2009-08-18-Developing Spiritual Advancement

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Topic: Developing Spiritual Advancement

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Henry Z.



Prayer: Father, this evening we ask to be connected in the universe spiritual circuitry that we may in faith step forward and make contact with spirit presence. We ask for the presence of Monjoronson this evening.

Monjoronson: Greetings to you this evening my friends and colleagues, this is Monjoronson here this evening to answer questions which have been prepared from the services which you help provide for this actuality to take place. I am in grateful mode to Michael this evening as on your planet you approach Michael's Urantia day, the day on which Michael arrived to your world. We are ready to begin.


  • Attitudes

Mary: Thank you Monjoronson for joining us this evening. The first question is as follows.

Question #1: What are the attitudes that precipitate personal spiritual advancement? A secondary question is how do I best develop them?

Monjoronson: This is a tremendously difficult question to answer on a human level for all humans advance spiritually and personally on a personal level. It is always advised to have a tremendous attitude of openness, positiveness possibility, attitudes of humility. Personal spiritual growth though, is indicated not by attitude shift and change, it is indicated more by what is produced by the individual for it is easy to see that there is no fruit on the vine or it is rather easy to see that there is fruit on the vine.

The brotherhood of man and the kingdom of heaven is like a vine, the vine that connects, connects each person spiritually. If you need an attitude to precipitate personal spiritual advancement it would be one of courageous fearlessness in proclaiming the open gospel of the kingdom, Michael's true religion, the true universe acronym; the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man. Do not confuse personal spiritual growth as a substitute for social service and the social aspects of the spiritual dimension; this perhaps is the greatest arena to demonstrate personal spiritual growth. Thank you for this question.

  • Justice

Question #2; The next questioner asks if you can explain what it means when you call all Urantia to justice?

Monjoronson: The meaning of calling Urantia to justice is a spiritual protocol which on your world is similar to an insurance adjuster checking out the damage of your house and seeing what needs to be done, what is salvageable and what is not and what the insurance company will cover. Do not be deceived by this rather mundane analogy for it is quite similar. The spiritual universe needs an accounting of what is going on on Urantia, what state is it in, what is salvageable and what is not salvageable in spiritual terms. These have nothing to do with humans, these periodic accountings.

True, the humans do bear the effects of spiritual pressures applied from above and within, but trust that nothing in the spiritual universe is done on impulse as it is on Urantia. Things are well thought out, well discussed, ample time and mercy is allowed for adjusting. There is always an accounting, therefore it becomes necessary for a person to know where he or she stands. If a person is standing within their soul, that person has less to worry about and a certain certainty which is earnest and responsible. Those people aren't affected by the so called "call to justice." Life on Urantia will be salvaged. The light of life will not be allowed to extinguish itself on Urantia, this is for certain. Those shifts and transitions may appear to alter situations [but] nothing will really change in a spiritual sense. Man will not be made to automatically spiritualize himself.

It is like the parable of the blind beggar that the Master healed, the man who was blind from birth, and the Master when He was on Urantia, healed this man who had a space near the synagogue in Jerusalem. He used the miraculous healing of this man as a final demonstration to the Sanhedrin, to give them one more chance to accept Him, to see the folly and error of their agendas and yet this somewhat spiritually ignorant, religiously ignorant blind beggar became an upholder of the gospel of the kingdom to the Sanhedrin and continued to work with the Master and the twelve for the rest of his life.

What is important is that this man was grateful for the gift that was given him of sight and he truly did see in a spiritual sense, what reality really was. So can you who have been blind from birth, receive the light of life from this gospel which the Master proclaimed courageously and fearlessly on this planet. Thank you for this question.

Question #3: This same questioner also asked, how will you assist us in cleansing Urantia of the evil done for so many years?

Monjoronson: It is erroneous to think that I will assist in the cleansing of evil. Evil has to work itself out. Like spilt dye in fabric, it takes repeated washings to remove the effect of the incorrect dye. So will it take the intricate and personal attention of each and every one of you who lives here from now on to consciously change in your lifetime the way your genetic ancestry has traditionally spent its life. It is up to man to correct the wrongs that have been done here. The spiritual universe has removed the mitigating culprits in these evil schemes, its effect on the planet though will be removed through the filtration of human consciousness, the filter of the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man; once people begin to experience renewed trust. This is a tremendously slow process on such a fear ridden sphere such as Urantia, nonetheless, the filter of consciousness and the universe religion is what will filter and remove the aberrant particles and effects of evil on your world. Thank you.

  • Being One with the Father

Preamble: This next questioner says that they have had an increasingly strong urge to become one with the Father despite their human defects and that these feelings grow stronger by the day.

Question #4: Are these the urgings of my Thought Adjuster and can you comment on this please?

Monjoronson: It makes no difference what the urge is or where it originates. Can you think of anything better than spending time with Father? Thank you for this question.

  • Model of Storytelling

Preamble: It seems that humans enjoy their literature fraught with conflict. In other words fiction is about people in trouble. Even the parables that Christ Michael used in the Biblical story of Jesus himself conform to this model.

Question #5: Is there another way of storytelling that might be palatable to humans--something more spiritual, more hopeful?

Monjoronson: I am at a loss for words. What could possibly be more palatable than the parables of the Master Himself, the story that exists on multiple levels simultaneously, affecting the intelligence level of the audience to which the parable is told? Maybe it would be necessary to reread the life and teachings of Jesus Christ as presented in the Urantia Papers. It is tremendously difficult to tell stories to humans, humans which have no human references at all in it. This is why the Master used the parable method of speaking because it had human elements. There are ways in which humans are, collectively, The nature of humans is collective, their personalities are individual of course which lends for certain drama to ensue. Always a good story has a happy ending. Thank you.

Question #6: This questioner was also wanting to know how literature is written and received on other more advanced planets?

Monjoronson: They will become available to you when you have left this world and have been allowed access to advanced worlds, to learn firsthand when you arrive and to actually take advantage of the libraries on the system capitols to research a world before you visit it. Thank you for this question.

  • Satania

Preamble: There are those on our planet who could easily confuse the name of the rebel Satan and the system named Satania. This could be a stumbling point for those who are newly exposed to the Fifth epochal revelation.

Question #7: Could you explain if there is a relationship between the system name Satania and the name Satan? How do you suggest this with other people?

Monjoronson: To answer the first question, no, there is no relationship. To answer the second, to answer it correctly I would have to say, medicine has a long way to go on Urantia to rid the human species of ADD, attentions deficit disorder. It seems that many Urantians preclude responsibility through this avenue and this is not to say that people with certain fears are not ready to let go of these fears no matter how correct you present something to them. Of course, this is human experience. Thank you.


Mary: Thank you Monjoronson and that is the end of our list of questions for this evening. We appreciate your time and the T/R's time this evening and bid you farewell until the next time.