2009-09-10-Soft Touch of the Spirit Within

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Topic: Soft Touch of the Spirit Within

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Thought Adjuster

TR: Mark Rogers, Henry Z.



Prayer [Mark]: Divine Parents, I ask for the courage to go forward with that which is uncertain and unknown even though there may be faith and there may be trust there still is some uncertainty, not always but slightly unnerving. Thank you Divine Parents for what you bring, the love you flood into this equation. Thank you for the wonderful inspiration that you thrust, like the example of our brother and friend Mike here today gives us in this hour to rejoice and see that spirit is so effective. We are all learning as we go and it is a joy to see this process of learning and growing happen right before our eyes. Thank you for all this, it is all such grace that emanates from you. We rejoice to accept it. Thank you.

Henry: It is good to be here this evening and to get into the Thought Adjuster space. Continuing into the journey of human/Thought Adjuster transactions, I was thinking this week of the wonderful relationship that becomes created with trust and faith in the Father. I was reading just last night in the Jesus Papers when Jesus said: "The law of the universe is ask and you shall receive" and "seek and you shall find." I realize that both of those things having become a reality in life, is further evidence that this information is real, it is something in which we can activate and participate and trust in, that there is a tremendous resource of love within. Sometimes we forget to tap into this tremendous resource of love. This evening I will let the Adjuster speak.


Thought Adjuster [Henry]: Good evening, it is again an opportunity to be given a voice to human ears. It is tremendous and wonderful to inhabit a conscious human being. The Adjuster's work becomes tremendously effective when one becomes conscious of the inner workings. Spirit always has a soft touch, much like the wind but you don't really see the wind, you can just sort of feel it. A relationship of trust is tremendously important in the ability of the human soul to begin to give expression to lessons learned, to begin to exhibit characteristics, fruit. In a sense it is not a tremendous reward for finding God for as a son of God, all men and women are equally given spiritual opportunities to grow. Opportunities of growth begin to help the human to integrate other spiritual circuits; the circuits of the universe, the circuits of the Mother Spirit through nature through the animal world, the Creator Son's Spirit, the social human aspect, the brotherhood part. My work is tremendously solitary until like minded people begin to express work with the Indwelling Spirit of our Father. In time there will be places where this will be a reality and my work becomes more of a general direction. Specific work with humans therefore becomes necessary for a reciprocal contact, a recognition, a recognition from within the human soul. It is always a wonderful pleasure to make progress within a human mind no matter how incremental is the process. The point at which fusion takes place is still a long way off even for the subject that I indwell. Any progress is notable. As man begins to progress inward, man begins to secure an outward reality, man begins to stand in a certain way in a sense of knowingness and certainty and faith and trust. In these areas all Thought Adjusters work within the human mind though with each one of you it is specific to your individual necessities and lessons. Thank you this evening.

Henry: Thank you Mark for allowing me this opportunity to share.

The Voice [Mark]: I would access this opportunity granted, I am this ones Voice to be given voice at this time and I would have a couple of observations to make. You notice in communications such as this or any time when mortals of the realm have been used as the conduit or vehicle for transmissions of spiritual information, there is the necessity of using the thought patterns and vocabulary and thinking structure of the vehicle to be used much as you must make allowances for the different instruments and how they must be played in the musical field. Once one finds out how to use an instrument one is able to make beautiful music using the parameters of the instrument and that is similarly what necessarily occurs when you are hearing any message such as this.

There may be a message and there is as well a messenger and the two must act together and coordinate for the benefit of the purpose of being true to the message and in such cases as this, the individuals involved may be good and true and righteous in their desire to do the best they can in the process and even so there will be gaps and miscommunication when you are trying to bring spiritual principles into material word symbols to be communicated and reassembled into examples of values and meanings.

This entire process is fraught with things that could go wrong in terms of accurate portrayal of these concepts from the one dimension into the other but the sincerity and dedication of the partners insure that there will be some success. And so it is that you register some success in this attempt by these partners to bring forth such communication. It must of a certainty fall short of perfection as this material manifestation is distinctly lacking in perfection but is rich with growth and potential. And that is the paradigm we find ourselves in. There will always be the influence of the instrument, in this case the human component. It will bring it's tone and it's flavor and it's capabilities and limitations all to the process and so we must accept the instruments we are working with and simply strive to learn to play them as well as we can, to make the best use of them and in so doing to most accurately portray real meanings and values.

I call many of you to witness in this process that the results have been real and tangible for the efforts extended and most certainly there have been limitations and imperfections throughout but that is the paradigm in which we find ourselves. Those who seek most certainly find the truth, the beauty and the goodness contained within and they are ready to gather these bits and pieces and assemble them into their wisdom.


Thank you all once again for coming together under this common circumstance of desiring to illuminate further this aspect of the self, this inspirational contribution that we may explore further and further and discover more and more about this aspect of the self. I applaud those who have put themselves in motion in this process for they will surely be guided. I bid you all farewell.