2009-10-02-Fruits of the Spirit

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Topic: Fruits of the Spirit

Group: S. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Eregon

TR: Jo Ann



EREGON: We are with you. Greetings, dear friends. It is a gorgeous afternoon in your realm; we perceive it so as well. This is Eregon, your assigned teacher, mentor, and coach, happy to be fellowshipping, communing with you again. We, who are at one with the will of the universe, or your home world, are delighted to have such opportunities to interact and co-create with you, the dawning of a better day. We thank you for your interest and your efforts, no matter how minute, or how you, yourselves, might discount them. We see the light; we see the light shining from you in so many things you do, the small acts of kindness, letters to the editors and blogs, helping each other to understand deep spiritual teachings. Personal service to one another, and to the greater community, the loving service you offer to your family members, close friends and others, is appreciated, not only by them, but also by your celestial benefactors.


As the hearth fire warms on a chilly night, so your many kind acts light up our end of the spectrum of the environment, we see things in a different way than you do. The material density in which you function and operate, is not so clear to us as it is to you, but the light from, and the effects of, the things that you do, the gifts of the fruits of the spirit, which you offer to others, and which you joyfully receive, these are readily perceivable by us. The light is the light of the spirit, functioning in you, causes angels to stand by ready to assist, and catches the note of teachers, like a changing traffic light. Wherever this light is operational, this is our realm of interaction. It is the base in which we can function, and the space which you have built here today is a variety of this, but it is intentionally to create a co-creation space with your teachers and angels, and it is a group project which is also different from your individual ministry.

We care about you in many ways, and do rejoice to see the spirit lamps lit in your hearts and souls and minds. If you but perceived how this functioning light enhances your physical health, emotional health and mental well-being, you would probably endeavor to operate from this mode much more often. We invite you to experiment with this, to notice if you feel more energetic, more alive, more truly joyful and optimistic, having confidence and trust in the universe. And remember, you do not need to create this effect within your mind, it happens automatically when you are kind to someone else, when you are doing anything that is not exclusively for yourself, with a feeling of generous goodwill.

As you become one with the spirit within, in any of these endeavors we have mentioned, you are energized as if being plugged into an outlet. The power is on! And those of us, who watch and guard and guide you, see the sign of a voluntary act, attend as if you had turned on the television to a program or a movie that was your favorite. We cannot help but note—and it would be hard to ignore—that we often become very involved, interested in and curious about what you are doing in this phase, and what you would do next. And then, the light goes out, and we have to wait for the next episode or chapter to show up, to know what is really going on with you. But, we are not frustrated or waiting around during this time when you are not spiritually active; trust us, we have other assignments and responsibilities, than watching each of you.

We have asked you several times to experiment or keep track of different things, and we are wondering today if there are any here present who would be willing to relate or share some of their experiences—or one of their experiences—of “consciously going about, doing good?” We will give you a moment to search your mind, and then ask for feedback.


I’ve been making lap robes for the nursing home and …(inaudible)….

Jo Ann: You make lap robes for the nursing home? And pray for the people as you make them? Do you get to give them in person?

Student: Sometimes; it varies and …(inaudible)….

Jo Ann: And how does that feel to you?

Student: It’s appreciated, they are always cold, and the ones I make are fleece, fluffy and soft.

Jo Ann: Does anyone else have one to share? (Pause.)

EREGON: We have noticed, we have often asked you in this class, if you would listen and share what you might be hearing. Today we ask something slightly different: If you might remember and share an event when you felt something that was more than an intuition; more than just an ordinary insight and you followed through with it. Is there someone here who would be willing to share such an experience with the group?

Student: [Paraphrased.] My daughter needed to speak to a lawyer, and I asked the Holy Spirit to guide the right people together—it’s never failed me. So she went and spent money on a consultation and wasn’t very happy [with the advice.] As she came out of the door, there was a person she knew from a yoga class. [My daughter] knew that she was an attorney. [The attorney] asked, “What are you doing here?” and [my daughter] explained the situation. So the attorney says, “Oh no, don’t use that guy. I do the same thing, and this is how you download it online. It will teach you all the things you need to know.” There [was] a real connection, a real trust. Those kinds of things happen to me constantly.

So, as for service, I just do little things for people all the time. If somebody needed something, I [would] get it for them, or … I just feel real good, giving them what they need or e-mailing and supporting people in what they are doing, especially the artisans. It just feels good to do little things all the time for people, and I don’t enumerate them or anything, but I just know I feel good.

Jo Ann: Anyone else? (Pause.)

EREGON: Thank you for sharing. We do not wish to ask you to be accountants and keep a ledger of these events, but very often you do not give yourself acknowledgment of the ways in which you enrich your life and make the lives of others more beautiful and meaningful, with these gifts of “fruits of the spirit.” So our purpose in asking you to share today, was to call to your attention some of the ways in which each of you interact with spirit in your lives, with the teachers, with the angels, and thereby enrich your life and the lives of some of the other people. We wish you to notice that most of you do this more frequently than it is easy to identify in your minds. It is becoming second nature for you. This is a natural progression.

When one has been born of the spirit, come into light, open to Christ consciousness, Buddha mind—or however you might phrase it—when one has invited spirit to be active in their lives, there is a progression, an increase, a growth, and sometimes—because of the very nature of growth—you do not realize that you are making progress. This is something we would find it beneficial for you to realize. When you enlarge your understanding of the many ways in which you interact with a universe that is friendly, you open the door to even more experiences of this nature. When you acknowledge and even express appreciation for some of these interchanges, again, you open the window and let in more light to your souls.

We extend invitations to actions to you, again and again, and will continue. This is not a quiet passing of information; this group is more like an extended workshop, and we hope that you enjoy participating in the adventure of life in this way. So often you do these lovely and thoughtful things, and then simply let them go—which is a good thing. It would not be right to become attached to watching the results of everything that you do, but occasionally it is good to take note when something enriches the joy of another person and their connection with spirit, through their appreciation for your favor. Something is created, so as you travel through your days, going about doing good, we invite you to be aware of this facet also: While the giver and the receiver are both blessed, frequently there is the opportunity for a witness to be enriched, simply to be in the presence of a spiritual giving event. So we say, “Freely give; freely receive.” And freely express the joy of being able to do so.


We see in your lives a thousand sparkling blessings, all happening at once, and extending through time. And we wish to assure you, once again, that you are never alone. There is cooperation, a concert of co-operative celestial friends, walking your life-path with you. We invite you again to live in more joy more often.

Are there questions today? (Pause.) Very well. (Another long pause.)

Jo Ann: I guess that’s all.