2009-08-06-Material Complements of Spirit

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Topic: Material Complements of Spirit

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Michael, Monjoronson

TR: Mark Rogers



Prayer: Divine Parents, as you know, we are once again approaching you in this manner and we extend our efforts and an invitation for you to join us in this process. We know you are aware of our intentions but nevertheless, stating them helps make them real and brings them into our world. So I state the intention to be used in this process to bring about the grace that you would have us have at this time through your emmisaries of light whoever they might be. Since I come rather cold into this environment I extend the invitation for all my celestial team to join me and offer as they will. Thank you.


Michael: Hello to all my dear ones, I Am your Father and your Brother here to take this opportunity to bring you my spiritual embrace. It is my desire to come close to you in this way and so you have been told that if it is my desire and the Father's will, it will be so. And so it shall be so here and now in this moment. I desire to take advantage of this opportunity to join you in this way and to reach out to you through these channels you have established. And so I do in this moment desire to bring you my peace and to have it settle upon you, have it surround your being so that you might know, my dear ones, that you are protected by this peace, that you are entitled to this grace for you are my family and I cherish you, each and every one. In any family, all members are cherished and appreciated for what they bring into the family and it is so with each of you. You all are so different and bring so much into the family, and I appreciate what you bring as your offering and your gifts into the equation.

My dear ones, I would ask that you would act in my name to pass on to the others who do not have this opportunity for such connection, the conviction that they are safe and well cared for and known by their Divine Parents. If one is able to have this conviction of belonging to a divine family, then the burdens which are so temporary in this life may be born with so much greater ease. There is nothing materially that may befall you that can injure who you really are and your eternal safety. Know this to be true in your soul.

If your desire is to embrace the eternal career before you then there is nothing that can stand in your way of accessing this potential that is yours. And so I invite you to be bold in your conviction and assurance that all is connected together and all will be well. If it were not for your constrictions of time perception, you would know that all is well and all will be well but for you it may appear as though this condition of wellness is not guaranteed and certain. I bring you this assurance once again that you are safe and sound in your pursuit of spiritual growth and awareness and in your attempts to follow me. I recognize these attempts and I cherish them and I extend my gratitude to you when you make these attempts. Simply desiring to do good to others and manifesting these desires, you are doing this for me and I am pleased when I witness the fruits of the spirit that are born in your lives and I do witness them. They are noticed as the achievements of any family member bring gratitude to the entire family.

I arrive at this meeting with a great number of others and so I would offer the grace that is provided in this opportunity for use by others as well. I desire you feel my peace on you, even as you would feel my hand on your shoulder in the flesh. Recall for me if you will now, the sensation of a loved ones hand on your shoulder, even now in this moment. Bring to your experience your awareness that this is so and know that it is my hand. Even when it is anothers hand, it is my hand and when it is your hand on anothers shoulder it may be my hand as well if it is your desire to make it so. I ask you to make it so. I cherish this opportunity to build this relationship between us as I sense you do too.

Thank you Father for the grace that we all share in this experience. Let it be with us each one and everyone, forever. I now bid you a sweet savoring farewell my dear ones. I love you more than any word symbol could possibly describe. Farewell.

Monjoronson: Greetings, I am here as well to avail myself of this opportunity. We must all be patient while the waters are stilled. I recognize as I experience in this moment, the significance of the touching of the relationship of parent and child. It will ever be true that this relationship is unique in all of experience and it can never truly be encountered without this direct experience. Such is the grace I witness that transpires in this earthly life when, as mortals of the flesh you are endowed with this ability to create these familial relationships where you actually grow your own and act as co-creators in this process.

Any parent knows that the growth of the family and the birth of the young ones is indeed a miracle to behold. The bringing of life is indeed miraculous and many of you have engaged in this process as partners for as you see, the way it is determined on this world, it takes human cooperation and partnership in order to take the physical steps necessary for there to be this ultimate miracle to occur and so therefore are you as parents directly responsible for creating a miracle, creating life, creating the beginning of an eternal career.

Likewise are you co-creative in your life experience when you are able to partner with spirit and bring spiritual ideals into the material plane through the act of your partnering and cooperating as the material complement. As you move forward in this great spiritual progression you grow in awareness that onboard with you in this journey is a Divine Fragment and that this Divine Piece is sojourning with you with its ultimate purpose to join you and co-mingle with you to become as one with you. And so you must partner once again, your material complement, your will, your desires, your intentions with this spiritual aspect and component of yourself, non-material, non physical and yet ultimate and absolutely real.

I would like to make a brief observation and that is that this relationship that you share as family with your Creator Father Michael brings to you the same abilities to relate to what it is to be a family, as your earthly family experience has brought to you. And so it that you can identify and relate to this concept of belonging. I, as Monjoronson, come to this equation not as your Creator, not as your parent or father. I come into this whole game as it has well transpired, this experimental decimal planet Urantia. I am a volunteer and here to provide my services for the up-liftment of this world as desired by Michael. I am in service to this project and in so I am in service to you, each and every one and I observe you and respect you and am quite fond of this group of devoted mortal counterparts. But I am not your parent and so this whole natural familial embrace is something that I am witnessing and experiencing and cherishing. But between you and your Divine Parents there is no gap, there is no separation; there is this contact and I witness it and perceive it and respect it for it is truly a cherished relationship.

I am here to implement this mission to bring about the changes necessary for entering the first stages of Light and Life and I desire any who would like to join me in this undertaking to volunteer their services and you will be chosen and utilized. All who desire to serve will be called forth to do so. There is a great deal which will necessarily need to be done and there is a great need for workers in the field. If this speaks to you then I invite you to position yourself in your consciousness to offer this volunteer service and we will take advantage of every opportunity before us.

I am still basking in the glow, so to speak, of your Divine Parent's embrace. Truly the love that is present there will condition all of reality and bring about the peace that is contained within. I thank you for this opportunity to come before you at this time. Those are my words for this evening, however I value this connection and would offer the opportunity for any who has questions to bring them forward at this time.


Question: Hello Monjoronson, [hello] you mentioned this evening that you are seeking volunteers. Is there any particular area you are looking for volunteers in or is this in general?

Monjoronson: Thank you for your question. We need volunteers in exactly your area so to speak, that is wherever you are as a volunteer, that is where we need you to be. You are connected to your individual circuitry of friends, family, jobs and any circumstance that brings you in contact with others. So do not be concerned that there is a place where we are understaffed because we need volunteers everywhere and anywhere that you would so offer. Also, when engaged in this sincere spiritual petition, it is often part of the equation that you will be led or directed but most of the time, this leading is in the direction of your interest and choices because we need your mortal material partnership, your focused intentions and desires and they will be your intentions and desires offered by you freely and with purpose.

So this is all that is required. The details certainly fall into place and the needs arise in relationship to the desire to fulfill them. What is the significant thing you can do is simply orient yourself to be a player in the game. Be in ready status, heads up and keen to what is happening in the game so that you may then activate your desire and turn potential into actual. Thank you for your interest.

Comment: Thank you for your answer. I am ready, willing and able.


Monjoronson: I respect there are no further questions, there necessarily need not be. I sense there are no further lessons either as there necessarily need not be. What is important is the connection that we have made here in coming to this place of sharing in spirit together. We all have arrived here and contributed our intention to this process and I trust you will join me in the sensation that we will all come away with having received something for having expended our efforts. Thank you all for joining in this process. I invite you to take this sense of spirit with you as you go out into your daily lives and recall this time and relive this experience and bring it into your other experiences to elevate the spiritual potential. It is a joy to work with all of you. Thank you all for attending. I bid you all farewell. [[Category: Michael]