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Topic: Intention

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Ophelius

TR: Chris



Ophelius: “Today’s message is about intention. What is intention, and of what importance is it in the decisions and actions of our daily life? Intension is at the heart of all will action. It is the core of all true meanings and purposes in what we do and say. Intention is the transcript of the soul, for it is tells the story of our true natures and defines the level of our ability to love and to comprehend spirit values. It is the very thing that the Father sees when he looks onto the hearts of all his children, for in time, all will be revealed.

“Humans have become expert in the art of ‘intension-cloaking,’ and have devised all means and eloquent ways to hide the true meaning of their intentions to secure the positions of their egos. No matter how many layers of sugar you coat the poison pill with, it still has the same effect when ingested. It is the ‘modus-operandi’ of the ego to operate below the radar, and to get what it wants using any means. This is how most people operate on a daily basis in their dealings with their fellows, and for some, it will take a lifetime of hard lessons to realize that hidden agendas and ulterior motives only breed suspicion and avoidance from those in their path. Those with deceitful hearts will eventually fall into the carefully hidden snares of their own making.

“Are your intentions and motives pure in your dealings with your fellows? The Father is not fooled by our clever countermeasures. He simply looks at the record of the soul which contains the transcripts of our intentions, then divine justice is meted out along with divine mercy to determine your place and survival in the universe. How then can we best learn to recognize the purity of our intentions? Through self-mastery and self examination of our motives. Ask yourself, ‘what is it that I really want from this person,’ or ‘what is it that I wish to achieve from taking this course of action?’ Sometimes through the process of examination we find that our motives and intentions are not in alignment with God’s will, and when we suspect this, we should calculate the collateral consequences and effects that such decisions and actions will have on others.

“It is important, my beloved, that you hold a larger view of eternity when making decisions and taking actions in your dealings with your fellows, for it not only affects your temporal life in this world, but it also carries weight into the future estate.

“Oh God, give to me a clean heart.

“Good day, “The Circle of Seven.”