2010-04-11-N. Idaho TeaM

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Topic: Healing Energy

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Unknown, LIGHT, Michael, Monjoronson

TR: Cathy Morris, Mark Rogers, Mary Rogers



Prior to the session a group energy 'wave' was sent out to Mark in attempt bring 'light' to a medical condition.


Cathy: As we were praying for Mark I got a picture of a t-shirt with a heart on it and energy streaming in and a message from an unknown source.

Unknown: All is well; it will be okay. Rest in assurance that it is God's will for healing to be applied. We on this side are helping too.


Healing, Energy

Light: [Mark] Hello my friends and family, I am Light. I too accepted the invitation to join with you in some focused directed intention and I felt it appropriate to step forward at this time to suggest the envisioning of our energies as directed beams of light. I know that such imagery can be useful and helpful because you are familiar with how beams of light may be directed and focused. Your spiritual intentions are very similar in this regard. You know, for instance, that the concentrated application of focus such as a laser beam of light runs straight and true and intense and pure for a very very long distance arriving at its point of directed intention with great power and so it is with all the efforts made in the spiritual dimension with the exception that it is not required that you be in a direct line of sight for such directed energies to find their target and to hit their mark, in this case, most literally.

Spiritual energies are not bound by this physical restriction of having to be in proximity to the generating source but rather have the capabilities of finding their destination anywhere in a vast universe. So I encourage you to never doubt that your prayers are received in this same fashion, that the desires of your heart unfailingly find their destination and likewise your directed prayers and focused intention for the good of others always find their target as well. I grant that this may be a difficult concept for you to embrace in such a physical world where you are accustomed to seeing cause and effect in relative close proximity to each other but I assure you that in the spiritual dimension, neither time nor the dimension of space and physical proximity are in any way limiting factors.

So it is very true, when we encourage you to send your light, send your intention, direct your purpose, that these acts start within your physical dimension, start at your location of being but then immediately leave your realm of physical restriction and enter into the realm of spiritual properties. As you transcend these material restrictions and enter more and more into the morontial realm these truths will become more and more self evident to you as your definition of proximity and the laws under which you operate are expanded.

For now, I grant this must be an act of faith but you are no strangers to faith and you can witness in your own lives, the power of faith to transcend any material limitations. I merely bring you these words as further affirmation of these truths and perhaps to bring you some encouragement to engage in these activities of faith with a little more certainty and conviction that that which you believe in faith, is a universal truth which you have discovered in your own experience.


As we have discussed before, this property that you have is how you are able to act as such co-creative beings as you have come to know yourselves. If I could, I would remove from each of you, any lingering doubts that this is so but I embrace that this process of the removing of doubt is why you are in this life and is what you are embracing on your own, step by step and one act of faith after another. So my desire to help you by removing any obstacle of doubt would in fact not be helping you at all. It is like the parent, who with the best of intention, would simply desire to remove any trying situation for their child, to make it easier for them when in fact some trying situation may be exactly what is needed to help the child learn for themselves the truth that the parent may already know.

And so it is that we watch from the sidelines often and we observe as you may stumble and fall or pursue a path that is not in your best interest. We cannot rush in and remove you from circumstances which are there with their inherent lessons which are of such supreme value to you. It is hard to remove the training wheels and push the child off as they begin to ride their two-wheeler for the first time knowing that they will probably have accidents and incidents in which they will incur some trauma and experience some basic condition of their pursuit. But these are required and necessary for them to undergo in order to gain full mastery themselves of their intended undertaking.

Growth, Process

But like any good parent, we have trust and faith in the process that you do learn, that you will learn, and that the process itself is an overall good one and that we can always be there to comfort you when there is any trauma associated with your attempts to encourage you that you will be all right, that all is well, that you may trust in that as you pursue to the best of your ability, your life's desires. It is so and you are all coming to your own realization of this truth. You are loved, protected, nurtured, even guided by a friendly universe but that does not mean that there will not be episodes where you will stumble and even fall and from time to time be in need of comforting.

That is what I and we on our side cherish about this relationship we have with you. We are not able to take the steps for you but we are able to cheer you on as you take the steps. We are not able to remove obstacles for you for we know that these obstacles are necessary for you to make your way and to achieve on your own, the awareness and understanding that is inherent in encountering these obstacles.

So I leave you with the words that you already know. Trust in your Divine Parents and in their plan for you. They have designed the entire playground for you to be about choosing and experiencing and they are as well overseeing your care, bringing you your nourishment, providing you your every need. I join you in expressing gratitude to our Divine Parents for all that we have to experience and share and for the certainty and conviction that we are all members of this gigantic family and all have genuine love and concern for each other as I most certainly do for you. Thank you for the opportunity that you provide to bring such words of comfort and encouragement. Proceed forward in faith as if you are certain and in complete conviction that all this is so. Be at peace and rest in love. Good day to you all.

[Cathy] I received some words from Michael. During our previous prayer time I had invited Him to join us.

Michael: I am glad to be included in this circle today, to be invited in as you endeavor to bring a healing energy to our brother Mark. As you gathered your focus in an effort to bring healing I was so proud to see the progress we have made with this group. In past lessons you have learned the mechanics of energy. I am in the role of a proud father, viewing his children taking their first steps into a broader world, not unlike sending a child to their first day of school; I am more than proud; I am glad to be included in your circle as a brother also. Together we proceed to move beyond the everyday view of life on your world and enlarge your possibilities for action. What God wills and you desire will truly come to pass. His will be done.

Mary: I am getting a message of sorts which is along the lines of this that we speak of, spiritual dimension, spiritual energy. We call upon an analogy of light, light 'being' and such.

Message: What are we using light as an analogy for? What do we mean when we speak of spiritual dimension, spiritual energy? The word is love. It is love that transcends the physical, it is love, the term that is applied in our language to this phenomenon. It is love that is the energy that is sent out that is all pervasive, that is not restricted by time or space. It is love that we have the power to give and the opportunity to receive. After all, what is it that we know, one of the simpler statements to remember and that is that God is love. God is everywhere, is in everything, there are no bounds. God is within you. Love is among you, between you, surrounding all of you. There are times when you can see and feel that there is an obstacle or a barrier to being fully embraced by this love. We can help each other; we can remind each other; we can direct our loving energy to each other and help with these obstacles and filters that create the illusion that love is lacking. We can help each other, it is a gift that we have, to be a friend and to have a friends, to give love and to receive love.

These were some of the thought streams that I had in our session today.

Monjoronson: [Mark] Greetings my friends, I am Monjoronson here to respond to your vocal petition to hear from me today. I observed that there was some consideration that I might be at another meeting in another location and that perhaps in order to hear from me it would be required for you to tune into another place. I bring you my words of assurance at this time that this forum right here is one of my contact points and that it will not be necessary for you to go elsewhere to hear from me. I have accepted the invitation that you have offered, to be a guest in your forum and as well I have accepted your intentions to be a part of my ministry to this world.

So you can rest assured that as I have need of you, you will be informed, that you need not turn to other sources but rather hold fast to this relationship that we have created and know that I engage you each one as my ambassadors and have you all in my plan and consideration for where we might work together to be of greatest service. You have long since enlisted in this project and I simply desire to reaffirm for you that this is so and that you are on my contact list among a great many others for those who I may depend upon, for those who have dedicated to this extra-ordinary service opportunity before us. I will remember you, I will call you out by name, I will be able to count on you to respond. You have proven your dedication and all the universe has observed this.

I thank you for what you bring to this service project as does Michael, as does the Father. You are seeds of great potential and such seeds will be lovingly tended to so as to bring about the next generation of great fruits. Trust that this is so and that I will not be far from you throughout this entire process but rather be side by side with you as we work together. These are my words which I will never tire of bringing to you for support and comfort as we move forward through this process. So be it; it is so.


Go in peace knowing that this is true and that all is as it is meant to be. Relax into this truth of this reality and perhaps through such a posture even begin to enjoy the ride for it is not all about service to others but one must pause to drink the cup of goodness along the way and nourish themselves throughout the journey. So as much as you desire to help me and help Michael and help your world and help each other, I invite you to put yourself in that list and stop occasionally to drink it in as well as to serve it out. I applaud the example of such as I have witnessed here today. Do not be afraid to come to each other; do not be afraid to come to me or Michael or the Father for this is part of what we are here to do. It is not only the giving and the serving but the receiving that is necessary for us all to be whole together. Be at peace and be in love. Farewell to you all today.

Unidentified: [Mark] Let the thought be love, let the word be love and let the deed be love.