2009-07-29-Adjutant Spirit Problems

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Topic: Adjutant Spirit Problems

Group: York TeaM


Teacher: Machiventa, Monjoronson, Michael

TR: Ron Besser



Unknown: Lead in discussion


They have yet to do their work.

And it is real work, but as Machiventa Melchizedek has plainly spoken, Urantia is in spiritual default because it can not hear the Creator well enough to determine his validity. This causes man to lurch from one “ism” [to another] to become another “ist” and along the way he fails to discern his work as a planetary mortal.

Furthermore, because of the laxity of the human genome in addressing spiritual pursuits, we are witnessing the deterioration of the adjutant spirit connections to the point that we (meaning Machiventa Melchizedek) have established a separate spiritual circuit on Urantia to aid adjutant connection. Worship and wisdom, the last two adjutants which signify when encircuited, what it means to have human status as opposed to being only animal, are not fully connected (or remaining connected) on Urantia in the majority of inhabitants today.

Machiventa Melchizedek: The Melchizedek circuit breaks them into smaller groups of recognition and must pass through the age-old problem of encircuitment without travailing the human they encircuit with. Consequently there are few on earth who have a Thought Adjuster capable of speaking to the higher centers of spiritual receptivity to guide the human into a life which would satisfy the spiritual conditions for survival.

Depending on your viewpoint about survival, it can be seen as “sad” because the survival rate from Urantia has dropped precipitously over the last few decades as war and malnutrition have mounted to persuade man that he need only survive the flesh to go on to his reward.

The fifth epochal revelation will have its practical effects and will be taken out of the context of an intellectual exercise the book inspires by those who read it only for discourse with study groups. I am not against study groups but such group must be better organized with a minimum of a two year curriculum based on what the teachers have spoken to as their primary aim at educating Urantia mortals enrolled in the teaching mission. Those basics are well known to all who teach it, but are hardly found on the lips of today’s followers of the teaching mission, and are hardly seen outside of the teaching mission except in a few of the churches.

Monjoronson: There are blinders on all of us [meaning we humans] about what is to happen. Some of this blindness is inherent in being human, but other aspects of ignorance are self imposed and have to be removed, layer by layer. This will be done through the tactics of the Magisterial Mission’s ability to lay the groundwork for movement through the organizations I will choose to represent the Magisterial Mission. So far there is no organization that can do this without total reform of their purpose and tactics.

Let me now speak more directly to the question of people not bothering to listen and its consequences as maybe you will find it to be.

[Now the remarks are addressed to the recipient of an email being composed by the transmitter] Last year we went into a lot about specialization with you on your web site. While I do not know what was finally done by you Liz, the results were spectacular in one area: your ability to hear me, Monjoronson, without having any idea as to how you did it.

This is what is causing the problems YOU face in attempting to introduce the mission to people who have a little inside them for what passes for a spiritual education. That education is not enough to stammer us into place with one short visit to the world we call Urantia. It is not enough for you to hear me directly, but it is enough to gather the seeds of distrust of those who would convey what they know beyond the Urantia Book to people who can not hear a thing.

Here we are, a Magisterial Son, and we can not hear you either because the circuits to which we are connected are not sufficient for individual use by you or me. I must therefore discern you as one who has spoken about a problem I am deeply concerned about with Urantia mortals. I must say we can not connect all who need connection, but we could do better than we are now so doing if there were a little bit more disruption of the pleasure-seeking devices your world employs and left to the silence of contemplation hardly ever entered into in the day in the life of a Urantia mortal in the United States.

Please see to them - those who are not listening - by asking them what they want to do with their lives should they ever come into contact with Monjoronson, or for that matter, directly with Michael in one of these programs we are carrying out. If they know, they are spirit driven; if they do not know what to say, they need help, and we need to carry this thought further.

We can not arbitrarily provide anyone with spiritual acumen. It is not doable even on Paradise, and therefore we must insist that any outreach be done in the name of Michael, and not of Monjoronson. The reasons are obvious. We care only that the message be perceived that we are coming to town to have our say on Urantia, and then we may leave abruptly for that message to return to the thinking centers of the human brain-mind. This thing we may do will totally disrupt the thinking of most church-going individuals, and it will fly in the face of what the Urantia Foundation has taught from the beginning: There is, they say in practice, no further revelation for 100 years after publication of the Urantia text. That is patently wrong and must be construed as an error in their judgment or otherwise we would move the entire organization to the trash bin of history. This we would rather not do, but it may be necessary to hit the mule upside the head to get its attention and get back to the work of the business of our Father. For too long we have waited for the work to begin, and for too long we have not seen any serious effort at outreach other than to sell books and bicker over which edition suits the public as honest and sincere as the revelation itself.

You are reminded to think more. Do more. Say more. And above all be patient with the people who have been misled by a well-meaning Foundation, but who make no effort to overcome the bias the Foundation brings forward into the modern era. The Foundation can NOT continue as it has and remain a part of the Michael publications of future texts unrelated to the Urantia Book, or for that matter, for the text to be printed as a secondary work to the Urantia Book itself.

There are just as many problems outside of the Urantia Foundation to be shared by others who have also taken the wrong turn in an attempt to promote the teaching mission. No one is going to place you or anyone else on a turnstile to hear one side or the other, but you will hear all sorts of complaints and mismanagement charges about everyone ever associated with these programs when we turn the switch on to become a public individual. Do not be concerned with these temporary arguments as they will become themselves and dissolve into the darkness of a night we will be glad to forget. You, however, are not to fold other people so well they do not see the chaff as they should see it. That is a disaster waiting to happen for most on Urantia, but that can not be addressed under these circumstances now.

We wish to leave you with this thought: Do as you need to; not as you feel you should. It will help you tremendously to hold yourself a little above the fray of the controversy coming out of all of this. But we will be behind you 100 percent as you reach out to others with what you hold dear: the love and learning we hold for all in the name of Michael and his beloved universe of Nebadon. -Monjoronson

From Michael: I am your Creator Son and I wish to say a few words to all of you listening. I care very much that these messages are imparted as they should be: to individuals of worth who hear what they need to to become one with my plans for Urantia.

We are listening to all of you who have something to say and can not get over the fact that you hear nothing but a series of keystrokes. We wish we could do it otherwise, but at this time in your development, we can not do more than say through this method what is on our mind.

You are well done to listen to all who have a view on the developments of the last year or so and wish to make a clean break from all the noise and chatter that has arisen from the doings of a Magisterial Son on the brink of providing Urantia a Magisterial Mission. Do not become so emboldened you can not hear me from the side listening to your chatter as you type what I say, but hear the message I wish to convey.

There is coming a method of communication to all that will lift your minds into heaven briefly. We say this according to the view that all things spiritual are possible if they are addressed meaningfully to those who hear me. You hear me in your sleep, and you hear me in your work, yet you hear me not on the typewriter as I speak. That is to change. Those who can hear me at all now have the problematical issue of doing without sleep sometimes and others with too much sleep. All that is, is in preparation for allowing more to participate in this campaign to provide information to others as it is needed on Urantia.


Let me conclude these remarks with the following:

I am not listening to all who work my fields, but I hear all who hear me, and I am delighted to work with one like you Liz, who can become a mentor for those who need your insight into our wonderful revelation. I pass this to (Ron) who has kept you informed frequently through Adjuster contact and who worries you may see too few things to be wary of in your plight to deal with recalcitrant readers and who are not helping me one iota. You can not tell me where I stand, nor can I tell you [where to stand], as I am leaving Urantia permanently to Monjoronson in a few short weeks.

Be of good cheer and hope that we meet again in such fortuitous circumstances as has been allowed with this one who was writing you an email and fell into a alpha stage we could finally use. My peace be with you.