2009-09-15-Psychic Circle Details

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Topic: Psychic Circle Details

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Henry Z., Mark Rogers



Prayer: [Henry] Father/Mother, we ask that you connect us in the universe circuits, the spiritual circle of eternity. Thank you. We ask this in Father's name. We offer thanks and generosity to ever presentness of spirit which has the instantaneous ability to connect us whenever we are ready and this evening we are ready. We ask for the presence of Monjoronson and any celestials that may be joining us this evening. Thank you.

Monjoronson: Greetings, this is Monjoronson. We are ready to begin this evening.


  • Psychic Circles:

Mary: [Premise] Thanks for being here Monjoronson. According to the Urantia Book, the Seven Psychic Circles prepare us for our future morontial life and eventual Adjuster fusion.

Question #1: Would you please expand upon the milestones/levels of attainment we seek as we travel through each psychic circle?

Monjoronson: Thank you for this question. First let me clarify that the relationship between the Adjuster and the indwelt individual is a sacred and personal relationship. There is not much to the intimate details that are available to the spiritual universe, rather we observe the behavior and the growth patterning and certain developments which give us a somewhat accurate and clear picture of the purpose and progress which is unfolding within each and every individual in the universe. It is true that there are spiritual psychic circles, levels if you will, which through the help of the Thought Adjuster prepare the animal human mind for the spiritual morontial experience whether that experience precedes the morontial life or not. Within this concept of the Seven Psychic Circles there is a tremendous amount of activity, activity within the human spirit relationship, activity within the human relationship and activity and the self-relationship.

At first the animal minded human ventures forth using the adjutant mind of the Universe Mother Spirit. This adjutant mind enables man to grasp simple common sense things which have to do with existing and living. This slowly yields to a growing relationship with the individual and the Adjuster to a point where the individual becomes conscious enough to whole heartedly dedicate his will to spirit, to the inoculation of the rites of passage from the animal to the spirit. Once the Adjuster mind begins to work within human consciousness, the Adjuster is constantly preparing morontia experiences for the human animal. Man therefore can be seen as shifting from a less animal being to a greater spiritual being. This phenomenon in the spirit universe for your participation in this event is referred to as the Seven Psychic Circles.

I cannot tell you much more than the Urantia Book can tell you about where a person is at. We do notice that when a person has reached a third psychic circle that individual guardian seraphim are awarded these individuals and there seems to be a much and more rigorous effort of the human to bear spiritual fruit within their human life. The ability to work within the adjutant mind and with spirit influences brings one to the third step. The last inner steps are personally guided to the uninterrupted communication of the Thought Adjuster and the human indwelt. There is much within this concept that is left unanswered so as not to condition the human to an unconditioned event. This initiation passage must be attempted by every individual. Each is unique, each is within its own time and space reference, each is within the capacity of the human mind to grasp meanings and values and to sort out priorities to become fully responsible for the life which you have been given. Thank you.

Question #2: Is there a general correlation between the Seven Circles of Havona and the Seven Psychic Circles perchance?

Monjoronson: The eternal reverberation of Paradise patterning echoes throughout all time and space reference. The number 3 is of a particular reference. The number 7.......[There was an intermittent phone break-up and Mark Rogers filled in at this point.]

Monjoronson: [Mark] I would pick up the ball that got dropped in bringing an answer to this question. As I was saying, there are as you have noticed, certain numbers which keep reoccurring and which are reflected throughout your ascension career. You have noticed the numbers 3 and 7 are quite commonly referred to in your text and so it is proper to assume that as you proceed forward through your ascension career you might be re-exposed to patterns that run in threes or sevens. There is a method to the madness in this universe, as the saying goes, and there are certain factors that you have observed reflected and repeated such as referring to the Seven Psychic Circles or the Seven Superuniverses or a number or different but yet similar patterns. These should begin to be noticeable to you as reoccurring themes and indeed you have in previous efforts looked to find lessons that were in what you call triangles, groups of three which help to support the ultimate meaning. So the questioner rightly assumes that these patterns are universal, if you will, and will be encountered throughout this glorious journey before you. I hope this answers your question.

  • Mental Acuity:

Preamble: In a recent transmission you touched on the topic of mental acuity and offered to assist one of our sisters in developing this. This questioner says that their guess is that considering variations in our personal development, this type of instruction may be more effective on an individual basis. However it occurred to them that many of us reading these transmissions could possible benefit from some further instruction. So for this reason they submit the following questions.

Question #3: How would you describe one who exercises mental acuity?

Monjoronson: Thank you for this line of questioning designed to bring some more definition into this arena. I think we all might agree that one that is demonstrating mental acuity is in fact in the act of demonstrating, that is, is in action, is in motion, is practicing and through this repeated practice is becoming accomplished and this accomplishment we would register as mental acuity. It is very similar to seeing one who has worked out in the weight room and spent great amounts of time and energy involved in practicing weight lifting. The results become a matter of effect in relationship to the cause and mental acuity is likewise evident in one who trains and exercises in the mental capacities.

Question #4: In what ways, generally speaking, are we mortals lacking mental acuity?

Monjoronson: The ways generally that mortals lack mental acuity is because they do not pursue it. There is a great laziness in having made certain accomplishments. One wants to rest on their laurels and feel as though they needn't keep striving all the time and this sense of rest and relaxation can endure for long periods and this results in the muscle tone having been established going soft and the shape that was arrived at changing as a result of diminished efforts at maintaining this integrity. That is the biggest obstacle we see among the family of man at this time; a certain security in their position to the degree that they are not inclined to reach and grow and train because they are comfortable with their position. But anyone who is familiar with body building knows that it requires some consistent maintenance to maintain the level that has been achieved through great acts of discipline and trials.

Question #5: Again in general terms, how would you suggest we develop mental acuity?

Monjoronson: This question is the question asked about every possible pursuit or avenue that you can imagine. If one desires to lose weight they may start with this very question. How is it then, that we move forward and become motivated to take the actions, do the steps, show the determination and intention to proceed forward and get the job done? So, what is it that would motivate you as an individual to be inspired in search of mental acuity if that is your pursuit? What could I say or any other individual say to inspire the only person that matters in that equation which is you? If you are inspired and you are motivated and it is your intention, you will of a natural course, pursue your goal and if you are steadfast and purposeful in pursuing this goal, obvious results will follow.

It is simple cause and effect and no great mystery involved in the process. If you want to learn to play an instrument you must play it and practice it and try and repeat over and over again. If these steps are provided, there is obvious results to be had in mastering an instrument or a diet or mental acuity or spiritualization or any pursuit your mind can fathom. If you would ask me how do I become a great pianist I would have the same answer. Try, keep trying, practice, keep practicing and you will succeed. How do you become the wise and learned person that you desire to be? You try, keep trying, practice, keep practicing. There is only the one way to do it, you must do it and pursue it with a passion and an interest that propels you forward in that direction and then there is no force on heaven or earth that could stop you from achieving your goal and receiving the rewards inherent in pursuing your goal. It is really a very simple equation; you must be self motivated and then you must follow through with your motivation. No matter what it is you attempt, at all times in all ways this formula is inherent in the equation. Thank you.

  • Attention Deficit Disorder A.D.D.] / Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder [A.D.H.D.]

Preamble: The diagnosis and treatment of A.D.D. and A.D.H.D. is a very controversial subject in our society. Not only is the diagnosis controversial but the treatment is also controversial. There are rather large numbers of people being diagnosed and treated for this difficulty.

Question #6: Is there an evolutionary component to this disorder and what do you see as major factors contributing to this disorder?

Monjoronson: Thank you for your concern and your question. It can truly be said that any phenomenon observed in the family of man can be considered to be part of its evolutionary process. It would not be in the equation if it were otherwise. Now, I perceive in your question that you're looking for some defining aspect of this that can be said to be caused by something in particular or in relationship to something specific. Certainly your observation of this phenomenon is necessarily quite limited for your information comes to you from limited sources. There are of course, a number of factors at play in relationship to the phenomenon observed and declared A.D.D.

There are lifestyle factors, there are dietary factors, there are chemical imbalances, there are societal pressures and all of these things when inter-associating with each other may bring to the surface certain manifestations much as the manifestations of the common cold are evident in a cough and fever and other such symptoms; so do the manifestations of other disorders come to the surface in other more subtle ways which then must be diagnosed as you said, as a certain condition or ailment or obstacle that impinges on these individuals.

Your medical world thrives on defining a condition as resulting in a certain number of traits which are either present and evident in various degrees or they are not. If enough of them are present and evident then this becomes labeled as a condition and once having been diagnosed as such the normal medical course is to treat chemical imbalance with chemical influence. In their best attempt they are trying to manipulate the chemical "soup" that is present within the individual to bring about desired effects, perhaps less pain, perhaps certain behavioral modification.

In all these cases your medical professionals are simply looking at the end of the process. By the time symptoms are manifest, usually the disorder or disease is well advanced and they try to catch up and alter the course of the initial disorder with the use of chemicals. And so they would like to fit all of these disorders into neat little boxes of how they react to neat little chemicals and in this way they feel as though they are able to have some manner of control over the effects that they witness.

Something as complicated as A.D.D. cannot be so simply defined as a medical condition or even a psychological condition or even a sociological condition for these are all intertwined to bring about the observed manifestations. You would do well to investigate this issue further and determine for yourself what level of influence may be had by such things as diet or cultural influence or the effects of polluting chemicals on the systems involved. This phenomenon is quite some way from being well defined as to its source points or even as to its treatment. What we do know is that it is part of the human evolutionary process because it is observable phenomenon that is here with us at this time.

Like all conditions which are comprised of many components there is always an element of spirit which can alter the equation and change the balance and adjust the mix and in this way all conditions are in a state of flux which is part of the folly of declaring someone diagnosed with X, Y, or Z. They are constantly changing and rearranging. Their very cells are being replaced and renewed so this sense of change may be brought into any such equation and utilized to bring positive influence into the equation. Thank you for this question.


Mary: Thank you for your time Monjoronson. I believe this also addressed our final question about strategies to assist people with this disorder at this time. I appreciate your being here and working with the different t/r/s in the situation this evening and we bid you farewell until next time.