2009-12-01-The Transition Era

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Topic: The Transition Era

Group: York TeaM



TR: Ron Besser



  • Urantia As A Mansion World

Michael: What is a mansion world? We normally, in answering that question, say it is a transition world designed artificially with heat, water, and botanical splendor, for those who have moved from being in the flesh to the higher spiritual realms of endeavor. We also normally think of a mansion world as being segregated away from a world that is inhabited by material creatures like humans on Urantia. However, there is more than one definition of a mansion world. Let us describe what Michael may have in mind for Urantia as a mansion world in Nebadon and not just our system of planets in Satania called Jerusem.

Mansion worlds, all of them, are architectural worlds - built to order and house as well as educate the living sons and daughters of our great Father on Paradise. Urantia, because of the Creator Son’s bestowal there, has the singular honor of becoming the only planet in all of Nebadon to be granted mansion-world status. Urantia will serve as a sphere to educate those of Nebadon how mortals live and relate to God. Students who get educated on Urantia will learn to live as Michael did and without the fanfare of public notice that attended the demise of Michael in the flesh 2,000 years ago.

Urantia Mansonia will be a capital sphere, separate and distinct from Jerusem, and will provide all who attend its colleges, the work of a status sphere without having to graduate all as one-time mortals, but as students from various Orders of the Creator Son’s creation. They will work on high to maintain the life of Jesus as a symbol to all mankind in Nebadon. It is a world to be devoted to education and the sustainment of societies on more and other worlds. This will benefit the entire universe and the kind of individuals that will graduate from Nebadon with this kind of experience under their belt to represent such on high as finished souls on Paradise.

Urantia Mansonia will become an architectural world of great import to Nebadon. It carries the signature of the Creator Son and his consort, the Creative Spirit. It will stand as a shrine to the rest of the universes in Orvonton as well, and perhaps beyond the regions of our superuniverse - such is the example of the character and nature of Christ Michael to be taught and admired elsewhere.

The Creative Spirit, known to many as Nebadonia, is at work with Urantia’s Planetary Supreme, to characterize the Supreme’s flight from obscurity to prominence when she can be attained by natural-born citizens of Urantia. They, the Urantia mortals who can make contact with her while in the flesh, will blaze with her light wherever they go in Nebadon and beyond. Her work is just beginning and she will be found everywhere when Monjoronson makes his debut on Urantia as your Magisterial Son.

Urantia Mansonia will appear when I, Michael, declare the fifth epochal revelation complete. Urantia will be the centerpiece of the then soon-to-appear 6th major world-wide revelation which will also be the final bestowal era of the Creator Son on your planet. Until Urantia is declared to be in Light and Life, we will make no move to bestow on Urantia any of the dignified status completions discussed here, but you will be informed as to their uses (what changes are being made to make this happen) and as to their placements (what policies are mandated) for Urantia as they become available to my subjects on Urantia.

All who hear me! Make room for Urantia in your hearts. She is dying as a planet of iniquity. Hold her high for tomorrow’s generation and let her shine her beacon of goodwill to all who behold her as my bestowal world so many years ago. She is not alone in her destiny, as other worlds near yours shall too become beacons of the greatness of Michael, and will lend their spiritual prowess to the nations built upon them in the future.

Urantia Mansonia becomes final when she is won to me.

Declaring the Dispensation

The Transition Era ends when the dispensation for the entire world begins. Doubt not, there will be many dispensations within the fifth epochal revelation. However, there are no world-wide dispensations except for The Fifth; there is only one of those as there was only one at my passing, the Fourth Epochal revelation to the world.

Monjoronson will have the honor and pleasure of making this declaration. He is ideally suited to do so as he has done several before on other worlds of choosing. His work for Nebadon (and for me) is to close the issue of the Lucifer rebellion for all time. He works hard to keep it from upsetting mortals who know of his work on high in other rebellions in distant galaxies. His work embraces all that mortals know from the Urantia Book besides doing what would be considered other work aside from a Magisterial Mission on behalf of the Paradise Trinity.

His work is blessed with the presence of a Thought Adjuster known on the mansion worlds as Sananda, none other than the Adjuster which indwelt me when I was in the flesh on Urantia. These Adjusters when personalized become chiefs of their kind in the universe they happen to work in. Monjoronson will be attended by his own Adjuster who has served with Sananda for generations of high-born Sons and with souls who attained great responsibilities on their planets of origin.

Monjoronson will work with all on the planet when he is ready to finalize his work for Michael in spirit. These days of transition currently being experienced by all mortals of Urantia, will become as though they were not, as the new world order becomes rarified to the senses of those who may remain to work with Monjoronson.

The Magisterial Son will call the dispensation upon his arrival in the flesh. No one need guess when that happens as there will be a general assignation of thought from the Adjusters who indwell the minds of those on Urantia who have made progress to the circle of requisite understanding of spiritual choice, the 7th circle as presently described in your text, the Urantia Book. When the call goes out upon his arrival, we, Michael, will stand with him. All of Nebadon will attend this powerful association of spirit on Urantia perhaps for the last time for centuries.

Upon declaration of the new dispensation, Urantia will fold its tent as a prostrate world of sin and disharmony and gain the mantle of respect she enjoys as a world of thought and provocation to the usual thinking on high. Standardization of spirit is normal, but Urantia has been moved from the world of thought to the world of transition without having gathered the usual strata of thought for solving social and spiritual problems which normally accompanies these transitions to a higher level. This transition for Urantia is unique in Nebadon and there is little to tell any until it has been made and the results evaluated.

Monjoronson alone will decide how that transition will be made as he will also decide when and how he will call the dispensation and appear in the flesh. It could be years before he appears, but it is likely, mainly thanks to world conditions developing, that it may be as soon as the end of the coming year if not before.

Closing the Era of Agondonter Sonship on Urantia

Nothing is so daunting as ending an association of life that holds great prospects for the future as they are. Yet we must close this era of believing-without-seeing before long in order to advance civilization and heartrending changes to Urantia’s political systems. Nothing does in an agondonter faster than being assimilated into the thought processing that passes as standard in your schools and cathedrals. It is finished and the inauguration of a different system of schooling and worshiping will be brought to bear.

Agondonters are particularly tried souls who have to move from a material viewpoint to one that is spiritual in understanding without the presence of some representative of the divine nature on the planet to establish the role models which work well to sustain the growth of civilization. This is why a separate area on the mansion worlds is set aside in order to acclimate the new agondonter arrival to the ways of thinking and doing on the mansion world where the divine is represented everywhere by myriads of personalities. The status confers no special treatment, nor does it provide much in the way of inducing higher standards of behavior or accomplishments. However, agondonters are known for their persistence in communicating their wish to achieve spiritual excellence in a short period of time. Being kept in their own groupings, at least initially, provides extra leverage for achievements in spirit.

It is therefore with great reluctance that we close the age of the agondonters on Urantia. Such is inherent in the conditions of the closing of an age. But in their place will arise a new species of spiritual being much more attuned to the currents of Nebadon and the Paradise pull of the Universal Father and his Associates. The transition era we have described is the twilight, the last vestige, of what it is meant to be an agondonter. The new light to dawn shortly thereafter carries the world’s hopes for its own destiny with us in Nebadon, and opens the water vessels of spirit to be poured out into receptive minds to the glory of our Father.

So ends the last of the planets in Nebadon to reclaim its heritage and to hail the Light of salvation from the eternal universe afar.