2009-08-09-Human Acts, Divine Demonstrations

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Topic: Human Acts, Divine Demonstrations

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Michael

TR: Mark Rogers



Prayer: Divine Parents, Michael and Mother. We love you so very much and I would like to voice the petition that you join us once again in this arena that we create for this purpose and I would like to ask that we explore more this theme of the spiritual hand on our material shoulders. It is such a delightful image and I believe an easy one for us to get our heads around the idea of. Perhaps we would visit this subject again. Thank you.


Michael: As you so desire, it shall be. I am Michael here to honor your request in joy because it is one of my favorite images as well, this one of the closeness of two associates, one reaching out for the other. This common experience is certainly quite useful for demonstration of how close in proximity that I wish to be to you that I might rest my hand on your shoulder and then the image that you might choose to take and rest yours on a brother or sister with the same loving intention of bringing peace, bringing grace and being love. Such desires are truly in alignment with our Father above and bring with them great emphasis from on high, emphasis that I may bring and emphasis that you may bring into the equation by virtue of our association in this process.

And so, think not that there are any small acts when done with the intention of being an instrument of love and peace. Every act when in that posture becomes a grand demonstration of divine ministry. And so it is, the pleasure and privilege that you are afforded in this life to be in proximity to all the other brothers and sisters, close enough to put your hand on their shoulder in spiritual embrace. They will all be comforted by this gesture and both you and I will be rewarded by the display of grace and peace that we offer.

It is a real pleasure to be summoned to come among you to be as one of you and be accepted as such with such casual confidence and complete conviction. Oh that my many children have your faith and so I am so uniquely grateful for this demonstration of faith that you all provide by allowing me to so freely co-mingle with you. I am looking forward to my birthday party coming up as I know this is a designated opportunity that you provide for me and one which I cherish greatly and look forward to its arrival.


It is my greatest desire to simply be close enough to you in proximity as I have said, to extend and embrace you with my touch. This honor you do me when you invite me in as you do, individually and collectively as in this case. Truly you are my children in whom I am so well pleased. I now, in deference to the strain on the system, will withdraw but I never leave you and my peace I extend to you forever. Farewell my loved ones.