2009-11-15-N. Idaho TeaM

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Topic: Prince of Forgiveness

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson, (Nebadonia)

TR: Mark Rogers, (Donna D'Ingillo)



[Cathy Morris was moved to share a portion from a prior transmission on 2005-11-17 from the Center for Christ Consciousness regarding forgiveness.]

Nebadonia: [Donna] So my message tonight for you my children is to love what has happened here, to love the chaos, to love the changes, to give the evil its due by standing in front of it and shining the face of eternal and infinite love upon it for that is the only way to render it powerless. That is the only way in which to redeem it, for it to begin to change, for it to vibrate at the higher levels of light and love and mercy and understanding.

So I commend into each of you this evening, more of the spirit of forgiveness, the spirit of your elder brother, the Magisterial Son brings into your mind and into your body. I ask for you to open yourselves up so this endowment of forgiveness, this eternal wellspring of divine understanding and mercy can co-mingle with your human energy system and bring new peace, new hope, new truth, new levels of cosmic consciousness into your brothers and sisters. Should you fully endow this within yourselves you will be able to freely share this with others and to give them through your thoughts and intentions, a level of forgiveness that they need.

Indeed, this is an endowment that I continually imbue within you. You are never, never to be away from this now as the correcting time continues with more vigor and vitality. I call upon him now as one who has such great love for this world for he is the embodiment of mercy, the embodiment of the Father's understanding, the embodiment that we wish to bestow upon this world that will bring each individual man, woman and child into the fullest comprehension that love is the creative force in the universe and tolerance and fraternity and peace is the way of spirit and forgiveness is the means by which this will be able to become manifest on this world.

Do you wish to receive this now my sons? Open your hearts. I ask you now to fully open them as wide as you can in your intention and allow your brother, the Magisterial Son on Urantia to come upon you. The peace of Michael is not achieved by words, sophistries, ideologies or wars of men to coerce men into systematic belief. A piece of Michael will be achieved with goodness, with fraternal understanding, cooperation, respect, the harmonization of the various diversities of the planet into one unified whole. Forgiveness is your endowment to build into another persons heart. The desire to forgive, the need to forgive, the willingness to forgive; you are being instilled with the higher vibrational pattern of forgiveness so that your minds can endow this into another person.

When you are before a person who seems to be spiritually receptive, call upon your brothers Michael and Monjoronson and ask for their peace and forgiveness to be seeded into that other persons being. You will know what needs to be done and you will be doing your brothers and sisters a valuable service for they will not know what to ask for, they will not know what their soul needs. You are inlaying and overlaying a spiritual energy upon them that their indwelling Father Fragment can use to the advancement of that individual soul.

I encourage you now to think more mindfully of what it is that you are participating in when you engage with your brothers and sisters and to think less of what you can share with them verbally and more of what you can imbue within them spiritually. Your brothers and sisters have literally starved for spirit and their hunger is now stirring within them. You will feed them and feed them well. Feed them abundantly, feed their hope, fuel their desire for us and you will give them more than their hearts can even contain. Be patient and allow the necessary time that their spirits and bodies need to ingest this food. While you are standing in front of them, take a few moments and ask for Michael's peace to be instilled within them and the forgiveness that your brother Monjoronson brings to be imprinted upon their souls. Know that in time, the richness of what you shared with them will become a reality. They will be appreciative at some level for what you have given them.


Monjoronson: [Mark] Greetings my friends, I am one who has been referred to here in this prior offering. I am Monjoronson and I very much appreciate your having been touched by this message about my mission and the mission of Michael. Truly He has become known throughout as a result of His service to this world, as the Prince of Peace. Likewise, when this correcting time and this Magisterial Mission reign have passed, I will be known as the Prince of Forgiveness as my mission will be built upon this foundation of forgiveness at this juncture in this world's evolution.

As has been just illustrated, this characteristic of forgiveness at this point in this worlds evolution, will become of paramount importance. There are many things which are "hung on to," even without individual consideration that this is so, which impede the forward progress of the evolving soul. These items which are past must be allowed their passage and to safely be ushered into the past and the only way to cut this umbilical cord to these previous events is to sever this tie with genuine love and sincere forgiveness. Many human beings wrongly assume that to engage in generous forgiveness means that they are somehow sacrificing their own position and view and values associated with their own individual paradigm or how they relate to the world.

If they have strong values, about a particular topic, then they assume it is their duty to defend this perspective and honor this point and therefore they see the act of engaging in any form of forgiveness as a weak act or an errant act which somehow may condone or accept the offending behavior. True forgiveness is not about giving over to the side of the perspective that you do not agree with. It is rather being content with allowing another to hold this position, not choosing it and adopting it as your own and for yourself but rather demonstrating a generous willingness to simply let it be.

The exposure to offending experience may serve to strengthen your own individual resolve about where you stand in relationship to any particular issue but there needs to be built into your sense of self a level of security in your own position so that you are not concerned with being overcome in any way by the choices of another individual and therefore there is no direct threat to where you stand and to what you believe and the values that you would uphold. This is a key factor to being able to forgive, this self certainty and individual security of your own 'mini-verse' as we have called it, and in order for you to truly have your own impact, in your own 'mini-verse,' you must be free from the impositions of outside and one of the largest obstacles to your containing your own 'mini-verse' is that you are constantly tied to events which anchor you to a position, a time, a place, a knowing, a trauma, an event and as long as you are tied to these past events, they are anchoring you and preventing you from moving in the direction of your choice.

So through this process of forgiveness we will begin to cut the ties that bind us to incidents in the past and be able to free-float, move with the current and in the direction of our desires. While this aspect of forgiveness is of great significance overall, developing this skill and characteristic forgiveness will become increasingly important in the days ahead as there will be exposed for your consideration, very much to be forgiven. When you are confronted with the depths of errant thought and behavior as we root out the dark corners of this developing world you will be required to employ your skills of forgiveness in great quantities because again you will be impeded from the direction of growth that you need to proceed in if you cannot get to this point of forgiveness and letting go and moving all the way to the forgetting part of forgiving.

So I very much appreciate your bringing into the arena for discussion this whole idea of forgiveness. It is the basic ingredient which will be contained in the circuitry that I strive to build on this world. There will be a tone of Michael's peace and there will be a tone of my forgiveness but it has been said I am here to oversee the adjudication of this world and my duties will be carried out in demonstrations of this characteristic of forgiveness. It is not possible to live a life as a mortal of the realm and commit no offense for which you would seek forgiveness. Therefore, because you know how easy it is to err, it should be that much easier to be easy on your sisters and brothers around you as they are equally as likely as you to commit a misstep in this life and like you they are in need of forgiveness just as you have found yourself in need of forgiveness from time to time.

You know your Divine Parents have forgiven you all your misdeeds even before you have thought to ask for this forgiveness. That is their divine demonstration of this principle. It is done as a matter of process and course and before it is even required. So should you grow to be that ready to forgive as the offenses of others are brought before you for your consideration, remember how easy it is to falter as a human being, and grant them a wide berth when it comes to your generosity in allowing that they too are children of Divine Parents who have chosen perhaps erroneously and they are still loved by your Divine Parents just as you are and they have been forgiven just as you have been. And so, if all this is true, certainly you should feel free to follow suit and forgive as well.

Thank you for bringing up this important topic. This idea of forgiveness is one of the basic ingredients we will be using in applying our intentions, like greasing the wheels. This will be what we bring into the process at every turn to make things work smoother and to reduce the friction; this idea of forgiveness brings about room to move forward and make change in a new direction of choosing. So when you are confronted with [the] observation of contrasts that you might clearly take exception to or be offended by, [you] need to take that same energy to oppose such an offending observation and use it to spring into a new mode of operation, to propel you into the direction of forgiveness knowing that is the route to take and the ultimate solution to disharmony and discord.

Move in the direction of forgiveness, propelled by your obsevation that the situation is not as it should be and your recognition that the first step away from a direction not of your choosing is to simply forgive it, allow it generously and with sincerity and then choose it not and propel your own energy in the direction of your choice. In this way you can use the effect that the observation of alternate direction provides, what " not of your choosing" might be and use that force to motivate you that if the situation before you is not [what] you would choose, how would you bring a positive influence into that situation, what would you do and how would you do it? For if you see something is not right, it is incumbent upon you not to simply condemn it and judge it but to forgive it and change it, to choose something which is in the direction you perceive to be better.

I pray these words [reach] all those with ears to hear. This is indeed a significant key to our moving smoothly forward. This process of correction means we must look at where we are and what we have to work with and we must adjust and change, we must reject judgement and intolerance and choose them not and create new directions while choosing forgiveness which is an essential element in being able to make the sort of smooth transition into a new direction. We need to be unhindered by the cord that would anchor us to our current position.

Thank you all for hearing my words today and I look forward to future discussions about this topic and many others.


Question: Could you speak to the issue of where justice and forgiveness mesh. I'm reminded that as an individual I'm encouraged to forgive yet the group has rights and a nation has rights. How do we balance these two issues?

Monjoronson: Thank you for the question. Justice as used in your common language today refers to the idea of [protection] of the individual, the even handed treatment of individuals within a given culture or society and an idea that the law will be fairly applied to all those evenly and if your brother infringes upon your rights then (you) have laws to turn to seek what you call justice which is the idea of a larger authority enforcing laws and rules that you have agreed upon. This system of justice is there to insure that the laws of your choosing are enforced and fair and equitable.

This whole idea of justice is fairly limited to your human arena because divine justice far transcends all these ideas of relative justice in the mortal realm. You have already had bestowed upon you divine justice and this will be your enduring experience but the localized justice [of] your mortal world is a human concept [for] human purposes. It is setting out the rules of the game and enforcing them so that all the players know that there are parameters [and] rules which must be adhered to.

This idea of forgiveness that I have been discussing here transcends the process of justice as you have referred to. It is [applying] over justice the spiritual concept of tolerance and forgiveness which, if this principle was duly applied would follow the admonition of your Master who once said: "Be willing to suffer the injustices heaped upon you by your brother rather than to go to law against him." That is an indication of the system of justice being tempered by the [addition] of forgiveness. Just because your brother offends you it is not required that you take up the rules of justice and go to law to fight against what you brother has done, in fact such a course merely aggravates the situation, merely causes you to engage in the same hatred as the one who offended you and therefore you are both conditioned by the less than desirable quality of adversarial relationships and proving correctness of your positions.

Forgiveness has you going to the same brother who offended you and offer him forgiveness and seek a method where you could both come to some reasonable place of acceptance through whatever method you might choose. That broader perspective on the circumstance would necessarily lead to a more [meaningful] result than to come out of a courtroom, have your case decided by an authority figure and prove to the world that you were right. Meanwhile there has been absent the whole time in that process, elements of forgiveness and this willingness to move past and beyond the circumstance.

So it is really apples and oranges, this justice and this forgiveness, for to the one who is [coming from] a spiritual perspective, they know that ultimately justice does prevail and will prevail. That is the will of your Divine Parents and your Father but to the one involved in a dispute out on the playground with one of their fellows, it may seem as though you have to go to the teacher and get a ruling and somehow establish some rudimentary justice just to keep peace among the children. But how much greater would it be if the children were to evolve a sense of forgiveness and tolerance which provided them with a means to work out their difficulties without having to run to an authority figure to have justice [enforced.]

This is the distinction I would make, the direction we are in, the new position we will try to take and that is not to prove how wrong the offenders have been but to rather be ever willing and even anxious to move into the direction of forgiveness so that we can overcome the drag [that] is put upon us in the equation when forgiveness is absent and the original offense lingers as if it was real until forgiveness is applied.

I hope these distinctions have proved useful to you.

Q: Yes, thank you for your counsel.


Monjoronson: Thank you all for your attendance today and I send my love and my sense of forgiveness into your lives here and now. As you have heard, they are one of my gifts and can be one of your gifts to give away as well. Thank you for accepting this gift and thank you for giving this gift away. Let us be in joy about this grace from on high. Thank you and farewell.