2009-10-01-Resistance to Change

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Topic: Resistance to Change, Different Forms of Life, Agondonters

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Dani, Andromadeus

TR: Gerdean



Gerdean: Father God and Mother Spirit, embrace us in Your loving care. We come to You as students of holy writ and seek to know Your will and how we can better do Your will, whatever that may be and however that may be perceived by our consciousness at any given time. Let the Spirit of Truth speak to us this evening. Let us hear what we each need to hear, even though it may not be the same as our brother hears, so that we each have food to take away from this feast that You provide any time we gather together to know and love You better and more. Thank You God for Your bounties, Your heavenly helpers, and the format that we have engaged in that allows us to engage our option. Amen.

DANI: Hi, everybody. I am Dani, a secondary midwayer, and I am coming in not as comic relief but as a balance to the speaker this evening, which will be Andromadeus, a Most High Observer. Andromadeus has visited before and talked about the seraphic planetary government sectors of service and Andromadeus has promised to come back and speak more and again and it seems he is going to take advantage of this occasion to address you this evening and I am here to buffer his remarks. There are those who find Andromadeus entirely too rigid and formal, even impersonal, and so just to let you know, I am a very personable kind of guy and I will be in the wings here waiting to engage with you as soon as I can get a word in edgewise. But in the meanwhile, let me step aside so that Andromadeus can indeed come in and see if he can address this assortment of souls. I’ll be back.

ANDROMADEUS: Greetings. I am Andromadeus, a Most High Observer, and indeed I do have a signature which is somewhat different from your Teachers in the Teacher Corps. I am a created being and I am created with certain tasks to do and that gives me a focus. You might say that’s my excuse for being what might be considered impersonal; I trust you will not find me impolite.


There is great emphasis these days in your culture – and I am specifically addressing your culture this evening – great excitement, even turmoil, over the appearance of one Monjoronson, purported to be the Magisterial Son. This has given rise to great consternation as well as great rejoicing, as all change will do. And the various reasons for such resistance or such a welcoming is dependent upon each individual’s perception of what this change represents and what it will do to them or for them in terms of their comfort zone and their work. This is ordinary, normal, and appropriate processing of new information – information that will affect you and your associates in many ways, and for an unspecified period of time.

I would like to encourage you to remain open to new concepts but I will not insult your intelligence by asking you to accept that which is unacceptable or confusing or antithetical to what you perceive to be true. Even so, there are certain truths that must be conveyed, that will be conveyed, to those of you who are open to broadcasts from higher intelligences – not simply for your own amusement but for the work at hand.

In that context then, I would suggest that the character and personality of a descending son, as compared to an ascending son, is enough to cause some degree of consternation to anyone, even while a certain amount of titillation is also appropriate, simply because it is a different form of life, even as I am a different form of life, and it will be this way throughout your eternal career.

Eventually and gradually you will familiarize yourself with hundreds, thousands of orders of beings – some Father indwelt, some Spirit indwelt, some Son indwelt; some ascending, some descending, some created; air breathers, one brain types, three brain types and on and on. It is the variety of universe life forms that frightens you and overwhelms you. And I will also remind you of the phrase from the Urantia text “foreign potentates” and since you have so much trouble on your planet with officials and dignitaries that wreak havoc with their administration of business and government and justice, it is small wonder you have trepidation regarding those of us far greater than your human leaders who have the power to wield and influence you, since you know so little about us

And that will continue to stymie you because there will always be something about us you cannot know simply because of the fact of our existence. We have been here much longer, our range is much broader, our scope is farther, and yet the truth remains that we are all creations of the Creator … and in this context, I mean the Original Source and Center. It is a friendly universe. We are in league with angels. We do conspire to lift you up. And those of you who conjoin with us in this conspiracy find your way clear, one way or another, to adapt and project from your own perspective those lasting values and supernal truths that exalt divinity, uphold family values, support progressive governance, promote justice and mercy, and all these things that all of you cherish so deeply, so personally, and yet so individualistically as well.

In the course of time you will find that there those who are particularly drawn to certain orders. This is not without reason. There are myriad lessons to be learned and the opportunities for learning are unnumbered, and as you set out – which you already have done – to serve and to learn and to grow – you have opportunities/options to investigate fields and areas of interest that are innate to your own integral identity, your own yearning, your own destiny, your own hunger. Although often you are required to set your own yearning aside in order to take care of your responsibilities, your obligations, your debts and your duties, your yearnings remain a part of your calling and sooner or later you will follow this heart’s delight and in the process you will be drawn to and attracted to certain types that will welcome you and incorporate you and cultivate you as elder brothers and sisters do throughout the universe.

At the same time, you will sometimes be drawn to certain fields which are not appropriate for you at this time, and you will be redirected from this longing to know, to attain, to experience. These minor disappointments are simply detours based on principles and circumstances over which we have no control. Because it is an orderly universe and there are projects ongoing involving other energies, other personalities, other goals, that sometimes you and we cannot take part in at this time but there are other things we can do. As the phrase goes, “it behooves me to keep busy while I wait for my hour to come.”

And so while your way may not be made clear, while your path may not open to you in the way you would have it open, if you can see to it that your hands do what is there to do, you will be contributing your energy in a positive and constructive way, even though it may be much quieter and much more humble than your heart desires. In this way, however, be assured you will be developing the kind of qualities -- such as fortitude, endurance, patience and the like -- which will serve you well when the opportunity does arrive for you to follow through with your longings. You will then have been tested and found worthy to proceed into the schools that await you.

It is difficult for humans just starting out on this conscious destiny path into the cosmic neighborhood, the greater galactic civilization, to recognize and realize all the fine points that have been established by centuries and millennia, even eons of time and effort in an evolving universe. There will be need for restraint and disciplines. Restraint and disciplines are difficult for you to conceive of, perhaps because of the nature of the planet from which you hail. I know full well what I am addressing when I address you diligent and ambitious, even hungry souls from a planet such as this one. I know full well and I urge you to spend time with your Teachers who will work with you on understanding yourself better and your reactions and responses to life circumstances so that you can become a better teacher of these lessons, these values, to those just behind you coming along in the march of ages, and do this as a balance to the pressing forward that you do to launch upon your eternal career, to engage in your adventures in space and time.

There are those who don’t want to hear about the disciplines, who have felt already they have been too constrained, and that religious freedom, spiritual freedom, should mean their will is unhampered. This alone is a good reason to entertain the concept of a Magisterial Son who comes to talk to you about justice. Justice is not simply passing sentence. It is about walking wisely on your path, even as you walk among friends and strangers, creatures like yourself and unlike yourself, taking the time to get to know where your doors open readily and where they are closed, or where they provide a peek and when they are securely shut. Just because you all get together en mass and pick up a log, like the Vikings of old, and heave together to knock down the gate that will allow you into heaven, is no guarantee that the gate is going to be broken into.

You are mortals. And you have a mortal legacy in your composition. I am not surprised by much of anything, but I am an Observer. I have observed human development for a very long time on both normal worlds and decimal planets, even planets like yours that have experienced rebellion and default. But I will say this about that - planets such as this do require extra attention, and although you might like to think you are special because you are so adorable, yes, you are also required to have special treatment because you are so retarded and so defective, and until you are presentable, you cannot go foraging into the remote regions of the universe carrying with you your planetary dysfunction, no matter how heroic and noble you may feel it is.

There will be opportunity for you to utilize what you have learned from your experiences on this world as you advance, and particularly in your far-away future as finaliters, but there is much work to be done - here and now - with you, with the world you live on, and the people in it, their governments, and the many systems in effect that are overseen by the seraphic planetary government, the myriad angels that work in health, homes, the nations, for enlightenment, with the races, and so forth. This is where we need your work. This is where we need your effort. This is where we need your application. This is where the job opportunities are.

Once more, I feel as if I have said more than enough and I am not inclined to take questions. I will therefore leave you with those words and bring Dani back to entertain you and, if there are questions, perhaps there will be other Teachers on hand to address them. Thank you for your focus, and good evening.

DANI: Hello, boys and girls. This is Dani, come back to assure you we are all still here and still kicking. There are other Teachers in the wings. Michael is here, of course. It’s just a real theater, if you will, and I am going to open the floor to questions in general. If you have questions, now is your chance.


George: Hi, Dani. How are you doing?

DANI: Who is this?

George: This is George.

DANI: Hi, George.

George: The last time we spoke, maybe a couple months ago, I am curious. I’ve always been curious, and if you could indulge me --

DANI: Curious George, yes.

George: I’ve always wondered how many celestial beings are hovering over us on these Light Lines. I’m wondering if it in the thousands, or is that in the tens of thousands or in the hundreds.

DANI: Well, it’s more than you can count. George: Wow!

DANI: I will tell you though they aren’t all paying close attention. Some of them are just monitoring the light that shines; some of them that are actually hanging on every word, recording them, if you will. Not just on a tape recorder, but on a different kind of recording fashion – the Recorders, you know. But there are student teachers, student visitors, members of the Teacher Corps, Melchizedek Receivers, Michael, and often we are aware of other entities who are passing by or tuning in simply because they are on patrol, if you will. And so they come and go, but assuredly you are noticed. I should say WE are noticed. I am here too, and frankly I’m glad they do come by. I learn a lot from them, as you do.

George: Thank you. And one last question. Are these Light Line occasions being broadcast back to the mansion worlds or the system capital?

DANI: Yes, they are available on Jerusem if anybody wants to follow it, and Michael has a receiving station in Salvington. Also there are times when, I am assured, there are flashes of harmony and insight that go all the way to Paradise, so we are really doing something here. It’s not just amusing ourselves on a Thursday evening, or whatever day it is where you live. There is a reason for this, you see. It’s not just for fun. Part of the reason is to assure you of a friendly universe, that there is life in the universe and it is interested in you, your development, and so we have the assurance aspect. We provide a support system so that you don’t feel isolated and alone. You can at least imagine you have company. You have entities to imagine and talk to which eventuate in a prayerful attitude. It also opens up your consciousness to think in terms of life beyond this sphere, as a citizen of the universe and what that perspective can provide you that can then help provide perspective for those who are really in the dark and have no faith whatsoever in intelligent life in the universe. You can then convey through your assurance a certain confidence that is like spiritual vitamins to those who have suffered malnutrition.

Marty: Dani? This is Marty. I’d like to ask another question. DANI: Hi, Marty. Sure. What is it?

Marty: I wonder if the former Urantian mortals who are now in morontia, have access to the meetings such as this one.

DANI: Not all of them, and not all the time. I’ve asked this myself and the answer I got was that too many people get too hung up on what’s going on here and they neglect their job there. It would be like you going to your job at the office and wanting to be on the telephone to your house all the time to see how the kids were doing or what the wife was fixing for dinner or stuff like that, when you really need to have your mind on the job; that’s what you’re supposed to be doing, that’s what you’re there for. And so the people who have gone from this level are there now and they really need to apply themselves to what’s going on there, and so it’s not encouraged. But there are occasions and situations where they can go to a particular place. It would be like going to an observatory or, more accurately, to the library.

Marty: So they can follow the events from time to time by --

DANI: Yes. Yes, like you can go to the Internet and find out what’s going on, they have like an Internet where they can find out what’s going on upon the planet. But they are not encouraged to get too involved in the life they left. It will catch up with them soon.

Marty: Thank you, Dani.

George: Say, Dani, I’ve got one more observation or maybe a comment or maybe a question. I still have this concept that when we do have concrete proof that there is intelligent life on other planets, that is documented by our science, that this world will sort of come together and see itself as one planet, one humanity, and some of those tribal, racial, even national borders will be obsolete and no longer relevant. Could you comment on this from your observation, from your long life and …

DANI: I’m not sure what you are asking. Are you asking that if you find out that there are other life forms in the universe and they come visit you or you go visit them, that you will no longer be agondonters? Is that what your question is?

George: No. I’m figuring when we do find them, and they have visited us and we have that documented on record, I mean, it becomes public knowledge, that the human race here will no longer see the regular borders that now separates us. We will see ourselves as one humanity.

DANI: Probably not. No, probably not because look at you and your neighbors. I’m not saying you in particular, but somebody can have their own family and they are self-contained and they can look at the people across the street and think they are completely strange, weird, people that they want to have nothing to do with. That doesn’t make them brothers just because they live on the same street. It involves a lot more than just the material aspect.

George: I was hoping the answer would be a little bit different.

DANI: Yes, I know that. I know that about you guys because I have been around watching you for thousands of years myself. It’s not like I’m seeing it from the vantage point of the Most High Observer, but I have lived intimately with you humans since I was born, shortly after Adam and Eve. That was what? How many thousands of years ago?

Student: Thirty-eight.

DANI: A long time. I’ve been watching you and I know how you are. I would like to see a better response, too, but I am not foolish. I am not a fool, I should say.

Student: Is there time for another question? DANI: Of course! Student: Are we still considered agondonters?

DANI: Oh, yes. Why would you not be still considered agondonters? Because of the broadcasts?

Student: Yes.

DANI: No, you are still agondonters because all of this is simply because you believe. There is no proof here! You don’t have a temple. You don’t have a Material Son and Daughter to come with their majesty and their teachings and sit with you and teach you. You don’t have proof. You will be agondonters forever because you have lived under these circumstances.

Student: Well, alright.

DANI: Even if Machiventa Melchizedek materialized next week and came and spent a month in your house as your houseguest, in a material body, and was able to transport your consciousness to Jerusem to witness some of the marvels that you have to look forward to, and returned you to your house, you would still be an agondonter because you have the experience behind you of believing without seeing.

So if you are 27 years old, you already have 27 years as an agondonter that you cannot chuck; you can’t get rid of that. It’s like someone who is born in Chicago. If they are born in Chicago, they are always going to have been born in Chicago. They may have moved to California when they were six months old but they are still born in Chicago. Do you see?

Student: I do. Thank you.

Marty: I would like to say something about the agondonter. That is that maybe without seeing with one’s eyes, but seeing with one’s soul, is a different kind of vision and I think that is what the agondontership is referring to.

DANI: Well, it certainly is a dimension of awareness. To add that is a way of making the status sacred, but included in the definition of an agondonter is someone who can overcome serious circumstances and triumph over all indications to the contrary. Someone who loses both legs in a war, for example, and goes on to get involved in the Special Olympics, or wins a contest for climbing – they develop their arms to overcome their absence of legs. That’s an agondonter. They have triumphed over insuperable odds. Whether they believe in God or not, they have triumphed over insuperable odds. You see what I am saying?

Marty: Yes.

DANI: That cannot be overlooked.

Marty: Thank you. That’s very nicely put.

DANI: Well, it was actually very awkwardly phrased, but you see the principle.

Karo: Hello, Dani. How are you doing?

DANI: I’m good. How are you?

Karo: Fine, thank you. From your vantage point, I would like you to talk about some ideas on how we can be more effective in generating funds – money -- for the work of the gospel.

DANI: Well, I’ve talked about this before. As a matter of fact, quite a few of the midwayers have addressed this topic. And it is a fact - it is a law of the universe - that if you set out to do what God wants you to do, the wherewithal will be provided. When you set out to make the money first, so that you have it to get something done, you have altered your approach such that you have shot yourself in the foot. Looking for money to accomplish something is going at it backwards. Do it. And if you are doing it right, and doing it well, it will come about.

I’m going to remind you that I see once more where you are coming from and it is because of the material world on which you live and it’s deficiencies. You are thinking like a capitalist, and that’s not going to get the job done. That’s not what the job is all about. What do you want to do?

Karo: (Indistinguishable) teaching and preaching.

DANI: You want to go about teaching and preaching, from place to place.

Karo: Exactly.

DANI: Okay. Jesus did that. But he didn’t have a place to lay his head. He didn’t have real estate. He depended on other people to provide for him, in that, when he was in the full sway of his teaching and preaching, there was David Zebedee who picked up the ball and ran with it in terms of providing the tent cities -- the food, the shelter, the sanitary “Port-a-Potties” -- whatever it was that they needed to function, because Jesus was not taking up a collection nor was he paying to rent a hall somewhere.

You will recall when it was found out that the apostles owed taxes, he said, “Well, then, go fish! Go fishing and sell the fish and make the money to do the thing.” And so they did. They went fishing and they came up with the shekels and they paid their taxes and then they went on with things. So you can teach and preach, but you are going to have to pay your way. This is just the way it is.

Or you can become as the … who were they? the Essenes? … who did depend completely on others for their food and shelter, but they were quite skinny, and not everyone listened to them. They found a small niche, not what you are looking for, I think. When people want to teach and preach, it is generally because they have aspirations to be somebody in the Kingdom or make their mark upon destiny; they want to be noticed and they don’t want to waste their time punching a clock working for someone else doing the mundane things humans have to do to survive.

It’s a very romantic idea, this teaching and preaching, but it really is just a romantic idea. The real work is in personal, one-on-one ministry, as you pass by, as you live your life doing what you need to do to take care of yourself and your family. Here I am bursting bubbles right and left, I see.

Marty: Very good teaching, Dani. Very good.

DANI: Well, I have seen so many people spin their wheels their whole life, only on their deathbed to discover that they have wasted their whole life doing something that was not ultimately productive. I don’t want that to happen to you. I want you to find the joy in living and the effectiveness of your own life, that the way you can teach and preach is unique to you and most effective being blooming in the pot where you were planted.

Show business! It’s all show business when you think of the multitudes, or producing books or CDs to reach more people. It’s show business. There is nothing wrong with show business, but that is show business. That’s not the gospel.

Marty: Well, the show business is a job and the show people, they have their relationships, and that’s just part of it.

DANI: And they work very hard! That’s the thing about professionals, you know. Professionals work very hard to make it look very easy. That’s the magic of theater.

Marty: Well, Dani, while you’re there, I would just like to express my gratitude for all the help we get from the United Midwayers and just really want to send my love to those who have helped me.

DANI: Thank you, Marty. We do appreciate your appreciation, and we do work hard. I know most of us are light and airy, buoyant compared to some of the more heady entities that come along, and there are those who kind of disregard us because we are so close to being like you, as if we couldn’t possibly have much to offer but, fact is, we work hard, – just like they do in show business, I might add – and do what we can to make it look easy because we don’t want you to give up. We don’t want you to succumb to the fact that we do grow weary. I know you grow weary. We are all the time encountering this problem and having to help you overcome it. We work with your Adjusters; we work with the angels; we work with the power directors; we all work together to keep it going and we keep it going because there is a plan afoot. Not because it’s that much fun but it’s that meaningful.

Marty: Well, if it were not for the effort sand the energy of the United Midwayers, we would still be very, very, very backward. Not that we are not backward, but we have come a long way with your help.

DANI: Well, thanks again, and we have come a long way but really many of us have only come a long way in the last couple thousand years since we had the opportunity to observe Jesus when he lived here and it was – what’s the word? Captivating! It was captivating watching him operate. Talk about theater! You have no idea how captivating he was. Humble, hard working. I just can’t tell you how impressed with him as we all were. Dusty feet, sometimes straggly hair. He was such a man! Such an incredible lover of humanity. You could feel it. You could almost see it, radiating from him, the love, leaking out of his pores. As a human being. As a human being! He was impressive.

Marty: When he was growing up, did the midwayers know who he was?

DANI: Yes, we did. Yes, we did know who he was. We were privy to his being here, but many of us didn’t really pay that much attention because we were, frankly, juvenile delinquents. We were children in need of supervision. But as we did observe and as we talked among ourselves -- “Did you see him in the temple, handling those dudes?” “Did you see what he did there in the temple, when he upset everything?” “Did you see how he handled his relationship with his mother when she said that?” And “Did you see what he said about ‘that fox’ when he was denied his worker’s comp?” -- these things added up.

We do observe you humans. We do make a note of what contributes to the lasting value of this world, what forwards light and life and what retards it. It is something that we are sensitive to because we can’t leave here until it reaches a certain point and so yes, we have a vested interest in your growth and your evolution. So this dawned on us during the course of his being here, what it meant. We didn’t know what it meant either! We didn’t know. We weren’t born into a perfect world. So we saw him operating and he impressed us and we decided we would pull together and we did that.

We did that, and so now we are working much more effectively, and so thank you for the kudos, as you say. Thank you for the work you do, too. We are a conspiracy. We are working together to bring light to this world and to get it moving along. It’s a rough row to hoe because there are so many things to remember; there are so many what they call “walking wounded”; there are so many who are so sensitive; so many children who have never truly grown up, who are afraid of the dark, who are afraid to be who they are intended to be. The fear is in every pore of so many of you and it takes so much work to overcome that legacy.

Marty: Well that’s what a real teacher is; someone who can relate to another and break through those fears and help a person be who they really are.

DANI: Yes, and not through shaming them into behaving better, or abusing them into choosing differently, but nurturing and cultivating and loving. And people observe this; it gives off energy and that energy is attractive. Even juvenile delinquents can sense it. They don’t trust it; they don’t think that they can have a piece of it; they may even attack it, but through your persistence, the message does get across.

Marty: Yes, it’s a cultivation of hope

DANI: It is indeed a cultivation of hope.

Marty: And I think that there’s no greater joy than working together in this understanding and looking ahead to the results that we anticipate.

DANI: No greater work is there than this. No more important focus than that.

Jerry: Dani, can I ask a question?

DANI: Yes.

Jerry: I never until this evening considered your development. Now, are you considered to be also an agondonter?

DANI: I will be.

Jerry: Welcome to the club.

DANI: Indeed. Welcome to the family.

Jerry: I should say you’re welcoming us; you’ve been here a lot longer.

DANI: Well, we aren’t cousins for nothing.

Jerry: Glad to hear it.


DANI: I daresay, however, cousins, our time has expired for the evening. It has been fun, got to run. Bye-bye!

Group: Thank you.