2009-09-28-Of Higher Realms and Sincere Prayer

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Topic: Of Higher Realms and Sincere Prayer

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Beatrice

TR: George Barnard



Beatrice: “Today I am just a visitor to your world, our world, my world, although I am, and always will remain, a citizen of Urantia. I have come for a few days of rest and reversion, and yes, to visit some that are close to my heart, bringing you the love and respect of those of your families and friends that are now ascending, as well as the sincere greetings and well wishes from our mutual friend, Dante (Alighieri). This is Midwayer Beatrice, my dear friends.

“To you it may seem an awesome task to familiarize the Urantia population with the understanding of the 11:11 spiritual wake-up call, and the Midwayer helpers permanently employed on this globe. I can tell you, however, that the number of former Urantians dwelling on the Mansion Worlds by far exceeds the number of flesh and blood citizens – our almost 6 800 000 000 brothers and sisters with us in the flesh. I have a short, although important message about prayer.

“You are well familiar with the words, ‘When and where two or more of you are gathered in His name, then and there shall He be among you.’ For those of you who have risen to an adequate level of spirituality, there are at least four of you at any time, mostly five, so invite all your angels to pray with you. This is part of what I teach on Mansonia – besides teaching the multitudes about the Planetary Helpers, whom they never had a chance to meet on earth.

“Admittedly, I have at my disposal methods of communication that are a most wonderful advance on yours, enabling me to teach on all Mansion worlds simultaneously by reflectivity and in a language so much more expressive than your conceptually limited vernacular. This is important now: Invite those you know, and who have passed on, to join you in prayer, for despite there being a great distance between you, you can still mindally gather in His name.

“Today, my dear ones, I ask you to raise your tired eyes from the ground, and sincerely pray for better times on our beloved planet, for they are the magnificent heavenly spheres that turn, and turn, and turn above you. I am Midwayer Beatrice, who prays for you, and sends her love to all.”

George: “Love you Sister.”