2009-07-16-Commingling the Human and Divine

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Topic: Commingling the Human and Divine

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Thought Adjuster, Monjoronson

TR: Mark Rogers



Prayer: Divine Parents, I am so very grateful to once again be here in this process with you. It is by your grace that we are here in this moment and I acknowledge your grace and am deeply grateful. It is my intention at this time to be a conduit for your grace, for your peace, for your love. I give myself to this purpose fully and completely and ask that you take my intention and use me for this purpose. I appreciate that we are able to come together in this way and I always greatly enjoy being in-circuited by you in this manner. So once again I come to you with this intention and this purpose that your will be done as mine and that this act of service that I volunteer for be good in your sight and fruitful in our intention.



The Voice: I Am here. I Am this ones Inner Voice as he refers to me, here to accept a gracious invitation as has been extended. Truly my associate has grown accustomed to the process and the universal principles at play. He has ventured down this road enough times to have gathered to himself many useful tools and little tricks to condition himself and to provide the right atmosphere for maximum interpretation of the channel between us but as much as he has done this I still recognize the strain because so much is required of him. He must be himself as part of this process because it is through him that I Am.

I come from the First Source and Center, but unlike you I come without my own personality. I Am not known to be an individual as you are. I come and volunteer to join in this spectacular sojourn of spiritual ascension with my associate and he has a personality. Through this process of co-mingling it is my intention to share with him my aspects of divinity while I Am assured it is his intention to share his aspects of personality and the two of us will ultimately join together to be as one. This process of combining these two distinctly different elements you refer to as your ascension career, the object of which is for you to grow from your material confines and for me to experience your material confines, for you to gradually assume more and more of divine characteristics and for me to gradually assume more and more of what you might refer to as personhood or individuality.

This grand plan for us to combine intentions and purpose and forces together is the ultimate act of grace for we have each been provided with the makings of this spectacular journey and we will each be given all that is required for us to make this journey in peace and with grace that surrounds us. Surely I understand that as mortals of the realm you are surrounded by material aspects of your being, even encased in a material body that is destined to grow from nothing, support your earthly life and eventually deteriorate back into nothing.

But you who are spirit born know well that your vehicle is but your temporary address and that you will outgrow this vehicle and pass through the portal you refer to as death and be graced beyond that with additional vehicles, lives, experiences, relationships, successes and failures. If you are in realization of this truth, of this destiny of your spiritual component, then should your life here as a mortal of the realm be easier and brighter because you know something of the plan, the grand arrangement that has a place for you to be from here and throughout eternity.


As a mortal of the realm you are given so many many gifts of grace from your Divine Parents. One of these that is so instrumental in your mortal life is your mind and your mind circuit. This gift of grace is a very powerful tool for your use while you are here and it is easy for me to realize how a mortal of the realm who is surrounded by a material body, living a material reality and considering all this with a material mind to become entrenched in the current realities of materialism and the thought of what this materialism means to you as a being. As you all well know, your minds serve you well to interpret your environment and many many details and circumstances and facts that you are exposed to. In fact your mind is so good at this process of sorting and organizing that it would have you believe that it has command of all that goes on around you and if you would simply get things settled in your mind and be able to understand them, to be able to organize them properly, that you could grow to command any circumstance or situation by virtue of the power of this tool.

You mind has many sources of input as you know. You are aware of your physical senses but you have inherent in your being, other senses which do not require an interface with this part of yourself you refer to as your mind. You have a direct connection to your Inner Voice, your Thought Adjuster, Me Presence that is unencumbered by the preconditioned mind; that is if you will allow yourself to open this connection between your Inner Guide and your direct true being, that eternal aspect of yourself, there may be direct communication and it is not required that your mind necessarily be first to interpret, organize and understand. You have different avenues to approach that can be used.

This spirit connection to your Inner Guide is direct and unfettered and yet it must be interpreted by the mind. So therein is your "Catch 22" in this mortal life. How can you have an experience which is broader than your mind already knows? How can something happen to you which is outside the parameters of what your brain has already defined for you? The way you do this is by opening that connection to spirit, opening that connection to the Spirit of Truth, to your Inner Guide and allowing this connection passage straight into what you might consider the "heart of the matter" and then you may allow your mind the opportunity to try to sort it out, organize it, store it and categorize it.

But if you insist that everything that you know must go through the portal of your mind then you are passing it through the portal of precondition. The mind only knows what it has been exposed to and so therefore it will interpret everything in relationship to its previous understanding. The way to expand this is to spend time in stillness, to do your regular service to the self of stilling the mind in so far as you are able so that these other means of information gathering may be provided greater latitude. As long as the mind is preoccupied with its approach, that is the only approach you will get. If you can still the mind in stillness, meditation, you allow other avenues of approach the opportunity to interface with you.

If your mind will simply not slow down or agree to be a recessive aspect, then I encourage you to put your mind to useful service and put it to service creating the atmosphere that you are seeking by instituting prayer or, worship or, the focus of your intention and desires. It is true, this idea of giving the mind a task can be appropriate for, if you cannot stop the river you may divert it and re-channel it in the direction of your desire. Having given it a task, the mind may then be occupied with this enough to stay out of your way as you attempt to develop and establish this alternate route, this different connection.

You are all familiar with the many ways in which you receive input from your environment. As you walk down a street you are taking in input from all of your senses and all of this input is being combined in your brain to interpret your experience as a whole. There are other inputs into your system, other senses that are lagging behind in development and that is what we are about right here, right now; the recognition and development of these alternate senses. For instance, right now in this moment it is required of me, for me to communicate with you, that I must access word symbols and I do my best to choose proper and appropriate ones to convey my message to satisfy the brain.


But behind and inside and underneath these word symbols there is intention, there is purpose, there is meaning, there is value. I use these word symbols as my carrier wave and while these are transpiring and while your brain is occupied in assembling them into some sort of organization, there are other means of communication transpiring simultaneously. It is a feeling, it is a knowing, it is an awareness. Some refer to it as a presence but in all cases it is not a mental activity; it is a spiritual experience.

I make some effort to draw this distinction for you today and I hope I have had some relative success in this process. I am certain that there is a part of you who has registered my delivery and intention and I invite you to feel what that feels like, to allow this opportunity to flush over you with the feeling of spirit connection. It is not about knowing it in the mind, it is about experiencing it. No amount of words can bring you to this place, no amount of description will be adequate. It requires your faith, it requires your intention and if you will provide the necessary momentum, the movement, you may be guided and steered but if you are resistant to making any move, spirit never forces. Spirit only leads, it is up to you to follow and spirit may guide but you must be in motion. I guarantee you that you will see the fruits of your effort for having put yourself in motion and having provided the intention you are certain to feel the effects of your efforts.

So rather than talk about what it is like to go swimming, rather than to discuss the nature of water, the temperature, what it feels like, what it looks like, how the senses perceive it, I invite you just to dive in as we have done here today, to trust that you will be lovingly guided and tended to in this process, to know that your only obstacle is your fear, doubts and uncertainty as to your connection or appropriateness or position. If you will let go of those you will realize the water is fine and the swim is exhilarating and that the experience that you just have had is yours for the keeping. It cannot necessarily be expressed to another but must be experienced firsthand.

Thank you all for joining me in the pool today as we have most certainly made our way in and experienced for ourselves the feeling of having made that commitment and experiencing the result. I now will offer you my thanks for joining me and withdraw from this forum at this time to allow for others to utilize this precious podium. Thank you.

Monjoronson: Good evening, I greet you as well, I am Monjoronson here once again to promote this forum and to aid my liaison and assistant in this process. I typically arrive on scene about now after my associate has strained to push himself to go forward in an unfamiliar process. When I arrive there is a sigh of relief from him because he recognizes me, he knows my energy signature as I know his and therefore he feels "off the hook" for what might happen next, not personally vulnerable or liable because we are not requiring so much of him.

He is, in his association with me connecting with my intention and he is translating my vibration through the mechanism of his brain and his mind into word symbols which most closely express his interpretation of my meaning. So therefore he feels more secure because all he is doing in his mind is acting as interpreter. This is fine, I am happy to come in and rescue him in a sense from his condition of feeling so naked and vulnerable as he feels when there is no other personality associated with his communication but rather he only senses one personality present and that is his so it is easy for him to doubt and lack conviction when he perceives himself to be the only one in the room. In fact of course he knows he is not. He knows of his association with his Inner Voice and the relationship they have established, in fact the agreement that has been made in order for this process to occur and while his mind may know this, it is his soul which must act. It must act in a purely soul arena of faith. No amount of knowing in his mind about the process or of the process or even experience with the process is able to afford him what must happen and transpire next as he puts himself in motion and prepares to be guided and led and trusts that he will be guided and led by his personality-less partner.

It is not so with the t/r process for there is an agreement, an arrangement which has us working together as partners but I am an individual with my own energy signature just as he is and we have agreed to combine forces for the sake of service and in this agreement he trusts that I will take the lead and that he simply follows. This is the arrangement we have as teacher and t/r. So there is a greater comfort zone established, I do not require of him any more than his steadfast commitment to the process and I have assured him I will always be there with him in partnership and will provide the necessary content if he will but provide the necessary conduit.

The point made earlier by the Voice about the distinction of knowing with the mind and knowing with the spirit is a valuable area for exploration because it is observed that many many mortals on this world lack this awareness of distinction. They consider that whatever they think- they are and whatever their mind knows is all there is but to any who have been born of the spirit, they sense there is a great deal more and they yearn to discover it and explore it just as you are here now. The more you seek to discover about this component of yourself, the more you are thrilled to find that there are these different avenues of approach to knowing, to conviction of spiritual principles and that it need not be conditioned solely by what is read or heard or understood by mind.

So I invite you all to avail yourselves of this direction of exploration because you have access to so much more than your mind can understand that if you limit yourself to only what your mind is capable of knowing in any one given moment, you are truly cutting yourselves short in this process. Trust in this connection and have faith that if you build it, that which you seek may be found and that this is part of what you are here to explore and learn and do. This is not outside your reach but rather this is part of the design that you are given this experience of life to discover. So accept this for what it is, as grace from your Divine Parents. Accept your position that you can and should be able to access these avenues of self and explore these dimensions of your being and have fun with it, enjoy it, be inspired by it.

I would now like to take this opportunity to open up this forum for anyone who might have a question or comment to be added to this pool that we have been swimming in if there would be anyone so bold.


Question: Hello Monjoronson, how are you doing today?

Monjoronson: I am well my friend, and you?


Question: I am fine, thank you. Please would you like to comment on the ministry and nature of Melchizedeks receivers here on planet earth and how one can in some way connect to them or work with them, some tips or suggestions and ideas from your end. Thank you for your work.

Monjoronson: You reference your Melchizedek orders in the Urantia Book and know that they are here of service to your world and remain in attendance through many a generation and a mortal life and will see this planet into the stages of Light and Life. They are, as you may surmise from some of your transcripts and teachings, in charge of many teaching curriculums which necessitate that they provide some interface with the mortals of the realm much as we are doing right here, right now. In fact you have heard from various Melchizedeks in various transmissions directly and they have told you as much - that they are in charge of the learning curriculum for this Correcting Time. They take this role quite seriously because they are as I say, here to see this through to its completion.

In this way they are working closely with you in this process and it may well be one of them who contacts receptive mortals of the realm to initiate certain curriculums or programs that are deemed appropriate at the time. As you know, your Planetary Prince is a Melchizedek and as such is seen as you may view the principal of the school, has overall command of the programs and its implementation. So all of you who are interested in furthering the teachings being disseminated are in direct liaison with this corp of Melchizedeks who is also in charge of promoting this curriculum of the Correcting Time.

You are in fact working together even though you are necessarily unaware that this is so. I would encourage you to alter your perspective to embrace the reality that we are all working together under one gigantic plan of implementation and you are not, in your efforts to promote teachings and to manifest the realities as you know them, that different and removed from the rest of us in this chain of command as you might see it. It is absolutely required of you that you make real the teachings and the lessons and that you manifest these principles in the material realm. It is not possible for the Melchizedeks or the Magisterial Son or Michael Himself to do at this time. That critical aspect of the job is left for you but you can know well that you are supported by the rest of us who are as well part of this process and interested in its success and implementation. Thank you for your question.