2009-09-06-Vive la Dif·fé·rence

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Topic: Vive la Dif·fé·rence

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Monjoronson

TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris



Prayer: Thank you so much Divine Parents for this life in which we are so clearly presented with these contrasts we observe. We marvel at the different facets of the same reality, how it can be so contrastingly different among our brothers and sisters. We live on the same plane and we have the same environment and yet still there is this great contrast in our individual experiences with some in great pain and sorrow and others in great joy and peace. Thank you for this contrast that we observe. Help us to make sense of it, to use it to have perspective about all these varying degrees of reality that we observe. Help us to process what it is you bring us in observing these contrasts. Thank you, thank you.


Elyon [Mark]: Greetings once again, I am Elyon here to enjoy your company and to further the thought pattern about observing contrast as part of your life experience. There is an expression that you don't have to look far around you to gain real appreciation for what you have or don't have, that is, everywhere around you there appears to be difference and while you look for the similarities and cling to them, more often in looking for similarities with others you find distinct differences. These differences you note as contrast to your belief system and consciousness.

Without such differences you may stay quite convinced of the certainty of your observation or reality but when you begin to throw in these contrasts, each one pulls you in one direction or another to enlarge your perception of reality. All these things surely exist, they are simply existing in the absence of your perceiving them and so as you bump into alternate realities coexisting side by side with your reality, you expand your mini-verse a little bit each time to accommodate this awareness of other universes. In this way you keep growing the parameters of your awareness and keep expanding the capacity for your being able to grasp and have command over enlarged truths.

Mankind is a great creature of habit and once a habit is learned it takes some greater amount of effort to alter that habit and create new habits. So this process of growth appears to be this process of struggle because habit is being challenged and overcome with new values and new ideals which necessitate the altering of old habits to become habits of new and improved status. There is a real tendency and an ever present danger as you go about life encountering these myriad alternate realities around you that you become sucked in or somehow drawn in to the realities of others by such motivations as compassion and the desire to be of service.

While it is always good and proper to address every situation with loving kindness and the desire to be of service, one cannot singlehandedly assume the burden of anyone else's alternate reality for it is their paradigm which is playing out for them and it is full of values inherent in their circumstance which are to be harvested by them. But nevertheless there is the touching of these alternate realities which can expand the awareness and allow for more proper perception and so these contrasts and the observation of them are valuable gifts to be used in this process of growth and ascension.

Then there arises the concern as to what can best be done in service to the great need that can be felt or the great pain that may need soothed and you can rest assured that turning to prayer and worship is your best and most effective tool to apply your intention of love directly into the equation that you observe because when you engage in this prayerful worship you are adding your energies to be used as leverage in the cosmic dispersal of such energies. So you need not be necessarily even directly personally aware of where the needs are the greatest or in whose universe there is the greatest suffering but rather be confident and assured that your praying will be properly directed to the point of its greatest need.

Once again it is a real pleasure to just be with you even in your moments of sitting quietly together, just to co-mingle our energies feels good and is enjoyable. It is as was mentioned earlier, a wordless experience and yet a profound one which we all register and enjoy. Thank you for providing this wordless ministry. I now step back from the podium. Thank you.

Unknown Source [Cathy]: I received some words from an unknown source. As you join in a circuit, it is appropriate to send the energy out into the world with creative intention, your intention to enhance the circuits of love and healing, the "love mischief" that was mentioned in your earlier discussion. The Urantia Book mentions the benign virus of love. This love can expand and be utilized by others that it contacts. You are helping increase the level of love on the planet along with love's associate, beauty and goodness. All work together to bring forth the Father's will. Be joyful in your life and bring love with you wherever you go.

Cathy: I'd like to take a minute to send love and healing to the troubled places on our world.

Monjoronson [Mark]: Hello again, I am Monjoronson here to add another contribution to this thought steam eventuating in this pool of wisdom. In your news today there is quite a bit of discussion about certain viruses and how they may be spread and how contagious they are and what threat this may represent to you as a people. Using this same awareness of the spread of something such as a virus, I invite you to see that love is similarly spread and transmitted from one individual to another. It eventually grows just like the virus in its host and from there spreads out beyond to others. Every act of love and kindness has this effect of having been contracted through the spread of this virus of love from one to the other and growing exponentially out to eventually be a widespread phenomenon yet this force is invisible to the human senses. It cannot be seen except by its effect. As with your flu virus, the only way you know you have it is if you exhibit the effects of it. Similarly with this love virus, it infects individuals and grows within them and eventually there are effects demonstrated as a result of their condition. So when you consider your acts of even prayer and worship or external acts of love and kindness, all these are acting to change your environment around you as they spread and grow.

I would also say a few words about this experiencing of contrasts. If we look at your life experiences as developing individual pools of wisdom, then all things become contained within this pool and many differing elements may be put into this but the overall condition is determined by striking some sort of balance. Too much exposure to only the negative aspects in life will make the pool of wisdom sour and rancid. It needs to be balanced with certain elements of sweetness and goodness and beauty to bring some balance into the equation. The more that you intentionally bring into your wisdom pool, elements of truth and goodness and beauty the sweeter the pool of wisdom becomes.

So as you go through life and have these streams of experience which end up in your pool of wisdom, know that they will be diluted by other elements in your pool of wisdom and balanced out and neutralized by your addition of positive thought streams as well as the negative experiences which may make their way into your pool.

I as well as Elyon enjoy just getting together with you and taking advantage of your making the time for this to happen. Truly you are the instigators of this whole chain that we enjoy between us and so I am always in gratitude that you form this connection at your choosing. Those are my words for today and I would draw this meeting to a close today unless there are any comments or questions to be entertained at this time.


Go in peace this week and enjoy the fact that all this contrast is there for you to utilize in your determination of relative truth, beauty and goodness as you are able to perceive them. Thank you and farewell.