2009-11-06-A Bit About Borderland

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Topic: A Little About the Borderland

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Athena, Bzutu

TR: George Barnard

Session 1


Athena: “I wish to talk about a suitable preparation for the meditative state, but before I begin, an acknowledgement of sorts. As a government-sponsored artist on my home world, I undertook to produce many sculptures, some of which took many months to complete. My lessons, also, tended to be lengthy, and at first it hurt my feelings to have these lessons shortened – chopped down to the essentials by this publisher of almost daily transcripts of channelings.


“In retrospect, and in keeping with your Planetary Prince’s order; to ‘take people to the starting gates of spirituality, to then let them run their own race,’ your limiting of the lessons to one page or thereabouts was correct. So many, we perceive, will join the 11:11 Progress List in two minds about staying on it . . . until their mailbox presents them with what they need, precisely. So, stay with the chopped-up transmissions, 11:11 Progress, because you truly are about numbers, and long transmissions are seldom read to the end by busy folks.

“I hear, ‘I told you so!’ I jest! No such sentiments, my friends, but on with my message before I go over the page. I want to speak with you about meditation, and direct my comments at those who are finding difficulty in reaching that important tranquil state. There is always a reason for your failing when you do. Here is my recipe for meditation, tried and tested. Think intent, sincerity, reconciliation, prayer, persistent trust, and kind request.

“What is your intent? Is it to be of service to others, and thereby promoting yourself to being the hands and feet of the Creator of All, or are you merely looking for fame and fortune? How sincere are you in helping others? Will you perhaps merely consider another in need, or will you be ready at a moment’s notice to be of assistance when the Creator places someone in your path? Are you prepared to solve interpersonal problems before you even begin, or do you consider yourself to have enough ‘power’ to overcome such an obstacle? No, you do not.

“Reconciliation, my dear ones, is essential, and if the other party won’t forgive, or even meet you halfway, your task is complete if you will forgive with all your heart. Prayer is something few understand. It is hardly a request to win the lottery -- a gimme, gimme -- but an awareness, a realization, that within you dwells a Spark of the Creator, and He or She will one day merge with you to create a new eternal being. All this being well so far, do you now start to see what might happen, maybe, perhaps, if your luck holds out? No! Complete trust is of the essence, my beloved ones, that your pattern of persistent approach will in time reward you with a tranquil mind, and direction from ‘above’ for a more successful spiritual life.

“More important than all I’ve told you so far is your relationship with the innately perfect Fragment of the Creator, which indwells you to share your life experiences with you, so request permission, and make known for consideration your intent, your sincerity, your goal of reconciliation if needed, and not yet achieved , your decision to prayerfully approach your meditation regimen in persistent trust.


“This has been my advice for a thousand years with great, and ongoing success. Signing off now, and sending my love to all. I am Athena.”

George: “I was going to suggest you probably went over the page, but I’ll bite my tongue instead. Love you, Athena.”

Session 2

November 7, 2009


Bzutu: “We’re back to discuss some more on the subject of the Borderland. Firstly we need to acknowledge that human beings are amongst the most complex creatures in the universes in that their forward striving minds, together with the Spark of the Creator produce progress for the soul. It is this soul and the Spark of God that carry on after the biological machine that is your body is worn out. However, in your earthly lives and beyond, you are productive of recorded experiences that are ‘absorbed’ by the evolutionary Deities – The Deity Supreme, the Deity Infinite, and the Deity Ultimate.


“These are the evolving Gods of time in space and may appropriately be seen as the time-space reflection of the Paradise Trinity. Therefore it is correct to suggest that the Paradise Trinity is reproducing Itself in the Universes of time-space, and they are the total of positive experiences of you, and me, and everyone else, that evolve these still embryonic Gods. Our combined efforts in the case of our solving of the Virginia Jamieson problem served the embryo of our Planetary Supreme, Urantia, or Gaia, on behalf of whom we Midwayers constantly labor.

“There is another way of describing this for perhaps an even fuller understanding. The Virginia Jamieson ‘packet’ or ‘bundle’ was due for release, as the soul and Thought Adjuster of the real Virginia Jamieson dwelling on Mansonia had finally overcome the extreme trauma of her violent demise, forgiven in full, and so it was time for Urantia to absorb both experiences – the horror and the satisfactory resolution. Be assured these events occur on other, normal worlds as well, but not to the degree they occur on this troubled world. Remember also the great joy you felt after completing this long-ago project with me. That joy was soul-felt, and yet, at that time, you had no idea about how, or even why, we used you.

“Human lives leave their detailed imprint on the Thought Adjuster as well as on the evolutionary Deities, but not one of these is in the least interested in the negative. Neither should you be interested in . . . fooling with these packets of unresolved anger, fear, denial, and rampant emotion – least of all call them demons or devils, for the latter are here no more. They are fully rehabilitated, or have been vanquished. However, do not expect the Borderland to be fully disinfected in any great hurry, even in a few thousand years from now. Stay balanced and prayerful, knowing that a Spark of the Creator that indwells you, also protects you, you lucky humans.


“This is Midwayer Chief ABC-22, suggesting my human loudspeaker put down his recorder, and allow himself some well-deserved rest. Goodnight.”

Session 3

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