2009-10-18-Transition Era, Change

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Topic: Transition Era, Change

Group: N. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Daniel Raphael



MONJORONSON: Good afternoon, this is Monjoronson. (A hearty welcome from the group gathered.) It is a pleasure to be with you once more, as I am with thousands and millions of others around the planet, now, throughout the day and the evening.


For some of you, my appearance may have come suddenly, unexpectedly and perhaps even without your welcome, but I am here. My presence here is a part of the divine development of this planet, Urantia, and its platform as an enterprise for bringing into existence growing and thriving souls. We wish you to be aware that the plans for my arrival for this era were made long ago. When the defaults took place many tens of thousands of years ago, there was already in place a thought of how to adjudicate this, how to bring this into alignment with the lines and energies of light in Nebadon. You have long waited for this as souls becoming, but I am here now to assist you directly, personally, with your progress and growth.

The arrival and work that you have anticipated is now taking place. With Christ Michael’s arrival for his seventh and last bestowal, the outcome of that was very decisive. You recall in reading the Urantia Book about his contact with the Caligastia and Luciferian Rebellion, and those who were in darkness. The conclusion was soon in coming. What you have seen is a cessation of the direct and powerful influence of negative forces upon your world, as the forces of light began to take hold. Shortly after this era of Christ Michael’s presence, and the beginning of the Christian era, there was the period of darkness of cultural demise of the western world. There was much that was happening and not happening, and this was a period of stillness. We wish to point out to you, the influence of light and love on your planet has a powerful effect, and when it is in cessation for a world, then the elements of cultural demise take hold. This does not mean that you individually, those in centuries past, were neglected or ignored—certainly not, for they had their guardian angels, their caretakers there with them.

Preparation for this current era began in earnest with the middle ages, the Renaissance and the Age of Enlightenment, with the development of curiosity that expanded. The discovery of the New World had a huge effect upon the consciousness of your world, particularly those individuals who were intellectually and spiritually inclined. There began an eruption of spiritual consciousness, and awakening in the minds of mankind, individually and as a race. This continued on for centuries, until the present time. You have seen a technological development that began even before the Industrial Revolution. It began in the cottage industries, in the countryside, where people conducted their businesses at home with their families. You have seen a tremendous rise in cultural and social change in your world, and it continues to accelerate.

These are all in preparation for the coming era, the Transition Era that you have already begun. Your world is on the brink of an immense change. It is important that we have already begun to instill thoughts of the future, to anticipate those years ahead, where darkness may encompass your civilization. Anticipating that, you are being called forward to participate in the healing of your world. You have already raised the consciousness of humanity a great deal; we have spoken of this in the past. Now we wish to begin to build a sustainable civilization, built upon stable and sustainable societies, and sustainable national networks, which will eventually, in time, give way to a global political network.

Our work now is before you, to engage you personally. Some of you have literally been “thumped in the head,” to take notice of what is around you, to take notice that you have spiritual beings with you who love you, and will not neglect you, and who will assure that you pay attention, for if your intention is to become in contact with us and to grow spiritually and personally, and be of service in society, you will be brought to attention as you have requested, for our helpers, the midwayers, are here in abundance to do that very thing.

Yes, a sustainable world is possible; it is necessary to bring that into existence, in order for the days of light and life to become inaugurated and proceed. One step must precede the other, so that you are awakened as a human species, that you are made aware that this is a material world, a spiritual essence, that there is a spiritual contribution that this world will make to the rest of the universe, and that each one of you is important to that process. Those of you who are being awakened are encouraged to ask for contact with us, to ask how you might grow and how to be of service, and let the loose ends lie, letting us take the bridle and guide you forward along the positive path of life and growth. Let us rest from that for a moment.

Now I will tie in the Dark Ages that your western civilization has gone through in the past, and which, my friends, many dozens-upon-dozens of very large civilizations on your world have gone through, before they went into collapse and vanished. Your world is in a change, a great flux of movement, of energy. We have, according to the plans for your world, begun to release the restraints of change that are upon your world. Remember that your world is an energetic construct, that without the sustenance and sustainability of the Creator to support your world in existence, it would collapse and disappear. So too, it is maintained by the energy directors, who hold your world in their grasp through the mechanisms of an architectural and engineering nature. These mechanisms have held in abeyance those traumatic physical changes on your world, which would have brought it into destruction, long ago.

These restraints are being released very slowly, so that the destructive forces of earth changes, whether they are earthquakes or weather changes, do take place slowly. Your world is about to engage a new era of planetary change, the likes of which are not seen but every 10,000 to 100,000 years. These are very powerful and we know that they are coming. As your world is a mechanical, physical entity, we could predict where this would occur, though we do not wish to do so. Your world is a world of change. Remember that the things that happen on your world, just as the rain, will occur to the good and as to those who are evil; that those who are in darkness enjoy the rain, and those who are in light enjoy the rain as well. There is no preference or difference given to the acts of nature, which have occurred and which are going to occur on your world. These were put into place millions and billions of years ago, through the early beginnings of your world, an evolutionary, physical, material world. Your environment is changing and you must adapt to it in order to survive.

How do you adapt? This is a primary and important question to ask. If you do not ask it, you will not receive the answers, whether you are of spiritual nature of light, or one who lives in darkness. How to be of assistance to this, and how to protect yourself to the best of your abilities? And that is to be in oneness in consciousness with your world, to be in the right place at the right time. Do not be deterred that your prayers may not seem to be answered through these physical changes — know that you will be guided if you listen. If you attach yourself to your material goods, you will surely have more difficulty than those who release them and let them go. There will be times when you must flee, and there will be times when you must stay. Listen to your centeredness, do not fall into fear; neither do you fall into your ego and know that you are above the happenstance and conditions of your world physically, for all are susceptible to what will occur. Those of you who live in danger, you may pray to pass on quickly, for you will be given the opportunity to do so. You are requested to be at peace in these moments of difficulty.

These words I speak are not only for you here, in this comfortable home in the United States, but they are intended for all those in difficult places of the world, those who are impoverished, and those who live in physically threatened areas of the world, whether in earthquakes, in tsunamis, in droughts and floods, can affect you greatly. This is meant for everyone, not only those who are well educated, but those who are not, those who hear within, and those do not. These words are intended for everyone. It is our call to you to wake up. The wake up call is coming to everyone.

You have a magnificent, though still primitive, Internet service, which will be of great assistance in the near and distant future. You may recall that your investors—10, 15, 20 years ago—began building an infrastructure of the glass fibers (fiber optics) that carry the signals throughout the world. These are now being used and will be enjoyed in future decades. The work here that was given to those people to invest in, will not go without use, but will be highly useful. What will be vulnerable, of course, is maintaining your satellite system, which will need support and refreshing from time-to-time. These are the hardware aspects of change in your world. We see them as support systems to guide you and inform you.

During these times of difficulty, those of the light will seek answers of the light, asking how to be at peace with this, how to pray, how to be in oneness, how to be akin to the highest endeavors and of service to this planet? You will be given answers! You will be asked to move forward and to be of assistance, whether that is to project your consciousness forward to help those in times of need, or to draw in the consciousness of others to assist you where you are. This is not selfish, my friends. Do not be afraid to ask for assistance; do not be afraid to ask for greater expansion of your consciousness and awareness of where your world is, and how you fit into it. This is a necessary function of your existence; this is training for your morontial existence, now. We encourage you to begin to work [on] your consciousness for the good of yourself, and for that of others—not of manipulation, as that is the old way of doing business—but of being of influence in the light; to bring the light to others in darkness, and to bring the light to you, where you know not where your darkness is.

It is important that you be in touch with the higher realms around you. Do not be afraid as well, to speak to the midwayers, as you would your neighbor or someone on your cell phone. When you are in need, ask for assistance. When you are in need of enlightenment, ask for enlightenment. Ask for the way shown to you; ask how to be of service to them, and how they might be of service to you. This is becoming a much more tangible, pragmatic, spiritual relationship on your world. This is what your world is coming to in joy; this is what your world will enjoy to a greater and greater extent as the years pass by. Those who hear, will truly hear more clearly; and those of you who see, will see more clearly as well. You will not be in doubt. As we move forward to energize the circuits more closely akin to how you can perceive us, the answers and the messages. These circuits are being empowered all the time.

Some of you are in great doubt that we are here. Some of you are in great doubt that the Most Highs have been of positive influence to the leaders and to the organizations of your world. Those doubts can be your own, but for many others, those doubts do not exist; they know this has occurred. You are now enjoying the opportunity to see through your news media the work of the Most Highs and their delegations around the world. You are able to see the positive influence of many events of the past, as your historians examine those dates, details and events much more thoroughly. Yes, there is a great deal of evil in your world; yes, there are many who prey upon the weak; and, yes, there are those who would destroy you. Yet—and nonetheless—positive good has come to your world and has been of influence.

This is what has made possible this coming era, as we become more in touch with you. The influence of light is guiding your world forward to enter into this Transition Era more thoroughly, completely and thoughtfully, in preparation for the New Era. We will be joining with many of you personally, to engage in the development of a sustainable society. You have been encouraged to participate in this, to gain further information. Soon we will be calling upon you personally to participate and to assist us. Yes, you will be contacted by mortals who know you, and those mortals who do not know you. Nonetheless, you will be called forward to assist. We work through you! You who listen, you who speak, you who hear, and yes, we even work through those of you who turn their back on this program. We work through all of you; we give you options for behavior, options for thinking. Our presence is here, it is permanent, and will not go away. You cannot slam the door on us, for we have our foot in the door and the light shines through, whether you turn out the lights inside, or not.

I thank you for your presence here today. As I speak to you—and I will come to this moment, this time now—think and be a resource to the midwayers who can pick your thinking and your options for thinking. We need opportunities; we need venues that are friendly where we can be invited in to participate, where we can share this information and to engage you co-creatively, in the co-creative process of designing a sustainable society, beginning with a sustainable family, a sustainable education, and healthcare for example.

We need your assistance. The future will not come into existence without your assistance. That is simply the bottom line of our efforts. We will be here, we will not go away, we will encourage you, and whether we work with only one person out of 6 billion people, we will work with that one person. We will work with all of those who step forward to ask to be of assistance. Oftentimes, you may not think that the service you are providing is valuable or important, or even contributes; some of it may be repugnant to you, or something you do not prefer. Some of you are recluses, and we will call you forward nonetheless; you can choose whether you come forward or not. Think of the resources around you and in your life that are available to you. Know that as you read this message on paper or on the Internet, we are in touch with your mind through this circuit, which is now created through these words. We thank you for reading them.

I am open for questions, if you have any.


Student: Yes, I have one. Several years back, when you gave us some instructions on what we could do with the archive to better serve you, one of the things you mentioned was to have an archive established on every continent. I’ve been asked to spearhead the one for Spanish speaking individuals. What I would like to know is, how important is that at this particular time, for your purposes?

MONJORONSON: There are so many ways to answer your question. The reason for asking for, or having sister or mirror sites on each continent, and in the dominant languages of those continents, was to assure the continuity of the messages that would be carried forward, so that during the traumatic transition era, that those records and those archives would be preserved physically and electronically, and though one site may fall, that it could be replicated from other sites. This need continues, and it will become more important within the next 2-3 years, and particularly afterwards. The world you are going into is changing, and the future needs the support from the present. The immediate need is not high on the list, though to us the need is almost eminent now. From a human perspective in terms of weeks, months and years, you have some time yet to do that. It would be facilitated by developing the capacity now in those sites, which are up and running, to be able to replicate another site quickly, when they become available. Does this answer your question?

Student: Mostly. One other question I have is, I am really finding it very difficult to figure out how to get all of the key transcripts translated accurately, into the Spanish language, so I would accept some help in that direction.

MONJORONSON: Most certainly. You will find that as our work becomes more public, more global, that there will be those that come forward. We will make these needs known in the near future through our broadcasts through your mechanical mechanisms. Your needs will be answered in time and before it is too late, though that sounds awfully ominous and is really inappropriate, considering this topic. Thank you.

Student: I have a question about the well-being of the people in North America. Swine flu is taking over the country very rapidly now, and the country is fairly well prepared for it, it would seem. Would you like to comment on this potential pandemic, and the second part of that is about terrorist attacks on our shores.

MONJORONSON: Yes. I will answer your first question and neglect the second. The first question is that although this is a pandemic and sounds ominous, and sounds perilous, it is a pandemic only in the fact that it is covering most of the earth and will affect most of the population of the world to the extent of approximately 65%. This should not be your major concern but the vector that will come out of swine flu. The next vector will be much more deadly. It will then be followed, eventually, with a second vector of even more virulent nature. We have spoken of this in the past, and it remains the same. The people of North America differ no less in importance, nor no more in importance than others around the world, and your nation is more capable of working with the flu, with the swine flu, than other nations, meaning that it will be affected to a lesser extent than other nations.

This brings us to an adjacent point, to which you did not ask, and that is the responsibility of your nation as a leader of the world. The almost narcissistic nature of your country as a culture has invaded a great deal of the world, and it has dominated your world’s policies to a great extent. The changes in the future must include that your nation step forward altruistically as a leader in the world, to assist lesser nations in protecting themselves and assisting them in expanding their resources, meaning their human resources. Additionally, leadership will be needed to decrease the military/industrial culture of your world, and particularly in this nation.

When this occurs, there will be a tremendous shift in your economy, though this shift in economy will take place almost simultaneously as your population is affected by the next virulent pandemic. As one of your cultural and intellectual leaders of the world has said, this is an opportunity to engage the conscious evolution of your world. Truly, these crises are also opportunities for leadership for the cultural, spiritual, political and moral leaders of the world, to consciously lead this world so that it evolves into a new culture of equality, one that follows the lines of the “schematic for sustainability,” which has been given to you in months past. This will be a major guide for the leaders of the world in the future, as simple as it is. I thank you for your question, and the opportunity to springboard into the subject of global leadership, which is so desperately needed, and for which your nation already occupies that position. Now it requires a change of heart by expanding the heart energy of this nation to fulfill the obligations of global leadership. Thank you.

STUDENT: Since the economic collapse, it appears to me that our leaders and CEO’s are just going back to their old ways of doing business that caused the collapse in the first place. Do you see it that way from your perspective, and do we need another economic collapse before they get the idea that it isn’t sustainable?

MONJORONSON: There is never a need for negative and destructive actions in your economies, or your politics, or in your culture. Yes, there will be a continuation of old practices, though there will be a veneer of regulatory change. It is unfortunate that this will again become an influence in the future. It will be another slap at the healthy economy of the world that will knock it to its knees once more. Those who are in influence—and certainly it is not those in the political realm—but those who are in corporate realms that pay huge amounts of money to highly effective lobbies, to influence the various branches of government, to remain ineffective, therefore making the historic influence of business to continue on.

That destructive nature—although it is very positive and constructive and builds economies—is self-serving. The profits that accrue are not distributed, which will cause another collapse. This collapse as well, as I was discussing about the need for global leadership, will presage and precede the change, the evolution of your global economy, into one of greater equal distribution. There are already trillions-upon-trillions of dollars awash in your world that are not invested, and which could be of tremendous use throughout your world, and which could be used to develop a much broader based economy throughout the world. We are not opposed to great riches or great wealth, but at the expense of the individuals at lower levels throughout the world, this is unequal as you will see from the schematic for sustainability. There must be equality applied in some manner, so that all rise together.

Many will argue that this is impossible to apply to your global population, and we totally agree with you, as your planet cannot sustain the existing population as it exists, let alone to expand it to many billions more. This will cause a great conundrum, and also will bring about the collapse and destruction of many social institutions, throughout your world, which are in need of being amended. The violent and vicious changes that are occurring in your world are due to those in power not willing to move ahead, not even to “inch” ahead, towards the thought of equality. The fear and labeling of these movements toward equality are the very impediments that are in the minds of those in power who make decisions.

Most of your social scientists throughout the world see these inequalities and know what will occur in the future, though they do not occupy positions of political legislative abilities or decision-making executives to bring about the necessary changes. Those changes will come, but they will come through extremely difficult transitions, such as the global economic meltdown, which your world has witnessed in the last 2 or 3 years. There will be another before the learning becomes complete. It is not a matter of being selfish; it is not a matter of squandering money to those who do not know how to invest it, but to invest in the pragmatics of a global economy requires that the distribution of wealth be more equitable. There will always be an economy. The returns may be smaller than you have anticipated, but there will always be returns; there will always be opportunities for development and for returns to those who have invested, whether they are small investors or large. Thank you.

Student: Due to the fact that the population of the world is almost 7 billion, and we have a limited number of midwayers, what fantastic ways do the midwayers have at their disposal to circulate among peoples of the world?

MONJORONSON: Ah, my dear child, you forget that we have imported many midwayers from those worlds that have—just as celestial teachers have—volunteered to come here. (Student: Ohhh, that’s good to hear!) They are not in great number, but they are highly effective, and they bring with them the history of their experience from millions and millions of years on social planets. You have amongst you those who are incredibly highly trained, and they are here to augment those original 1111 midwayers who remained. This is a mighty and prestigious group now, and they have, in their humility, come forward to be of great service, and to assist those other midwayers as volunteers, to be guided and used where needed. This is a wonderful development on your world, and their presence is highly needed, deeply needed, to effect the changes that we see ahead that must be executed co-creatively. Thank you for your question.

New member: Will you make your presence known physically, throughout the world?

MONJORONSON: I am not so much concerned about my physical presence being known now or in the future. My physical presence will almost be anti-climatic when it does occur. It will not be a point of making my presence known for leadership, as what we wish to engender in you is not follower-ship, but leadership within yourselves. Leadership cannot be developed when there is one of such eminence, who is physically present. Thank you.

Student: We see many problems in our country—this country—particularly because of the influence of so much wealth, influencing our leaders away from the interests of the public and general welfare. What can we do as individuals or small groups to right this situation?

MONJORONSON: Dear one, if you knew what was right, you would be daunted by what is to be done. (Much laughter.) I do not mean to diminish your capacity, dear one, as you have been such a stalwart, capable and dedicated mortal on this planet. Yet, you—and I say “you” as in all humans, as all mortals—are so deeply limited in truly understanding your limitations and your capacity to do much good. On one hand, you do not understand your limitations, which hold you back, and on the other hand, you truly do not understand your capabilities to move ahead, and how powerful you are.

In answering your question, what you could do to right this is to see divine order working in your world, to be part of the grand puzzle of light, bringing a spectrum of good to your world. Be a point of light in your community, and the goodness that you can project to those around you. You are a family member; you are a matriarch; you carry with you much respect and prestigious position for those who know you. You might not understand this or appreciate it, but I know it is so. Be the clear head that you want to be, that you want to see in others. Your presence is as valuable as that of others. You can affect the eventual right working of your world, by being a right piece of it. Thank you.

STUDENT: Monjoronson, finishing the question of what we could do as individuals, in going back and looking at governments, we are a leader in the world, and yet we are dealing with a lot of corruption in our own government and in other governments. In the process, lives are being lost. I think the intent is to curtail the corruption as much as possible, but we don’t seem to make a lot of headway. Have you got any advice that would speed this along in the right direction?

MONJORONSON: Be uncompromising in your own ethics, my friend. You are also in contact with many, many people. You have an association with those who know of right working, right ethics in the process of governance. Always be vigilant to know that your presence does affect others. What you can do again is be and hold the light among your peers. Yes, your world, your country is in a position of great power, and when that occurs, great power is sometimes used for negative results, and lives are lost.

If I understand your question correctly, you are more concerned about the souls that are lost through the acts of corruption, and this is where our concern rests as well. What we are doing now, to bring into your world, will eventually in time, and before long, bring greater amounts of light and moral and ethical living to your world. You will see a greater and greater separation between those of unethical and immoral behavior, and those who do not adhere to that, those who are of the light, who live in love and wish to be at peace with others, without manipulation or compromise.

This situation did not come to your nation overnight, and it will not rid itself overnight, even during the most difficult times of transition in your world. This transition is truly a time for the conscious evolution of your world, those who see the future and who wish to act and make decisions that bring it into existence. These are the ones who will be leaders in the future, and they must curtail activities of those who would compromise the good. Thank you.

I will close now and thank you for your presence. I also thank Machiventa, who has been here throughout this meeting this afternoon. Without his presence on this planet to support the platform of this work, many of these developments would not have taken place. I therefore acknowledge him for the work that he has done, and I hold him in high regard for the high ground that he has maintained for this work. Thank you.