2009-08-16-Choice, Experience & Navigation

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Topic: Choice, Experience, & Navigation

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Monjoronson

TR: Mark Rogers



Prayer: Divine Parents Michael and Mother and the great First Source and Center of all, thank you so much for the grace in our lives that we experience as you have arranged this life to bring us exactly what we need. Many time we observe that we may resist the experience purely out of habit or uncertainty or doubt or fear so we ask always for your assistance to lovingly and gently prompt us and guide us and lead us and provide us with the opportunities. If at first we may resist we pray that your wisdom override and that we get another chance to choose and another opportunity to experience the greatness that you are trying to bring us in this process. It is only our illiteracy and unknowingness that keeps us at a distance from all that you are trying to bring to us. Help us to dissolve these traits in our lives so that we may the more instinctively and reflectively approach you as a matter of natural course. That is the true desire of our hearts and we know it is your plan to help us implement this desire, it is even perceived as your desire as well. May we join together in this pursuit. Thank you.


Elyon: Good morning my friends, this is Elyon here with you to take up this topic of conversation and utilize it to ride this wave of increasing awareness. I will recap for those who were not privy to the prior conversation, a basic outline of the thoughts offered and considered and discussed. It was observed that it is not uncommon for mortals of the realm in your station to be presented with life experiences and be confronted with a choice as to how to navigate these life experiences. It was observed that it is not uncommon to immediately and reflexively exhibit resistance to some experience which appears to be uncertain and therefore perhaps uncomfortable, even unwelcome in ones life experience.

If you all consider your own life experiences you may witness that the uncomfortable aspects as you may consider them, tend to be brought to you for your consideration on a fairly regular basis and as these experiences are brought around for your reconsideration each time, you are becoming aware that there is a crossroads, a turning point that presents itself where you must once again choose how you will react to a circumstance or situation in life which has similar conditions and they remind you of a similar past experience that was either unsettled or unknown or conversely was joyous and happy.

If this previous experience of yours was joyous and happy then your instinct, your reflective reaction so to speak, is to immediately approve of this new experience and to go into it with an open mind and a welcome posture to embrace the experience because you already feel as though the experience is going to be positive and therefore your defenses are let down and your arms are open wide so to speak to embrace this new life experience which you feel is not new at all but conforms to your idea of what a past experience has been which was acceptable and pleasant to you.

Likewise, when you are confronted with a life experience which has tinges of a past experience or an aspect of yourself that you feel unsettled with or uncertain about, there may arise within you an instinctive and reflective urge to avoid this experience as the last time you came near it it may not have been pleasant or may bring up some past unpleasantry which you sense you may have or bring to the equation and therefore it may seem easier to you and better for you in the moment to simply take a strategy of avoidance or nonacceptance and because your free will reigns supreme in the equation, oftentimes you are able to override the current experience and choose in that moment not to embrace the experience or the potential that it has.

But I will also call you to witness that when you are bold enough and strong enough to sense that there is something in this experience immediately before you which will probably be good even though you are uncertain. When you relax into the certainty that the universe is a friendly place and that such an experience must as well be part of this friendly experience, then you position yourself to gain the values obtained in this experience because you have let your defenses down and opened up your consciousness to the potentials within this experience.

The more you grow in awareness that the universe is in fact friendly and is designed for your up-liftment and that experiences are as a result of grace from on high provided for your benefit, then you begin to see life as one continual gift of experience not to be avoided or shunned but rather to be embraced headlong for that experience would not be in your presence were it not a valuable aspect of your spiritual growth if it was so accepted as such. You all have experienced at one time or another considering that the experience before you was going to turn out badly or not work well or somehow not be fruitful only to be surprised that with the proper attitude, that exact experience contained within it many good aspects and fruitful meaningful values that could only have been derived with your attitude and awareness of accepting it as what it is, as grace with meaning and value meant just for you in that circumstance.

You have a very common phrase on your world when you have talked with your young people when you talk about drugs and your common phrase is "just say no." While this is appropriate when in consideration of poor choices and less than ideal circumstances it may tend to grow to dominate the common thought and we observe that many mortals of the realm start with the position of "just say no" first, and must work to a place where they are willing to say yes to the situation or circumstance or experience immediately before them.

As spiritual ambassadors and eager participants in your spiritual ascension, you are learning that you have a new slogan and your slogan in the spiritual domain is exactly the opposite. It is "just say yes." Be willing, just open up yourselves and be ready and willing and let what life has come to you naturally and normally. Just say yes to spirit, just say yes to love, just say yes to peace and grace and truth and beauty and goodness. When you say yes to any of these influences you allow them to permeate your being and allow them to transform your very nature and reality.

I appreciate very much the discussion which offered such a suitable platform for discussion about this latent and natural predisposition to approaching life. It is worthy of due consideration by all where they are coming from in this equation. Are they naturally and reflectively coming from a "just say no" perspective or are you naturally and reflectively coming from a "just say yes" and trust and have faith perspective? Certainly a balance must be struck and this sliding scale of choices brings with it every possible degree of affirmation that you can imagine from totally closed off and unwilling to grow and change and move forward to completely open and willing to change and uncertain about any particular direction. Somewhere in the middle there is a balance of wise discernment and eager willingness to embrace new truths and higher awarenesses.

Thank you all for bringing this topic into discussion and into the forum today that we may use it as a springboard for greater awareness and understanding. I now will withdraw in deference the use of this platform by others. I leave you with my appreciation and my love, farewell.

Monjoronson: Greetings once again, I am Monjoronson to continue this thread just a little bit more. It's a mine that surely can be used to draw from. From the mortal perspective you may observe that there is as a result of the normal course of human experience, unpleasant and unfriendly experiences and even trauma encountered by the mortals of the realm which is unavoidable and part of the time and space experience as a mortal of the realm.

Due to the immaturity of the mortal soul and spiritual consciousness, there are not immediately present the tools with which to deal with and process unpleasantries or traumas to the psyche and so beginning at very early ages, the mind does not know how to process this trauma and therefore seeks to bury and not confront the trauma directly as it is without the tools to effectively navigate the issue. And so from a very early age, a pattern is established when there is an experience which has a traumatic element or potentially traumatic element to it. The habit becomes one of avoidance and to merely seek at all costs not to have to confront the trauma but to bury it or sidestep it so at to not have it impact on the personal experience or to relegate the impact to a minimal level.

This is done as a natural self preservation mechanism for without the tools to deal with traumatic instances they could very easily become paralyzing circumstances that would make an individual unable to properly function in life by virtue of being paralyzed due to trauma. So the consciousness and the mind have a way of encapsulating trauma and burying it deep within the psyche and it is not uncommon that mortals will continue this pattern throughout their entire life in the flesh.

Then enters spirit into the equation and with enough maturity of both material maturity and growth and wisdom and spiritual maturity and awareness there comes into the equation the proper tools to be used to effectively process events which have dramatic potential and immediately discern and diffuse any traumatic potential and turn the event into a simple learning event. But this place of awareness which enables you to properly have perspective in these circumstances is not easily arrived at and may never be found by some mortals of the realm. But once having arrived at this place, this tipping point of awareness, one is liberated and freed from the fear that life is simply bringing unwanted fearful and traumatic experiences into a perspective that life and the universe are friendly and these experiences which are present before you must somehow contain truth, beauty or goodness within their structure because everything in the universe contains elements of truth, beauty and goodness and where you seek to find those they are present.

The exact same situation will be interpreted completely different by the one who has no spiritual perspective and the one who has developed a spiritual awareness and the potentials contained in the experience may be identical; the potential for growth, the potential for understanding, the potential for greater awareness are all present; it is whether or not you are willing to embrace these potentials and look for them and find them. From a spiritual perspective, one who is truly spiritualized, welcomes the opportunity to look for and find the spiritual values contained in the experiences they are brought and therefore they are never afraid or worried that the experience immediately before them will somehow induce more trauma. Rather they are able to process the situation and diffuse any traumatic element to it because they are convinced from the start that it is there for their benefit, that the universe is friendly and that this too is something that must be needed in the equation of spiritual growth and ascension.

So it is with this transformation from the strictly material perspective of victim of circumstances to a more elevated spiritual perspective of eager participant in the ascension career. Once this shift is made there is no more trauma, there is no more victim mentality possible because you realize that it is your choices and it is your individual ascension career that you are growing and experiencing and that everything out there is designed to help you in this process or at least everything out there has potential within it for your spiritual growth and gain.

But there is of course this backlog of having been a mortal of the realm and immature and unwise and unable to process life's experiences properly and so no one on this world escapes without having some past circumstances that are unresolved. They have been perhaps buried, perhaps for many many years but they are still present in the psyche not having been properly processed and therefore do you find and observe that life brings to you experiences which may serve to uncover and touch on some of your experiences that have remained unprocessed because you were too immature to do so. This is where the greatest challenge lies, to be open to what life is bringing you when it touches on these painful and traumatic experiences because your first instinctual reaction is to avoid because you are certain that this will stir up the pain and uncertainty and doubts and fears that surround previous encapsulated issues.

But the more you grow in spiritual awareness, the more you are willing to let go and fall backwards into the arms of spirit, much as that exercise that you do with each other of trust and faith, are you willing to let go and simply fall backwards into the arms of your fellows as an act of trust and faith. Similarly are you willing to let go and fall into the arms of spirit and trust that you will be safe and you will be caught. If you are ready to do this then there is in place this gift of grace which will help you process and make sense out of previous trauma.

You may know them by other names such as baggage or a rock that you carry in your backpack. Unknowingly these are most effectively processed with new eyes of spirit in which you bring compassion to the little one that you were when such trauma was encountered and you bring forgiveness to yourself for your inability to process and deal with the circumstance and you bring love for yourself and you bring the love of a universe with you and you are willing to uncover what was so uncertain, doubtful and fearful and bring it into the light and examine it and determine that it was not the big bad boogeyman that you thought it was as a small developing child. Rather is was just another of life's experiences left unprocessed and unknown and as a result, feared.

With a greater spiritual perspective you understand the fear the doubt and the uncertainty and you help to wash them away with the trust and conviction that your faith brings you in the process. In so doing you are able to make new sense out of old experience and you are able to rise above what was so unsettling at one point and see it from a loftier perspective and it no longer has hold on you like it once did because there is a stronger bigger part of you, more mature, more aware who is willing to revisit old wounds that they may finally be healed.

This is true spiritual maturity and your faith brings you into the arena of certainty that you will not be harmed [in the] process, that you are in fact undergoing healing and that turns your initial reaction, one of uncertainty and doubt and avoidance into one ready to embrace with greater spiritual awareness, experiences of the past and make your understanding, your forgiveness, your love into the equation and change it thus processing it and diffusing all negative elements.

As you know, there are a number of mansion worlds designed to help you through this process and that which is not accomplished here will certainly be accomplished there for all wounds be healed, all trauma be elevated to the point of understanding and awareness and forgiveness. But I observe that there are those of you that are venturing into this arena even now in the mortal state and so we have such a discussion and outline such principles even in advance of your being able to fully attain them. They must first be entertained as ideals to be striven for so that they may be fully embraced at any point of your choosing.


It is a distinct pleasure and privilege to have such discussions with you and to be together in this place of striving for greater and greater awareness and even mastery of such universe concepts and principles. I feel that is enough word symbols piled upon each other for this hour. So in respect and in love I will bid you all have a wonderful day and increasingly fruitful experiences before you as I know you will, farewell.