2009-07-26-Spiritual Fruit

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Topic: Spiritual Fruit

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson, Michael, Nebadonia

TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris



Prayer: Divine Parents, once again it is with great joy and humbleness and gratitude that we come and approach you in this manner. It is always an exhilarating experience for us to be close to you in this way and to access this avenue of approach that we have created between us. Thank you for hearing the request of our hearts to be close to you and thank you for honoring these requests in this hour. Truly we are blessed and humbled by your grace. We desire now a spiritual embrace with you which we will pursue to that end. Please join us as we join you. Thank you.


Monjoronson: Greetings, I join you today and take advantage of this offer that has been made with the creation of this space. I am Monjoronson and I am here to take the lead from your discussions and to talk for a moment about fruits of the spirit. I observe in all of you, my mortal associates, that this progressive move into the spiritual arena has been ongoing for some time and your realization of this transfer of the seat of your being has been slow in the process and it seems at this point entirely minimal and natural for you to act on your desires of service and to see life as progressive and positive, as good and true and beautiful at every possible opportunity.

So much so have you become accustomed to viewing life through your lens of awareness that you have drawn to yourselves similar personalities and conditions and circumstances all of which reflect back to you your earned state of awareness. This is a great example of your spirit growth bearing fruits and these fruits showing themselves as examples of beauty, goodness and truth. You have indeed branched off of the vine of spirit which your Master spoke of and your branch has indeed been quite fruitful for you are firmly aware of your connection to the vine. You know all your nourishment and sustenance are provided by the vine and you have boldly moved forward to be the best branch that you can be and in so doing you have flowered and bloomed and are bearing much fruit.

This analogy is quite serviceable for this life that you live in this material realm for many are uncertain of their connection to the vine or their purpose to simply develop themselves so that they are able to grow and produce fruits. Many are unconvinced of the great plan for the great orchard that is unfolding and so they flounder in uncertainty as to which way to train their branch and what it is that they are supposed to be doing exactly. But within every branch and every vine there is an internal knowing of purpose, an internal conviction of direction and you who have nourished and embraced these internal directions have indeed taken it upon yourself to boldly move forward with your growth and your productivity as you see your role and your function in the grand plan.

That is what it is to be spirit born, to have embraced this internal compass of direction and purpose and association with the vine and to spend no energy in steps of discovery but rather shift your energy to developing the branch and training it to maximize its yield in fruit. As you know there are many factors involved in the growth of the orchard but most all other factors are not of your individual concern. Your soul concerns are limited to your individual branch and how it will be strengthened to yield great fruits. All else is being provided to you through the vine. It is not your concern about the many other factors out there in the growth of the orchard, it is simply your concern to be the best branch, to do the vine great honors in doing so and to focus your efforts at simply being that which you are to its greatest degree.

Having established this condition for yourselves, you then see it as quite normal and natural. Of course, this is what you do, this is what you have done and this is what you will continue to do, but it is because you see this opportunity from your spiritual perspective, using your spiritual insight to condition all the material reality around you and see its spiritual component. It may seem so simple and easy and basic to those who have well trained their branch and who are bearing much fruit. But there are many buds on the vine and many withering branches who are unaware of this grand connection or of their ultimate purpose and it will be required of them that they become spiritually aware, born of the spirit before they will embrace what seems to be a normal and natural reality for you of love, of grace and of peace. It is not a given to many who do not look at life through your lens of spiritual awareness. They must polish their own lens and be able to look past the apparent material upheavals and look for the spiritual component contained within.

This is where you may serve as a beacon or lighthouse for them for as they desire to light up themselves, they will look for guiding lights around them and they will train their focus on these beams which offer such direction and they may then prune and train their branches to develop the natural ability to produce great fruits.

I hope I have conveyed this imagery that there is this great connection and ultimately we are all connected to the great, great vine. So we all work together to manifest this orchard of great splendor. I thank you for your attention and for offering a thought pattern to be used for further elaboration. I bid you all have a good day and I step back to allow this forum for others. Thank you.

Michael: Greetings my dear ones, all this talk of vines and branches has caught my attention and brought me around. I Am your Father and Brother. I know what it is like to grow in life experience from the limited perception of the eyes of material flesh into a state where the perception is so vastly increased because you are able to look at life with the eyes of spirit. This is the notion referred to being born of the spirit, where no longer do your ears of the material flesh hear only material sounds, no longer do your eyes of the material body perceive only the material representations, no longer does the information and wisdom contained in your individual mind limit you. When you are born of the spirit it is considered that you have a new set of senses. You are able to hear with the ears of spirit, you can discern spiritual component even within the material tones in this life. Your spiritual eyes can look out and see the material representations on this world and yet see beneath those facades and recognize the spiritual component within.

Your human mind full of information and facts, knowledge and even wisdom serves you well in this material world but to those born of the spirit they know there is also another greater connection to a greater wealth of information of understanding, of perception. So it is that you reroute from where you sit in your world to this elevated perspective of ears of spirit and eyes of spirit and mind of spirit and to you, what you observe is so plainly obvious and natural and real that you have no doubts or questions as to its reality.

But each has their own level of this spiritual awareness and many many out there have not enhanced their abilities to augment their senses with this overlay of spiritual perspective and so to them what they see or hear or know is quite finite and contained or quite literal. But to those born of spirit, they know there is always more, there is always greater meaning and greater value hidden within or behind or under what appears to be so obvious a material manifestation. So to all those with ears to hear, let them hear; you are bearing the fruits of spirit in your daily lives and it is normal and natural and regular for you to do so and it is good and true and beautiful and it is simply a natural repercussion of your having association with this great component of yourself, this spiritual aspect of your person.

As a parent, it is always a joy to watch the children grow up and achieve the next station in life and I witness that with each of you who are spirit born. You have grown from your mortal infancy of simply reacting to your material environment and you have moved beyond into your spiritual awareness and your lives reflect this great growth spurt. Each is honored for having made their individual achievements for it is surely an individual accomplishment and cause for acknowledgement and rejoicing and that is what I do here in this hour with you. I acknowledge your shift in perception from the material into the semi-spiritual domain even in advance of your morontia experience which you can only foretaste in time.

I come here to rejoice with you at such attainments. Well done and I look forward to sharing these journeys of accomplishment with you as there are innumerable stations to be achieved ahead. Nevertheless I rejoice with you at the accomplishment represented by your lives and how you live them. Truly this is an example to all that the plan is so gracefully working and your achievements in this spiritual arena are an indication of such hope that they warm my heart. Thank you for this gift that you give me and us in this process I accept on behalf of our Father. Be in peace and in love and feel the grace that sustains you as the vine. Farewell.


Nebadonia: [Cathy] I want to share a few words from Nebadonia. I Am your Mother here to embrace you with my love and peace. I Am always with you in this attempt to train and enhance your branch as part of the greater vine of our family. It is my pleasure to join you as you send new tendrils forth in enhanced growth and additional flowering surface. We, your parents, are pleased with every new shoot of growth. From our view the vine is a beautiful expanding canopy of love and goodness, each branch shading and caring for the whole. It is our pleasure to tend this garden of love.