to accelerate this process. But recall, you have an eternity before you to successfully complete this mission. There is no rush and there are no expectations on you as to whether you are late or early, merely you are being you, a unique individual, a gift to the Supreme. So I desire to convey the message that all is well. Certainly if you could function in the awareness that all is well regardless of your apparent advances or failures but to know that all is well in this process, all is on schedule, all is according to plan and let it guide you, lead you, take you where you need; then you will have an easier journey, a more fruitful journey, a more beneficial journey as you are paddling with the current and allowing life to bring you in the direction that you desire.

Fear not that you can do much wrong when you are on the path returning home to the First Source and Center. All paths lead to that destination; you are encouraged to find one that is your own and take it. It may not be what any others may recognize as a valid path, that is irrelevant. All paths are valid, all approaches are valid. I hope this addresses your concern. [It does very much, thank you so much for your answer.]

Question #4: Father, I feel we have several gifted and sincere sisters who are in question as to the veracity of the Monjoronson Mission. I would ask if you would please help to clear up this schism so as to shed light on this honest difference of opinion. Thank you.

Monjoronson: [Henry] Thank you for this questioning. This is a very delicate question you ask and it is hoped that you do not expect a spiritual solution to a mortal problem in the sense that this is something that can be easily taken care of. In a persons spiritual growth, it is necessary to develop a belief system. This belief system interacts in a mind capable of making decisions and exercising certain behavior. All individuals possess unique belief systems because belief is of a personal nature within the constraints of an individuals human mind of consciousness. This is why it is important that people begin to act a certain way towards each other even though their belief systems may be different.

But the question you ask is much more serious. What you ask is how can brothers and sisters who believe in the same thing, not be able to come to come to the same table and partake of the same meal? There are many qualifications that an individual possesses which bring them to places of assumption and expectation. This is why the religion of Jesus is so important on a world such as Urantia, that people begin to love and respect each other in the process of conversing and edifying their differences of opinion in respect to how to move forward.

In all social interactions, compromise is the art of solution. A person gives a bit and a person takes a bit to be able to work things out with others; it is important to be able to accept others opinions and the thought expressions of others. When a society becomes one of wizened individuals you begin to experience a more synchronous nature in social interaction. This is beginning, in very basic terms, to happen on your planet, albeit for the most part there is still a tremendous amount of ground which needs to be traversed in order to bring all groups to the same table to eat the same meal.

This is also the way it is within the spiritual universe. Differences of opinion exist all the way to Paradise. Throughout the universe you will find spiritual beings that do not ultimately agree on everything; this is why it is necessary on these primitive evolutionary worlds to experience the joy of working together for a united and defined purpose, because all spirit works in concerted effort. When spirit does not work in concerted effort, the result is what was experienced on Urantia as the Lucifer Rebellion, where part of spirit saw it necessary to challenge the nature and the will of the Divine Creators. This difference of opinion taken to the next level resulted in a default, a travesty of duty, a travesty of duty which resulted in chaos and confusion on a primitive world. Up till this time it has not completely been eradicated and you can begin to see how the repercussions echo throughout eternity and time.

Part of communication skills is determined by the individuals ability to listen to ideas and converse about ideas, to be able to debate a topic and to be able to come to a decision. If one individual refuses to budge his or her position, then it is difficult for a social group to form and move forward with these expressed opinions. What is important is not the belief as much as it is the ability of individuals of belief, of differing beliefs, to be able to come to the same table and partake of the same meal. It is important to laugh and joke about ones difference of opinion. Urantians for the most part take themselves far too seriously. It becomes necessary to lighten up, to not take ones belief more seriously than ones ability to show acknowledgement, respect towards another, towards what other people are doing for as has been stated tonight; everyone is an individual part of a larger unit. This larger unit seeks for a unified voice, a unified and defined expression, a way to operate as a united unit. This is how progress will be made on the planet and the wonderful and great years of Light and Life will begin to be ushered in as a result of the growing recognition of each individual member of the united family of Urantians.

Again, speaking back again to the question of whether there is a difference between the Monjoronson Mission, the Teaching Mission and the Urantia Book is like seeing multiple facets on a very large cut stone. As your turn it around you begin to reflect different things, different colors, different vibrations, different sounds, different activities. It is tremendously difficult for a human to understand that though spirit is unified as one to the Father's will, we operate as unique parts, unique individual personalities of purpose.

The Urantia Book was brought to the planet to help correct some of the confusion surrounding the human elements of the sacred scriptures on your world. It was important that religion and science be brought into the same area and not separate and segregated as it seems to be determined for the most part on your world. Even though the Urantia Book is not a perfect text, it is one that is intended to augment the experiences of mankind that man grows in a spiritual awareness of greater dimension and proportion. The Teaching Mission was always intended to be a part, an adjunct for the Urantia Book. It did take some time for mortal man to put together the idea that spirit is contactable, that spiritual presences are real and they can be determined, not so much in a visualization, [but by] the quality of thought patterns as with the delivery of their words, that humans begin to understand the love and kindness that pours forth from spirit presence and spirit intention.

Also, the Monjoronson Mission has also been in the works for quite a long time. As this planet closes one age and moves into another age it is not unusual that many who read the Urantia Book do not understand the Teaching Mission and it also is important to understand that there are many in the Teaching Mission who do not believe in the Monjoronson Mission. Belief neither credits nor dissolves reality; the ability to work within groups of people, the ability to grow in spirit. What you are seeing is the beginning ages of spiritual growth on Urantia that it is not like Paradise spirit or Nebadon's universe spirit, it is a crude and primitive spirit which is beginning to develop on Urantia beset with its own problems. This is part of the growing process, this is part of letting go of beliefs, of a need to be right, a need to be first, a need to be the best, to allow something greater to possess the whole human race.

Consciousness is born out of struggle. You struggle with your identity, you struggle with your beliefs, you struggle with every decision that you make. It is intended that you struggle so that the act of choosing begins to show you through its results, the better way of choice. It is important to hold those who do not believe as you do, in love and respect nonetheless. It is not intended that you all agree, it is intended that all of you work together with differing beliefs. If that means that some of you need to separate yourselves for a while, so be it! There is nothing but time within the limitlessness of eternity. Spirit is in no hurry. Spirit wants mankind to be sure, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that the choices they make are correct and spirit will allow mankind all the time it needs to work out these little shortcomings of human nature. It is hoped that this answer helps in your understanding. Thank you. [Yes, thank you for your counsel.]

Monjoronson: Are there any other questions?

Question #5: Monjoronson, as I grow into the awareness of the love of the Father and as I try to reflect it back as I understand and cherish it and as I try to reflect it aback on others it is often misguided and misunderstood. How can I best touch the soul of my fellow man.

Monjoronson: [Henry] Thank you very much for this question. It is important to touch the soul of man. There is no easy way to describe to you how this is done but if you begin to dicern the life and teachings of the Master as He lived on your planet, it was encouraged for men to approach each other with the openness and lightness of a child. Keep it simple. Be a listening ear to someone’s concern, worried and fearful speech. Be a morsel of food for the hungry, become a drop of water for the thirsty, become a clear mind for the confused heart, become a loving soul for those who do not understand you. You must become that Godlike quality of stillness, of patience. The ability to resist the human ego, to resist telling people what is the truth and what is right and what they should or shouldn’t do. The ability to accept another person as they present themselves to you. The better you are able to do that, the better you are able to meld your soul with their soul so that they can genuinely feel from you a caring, a compassion, a patience, a kindness, a shoulder that they may lean on, a person that helps them out of a desperate and desolate struggle.

Sometimes to access the soul, one has to access that sacred space within a person where their consciousness meets the Creator, the Creator's presence, for the Thought Adjusters are the Creator's presence. In that space of Creator and created lies the answer to all questions. The soul then becomes a dynamic force for love and fruits of the spirit. It is the fragrance of a flower that attracts someone that has been smelling nothing but dust. It is the clean refreshing warm water for someone who is dirty and needs a bath. It is the ability, the human ability, to see within the divine mind of another person, that aspect of that person which is divine, which is a son or daughter of God and acknowledge and respect that within your own mind.


Yet these are very challenging suggestions but what you ask for is how [to] contact, that sacred space within another, to be able to have that person trust you, to trust your experience because your experience will beam as the fragrance of a flower, it will beam as a photon of light and it will beam as the love of our Eternal Father. Again, thank you for this questioning. Is there any other concern?-- Thank you.

Mark: This is Mark, thank you Henry. [Thank you Mark.]