2009-09-21-What Cannot Be Predicted

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Topic: What Cannot Be Predicted

Group: Marin TeaM


Teacher: Nebadonia




Dear Mother Spirit and Michael, Sometimes it seems the more we remember what wonderful times we’ve had, the harder it is to adequately express our feelings of welcome. But we trust you know our hearts and can feel our gladness looking forward to another evening with you. We appreciate not only your perspective on our lives as our dearest parents, but also your love in befriending us, making us feel welcome and at home with you. For this we are most thankful. Amen

NEBADONIA: Good evening, my children, this is your spirit mother Nebadonia. I too am glad, especially to see some newcomers in this faithful old group, so Michael and I toss that welcome right back at you. Feel free to relax and let me take you on a ride off on another adventure. This adventure into the unknown has been the heart of our lessons, this aspect of God’s creation which cannot be predicted. What fears this adventure causes in your human hearts, such anxiety about what tomorrow will bring. Yet this has been the case from the very beginning, not only in your particular lives, but for the history of the human race. So, my dears, you have to trust with all your souls that human life was set up this way.


  • Probability (What cannot be predicted)

It’s another unfathomable aspect of God’s infinity--that He could set up creation in such a way that it is at one and the same time absolutely predictable along lines you’ve come to know as Natural Law--cause and effect--all the material repercussions right down to the dancing electrons in your living brains. And yet also and equally at the same time--as we’ve been saying, this moment never happened before and it will never happen again when you consider the totality of what’s happening out here in time and space. If you stop to consider, my children, you can decide upon a subject for your consideration, what to think about, yet even a few minutes from now there is no way you can perfectly anticipate or predict what your own thoughts will be on that subject.

Still this is your home. This has been your life from the very beginning, if you will, dangling between the infinities of theses two determinisms--what is reliably predictably happening, and that content which has never happened before and will never happen again. Part of this is due to the fact that the total creation, as well as your own personal soul, is growing, constantly encompassing everything that has been, and then in the fullness of time, adding another day, and another--forever. This is what you are involved in. This is part of your human nature and reality that was deliberately created.

As Michael said, the personality of God is the primal truth of reality, and your personality is equally His creation with no twin, no copy anywhere. Surely the next most profound effect in your life is that a portion of His spirit, an individualized presence of God, is in your mind and part of your mentality, even as you hear my voice or read these transcripts. And it is this presence of God and from that point of view which co-authors your soul. This is the spiritual story of your life in safekeeping for you.

The last few lessons we’ve looked at this reality of the human soul and have hesitated to come up with an adequate analogy that might help you better understand the difference between your human mentality and memories, and the special reality of your soul. Your Urantia book puts it as that which is the direct product of your physical brain activity is what they call material mind, as it is based on living material, however subtle. Therefore, it states, a human being is super-minded, more than an animal who just reacts to its reality. Your personality has spirit and is capable, and needs to create its own inner reality, essentially what you feel and experience yourself to be in consciousness.

This is more than just the physical activity of your brain. Since you are a personal, creative spirit, created by God, there can be no adequate accounting for human behavior strictly from a materialistic point of view. Your very creativity lets you escape that box. Every aspect of your reality, my children, your body, your mind--your mentality, all that exterior world out there, and all the people you’ve ever known: all this is infused with your own spirit. Only in the deepest meditation, in a sense obliterating the other aspects of your normal waking life, can you begin to touch even your pure physical organism and its life, with the mind that results from its activity. And even this is a spiritual exploration of self-discovery.

  • Mind (Material mind contra-distinct from soul)

You are literally part of everything you perceive and your very thinking this moment--your mental consciousness, is being augmented by my own Spirit as well as Michael’s Spirit of Truth, and your Father’s input. So from this point of view, my children, you can see a clear distinction between what your Urantia book would call your material mind, and your full consciousness which is in great part spirit creativity. Your soul is co-authored by a presence of God, including how He sees you, and this is multi-dimensional, almost as in some science-fiction sense, to you. As we’ve said, your personal consciousness has to grow more spiritual to someday appropriate your own soul. You literally have to become more soulful to enable that fullness to fill your conscious mind. Then, my goodness!--what a wonder: all that you ever were--still is. This is your soul, my children, and it is in the safest hands you could imagine.

Now if you promise to keep in mind this is only an analogy, I will give you one. These extra spiritual dimensions we tease you with, that you will cross a universe to encounter and make your own, and are only somewhat similar to your material mind’s memories?--these dimensions that we’ve notified you Michael and I experience as analogous kinds of souls to yours?--now think of what God’s memories must be--perfect, absolute, infinite, and ultimate beyond time as you know it. This is God’s soul, if you will. We call it the Supreme Being, the growing oversoul aspect of God that is all the experience of all the personal beings that have ever been.

In this same sense this individualized presence of His in your mind takes on your life, has this perfect memory of your life. Whatever crosses a threshold of spiritual significance from this point of view, as well as your own, becomes a part of this presence. So while your personality--your personal life, has the potential of being eternal, this story of your life, my children, that your Thought Adjuster, this presence of God takes on, is eternal--unqualifiedly, whether you choose to continue on or not. Eternal life is not forced upon any personal being. If you so choose to cease to exist, then this part of the Thought Adjuster--this story of your life will remain forever in God’s possession. Your life is already part of God in the Supreme Being, but you have the choice of whether or not to be present and some day literally join with this presence of God. This is something you have to grow towards, my children.

So in this roundabout sense, the analogy would be that your soul is this perfect memory of the presence of God’s within you. When you reawaken one glorious day--as you say, over on the other side--your new, Morontia body and mind will be so transformed towards spirit, you’ll be so much more sensitive to spiritual realities, you can be said to have a kind of soul-body, and this is what you will see and recognize in yourself. You will certainly see and recognize those dearest friends you’ve had in this first human phase.

This is another glimpse of your soul in a kind-of objective way of looking at it from the outside. But never forget, dear ones, that it is inside you, part of you, part of your thinking, giving meaning to your life. It is just one more spiritual reality/dimension you have for company. You are most blessed, being one of the most physically-dependent, short-lived personal beings here in your first human life, that God has perfectly compensated this adventure you’re on with vouchsafing every spiritually significant event of it. It’s just one more reason to believe us when we say: be unafraid. Have no fear for your past, the glory you’ve known, and all the other human beings you’ve experienced: it’s all still here in your soul.

Now if you have any comments or questions this evening, let’s hear them.


Student: I do. I noticed that you referred to God as He, and I’m wondering if there is a female component of that.

  • Sexuality (God and sexuality)

NEBADONIA: Yes, my daughter, that is pure convention. God--the First Source and Center, is beyond, because literally before the projection of sexuality, as its creator. This is just a convention on sexual planets such as your own, to refer to the Ultimate Personality. God is the essence of personality, and as its creator could equally be “She.” The one thing God cannot be in human understanding is “It”--impersonal. God--is--personality, and creates all personality. With all personal beings, their personalities come from Him.

There is a Trinity. If you think of God as the First Person of Deity, the first derived personality from Him we call the Eternal Son, which could as easily be the Eternal Mother in their relationship. Michael is a direct creation of these two beings. I myself am the daughter of the Infinite Spirit, the Third Person of Deity, and as the Infinite Spirit is the God/creator of what you know as the cosmic mind--the mindedness of the living universe, so do I as the daughter channel this cosmic mindedness into all our children of Michael’s and my Local Universe.

Michael and I are children of the Trinity, the Creator Son and Creative Spirit out here in time and space who literally created you, my daughter. Your living, body/mind human pattern being, if you will, comes from us. Your personality comes from God. Does that answer your question?

Student: Yes, to some extent.

NEBADONIA: Well, be in my love, my daughter. Hopefully this is just the beginning of our relationship here, as I am always with you. We do delight in our children.

Student: I have a technical question to do with this Thought Adjuster that you speak of. I’m trying to wrap my head around if it is specifically this divine seed in each of us, or is it something from outside like a guardian angel kind of external presence?

  • Thought Adjusters, Typology (Thought Adjusters and typology)

NEBADONIA: Yes, my daughter, let me say it’s the most inner presence you could ever conceive of next to your own. It is literally part of your thinking, just as my Spirit augments your intuition, your knowledge and wisdom, your courage--all these aspects of your mentality I myself augment as the Holy Spirit.

The Thought Adjuster is also known as a Mystery Monitor for this is one way in which God directly experiences/monitors your life. The Thought Adjuster, the Mystery Monitor is however, my daughter, an individualized presence of God and pre-personal by not having a kind of personality that you do. It literally takes on your personal experience. All the while, being the presence of God, the Thought Adjuster has the power to adjust your thinking towards more spiritual awareness, that is, broader awareness, more complete and comprehensive awareness of this transcendent reality you live in. So it’s been part of you, my dear, ever since your earliest experiences as a small child. This is the co-author of your soul and is very much in you in a way that actually transcends time and space as you’ve known them so far. Keep in mind your soul is a kind of super reality you only experience purely in moments of deepest reverie. Does this give you some further notions of what a Thought Adjuster is?

Student: Yes, thank you.

NEBADONIA: Again, we’re very informal here and you can pop in with a question or comment any time.

Student: Actually, I have another question. I’ve been very, very interested in a teaching that’s been helping me clarify some direction in my life. It’s a particular system I’ve been studying for some time--about a year and a half--but lately I’ve been questioning the veracity of? It’s a system called Human Design, that is a typology, and has a very large following. While I find the information intriguing, I have some concerns now, after deepening exposure, about the cult-like nature of it. The founder is quite charismatic and it has a lot of features of a cult. So I’m just curious if the information itself is possibly distorted.

NEBADONIA: Yes, my daughter, you seem to have pretty good grasp on the situation already. (Mother Spirit and student laugh) Though it may be disappointing to some, Michael and I quite refuse ever to tell our children what to do. We can only suggest you meditate deeply on this so you don’t, as they say, throw out the baby with the bathwater, the useful with the useless or downright misleading. Your potential for free will--to discover, to have a deeper understanding of who and what you are; all this demands of you, my daughter, that you be eclectic, that you try things, that you experiment--being as clear as you can be with yourself about what it is you are trying, what you hope to gain, what you hope to learn. Then use your own spirit to evaluate that. We can only suggest that you give up any notions of pure objectivity as if there were some way you could evaluate this whole system apart from yourself. What you have is your experience of it, however it may be for anyone else. Can you see this?

Student: Yes, it makes much sense.

NEBADONIA: This is what you have to go on. This is how we encourage you to be truly scientific: know what you are looking for, what the experiment is, what the adventure is here, and then evaluate it. As with all human organizations, you have to separate the wheat from the chaff, and you have Michael’s Spirit of Truth inside you as this orientation. So above all whenever you confront anything like this, just ask yourself, my daughter: is it true? And accept in all humility, what you’re asking is: is it true for me? Let the others choose for themselves. Does that fill the bill?

Student, laughing: Very much so. Mother, would you say something about… there’s a specific offering from (Ed: too faint) they call…well, they used the word experiment several times because that is actually what they recommend as a way to test information, you experiment with it. Yet this experiment has some, to my way of thinking, rather dubious strictures, like: you must die!--demolishing my personality! So the specific what they call strategies--which is how you make decisions from my type--which is “generator”--is to follow this yes-no kind of sacral response to what’s offered, then wait and not actually initiate. And that, of course, coming from my type that likes to initiate left, right, and center, is driving me mad; and that’s my kind-of immediate struggle with it all. So I wonder if you have any comments about this notion that we have a particular strategy for making decisions, and that initiating might be contrary to some natural order of the universe.

NEBADONIA: My dear, I can only suggest again that you disregard anything whatsoever that would seek to limit your creativity, because this is the very basis for your free will--the fact you are co-creating your own perceived world right along with all the rest of reality--even your own body and mind. This is the essence of your personal spirit, this creativity. This is what gives you choice and your ability to make a decision. So we would look with great suspicion on anything that would try to talk you out of this most profoundly necessary aspect of your being--your creativity, your spirit.

As to the other, there are many ways of dying to yourself shy of physical death. This can be symbolically meaningful simply by making a clean break from the past to achieve what we’ve called the eternal now. This is recognizing and welcoming in your conscious awareness the intrinsic, seemingly timeless spontaneity of God’s creation. So evaluate this teaching along these lines of whether or not it’s really, positively encouraging you to feel your spirit in order to exercise your personal initiative. That’s the true experiment here. That’s the real adventure. Because you are manifesting something, my dear, right out of your own essence, that has no pre-requisite. You are creating all the time. To do so consciously means you’re already experiencing your spirit’s unbounded, natural state. So don’t do anything or give credit to anything that would seek to diminish this awareness of your own spirit’s power to initiate. Does this give you some deeper feeling of not only who but what you are?

Student: Yes.

First student again: There is apparently a teacher named (Ed: too faint) Melchizedek who is sharing this information about a transition that humanity is undergoing to open to fifth dimensional consciousness. He is offering this on the computer’s YouTube--do you know what YouTube is? (much laughter--{Yes}) It amounts to about two hour’s worth of teaching, and what it was, described to me over the weekend, intrigued me very much, so I was wondering if you could offer any information about the validity of this, or expand upon it?

There are sections that as humanity moves through 2012 into 2015, at some point along that continuum numbers of people, perhaps humanity as a whole, will begin to experience a kind of Swiss-cheese mind-phenomena where the veil between this reality and the next will become thinner, and some people will not understand fully what is happening. They will begin to have thoughts and experiences which are beyond their coping. But it will really be opening to knowledge and information about the other realm. And this will become more and more intense over a period of time; and that it will be happening collectively. At some point there will be an experience of something like (Ed: too faint) where humanity will not be able to see light, or the sun, or the sky--or something of that nature, but will go through a kind of dark portal, and then come out the other side into a consciousness that feels more like the golden age type consciousness, or perhaps like something long ago.

I was wondering if that resonates with truth with you, though I can say that in a way I feel like I’ve already begin to experience the phenomena of the other realm poking through. But sometime I feel I’m not really sure what time it is that way, or where I am, or that I’ve gotten information or had an experience that I’ve not remembered--I don’t know--just strange things like that. So I’ll leave it at that and see…

  • Prediction (Predictions about the future)

NEBADONIA, laughing: My daughter, you’ve almost answered your own question because Michael and I consider these predictions as metaphors of what individuals are going through, and not only now, but have been from the very beginning--just to be human, just to have a Thought Adjuster, the presence of God in their minds, capable of making discrete suggestions of how to live a more spiritual, a more full life. This means being able to more fully determine what is true and what is not. This often causes a crisis of values between the old and the new, the “dark portal” so many go through to come to a greater understanding and an enhanced, seemingly golden perception of your transcendent spiritual encompassing. Therefore we don’t pin this to any particular date.

Yet there has been an enormous transformation in the spiritual community of your world ever since the adjudication of the Lucifer Rebellion a few decades ago that occasioned the lifting of the spiritual quarantine on Urantia and the other rebellious planets. So from our point of view, my daughter, this transformation is just getting into full swing. More and more individuals all across the world are finding a deeper spiritual presence in their lives, more spiritual awareness in their consciousness, and having then to re-evaluate almost everything around them, right down to what they consider real--that basic. And so, welcome to the adventure! This is literally what you and others are going through. I would suggest: tune into it. You have the presence of God within you. Meditate deeply and pray for guidance, then just be still and listen. The answer will be there if you can only credit it and have the nerve to step off and try it. Believe me, you are not alone. You have many spiritual influences all around you, and right within you. You have your own spirit to help create your way forward.

Again, just take what rings true and see for yourself what of this analogy or prediction applies to our own life, and let the rest go. Trust your own inner appraisal of what is true, and what is not. Does that answer the question?

Student: Yes. I think there was something about that teaching information or those ideas that was very appealing to me because I wish for that, I wish to open to the fifth dimension of consciousness. I wish to experience that transformed reality from the forth-dimensional earth plane. I think it’s thrilling that happens to many, many people. It’s just seems very, very exciting to me.

NEBADONIA: Then, my daughter, we can only say: Stand by!--and remember what you are asking for. (much laughter--{OK!}) I mean you are saying: Here goes! You’re stepping off into the unknown. But keep in mind too that this happens on the most personal level. There is nothing more personal than this, nothing more individual and unique than this. So keep that in mind when you think about recognizing what is genuine spiritual advancement in your fellows. We can almost guarantee it won’t be exactly like yours. That’s where it takes real spirit to recognize this utterly unique experience in others. It takes patience, and love, and understanding, to reach across the enormous gulf of difference between individuals to share what is similar in this transformation. But then, that is the glory of it all, isn’t it?--that you can share so much of what is so far beyond words. Deep calls to deep; spirit recognizes spirit. (Thank you) Be in my love.

  • Personality (More about human types)

Student: Mother Nebadonia, I have a question I’ve been wanting to ask for a long time about typology. In my adult life I’ve increasingly noticed that people seem to come in types. Personalities must be created according to some kind of cosmic typology. The more I’ve studied this the more it seems likely there is a divine plan around human types, which would make sense to have different types of creativity going in different directions. That way we have diversity in human society to build cultures and economies. For example I like the ideogram system of mind-types, but there are other systems. The Urantia book doesn’t seem to say much about the (Ed: too fast and slurred). The description of the twelve apostles seems to play in the direction of personality types that are granted by God. So what can you say about typology and human personalities?

NEBADONIA: Yes, my son. Typing is a kind of generalizing, and I must confess that Michael and I have been guilty of this very thing in our lessons. We talk about giving you a handle with which to grasp the ungraspable, some way of comprehending and understanding certain profound, living and changing aspects of personality and creativity. This is OK as long as you realize on what level of generality or particularity we are speaking.

God does not create types. God creates unique individuals. All typing, in this sense, is your own, is this human necessity to think and comprehend at some level of generality just to have a framework within which to think at all. And so you throw a net over a living creation, and we would only ask you to be aware it is your own mental net and that ultimately, each individual’s unique personality is pretty much sliding right through.

Typing is a useful tool only insofar as you keep in mind it is only that. You need to be equally aware of the infinity of all your brothers and sisters--the almost fearful uniqueness behind every pair of eyes you look into. This is true equanimity--to be socially adaptable with a lot of relative strangers, say along a city sidewalk, where you have to deal with this. You--generally--are by creating stereotypes of sex, age, race, size, wealth, body type, threat level, on and on, to immediately recognize and handle the situation of all these ungraspable, infinite beings all around you. (much laughter) As one of your poets said: To walk down the street and see the full stamp of the human condition on every person’s face. I think that might be almost beyond your ability to keep walking. That is there. That is real. You have to deal with it.

And so enjoy your types. Use them as tools. They are necessary handles. But keep in mind the fundamental reality they try their best to capture, but never quite can. They are provisional expedients, no more. It’s the same with the way in which Michael and I are limited by the very nature of language to what we can communicate with you this way. Meanwhile we are right inside your mind as the very background of your consciousness, which you can detect if you care to let this background swell forth in fullness. Don’t forget to say, Hello.

Student, laughing all through this section: I’ll let it rest there, Nebadonia.

NEBADONIA: Be in my love.

First student: Is there some other way you can have us experiment with receiving your influencing? Could you speak to that?

NEBADONIA: Yes, my daughter, just be as clear and honest as you can be with yourself as to what you’re trying to do. This is not always easy. It’s part of the encompassing all around you, conscious and unconscious. How consistently are you aware you are co-creating all this about you that seems so objective, so--just there--yet is infused with how you are taking it?

  • (Self awareness of self-creativity)

This awareness is how you make your headway. You get to choose as best you can what goes in your soul for all eternity. You have some control, some choice in your human experience. It helps to remember it’s yours by all those thousand and one decisions you’ve made, or neglected to make. It’s all coming right out of your very essence. Have some feeling for this, for how you are able to respond to what is happening to you, or not. Have some humility about the degree to which you can do this. Humility is that feeling you get in the presence of something enormous, here the challenge of life itself, so it is indeed a spiritual blessing. Then this self-honesty, this insight enables you to better understand all those others out there and what they too are struggling with day by day

Student: Nebadonia, you said earlier that… (Ed: again, the words were too fast and faint to catch clearly, but something about the planet’s new dispensation that started a few decades ago)

NEBADONIA: Yes, my daughter, we’ve mentioned before that a lot of the feelings and deep intuitions people all over the world are getting about a profound change in the world’s status depend for expression on how they anticipate planetary evolution, or the opposite--doomsday. They may express these feelings as the beginning of a new phase like the Aquarian Age, or some kind of world-wide disaster. However, the Lucifer Rebellion’s adjudication did take place recently and ended a two hundred thousand year old spiritual quarantine of the planet. In other words, the whole spiritual community of the planet has changed enormously, and Urantia is such an object of interest throughout the Local Universe of millions of inhabited worlds because this was the world of their Creator Son’s--Michael’s--incarnation as Jesus. Through certain broadcasts the spiritual community was able to witness his life here among you as it happened.

Now there are innumerable spiritual volunteers lining up to get here and be a part of this transformation. From your point of view, it means that anyone can ask for a spiritual teacher and any number of different orders of beings like angels or ascendant mortals will be glad to be your closest friend, someone you can have a conversation with in your own mind, and make into a journal. I’m afraid the implications of the adjudication are almost endless, but does this give you some notion of what’s happening spiritually on a planetary scale?

Student: Yes, thank you. About these spiritual teachers: are they not in human form but a thought-form so we can have this relationship?

NEBADONIA: They are discrete spiritual beings, my daughter, who have the ability, through my spirit, to communicate with you. Michael and I can communicate with you directly, but most subordinate beings like angels or advanced, ascendant mortals, or others the Urantia book speaks of, need to use my spirit, already a part of your mentality, to do this. But yes, they are individual personal beings who long to share your life with you, to experience with you what it is to be a human being on Urantia, especially at this interesting time. And then they have their own perspective on you, and are delighted when you are interested in them and their viewpoint.

Student: Could you say more about how a mortal may ascend?

NEBADONIA: Yes, this is just in the Big Plan: mortals ascend through identification with enduring, creative spirit. It’s that simple.

Student: All mortals?

  • Ascension Career (Mortal ascension to the Mansion Worlds)

NEBADONIA: Yes. This is no kind of condescension, my dear, but you in your first life here do not yet have the spiritual capacity and wisdom with which to reject eternal life. You can only choose to accept it with all your heart. It will take some time on the worlds to come before you can make one clear and absolutely unqualified decision as to whether you wish to continue on. No one is forced to accept eternal life, and going on does imply your getting ever more in sync with the trend of the universe we call God’s will, even fusing forever with what is already His presence in your mind, your Thought Adjuster. This fusion will be sometime in your Morontia life when you acquire the ability to assess the full content of your co-authored soul, and its co-author. But just in terms of being resurrected on the Mansion Worlds, yes, that happens with everyone.

Student: Am I reading between the lines, or misreading, but are you saying there is something such as reincarnation?

NEBADONIA: Yes, my daughter, you are given a new kind of body and mind when you are, shall we say, reconstituted on a very physical, real world; but no, not in the sense of your having had a previous existence to your human life here. The inhabited, evolved worlds are the nurseries of time and space where personal beings of your human order begin. True enough, when you are conceived that union of a sperm and egg contains within it, and recapitulates as an embryo, the whole evolution of life on this planet; and that you inherit in this physical body of yours in its very components and structures. But your personality, that which is uniquely you in all of creation, starts here with your conception.

So reincarnation does have some truth in it. Various schools of reincarnation--of which there are many--have come about through peoples’ intuition of all that heredity is. But to think of having another human life here on this planet files in the face of the fact you have the whole universe out there to explore. As your Urantia book states, only certain kinds of animals on the Morontia worlds, with a very rudimentary kind of personality, do have a succession of bodies when the old one wears out. But these are animals, not human beings. You start here as you are. Does that answer the question?

Student: Yes, very thoroughly. Thank you.

Student: Good evening, Mother, I was just wondering: what is the best way to contact a teacher, and stay in contact.

  • Angelic Contact (Contacting a spiritual teacher)

NEBADONIA: Yes, my son, there is no way of getting around the price you have to pay for this. As Michael said last time, you have to pay attention. You have to give up time in your life to whole-heartedly desire this. And then give it a chance. Be still for a while and say: Here I am. Who wants to be my friend? Who wants to share my life with me, and let me know some of your life?

Then it takes that nerve we talked about to step off and experience another being using your mind and body to write or speak into a recorder. I know, my son, you’ve tried this before with respect to transmitting, and it’s the same difficulty: how to credit this amazing thing is actually happening, and has something to give you, you cannot get for yourself. You just have to try it, and stick with it, have some faith and trust that this is possible. There is so much we touched on tonight that is so very individual, so uniquely yours, there is no way Michael or I can make these evaluations for you. This is up to your spirit to decide what is real. I don’t know if this helps or not… (Mother Spirit laughs)

Student: It does indeed. It sounds like a pretty exciting adventure. Thank you, Mother.

NEBADONIA: My son, you’ve expressed so many times your difficulty with meditating, even with a certain stubbornness avoiding it, you’ll just have to see what happens. So many folks only achieve a kind of stillness after maybe twenty minutes or more of sitting there with everything plaguing them from some television commercial jingo, to what they need to do that day, or what they did wrong three year ago, or whatever. Just persist and stay in there because stillness comes about on its own. There is no way you can force it. Trying to hold your mind a blank is not it.

Second student: Mother, would you recommend that we have a minimum daily requirement for this stillness with you?

NEBADONIA: My daughter, that is so dependant on what will satisfy your heart. What will satisfy you that this time in meditation is worthwhile? After you’ve given so much to it in terms of patience and paying attention and just letting happen what will, opening yourself to whatever comes up, what is it you want of spirit? What would your heart like to know and feel? (long pause) It gets pretty big, doesn’t it? (another long pause)

And so too there is a kind of stillness we can know here, just because we come together to enjoy each other’s company. (there followed a very long pause of many minutes as if no one wanted to break the stillness)


Well, my dear children, it becomes time for you to return to your time-and-space conditioned selves, and let time start up again. For those of you who are new here, I’ll conclude with what the others have heard so often, that Michael and I do appreciate it when you take time out for even a moment in your busy lives to say hello. Just say: Hello, Mom; or, Hello, Dad--thank you for me and my life. We do hope you appreciate the pattern beings you are. (Mother Spirit laughs)

And so we thank our Father for all of us, just as we are out here in time and space on such a gigantic undertaking. He includes every last one of us. No one is left out in His sight. Thank you, my dear children, for your love and for your respect. Michael bids you be in his peace, and I ask you to feel and be aware: you are in my love. Good evening.