2009-07-21-Use the Network of God's Love

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Topic: Use the Network of God's Love

Group: Indianapolis TeaM



TR: David Painter


  • Transcribed by T. Jerrow


WELMEK: Greetings, this is Welmek, your teacher and your friend. It never ceases to move my heart when I here the requests of mortals of this world and what it is that you seek. And, by impressed, I simply mean the fact that given all the trials and tribulations, the frustrations and, what can be considered negative energy, you still find a lightness inside of yourself that asks for something for someone else. The motivation that I sense tonight is clean; it is good and high. We, who are behind the scenes, so to speak, truly love these types of meetings for we see within each of you, not only the Spirit of God, but the willingness, the desire to be more than you are. My friends, do the best that you can while you spend the short time left on this world and rejoice in the fact that you will be given even greater opportunities in the future to demonstrate the love, faith and joy that you so earnestly try to do while in the short life in the flesh. Rejoice in the fact that much love, care and happiness is on its way.


We cannot change, nor can you, the events of mortal living or the events of so-called celestial living. It is what it is, as they say, all determined by your whole-hearted dedication to do the will of the Father. The more you focus on this, the more you will not only be able to heal thyself; you will be able to pour [...vast?] energy towards others in a sincere attempt to remedy certain situations.

  • Prayer

Let us pray: Michael of Nebadon, Jesus Christ of Urantia, hear our petition. We ask that the celestial hosts be released from certain duties - that they may attend upon the requests of this small group here this evening. You know, before I utter these words, what is needed. You know I feel the love that is generated; and may Your heart pour out to those who seek Your help. Allow these celestial hosts to do the will of the Father in the manner in which the Father so chooses. Help them to understand the beauty of life, the wonderment of death and the glory of transition, Give those in this room the energy, the reserve, the concentration and power to help sustain during their times of trouble - so that they may be the souls of strength - they may be the columns that support and uphold the building of love, truth and beauty. Help each of my fellow brothers and sisters, here tonight, understand there are certain universal laws and limitations that cannot be avoided, circumvented or recreated. Given that, again we petition not only the celestial hosts that may be able to assist, but the angelic representatives that are here tonight, who have volunteered so lovingly and honestly to do Thy bidding. Jesus, it is you that we seek to replace our mind that we may more fully BE like you, ACT like you, LOVE like you and DO like you. Look into our hearts, know the motivation, feel the love as we put our lives into your hands. Thank you for hearing this petition.

  • Energy (Projecting The Light Of The Heart Exercise)


My friends, I want you to take a moment and try this exercise. It will benefit you greatly. We've talked about the light of the heart have we not? It is time to go into the heart right now. Focus on your heart beating within your chest. Relax...breathe slower...be still for just a moment...feel the pulsation........... Now, feel the light that surrounds your heart. See it in your mind. Feel it in your whole being. It is a very bright light. It is the center focus of the soul..........Go deeper...deeper. See your whole being as light. Take this light, wrap the prayer that we uttered tonight around this light. Deeper...focus more, please.......... Now, I want you to take this light and project it to the ones you have prayed for...and may God's will be done

  • Universe Broadcasts (Permission To Broadcast Meeting To The Local Universe Granted)

Good evening! Once again we're together. It's always a pleasure for me, and those who've gathered with me. There are the continuing broadcast circuits open, if you do not object, so that others around the universe may observe the interaction between us and you. Are there any objections? (No...No...No) Thank you, from many minds and hearts.

So, what have you been up to? What is on your minds? I seem to do a lot of talking and, you know me, I can go on for days. I've been told THAT, by my friends as well. What can I say? I have a lot there to offer. (group laughter)


MARTY: That's wonderful. They must especially love your humility. (more laughter)

WELMEK: Funny... my friends on this side are laughing, also. (guffaws) But they're praying for all of you. But on a less serious note, what's on your minds? I'm trying to lure you to be lighter - more humorous. I participate in some reversion director meetings and I must say they are entertaining, but none of their experiences ever really model my life...'cause I was above most of them. Now, if you believe that...

  • Grace (Accumulating "Grace Energy" Through Prayer - Acquiring Faith)

How do we effectively help some one who is ill, whether it be spirit, mind or body? It is a very interesting question and something that seems to me, this afternoon, to be paramount in all of your minds right now. We can send gifts...we can hire specialists...we can pray...we can bring food...we can utter words of comfort, sorrow and joy. Yet, to the human mind and heart, doesn't it seem to you that, sometimes, all of these efforts seem to fall short? Who would like to take that on?

MARTY: ...fall short?

WELMEK: In other words, it's never quite enough. The human heart and spirit always strives to do more really that it can deliver, or so it seems. Keep in mind the one rule - whether a person survives on this world or not, the Gods know, but what you do here will surely be taken with them. So your efforts are not in vain. What they take with them, based on the energy that you just projected, will in time, based on their desire, be fully manifested to them. How does that play out? On the mansion worlds you have accumulated numerous prayers. You have accumulated this so-called "GRACE ENERGY." Depending on your decision that you make here, you may realize some of the benefit of these prayers, or you may not.

But, remember, effective prayer is always answered. And what I heard this evening was effective prayer. You may ask the question, legitimately, "Well, if the person dies - how is this effective prayer?" Remember, no one dies. You simply leave this form behind and move on to the next. If you are truly entrenched in this thought, then you may relax in the knowledge that what you have offered this evening will, in time, be answered.

Now, a legitimate human question would be, "But, if the person dies, how is what I asked for answered? Why would not God take the petition and advise the celestial hosts to do their material manipulations to make this human body whole again?" Who would like to answer that question? William?

WILLIAM: Please, will you restate the question again?

WELMEK: You have prayed this evening for the help of individuals. You have asked that the celestial hosts, through the grace of the Father and the workings of Jesus, heal these people...to find remedies for their cause...their illness. What if there is no remedy for their illness and they die? Would you think of God? Did He [...fail to] answer your petition? Do you become resentful? Do you quit talking to God because He did not, apparently, respond?

WILLIAM: No...Because we just didn't understand it on our level and, you know, just like you said, energy never dies...it just transforms.

WELMEK: Excellent. Now, let's take this a bit further, based on a conversation between two people, earlier. If you BELIEVE that you never die, you are on, as you would say here, thin ice - for belief is, relatively speaking, weak. If you have FAITH in that which you do not see, hear, smell, taste or feel, then you have STRENGTH. So, if you have FAITH that this person will in time be healed, then, my friends, what else can you do but be kind, serving and loving to this person?

I understand the human sorrow to some extent - like seeing your loved ones go through pain and suffering, trials and tribulations, especially if they do not have the foundation of the Father - or the Son - or the Spirit - but [...all of you] in this room do...to varying degrees. So, while WE made the petition, I’m here to share with you this evening, that the real strength, the real energy that is passed forward is not to the one who you prayed for, but to yourself. For you to be strong, you must have this faith - this whole-hearted faith - that no one dies. They DO live, just on a different world in a different sense of time.

So, irregardless of the outcome of your petition, in reality your prayers have already been answered. It just takes time for them to become actualized and realized by the person who made the petition. Does that make sense to you?


WELMEK: Now, how do you acquire this faith? Do you just say one day, "OK, God, I've got it!" How do you do this... Angie? How do YOU acquire and maintain faith?

ANGIE: I just have faith that God's will will be done - even though He's had [...failings?] for...well, let's say for my brother, that will be getting out of jail - that there's a purpose for everything he's going through. And, if it doesn't get answered this time around, or he doesn't...or he relapses, or whatever...is because there's another purpose deeper than my understanding. And I have faith that - and that's what I pray - that God's will will be done. But it would be nice to see...of course we will in OUR own timing...but I take comfort in knowing that it's in God's timing.

WELMEK: We all know that God's will will ultimately be done, don't we? For we live within the Father. But, what about your brother? What about the prayer for him to become more in line of faith of God? Do you believe that God punishes him by encouraging him to do the things that he does, which ultimately resulted in incarceration?

ANGIE: I don't know if you'd call it punishment. I think these were lessons we all learned and sometimes incarceration can [...over-rise?], you know. I think these are man-made laws, and punishment is man-made. But, you know, I think that God has the plan, and I think the things that we all have to go through - the lessons, the hard times - will ultimately give us strength. We'll have to gather strength from those sorts of things to decide on our own, you know, where we want to go and how we want to change and how.

WELMEK: You know, I will share this point with you. This philosophical discussion goes on - at least in my time of experience since I was a young boy, and we still have these discussions - as to exactly how does God's will play, coordinate and interact with my will? While I seek to do God's will, I still find myself, at times, (1) not actually clear at a particular point, or decision, opportunity what [His will] is; and (2) I still, at times, desire MY will to be done.

The most effective prayer that I can share with you this evening is, simply, to do what I have said. Pray for that individual that they find God within themselves. Nothing can heal more effectively than that; and by healing, yes there may be certain cellular harmonics that can change within a physical body, but let's be real. The real healing is within the soul, and the communication between that soul, mind and it's Spirit. THAT is what is most important. While those humans may have spent a very short time on this world, never the less, they were here and did experience life. What matters is what will happen next. Each decision you make here will have an impact on your future career. Each decision you make here will have an impact upon the spirit within you and, an enhanced communication process between the two of you. Each decision here is a reflection of your personality to the universe. Make your decisions based on what you feel and know is the right thing to do. You have all the experience, as I have, that when you know something is really the right thing to do, but you chose an alternate path based on YOUR desire, at times, it's like taking an automobile, running it up to 150 miles an hour, and crashing into a brick wall, and wondering what the heck just happened. How did I lose control? Why is God doing this to me? God doesn't love me, or I wouldn't have hit that brick wall. Establishing priorities is a paramount to successful living............

  • Sharing (Quit Making Excuses - Switch Gears To "I Will" - Look People In The Eye - Let God Into Your Heart And Share It)

Mark, what is on your mind this afternoon?

MARK: I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. I feel like I'm letting my wife down. She's six months pregnant and I'm not working right now. And, I feel like I'm not doing enough. I KNOW I'm not doing enough for her...to find [...profitable?] employment. And, I feel like my time, energy, emotion isn't going where its supposed to be. You hit the nail on the head, as it were, when you said it's paramount that we do the right thing.

WELMEK: So, for you, my friend, what is the right thing? Is it to generate money?

MARK: It's to make sure that I'm supporting my family...my hope that my family's covered, my wife has this, you know...making the right decisions, as you say...being there for those who need me ...and finding the correct balance - and I can't find the correct balance.

WELMEK: When you say, "to be supportive", what does that mean?

MARK: Financially...I try emotional, but I think I'm doing OK on that part, but I know I can do more. I'm selfish - no longer doing the wrong things in some aspects, but I feel like a failure. I feel like I'm making the wrong decisions. I feel like I could be doing much more, and I’m just now getting over a lot of mental problems. I'm starting to get into legal problems. I want the answers to be black and white and say, "Here's what you do", but I know it's not that way. And, you know, I have to talk to my Lord and Savior more often and pray more often and find the right comfort level - the right balance - spread myself the right way.

WELMEK: You've heard the expression "Actions speak louder than words" have you not?

MARK: Yes sir, I'm living to my actions. I'm trying to live to my actions and not my words anymore, 'cause words did no good to me for a long time.

WELMEK: Do you have a sense, within your being, what the Father wants you to do?

MARK: I'm confused. I feel mostly, yes. Mostly...but I do have […conflicting?] emotions and I still have a confusion...and He's coming to me through dreams...and He's letting me know what I'm supposed to be doing. And so, it's coming. But, you know, I'm human so I'm impatient and I just feel like I'm not making the right decisions and a lot of mistakes.

WELMEK: Before you make your next decision of any importance, ask yourself one question, "What does my Father want me to do?" So, when it comes to material maintenance - to earning a living - at this stage in your life right now, does it matter as much what you do as the fact that you are doing? Maybe you have to take three or four different jobs in order to (1) demonstrate your own self worth and participation in your relationship with your wife, and (2) if you really believe in the words you just said, then act upon them. The Father doesn't care if you're a barber or a scientist or a railroad engineer or a ditch digger or a pizza deliverer. The Father only sees your motivation. And I thank my Father, many times, that he sees my motivation because I too, at times, have acted, in your terms, rather stupidly.

In your conversation with me, I heard you say the word "I" many times...I am this...I am not that...I am not that...I am not that. Do you believe that your thoughts, and the energy you project with those thoughts have a direct impact on, not only your physical body, but the out workings of your interactions with others on this world?

MARK: I do believe that. I know that.

WELMEK: Then, you would agree it's time to switch gears from the "I am not - I do not" to "I will, Father, do these things because I know this is what you want me to do." Sometimes, doing God's will is not always the easiest road to take. And I am one to testify to that, as all of you can. Yet, what do you WANT, my friend. You must answer that question to yourself first before you can be a [...sitter?] to anyone else. Yes, you can go through motions, you can say words, but you know you inside. I do not know you inside. I cannot read your mind. But you can. Take small steps, but TAKE them with the right motivation, and allow the Father's will to work through you. You were talking about time, earlier. Sometimes, it does take time for the fruit to ripen. Yet, without planting the seed, without watering it, nurturing it and loving it, it may not grow into the tree that you wish? But if you do take the necessary steps in the beginning, you will flourish. you will know God more than you do now. And, my friend, THAT is paramount to you now.

My friends. Quit making excuses. That is no excuse. If you really want to do the will of God, you will do it...if you don't...you will find reasons why you don't - I don't have enough money...I don't have a car...I don't have a job...I'm not happy in my relationship. I mean, you know what I'm saying. This goes on and on and on. What do you want? God is ready to give you anything you want - of VALUE - of SPIRIT GROWTH - of ETERNAL LIFE - but you see, it’s not like dollar bills that you can put into your pocket RIGHT NOW, is it? It is a way of LIVING, a way of BEING, a way of DOING, and most importantly, a way of LOVING. Free your heart from the darkness. Allow the light that we used in our example earlier to be more prominent - more dominant - and LIVE that way, ACT that way, TALK that way. Anytime you see someone walking by in a grocery store, always, where ever, look at them. That is your brother. That is your sister, in the literal sense of the word. You may be assigned with them on mansion worlds (Marty chuckling) for certain functions (chuckles). When your honking your horn at someone and calling them names (group laughter).

Most of all, my brothers and sisters, don't be afraid to let God into your hearts. Give up that which you deem important, when it's really not; and allow God's love to motivate you and drive you. Remember, Jesus said, "Ask and it will be given." Well, it won't be given if your asking for the wrong reasons or the wrong motivations; and, as I and you must learn...PATIENCE. Nothing's free; yet God's love IS. That seems like a paradox, in a way, but it's really not. You just have to learn how to access it well, and let it flow THROUGH you, not just TO you - a big difference. You cannot bottle it up and say, "Oh, I'm so happy now. I have God in me", and not share it. For, I tell you as sure as we are all sitting here this evening, you will rot. You will become so egotized that you will loose faith, you will loose awareness and you will lose your friends and family. "Egotized" - that's a word I haven't used in a while.

WILLIAM: I like that one.

ANGIE: [...sounds excellent too?]

MARTY: I never heard that one before. Did you just make that up?

WELMEK: (boastfully) I'm full of them, boys... (group laughter)

MARTY: Is that gonna carry you outta’ here to your reversion director meetings?

LINDA: Some kinda [...angel?] assignment.

MARTY: Hell yeah, WELMEK. I remember back in the day, you couldn't crack a joke. You'd try to crack jokes and it would be horrible. (laughter)

LINDA: He started getting good at it after a while, though.

MARTY: Yes sir, Wel, you got better, I agree. But you're getting to a new level. I think maybe go on TV.

WELMEK: Do you want me to share something with you about me?

GROUP: Sure. OK. Yeah. Love it.

WELMEK: (meekly) OK. Maybe, sometime...(uproar)...See? I am getting better, aren't I?

WELMEK: Seriously, when I first arrived on this planet (and I shared this with some of you who were around at the earliest stages), I was awed. I couldn't get over - even though I had been trained...I had been allowed to come here for several years of your time to observe - the ACTUAL interaction with the human has been such a wonderful thing for me. It has humbled me. It has made me aware that I have brothers and sisters out in this universe who are hurting, who don't know God yet, who are not living with God yet; and I want to just take them in my arms and hold them, and make them whole. And, I felt like in order for that to happen, I needed to be focused, I needed to be serious, I needed to be any/and everything I could, to any/and everyone who would let me. And, through time, experience and wisdom I have learned that God truly is wonderful. And, even in the times of despair that I have witnessed in your lives, as well as countless others, the bright light of the spirit still shines within each of you. If you'll only go inside to find this spirit, and go outside to share it with others in appropriate ways, you will surely heal thyself.

  • Growth
  • Journaling (Keep A Record Of Your Spiritual Growth - Use It As A Mirror To Reflect And Light Your Path)

My friend, John Mark...talk to me. What would you like to hear?

JM: I have been very interested in the Celestial Artisans…and the energy that comes out of Regulators…and God the Supreme…and the manifestation of the physical energies, mindal [energies] and spiritual energies...and learning all I can about that…and letting this energy come through me more for healing and really becoming very clear of what our next steps of growth are in regards to that.

WELMEK: Steps are a pattern, aren't they? One step at a time...one foot in front of the other, I believe, is how it goes. I would ask you to do this ( and you do not need to share with this group if you do not wish), but I want you to look at the past ten years of your life - and we can discuss this more at another time - but I would like for you to prepare for me, a brief assessment of the spirit growth that you have experienced by sharing (whether actively or passively) with others; and how that growth has led you to where you are today. The purpose of this exercise for YOU, my friend, is if you can see these [...mirror?] paths, so to speak, and through reflection observe the spirit growth, it will then lead you to some light as to what your next steps will be.

You see, you are beginning to understand the importance of allowing the Father's will to be done. Your interrogatories are such that you want to know more about these different items and subjects that you have brought to my attention. I will hold my tongue until we meet again, because I want to hear from you, in some detail, what has happened in the past ten years - just ten years - because I know you will agree, in hindsight, it is, how do you say, " a splash in the pen. It is a blink of the eye." And I will share this with all of you: as you continue your universe ascension career, it truly is like this. You look back and wonder what [you] have been through. And you look forward with awe at following another experience. "What does God have in mind for me?" And, if you just simply let go - from this spiritual point of view - and allow Him to work through you or whomever He so chooses, you will find more inner peace in stillness than you can imagine right now. You all have varying degrees of this. You all have varying motivations and you all have varying desires. It is up to me, as it is up to each of you, to express these things in the manner most fitting at the time of your experience...the moment, if you will. Are you willing to do this?

JM: Absolutely, Welmek...and I will begin soon...tomorrow morning.

STUDENT: (teasing) or the next day...

JM: No, no. My mornings are with the Urantia Book. And a very pleasant time each morning. And prayers and meditation and...

MARTY: You got a regimen.

JM: Every morning...

STUDENT: Great thing to have.

  • Health (A Student Reveals To The Universe About Coping With The Illness Of Loved Ones)

WELMEK: Linda, may I ask you somewhat of a personal question?

LINDA: Go ahead.

WELMEK: There are countless individuals who have sent messages to me, and my associates, asking for greater understanding. On worlds where most of these individuals currently live, there is not the kind of disease that you speak of with your grandchild. It's not that they are so much interested in the scientific aspect of this human mechanism and what is transpiring, because they clearly understand it. They want to know about YOU and how you deal with this in relationship to (1) God (2) Yourself (3) your Husband and (4) the Family. How do you manage the emotions of seeing such a "little one" in such disharmony or despair? How do you hold onto your faith in an atmosphere that could easily lend itself to hate?

LINDA: Well, first, God is the first connection. I don't believe that this was visited upon my grandson by God. That's just not the way I view things. And, in fact, I think that it may have some great outcome, in a way, because - this was number three, I think, on your list - I've just been worried for some time about my son and daughter-in-law, and they don't live in a healthy way...they don't eat in a healthy way, either. I saw them just the other day. They think what's causing this is he's allergic to soy which is found in just about everything...and what this means is maybe they're going to have to feed him a lot healthier food, you know, to get rid of this rash...and my son has had the rash to varying degrees himself. So, it'll help both of them and I'll feel better and I'll feel more easy in my mind, if they're eating in a more healthy way.

I find it difficult not to open my mouth - and sometimes I do - but when I've suggested some things...and my son can't really either because my daughter-in-law doesn't like anyone to tell her anything...especially her mother-in-law, so...I think that they've got it now, so they know what he's allergic to...and I think it's going to mean they're going to have to watch his diet very, very carefully and examine everything...no more of the fast-foods...eat healthy foods. So, in a way it has worked out and may work out better for my grandson and for them and ease our lives a little bit...I'm actually very serene about it. I'm not sure what the question was regarding [husband] about this. He's not happy with the situation either, but it doesn't bother him quite as much as me because I'm the vitamin freak in the family, you know. I take more vitamins than medications, and that's saying something.

The last one...what was the last one on the list, Welmek? Oh, my family...my whole family...yeah, it's just a family thing...I mean, the whole thing is my grandson. I think it may work out better for the family in many ways; and I have to learn to keep my mouth shut more often.

STUDENT: It is tough to stand in the middle like that.

LINDA: Well, yeah, but he knows what I'm doing and he knows why I'm doing it...and he grew up in a house that never had sugar, cereal or anything, you know. But as he says, (mock whisper)"She won't let me do it." So that part of it sucks.

STUDENT: The baby is loved. So, love of the baby may help.

LINDA: Yes...OK then...

  • Leadership (The Most Highs Rule In The Kingdoms Of Men - What Would Jesus Do - The First Shall Be The Last - What Is Leadership)

WELMEK: Is there something you wish to ask me, now?

LINDA: Well, one of the things I...a week from tomorrow, I go to Chicago for the conference the Urantia does and, as you know, I chair on the executive board. And this is our...every three years we have our TDA [...cell?] assembly where we reelect members of the council and all our officers. And the time's set to come for three more years. This has been a rough three years we've had. We have a lack of leadership (that I never believed that was uh...), and (sigh to let go)...there is so much dissension and anger, within the group that I'm in, about where we're going with the movement and everything; and I find myself wondering, very often, what the Revelatory Commission would like to see done. They've brought this up, as far as I know, and we haven't gotten any messages (that I know of) from [...erry]. I don't know how to...we need help, I think, in getting the right people - and I don't know who those are, I'm not going to make that judgment - but the right people, and is there anything...supposedly they think I'll get reelected...they like the Herald [a Journal]. Most people think I will be reelected. I may not be, in which case, I don't have a direct word, you know. What can I do to actually...I mean, I sit in those meetings and I watch people tearing each other apart, you know. And, usually, I'm kind of the observer. Is there anything I can do to just kinda get a little more love in whatever situation presents itself over the next weekend? It's going to be tough. There's going to be a lot of competition...a lot of personal agendas. It's going to be a mismatch, and I don't know what, if there's anything I, as an individual, can do.

WELMEK: Well, first of all, remember that the Most Highs rule in the kingdoms of men. So, irregardless of what humans mean to do with the Urantia Book or nuclear warheads, this planet will survive. It is the home of your Creator Son. So, irregardless of the so-called stupidity and child-like activities of the supposedly advanced mortals (laughter)...Am I being a bit harsh? (Laughter...No…No…Not at all...We're all children aren't we? ...very, very)

Secondly, for your own being, relax. You cannot make someone love you or interact in a loving way. That is their choice. You know this, but I understand your frustration...to a point.

Third, a very effective technique: if the human beings are so-called, trying to do the will of God, when you see emotions surface, ask them this question. "Do you mind if we take a moment, go inside and determine for ourselves, what would Jesus do in this situation? How would He handle this? What would be His motivation. And remember, the first shall be last and the last first."

Did He not say this, or something like it? (Yes, yes, yes) What does that mean? I think you all have an understanding; it's not where you rank in universe system administration...it's how you LOVE and ACT that matters.

(SOMEONE whispers) ...and we're all going to get there at the same time. (group laughter)

WELMEK: I don't know about the same time. (group laughter) I have seen many pass me by that I thought actually wouldn't. And I am very serious about this. I have made poor judgments. I have put my ego ahead of spirit activity. Thinking that, "Wow, I can maybe move forward quicker." You know me well enough to know that this is true - those of you that have been around me for a while. I thought I had it, as you would say, figured it out ...woe to me! (laughter) When reality hits, it can be a heavy foot - not that the Father is trying to punish me - but my own ego must be deflated in order to be filled with spirit energy.

Now...these things that I have said to you my sister, are already known to you. Perhaps the most important thing you can do, in YOUR way, is to be strong and full of energy - not to dictate the organization of the meeting, the agenda itself, or the mannerisms of individuals - but to insure that you can act as the cement that will help bind them together in the act of love. If you are representing such a so-called revelation, how can you be so concerned about your place in the organization? What matters most is your contribution to human growth and welfare.

If you so will and others do - that you are voted into a position of administrative responsibility - then so be it. You know - not only on the mansion worlds, but especially on the constellation worlds to which I have now begun, in earnest, MY progress - you will be confronted with unique personalities that you have never encountered before, in such a manner and number, that you must collectively work together as a group in order to find harmony, understanding and acceptance. It does not mean that you acquiesce necessarily and give up your opinion to another - there is nothing wrong with difference of opinion or views of reality - but there is something substantially wrong if the will of the Father is not paramount and the love of the Son [is not] manifested. Remind your brothers and sisters of these constellation world activities. Help them remember that it is through the interaction of different personalities, that the Supreme Being is revealed to humans in their time. Get them to want, as best you can, to accept these things that you say. Help them to breathe. Help them to relax. And remind them, no one is any more important than anyone else. I am not any more important to you than anyone else in God's love. He loves us all the same. Having said all of that, in a colloquial way I'll say, "Good luck." (laughter)

LINDA: Thank you. Will you be attending this conference at all?

WELMEK: I haven't decided, simply because, there is an assignment opportunity that I have; and I've been given a choice to do it or not. I am so intrigued by this assignment . I must go to a place on this world, and meet with a couple individuals in the manner that we are meeting now, who have certain influences that can have a positive effect on world administration. I am honored by this opportunity. I am, in a sense, nonplused by it because I do realize I have little control. My job is simply to act in accordance with what I believe - God's will. There is more about this that will be discussed at another time.

Now. One last question, my sister. So, what the heck are you gonna do? (group chuckles)

LINDA: Well, I'm going to go there and try not to get involved in any personal agendas of everybody. If I get elected, that's fine. I have to sit in that group again and try to do what you suggested. If I don't get elected, I'll stay on the committee and probably do 95% of the work essentially no one will want anyway. So, it won't really affect the committee that much.

WELMEK: Is there somebody who wants your job?

LINDA: Well nobody's ever...this comes up every so often...and no one will run against me, or hasn't in the past, because nobody likes that kind of work. It's very tedious. It's reading word for word, every comma, over and over again so that there are no typos. It's tedious and takes some patience and so, most people don't care about the strength [of the] English language - spelling and grammar and all of that. So, I haven't really had any competition, but I may have some this time. I don't know.

WELMEK: Let me ask you. Let's say you have competition. And let's say it's someone that seems earnest and sincere about wanting to do this, yet, perhaps not nearly as qualified as you. And let's say that you receive the most votes. What would you do?

LINDA: If I received the most votes? And that person really wanted to be on the committee? I'd put them on as an assistant. I've got a full committee now but I'll use any talent I can find, anybody who's interested.

STUDENT: You might be able to put your talents elsewhere if you had someone to take over the [...reading?]

LINDA: Well, I've fretted about this. I've got a qualified committee now. So, I can put a lot of this work out among others - and it's going to be one of the main things I do - is find another editor for next year's issue of the Herald. I'll teach them how to do it.

WELMEK: So, would you consider relinquishing your elected position, graciously handing it over to this individual, and mentor them in order to be successful and keep the publication active? Think about it. Do not answer the question now. You understand, I believe, where this will lead in time.

  • Action (Use The Network Of God's Love And Support - Do As Jesus Would - Teach Through Actions, Not Words)

My friends, we talked earlier about the fact that to master something you must be able to teach back. You will, all of your eternity ascension career, constantly be giving up that which you like and is comfortable, to seek out things that become challenging and uncertain. That is how we grow. The good news...the great news is that irregardless of the experience and sometimes being...in your words, uncomfortable...the network of God's love and support is...I don't have a word to describe it in your language...it is simply there. Use it. Be not afraid to act humbly, knowing that you may be more qualified than someone else. If the situation is appropriate, allow someone else to step up and...who knows what that will do for them? Remember one of the motas: THE ACT IS YOURS AND THE CONSEQUENCE IS GOD'S.

It is apparent to me, and many of us, that the real import of the revelations in the Urantia Book has yet to be actualized in many lives. The real import of the life and teachings of Jesus is simple - what was His religious life and how did He live it? You may talk about it. You may think you understand it. You may think you understand it better than others. But that doesn't mean anything, my friends. It's how you ACT. It's how you LOVE. It's how you CARE for your brothers and sisters. It's how you HOLD the baby when it's not well. It’s how you MINISTER to the help of others. It's how you SERVE your brothers and sisters that makes all the difference in YOU, in your own spiritual growth and your own well-being.

Give up this ego thing and encourage your brothers and sisters to do it - through your actions, not so much your words. Words many times fall on deaf ears, as you well know. You may not change someone. It is not your prerogative. When you raise your children, it is your responsibility to keep them safe and to educate them, yes. But when you’re dealing with so-called adults, it's not your prerogative. Their Spirit is responsible to adjust and ultimately control thoughts that will lead them to God in a more perfect, conscious manner.

Help them, Linda, to understand the life of Jesus. What would Jesus do? What is the so-called hidden agenda anyway? From a legal point of view, to protect the copyright, I understand. After that, if the members of these delegations will go into stillness, seek to do the will of God, find common ground, allow expression of alternative ideas as long as it in no way conflicts with the teachings of this revelation, then let it be. This world is not ready for this book, as you well know. Many people starve for spirit awareness and yet, few are willing to earn the right to taste it. Nothing of value in life is easy, first...and two; you understand the universal laws and how they operate. Once you figure that out, then you can, in a sense, go with the wind. You can be free. You can be of light heart. You will have a good sense of humor. You will be comfort to others. And above all else, constantly seeking to do God's will.

LINDA: I think I should say thank you to Welmek.

JM: I want to say thank you, too.

ANGIE: Really...

LINDA: He's hot tonight.

MARTY: Yeah. Wonderful

LINDA: ...and thank you, David...and Marty.

  • Agondonter (Urantia Is An Inspiration To The Universe - The Urantia Experience Cannot Be Manufactured Anywhere Else)

WELMEK: As always, it's my honor and my pleasure to be with you. There is never a question that I have with folks who try to do a good job as Marty does, that I do not learn something that I can share with my brothers and sisters. As I have said many times on this platform, we are constantly in awe of the ability of human beings - on such a world, on such a planet - to be able to coexist without total annihilation. You are an inspiration to this universe. You are loved more than you know. There is countless individuals who would love the opportunity to come to this world, come into this living room and sit at your feet as you tell your story of mortal struggle, while hanging on at times, to the thread of faith.

We who grew up in environments that were, relatively speaking, the total opposite of this, have difficulty understanding you. We who grew up in such an environment, frankly, took things for granted, 'cause we didn't know, really, the difference. Jesus had not manifested himself on this world when I was a mortal creature; so I did not see any broadcasts of His life here until later in my ascension career. This may sound paradoxical, but you are more blessed than you can realize by growing up in a world full of disharmony. I don't know, frankly, if I will ever understand your struggle - the way in which you DO and WILL.

But I can tell you this much; I will always be indebted to you. For I had the opportunity to come to this wonderful world...seeing the beauty...seeing the love...witness the action of kindness and generosity...in an environment that does not lend itself to these acts. And I will forever be in debt to have had the pleasure and honor of service because, you see, it's more than just service. YOU have served ME in ways you do not understand. I will never forget any of you. I will always be willing to communicate with you, no matter where above I have ascended on this universe career. You have become more than a friend to me. You are part of me. Your personality expressions have joined with mine to a great extent. And I love you all deeply for this opportunity.

I cannot manufacture this on my world of nativity. I cannot manufacture it on the mansion worlds nor in the constellation spheres, which I am now engaged in. It is just..."real" - It just "is." Like a father, I am, as you are, seeking the same thing. We're just in different times...different experiences. Once I assume that I can no longer learn something from someone who may not be "advanced" (spoken sarcastically) as I am - I am, as you say, in "deep water." This experience of being on this world and being with you is something that I will carry with me throughout my eternal ascension career. And I have no doubt this experience will serve me well in times of doubt, as I could be more like that. All you could do Marty is remember you tonight, making your effort, with the motivation of true, desirous love to help your brothers and sisters. Irregardless of the distractions and encounters, it is the attempt that the parent wants to see from their child to do the right thing. And you did that in a difficult situation. Once again, I thank you all for the opportunity to learn from you.


Go in peace, and remember God is inside you right now. You may find yourself at times lonely but you will never be alone. God bless you all.

(Heartfelt and humble thanks from the group)