2009-10-20-Monjoronson Q & A Session 71

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Topic: Monjoronson Q & A Session 71

Group: N. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Daniel Raphael


  • Moderator - Philip


Invocation: We invoke the presence of Christ Michael and Nebadonia and our Thought Adjusters to surround us with light and fill us with light and we breathe this light into our consciousness. We call upon our guides and guardians to assist us in revealing the truth to the questions that are asked and we give thanks for this.

  • Spirit Vision:

Preamble: My wife and I went to Mariposa Grove in Yosemite last month and found a spot where we practiced stillness near the Grizzly Giant. We both felt circles of energy surrounding this tree which is very old and may have existed during Michael's bestowal. At noon I stood before this tree and asked to receive spirit vision for a few moments. With my eyes closed I could see a white line arching into the sky.


Question #1: Was this white light a seraphic transport arriving or leaving the planet?

Monjoronson: No, it was not a seraphic messenger transport. What you were seeing was the life essence of yourself and this grove of trees, the energy of the trees as mighty powerful sentinels of energy arching into the universe. These are truly beings, they are alive, they have a subtle "consciousness" to them which lends them to the work of the seraphic hosts and transports. You were privileged to participate in energizing the transports while you were there along with those mighty sentinels. Thank you.

  • Laws of Karma:

Question #2: As a soul becomes more spiritually aware, do the consequences of his or her actions carry more weight with faster repercussions than a less spiritual individual?

Monjoronson: Most certainly. The spiritually elevated individual reaps the rewards of their decisions quickly. Those who are unknowing live out those consequences much more slowly. You who are of spirit who have reiterated and repeated many times your dedication, your commitment to the life of light, the life of ascendency, the life of spiritual growth do come into contact with the consequences of your decisions much more quickly. Yes, those decisions are for your learning. You are not necessarily rewarded but you receive the good from your right decisions. You are stating to the universe that you are ready to proceed to the next step. As you make decisions which are contrary to that ascendant journey, you as well reap the rewards, the consequences of these decisions much more quickly. You have, my friend, invited us to become much more consequentially involved in your life immediately by your dedication, by your commitment, by your agreements with your Thought Adjuster and your guardian for the correct and full development of your soul. Thank you.

  • Changes to Planetary Government:

Preamble: In light of recent developments related to the Magisterial Mission and in preparation for events soon to happen, I am wondering how this affects the planetary government structure on Urantia. For this reason I submit the following questions:

Question #3:We understand there have been revisions made to the Seraphic Planetary Government and we are inquiring as to the scope of these changes.

Monjoronson: The changes of the seraphic government precedes those changes in earthly governance. There will be much misalignment of national governance from one nation to another and these will be in disarray and crumble in many instances. It is not that those are in rebellion or a coup d' eta would take place, but rather that there will not be the individuals there to support the governance and the operation of the government both as a bureaucracy, administration, its executive, and legislative functions. Nations must rely upon citizens to come forward who are invested with good thoughts, who are foreseeing and who are guided. These are the ones who must come forward. Those individuals will be guided by the angelic seraphic participants of their government. There must overlay the new world, the new global governance processes. This must be overlaid by the governmental processes of the seraphic government which represents the most sustainable government process for a planet.

Question #4: Do recent developments alter the 100 year rotation of governorship from the council of 24? If so, can you tell us how?

Monjoronson: There is no change in that rotation. It continues as it has in the past. It is necessary to infuse this body with differing and new perspectives. The old perspectives are not bad or unworkable but the infusion of new perspective, new ideas and new voices who are eager to participate greatly augments the movement of this governing body to engage the change which you speak of. Thank you.


Philip: Thank you and that concludes our Q/A session.