2009-09-22-Omnipresence of Thought Adjusters

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Topic: Omnipresence of Thought Adjusters

Group: N. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Daniel Raphael


  • Moderator - Philip


Prayer: Now that we settle in to being grounded, balanced and centered in our emotions and energies and our thoughts, we become grounded in the Holy Father's presence. We surround ourselves and fill ourselves with the Creator's light and energy. We call upon our guardians to reveal to us what we need to say with clarity and our Father's presence to be with us continually. Thank you.


  • Omnipresence of Thought Adjusters:

Question #1: Can a pre-personal Thought Adjuster be in more than one place at a time?

Monjoronson: This is Monjoronson, thank you for your question. Yes, as the Thought Adjuster/Mystery Monitor is a fragment of the eternal omnipresent all knowing God Creator it can be present in more than one location. Its dedication is to the individual. Its decision to be with that individual was made long ago, therefore its presence is not dictated but committed to the presence of the individual and it is rare that the Thought Adjuster/Mystery Monitor would be in two locations at one time as there is rare necessity to do so. Thank you.

Question #2: Can a Personalized Thought Adjuster be in more than one place at a time?

Monjoronson: Yes, most certainly. Its capability is more fully enhanced by the experience of one or multiple times of being with mortals of the realm or with one of the descendant sons. Its capacity to be in more than one location again is not limited but focused upon Its commitment to its journey to Its mission. Thank you.

  • Spirit of Truth v.s. Conscience

Question #3: During the process of discernment, is it possible that we are crediting our "Spirit of Truth" with what may actually be more of a byproduct of our human conscience?

Monjoronson: Your question sets up the Spirit of Truth with discernment as separate and apart from consciousness as duality whereas there is no duality but cooperation between these two functions. The Spirit of Truth is always working with the human mind and discernment is one of the assets of faculties that facilitate the acquisition and the discernment of truth. The Spirit of Truth's most particular presence is usually known to the individual who has an "aha" moment who feels that they have found the truth. The Spirit of Truth is a teacher, it is a way-shower for the enhancement for the development of the skills of discernment. These are separable and inseparable at times. You can bring the Spirit of Truth to bear upon a question as you consciously strive to enhance your faculties of discernment. Its capability of being with you and teaching you is enhanced tremendously by your conscious participation with it in revealing truth.

Question #4: If so, how can we better delineate between the two?

Monjoronson: Do not necessarily strive to delineate that as you are being overly analytical in your mind development, but be inquisitive to the participation of the Spirit of Truth in your powers of discernment. The only delineation that you would need to discern is when your discernment goes awry and you have misjudged the truth. You will not have this problem when you consciously invite the Spirit of Truth to reveal to you the truth within a topic or subject and ask for it to assist you in your discernment. Thank you.

  • Urantia as an Architectural World:

Preamble: In a previous transmission, it was stated that in the far future Urantia would become an architectural world.

Question #5: When this happens, what activities will occur on Urantia that will contribute to the ascension process? How then will it affect Satania?

Monjoronson: It is probable in the eventuality of time that Urantia may become an architectural world, one that is architecturally perfect and designed for a particular and specific purpose. If this is done it would remain and become as a world of history, a world of reflection, a tribute of the last bestowal of your Creator Son Christ Michael, Sovereign of Nebadon. This would be a historical refuge, a point of recreation for the appraisal of the meanings and functions and purposes and journey of a Creator Son from his beginning efforts of forming and organizing and energizing a local universe to the completion of its attainment of sovereignty through Its seventh bestowal. Christ Michael in Nebadon in the seventh superuniverse on the outward edges of the last superuniverse has a particular and almost peculiar place in the scheme of the seven superuniverses. He has taken on this incredible Correcting Time to engage mortals in a co-creative effort to heal the roots of betrayal and rebellion. This world has a more than signatory but an important attribute to display to all those who embark upon the infinite journey of ascension to Paradise and as they in a sometime future universe become perhaps even Creator Sons themselves. This will not be forgotten in the lives and the memories of those on the ascendant journey but will be remembered as a point of great achievement for a Creator Son that they can look to as an example. Thank you.

  • Avonal Son Spirit Capacity:

Question #6: Am I correct in saying that an Avonal Son such as yourself has a parallel "Spirit of Truth" that he may bestow upon planet prior to the sovereignty of a Creator Son?

Monjoronson: No. This is Monjoronson, there is truly no need for duplication of "Spirits of Truth". The one of Christ Michael that remains on this planet is ever powerful and continually supportive and participating in the search for truth by mortals and by morontial beings as they work on this sphere.

Question #7: If so, can the power of an Avonal Son amplify the Creator Son's "Spirit of Truth" on Urantia?

Monjoronson: This is correct. My presence on this planet does amplify the Spirit of Truth as it is the main spirit to help aid individuals to seek truth. This is in accord and a complement to the uplifting and upraising of spirit pressure and vibration on a planet such as this. All these factors work together for the highest good of truth and the search for truth by individuals. This increase in pressure is a tremendous aid for bringing like minded together as truth is simple, truth is consistent, truth is not fragmentary but whole and integral. Therefore as individuals seek truth and have the capacity to be curious and ask truth leading questions the truth will be revealed to them through this augmentation and increase in pressure.


Philip: That concludes our session for today. Thank you.