2009-07-11-A Wake-up Call

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Topic: A Wake-up Call

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Unknown

TR: George Barnard



Teacher: “Good afternoon. I am one of many Teachers belonging to an informal, universe-wide advancement group. My name and number are irrelevant, my message does matter, and it is tailored to your understanding, suited to your mind-set, befitting your education, and wholly applicable to your task. The 11:11 time-prompt is a ‘hard-won grant of almost indiscriminately-allowable use,’ which your local progress Midwayers – Primary and Secondary -- have been favored with being able to apply. It is a wake-up call, as many have gathered, let us say, ‘have woken up to.’ Some few will stay awake, many will not, is the pity.

“There will always remain those Christians that will value their drummed in religious beliefs over the good news we are allowed to declare. Fears, which you no longer comprehend, play an important role, and to their minds the blood of the Master washed away their sins forever. You have no time for these ideas.

“There will ever be those of Islam that stay shackled to their faith, minds closed, convinced Muhammad to have been the last to dispense truth up to the year of his death (632), and for the end of all time. You are not to await the end of time, but stay with the task, as there will be no ‘running out of time’ for anyone.

“You will evermore be accosted by those who see all future events, in yet another mortal life, as unfolding from either good deeds or sad mistakes in a previous terrestrial life, and additionally will you be confronted by those who fully count on, and want to convince you of, your expiration as a personality upon your mortal death. Least of all, give not a moment’s thought to those who will try to convince you they are special in God’s eyes over the masses who are not.

“The Creator has no human favorites, whilst all are equally valued, equally loved, equally well known to Him, as are you in your dimensions, as am I in mine. The sum total of my intrinsic value, therefore my reality, lies in the extrinsic worth of my teachings on many worlds. Your intrinsic value and growing reality lies almost exclusively in those numbers you humbly guide toward a full awakening to the grand meaning of the 11:11 prompt on your world.

“It will stand you in good stead to appreciate this crucial period of time -- your planet’s Correcting Time -- to gather many to receive the messages of your group’s eminently capable Teachers, and to ignore those who expound on their dogmas, rules, and personal beliefs and knowledge, as if these qualified for being rated as ‘spiritual-ness,’ and of value in the make-up of your reality. I wish you a pleasant evening.”