2009-10-09-The Connection Between Mind and Soul

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Topic: The Connection Between Mind and Soul

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Bzutu

TR: George Barnard

Session 1

October 9, 2009


Bzutu: “It is I, Midwayer Chief Bzutu, back from being in other places, together with my helpers, where we encountered more than a little indescribable soul-felt pain of the living, and young lives brutally cut short. We are here now. Our kin based in the northern hemisphere are looking after their territory. We are answering questions here now about the mind and the soul, both of which, to us, look similar in make up, although they have different functions entirely.

“The mind as you know it interacts with the brain when it suggests you move from point A, where you are sitting, to point B, where the cookies are on the table, and your brain then without conscious thought makes the biological machine that is your body complete the task of obtaining the cookies. It is unnecessary for this brain or mind to have the ability to care in any way, to either own or display even a small degree of love or empathy, because it will function just right, materially.

“However, for such an individual so utterly self centered, there will be no soul progress, or as we refer to it, Mid-Mind progress. The human soul or mid-mind resembles the everyday mind in its essence only, its material make up, but instead of it being rather local – in and around the head – it resides throughout the body, following its contours, whilst being centered around the heart. For us Midwayers your mid-mind is an open book, advanced and bright, or gray and neglected.

“Your intent and actions in life provide for the growth of your soul. To be in the very least accepting of yourself with all your faults, and to love others and your Creator is what advances the mid-mind of lasting value. Whatever you do for it is added to in great measure by the Thought Adjuster – that mystery Gift – that Great Contributor -- that lives every moment of your life with you. You have been shown more than enough in your lifetime to complete this explanation of how one can literally be of two minds – the logical, and the heart-felt.

“I am ABC 22 at your service. I send my love to all.”


The Midwayers based around Australia were all involved with the Sumatra earthquake, only some were in the Philippines with the killer mudslides. I understood they were in India with the floods, also, but I got that wrong. Next up I am to write about a number of experiences with actual souls.

Session 2

October 10, 2009


During the years from 1972 (when I finally attained better visual and audible contact with the Midwayers) until now, 2009, many questions regarding the mind, soul, and Thought Adjuster directed at the 1,111 were satisfactorily answered. Here follow four such events and their explanations. For the first one of these you need to “get into the mind” of a pre-kindergartner.


1/ As a toddler in the early 1940’s I was brought to a cemetery to ‘visit’ a sibling. I did not expect this little brother of mine to be a tiny plague of wood with writing on it. It was explained to me that he was under the ground. That seemed very wrong to me, as the concept “death” was meaningless, and he would obviously not be happy if he could not move. Suddenly, against the backdrop of tall tries and a darkening sky, I watched a tiny transparent baby being lifted skyward. That transparent baby was a soul, I found out many years later. However, I had been shown a happening of seven or eight years in the past.

2/ In the late 1940’s my young niece slipped into a coma. A large benign growth was squeezing her heart. Benign or not, the sweet little darling could not live, because she could not be operated on. My parents and I were there at the deathbed of this five- or six-year-old. There were lots of other people there with us at the moment she died, but none of them saw what I saw. Whilst her body was on its back on the bed, fingers intertwined as in prayer, “another little girl,” arms outstretched from her shoulders, was gently being lifted up, out of that body, and right through the ceiling of her room. Gone! That was her sleepy little soul, her eternal essence, being “harvested,” I learned. Her soul was also transparent, sure enough, but it did have some color, and it looked just like her.

3/ A relative living in the Netherlands was for many years talking about visiting my family in Australia once he retired from his ‘carpets and curtains business.’ I knew the man to be rather emotional, though not unstable. Still, I was concerned about his health, and warned him to take it easy. Finally the day of his retirement came around, and he went to visit some ten or twelve families to say goodbye before traveling to visit us. He would arrive in five days we were told, but in meditation I could not find him, not even when ‘turning the clock forward’ by six months. The last people he went to ‘farewell’ allowed him to have a short rest in an upstairs room, as he was suddenly tired. He died there in his sleep.

Some weeks later the doorbell rang, a split second later, the heavy brass door knocker sounded, then there was a rapping on the kitchen window, and last of all the telephone rang – all of this within seconds – and no one knew what to answer first, so we stayed put. Seconds later a figure appeared to be moving through the wall to stand on the landing to observe me and my family from a vantage point. This, I learned, was not the soul of our would-be visitor. This was his Thought Adjuster projecting the subject of His devotion to me, allowing His subject’s mind to ‘pay the visit’ he failed to make in his terrestrial life.

I strongly felt I had been subjected to an in depth psych analysis our Dutch relative was incapable of. As well our relative’s soul, long since departed for the Mansion Worlds, was not opportune to come back for a visit. It took a long time for me to learn about ‘the ins and outs’ of this experience.

4/ In 2000 when I was staying in Idaho near the Canadian border, I momentarily perceived a young woman from Australia who had come to visit me, telling me about the child, a boy, she would give birth to. I expected her to be pregnant at the time, but she was not. On my return to Australia I learned that she was not aware of having traveled to Idaho in her sleep. Through a friend, who transmitted Teacher Tomas, I learned that they had been the young woman’s Thought Adjuster, and my Thought Adjuster, who had been in communication. The boy whose arrival was announced in the northern hemisphere Fall of 2000 finally made his entry into this world in the southern hemisphere Spring of 2003.