2010-03-06-Nature of Oneness

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Topic: Nature of Oneness, Universe Participation

Group: S. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Elowain-ha, Nebadonia

TR: Jo Ann



ELOWAIN-HA: Greetings again, we will continue. Yes, this is Elowain-ha.


  • Perceiving individual spiritual guidance

We are, intentionally, preparing you to learn to listen individually; not just to listen, but to increasingly perceive your individual spiritual guidance, directed and attracted by that sacred spirit within each of you, which has your highest and best “good” as its only intention. It is the magnet that draws you back to the heart of the universe, and draws to you—with your permission—every resource for making that journey. We love for you to grow and to expand, to discover the beauty and goodness and truth of the universe, in your own genuine experiences. To assist you in doing this is part of our assignment as teachers. You do not need ever-constant advisors. Mentors and coaches are good, but seeking all your wisdom, filtered through one source eventually limits what can be perceived. The true door to the universe is that ever-constant spirit within. We teachers are simply different doors down the hallway of life discovery. Do not overly respect us; we too are students of the universe, and as in your world an executive trains a young person, a parent teaches a child. The more experienced share with those who want to learn. So it is with us, in our relationship to you. We love you and we delight to see you learning, growing, expanding.


  • The nature of “oneness”

Our lesson today is on the nature of “oneness.” Your scientists have labeled something they call the “unified field theory.” Yes, you are all connected to the great force field of the universe, the energy of God, Father and Mother both combined. You exist and vibrate within this field. The more perfectly you attune your spiritual comfort, the more you can become in tune with the intentional frequency of spiritual growth. When you tune your hearts, minds and souls with your intention to be one with that great source of all within, you lift yourselves out of the ordinary realm of things, you move into the realm of the sacred, and yes, synchronicity is part of that. It is your intention, the use of your willpower that makes available to you, so many of the gifts of the universe, both in daily life and on the levels beyond the visible. Your spirits often perceive levels of joy and beauty, which are not directly stimulated by the material surroundings around you.


  • Experiencing profound joy

It is in the nature of spirit, to be able to experience the profound joy of a past experience by choice, in a moment of present despair; this is an indication of the timeless and spaceless nature of the sacred Spirit within. We would ask you to practice this for a moment now. Recall some great moment of profound joy, or spiritual bliss, or sacred experience, and just feel and experience how completely you can be in this moment. (Long pause.)

Do you experience and comprehend that your spirit does not need to be materially and physically present, in order to experience the profound joy of a past moment? We ask you to find ways to take advantage of this quality of spirit. You do not need to be at a wedding, or a birth, or a graduation, or a profoundly beautiful sunset, or viewing the aurora borealis to feel the same, beautiful experience within you. And in addition to memories, you can have this experience by creating in your imagination, other things that bring you joy. Simply imagining profound experiences can bring you to the same peak experience. We encourage you to practice feeling profound joy, as frequently as you will allow yourselves to do so. At the very least, once a day would be a very healthy practice.


Take your daily spiritual supplement

For many of you, it would be as beneficial as remembering to take your daily vitamins and supplements; take your daily spiritual supplements, and you will find it tunes up your body as well; tunes up your mind to perceive the beautiful; tunes up your emotions to operate on a higher level of perception. And there is no doubt, from our side of viewing things, that this makes you more real, for in truth you are spiritual beings. And when you intentionally move into your spirit function, you are making yourselves more perceivable in the universe of spiritual beings; you are becoming real, and this is your assignment in the universe, children, to move your identity into the real spiritual self that you are, and to operate there more and more in all that you do, even though you still tread the material planet in a material body.

While in truth, it is impossible for you to separate yourselves from the spiritual nature that is within you, by your own mind, belief and will, you can step aside from feeling this. So it is a matter of practice and continual application, that enables you to act more and more within the spiritual realm, and to perceive the real true, beautiful and good in all your relationships, and in all your motivations and actions. No one in a body or beyond a body can force you to do these things. It is only by your inner decisions and the application of your human willpower, that you can make the moves, the decisions and the progress that will enrich your experience in every way.

We delight and love to be with you in these group-counseling sessions. And at this time, we are open to questions. (Long pause.) Have we prepared this lesson so well that it is perfectly clear to all of you? Are there no thoughts of reflection? Have we been too basic? (Long pause.) Very well, we will continue.


  • We are all family

Your souls are one with the starry skies; the spirit that burns bright within you, as brothers and sisters across the universe, you are part of a vast family and well treasured members of that family, you are. You have blessings and connections too numerous to count. We are all related, we are all family. It is only with love that we offer any interaction to you. We ask you to continue helping advance your planet into a more enlightened age, simply by being among those who choose the spiritual path. This is vital energy work, children. It is real and has meaning and value. We trust that you know and understand that it does not require any specific belief system to apply this energetic system of rising above the base levels of existence into the spiritual realms of cooperation, with even the God of Creation.

Elowain-ha retreats now for a brief message from Mother to be delivered.


Your presence and participation in the glorious universe of God

NEBADONIA: We spoke to you of “oneness” today. It is within my consciousness that your oneness exists. You are woven into the fabric of the universe. Every point of interwoven consciousness of body, mind and spirit is a sparkling gem in a glistening fabric that stretches to all creation. I treasure the consciousness of each and every one of you; your beingness contributes to the whole in ways that are not possible of description, nor of complete understanding, from your present limited perspective. Know that you are embraced, loved, nurtured and fostered, brought along step by step, progressions of consciousness, into the presence of the Divine, until more and more, you are able to hold your consciousness in the presence of the Divine. Again, this is your task; this is your assignment. Become real, children. We welcome your presence and participation in the glorious universe of God.


Allow the awareness of my oneness and consciousness to tune up each of you, individually, at this moment. (Long pause.) With the tenderest of maternal affection, you have each been embraced. Blessings upon you, and may your lives reflect your increased levels of perception and “beingness.” Good day, children.