2009-09-21-The Human Temple, Serving Two Masters

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Topic: The Human Temple, Serving Two Masters

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Bzutu, Samuel

TR: George Barnard



Bzutu: “Terrestrial life can be difficult, we know, especially on a disordered planet such as Urantia, where it is more complicated than it is on most inhabited globes to serve two masters. I clarify the comment about two masters in the sense that there is for you a physical body to look after, as well as a spiritual life to prepare. To look after your daily needs can, at times, be an all-day effort, yet I remind you that most of your spiritual progress deals with the direction of, and the quality of, your thought life.

“Even for us Secondary Midwayers – who are in many ways rather like you – there is often a tendency to be so fully occupied with happenings in the physical realm that our reversion time is ‘skimped on,’ and our less-than-an-hour set aside for communication with the Creator can be ‘shunted’ to the late, dark hours of the night. I must say, we do communicate a little better with the Seraphim by whom our routines are supervised.

“In serving your physical master, it is vital that in every way you can, you live in a body of clean habits, adequate nourishment, and appropriate presentation. In serving your spiritual Master, your Thought Adjuster, or Spirit Self, it is central to your advancement that you spend some time each day in communication, even if this appears to be a one-way chat for months, even years. Your physical body is the human temple that houses your personal Fragment of God. Over now. . .”

Samuel: “This is Samuel of Panoptia. I am a former human, learned about your planetary needs, certified on High to be part of the Correcting Time teachings on this planet, and appointed by both Michael and Machiventa to be of service to this Progress Group.

“I chip in with my contribution on this discussion about the human temple, but only in respect of what is to become of it at the end of a human existence. Treasured by you all it truly should be during your lifetime. It is of no real value to you after your passing. Be known for your achievements -- as you all are appointed to be the willing hands and feet of your Creator Parents -- and no, not for the size and opulence of your tomb.

“Compared to advanced worlds, you, collectively, have not yet arrived at a point where sufficiently many recognized individuals are unerring in determining spiritual life or death, for them to be allowed to propose ending the ‘workings of the human machine’ after the Spirit has returned to the Father.

“This, I understand, will remain a bone of contention among many who strongly profess one way or another. However, until such time as you arrive at a time of ‘spiritual knowing,’ your prayers will go a long way towards suitable endings to the short human experience of serving the masters of both temporary, and everlasting life.”