2009-10-28-Monjoronson Q & A Session 72

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Topic: Monjoronson Q & A Session 72

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Mark Rogers



Prayer: Divine Parents, once again we seek to forge with you a sacred space where we can meet and be together in spirit and we can feel your embrace and you can sense our intention and our purpose. May we extend that intention and purpose towards the creation of this sacred space where we invite Monjoronson to meet with us once again to keep our engagement of the Monjoronson.com Q/A segment. Thank you Monjoronson, thank you Divine Parents for this grace. Thank you for this space in which we can enjoy this grace. We extend in gratitude and faith.

Monjoronson: Greetings to all, I am Monjoronson here to accept your invitation to join you at this time and in this space. I welcome this opportunity to interface with you in our chosen field of service. I join you in gratitude and in faith. Now, let us begin with our task.

Mary: Thank you Monjoronson for being here offering to help us with some questions.


Divine Monitor:

Question #1: Since the Divine Monitor is a fragment of the same God residing in Paradise, does fusion with this Divine Monitor implicate in eternity a capacity to function on the absolute level thereby becoming omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent?

[T.R's note- I experienced great difficulty in "grabbing" the vocabulary to do these next questions justice I feel. I apologize for my inability to retrieve the proper vocabulary in the moment. Oh well there is a human link to this process- a weak one at times.] [Editor's Note: Please also see Editor's comments next paragraph.]

Monjoronson: Thank you for your interest in this question this evening. The greatest obstacle before us in attempting to address a question such as this is the great barrier of language that we face and are conditioned to use in this process. Your question implies the curiosity as to whether because you are an aspect of the great First Source and Center, if that means you will have some of the same powers and properties of this grandest of sources [i.e., the Father], and I am unable to use word symbols available to me to satisfactorily express the distinction between your potentials and the inherent characteristics of the Supreme.

[Editor: the Supreme is limited compared to the First Source's infinity which even the Adjuster (as Father) does not bring into time for evolutionary development. The Supreme is fully evolutionary unlike the Father who has characteristics that are above, or really exceed, the concept of evolution. Monjoronson does not have human language to express these differences accurately using our vocabulary. The Magisterial Son instead uses the examples given below of what it means to observe different animal species on our planet yet not be able to live as one of their species. Humanity can only empathize with animals in understanding to the limit a human can observe and appreciate the differences - not live the differences. The same is true of human understanding acquired through the observation of the different and higher orders of spiritual universe life - the human can observe the differences but can not live the differences. Mortals as future spirit are of the Supreme and all the meaning that implies as to what we can do or not do.]

You are indeed a distinct and separate order of being and as such you have your distinctive set of traits and characteristics that are part of your experience in your ascension career. Having said this, your ability to perceive these characteristics and traits, whether they are inherently yours or whether they are observed as others is in a constant state of growth and flux and there are quite literally junctures of time and perception where you will feel omnipresent or everywhere as you connect more and more with the "everywhere-ness" of all that is.

So practically speaking, it may be said that you might "experience" something like this but strictly speaking, the experience of the Supreme will be limited to the Supreme and while you may access this experience, your individual experience will be largely determined by your perception of this experience and your perspective will be unique in all timeand space. This is what is so treasured and valued about you as a unique individual in all of time. You have a very distinct and individual perspective to share with the Supreme and in this way the Supreme is able to share your characteristics and traits and you likewise are able to share the characteristics and traits of the Supreme.

It is also true, simultaneously that one day you may travel to such a destination in your spiritual destination as to no longer see any distinction between yourself and the Supreme, again, wholly a matter or experience. Your experience of a mortal of the realm is lovingly crafted for you to have a maximum degree of change in your growth process allowing you to experience all the many and differing aspects of truth before finally wisdom and grace bring you to a place of settled security in your spiritual development. Thank you for this question.

Question #2: How are the deity endowments of God the Ultimate, that is; omnipotence, omniscience and omnipresence related to finaliter existence?

Monjoronson: Thank you for this question. Once again we observe that this question helps to define that there are certain distinct orders and classification of beings and that with each one, as was just stated, they are inherently conditioned by their own unique set of what you would refer to as reality. This is not much different, to draw an analogy, of the observation of your many different animal species on this world. They all are considered animals and yet there are so many distinct varieties or types and each type has its distinct behavior and characteristics that are always a part of life and reality for this animal and yet they may seem at times to be at such contrast, some living up in the air and others in the water, still others roam the land. All have different natures and characters and habits and only tend to barely overlap as they must share proximity of environment.

This diversity is very similar to the diversity we witness with all the different created forms of life that you are now attempting to identify and distinguish. These traits that you refer to of omnipresence is specific to only certain orders of beings and is not transferable, just as the abilities of one distinct order or type of animal creature. Perhaps the best way to visualize what I'm trying to formulate by word symbols is to reflect on the many different types of species of animals found in one concentrated location called a zoo. There it is easy to walk around and see the wide variety available and it is also easy to register that these different types do not do much cross-fertilizing but are characteristically part of their own little units with their own skills and abilities.

So it is with the many different orders of spiritual beings as well. There are hosts of orders that could be identified and named, many of which you have already identified through your Urantia text. Each one of these orders like your order is special and unique and created with intention and purpose. As you have the familiar statement, "There are no accidents in this universe". These varieties and distinctions are there with as much intention and purpose as are the similarities and consistencies. I hope this helps to illuminate some of your questions. Thank you.

Mary: Thank you for trying to answer that question for us and I am going to skip up to another question that might tie in with the idea of different beings having different abilities and such.

Eventuated Beings:

Preamble: My understanding of eventuated beings and so on, is that these beings exist on some universe level where their manifestations were not needed until a cosmic circumstance or event caused their presence to become necessary in relation to our Paradise ascension.

Question #3: Is that understanding accurate?

Monjoronson: Thank you for these questions. They represent what might be termed "deep thought." As to the first part of the question, your verbal description of eventuated beings, is probably as accurate as any available at this juncture of both your spiritual growth and awareness and the general awareness in your environment which provides you the necessary aspect to pull such a question together and to offer such deep thought. As for your observation that you cannot understand what it is like to be an eventuated being, this is certainly most true as well for you are not of that order and as such your experience is radically different and these two sets of experiences are not directly transferrable.

In the same way, an eventuated being cannot claim to have the experience that you are harvesting in your mortal life. Therefore it will not be absolutely possible for you to"understand what it is like to be of a different order." That is much like saying you will never have the capacity to understand what it is to live the life of an elephant. You are a human and elephants are elephants and so your observation is correct that you only have a partial understanding and awareness of what this might be like and that is quite good and well enough for now and in this process and as a stimulant to attract you to seek answers to questions such as this.

Preamble: I have been reading about super personal beings such as the Master Architects of the Universe and the vast hosts of transcendentalers. I can understand the concept of created beings such as the mortals of time and space. I am having trouble grasping the concept of eventuated beings.

Question #4: Were these beings eventuated in the sense that due to the Father's will and His plans for the Master Universe these beings were eventuated at the dawn of eternity?Will you please shed more light on this subject?

Monjoronson: That last statement, with the exception of the part about the dawn of eternity which has no proper context in human thought and knowledge, could be accurately used to describe all of life that exists and that you are aware of or even consider in your thought process; that is that the Father is certainly responsible for the creation of all the diversity of life that exists. It could be strictly said that all of these lives "eventuated" from the will of the Father as you observe. So in that regard, all life has this origin in common. The exact"when it happened" is also as you made reference to, as it was ready and needed and intentioned. So you have everything from the angels to the midwayers to the seraphim to the teachers, to the Magisterial Sons all arriving on the scene as if by miracle or magic, seeming to "eventuate" at just the right time and place. I hope this perspective helps you see that it is all part and well orchestrated of the grand experience that transpires and results in what you refer to as life. Thank you.

  • DNA & Human Potentials

Preamble: Scientists say that 97% of our DNA is junk left over from pre-human evolution.

Question #5: Is all of this 97% really junk or does it contain a potential for new human capacities on the planet?

Monjoronson: Thank you for this question. Reflecting on the answer to the last question, I would springboard from that to reaffirm that there are no accidents in the universe. God the Father does not create junk, stuff that is of no purpose, that fits no where, that has no meaning or contains no value. This would be inconsistent with everything you will come to witness about creation and the inter-dynamics between all that is. That having been said, even now your scientists are discovering that some of what they thought contained no value is actually a recorded marking system of your origin as a human being of this race throughout many generations that have brought you to this place and will enable you to pass on your encoded bit of life on to your children by writing this code to some of this "junk" that they refer to.

Likewise other parts of this "junk" are ready to be activated by the proper frequencies, thus accessing some bits of your destiny as well as bits of your heritage. Certainly you will all concede that the plan which is human evolution is quite intricate and grand but it is far more so than you are able to credit it with at this point of your ability to observe all that has really gone into creating this gigantic experiment in time and space. Suffice it to say that time will reveal to even your scientists, the value and necessity of all that you contain including that part which they currently do not understand. Thank you for your question.

Question #6: Are the new species that are eventuating out of the current population such as beings described as Indigo and Crystal children using parts of this 97% "junk" DNA?

Monjoronson: Thank you for this observation, I will affirm for you that such cases are the "symptoms" of the cause I described - of this activation of yet to be activated parts of human potential. I also reflect that they also say that humans only use a similarly small portion of their brain to do everything that they do and there is often great speculation of what a humans capacity might be if they learned how to unlock the other ever greater portion of their own brain. Again, there is no junk in the universe, there is only un-pioneered potential, such commonly known aspects of only using a small part of the brain and yet all having this great brain with unused capacity. There is method to this madness, as it appears, and the currently unused portions of the brain are simply yet to be developed.

Likewise the currently misunderstood portion of DNA are currently thought to have no value much as the unused section of the brain is most casually seen as just a casualty of having such a large brain. The brain will be developed, the DNA will be activated and what are now only merely potentials in human life and experience will one day become routine actuals as part of the human experience. Part of the great beauty of this plan is that there is so much room for growth and expansion of awareness.

So I encourage you all to embrace this divine plane which provides you unlimited room for growth and untapped capacity both within you and around you to exercise this growth potential. Thank you all for your participation this evening in this regularly scheduled endeavor to be of service. I hope our efforts meet with success. Thank you all and farewell.


Mary: Thank you Monjoronson and we appreciate your time here this evening as well as the time offered by our t/r for these services, good evening.