2010-04-20-Morontia Mind Training

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Topic: Morontia Mind Training

Group: N. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Daniel Raphael


  • Moderator - Vicki Vanderheyde


Vicki: Dear Father, we ask for your patience and guidance as we seek to understand our place in the Grand Plan, as it unfolds before us. As you encase us in your Divine Light, may it draw us to the truth and unity that binds us to our fellow brothers and sisters. And in service to them, may we accept these words from Monjoronson in reverent ways that lead us to the work we have to do. We ask you to accept this as an expression of our humility and gratitude. Amen.

Vicki: Good morning, Monjoronson, and as our German friends would say, “Grüss Gott,” or “I greet the God within you.” I’m just going to jump right in today, unless you have something to share with us?

MONJORONSON: No, please begin.


  • Training caregivers for the spiritual needs of the dying patient

Vicki: At the end of our last session, you indicated that we may want to revisit the ways that caregivers can meet the needs of the elderly. In that session, we began to define the variations in health that we mortals greet with old age. We discussed the reason for some of the behaviors we observe in the elderly, and we also talked about caregivers not dismissing elderly individual’s accounts of seeing and interacting with loved ones and angels on the other side of the veil. Can you add some additional insight and suggestions for the caregivers of the elderly?

MONJORONSON: Yes, I would be glad to. Caregivers are all trained in the care and support of the elderly, those who are infirm of body or mind or both. It is essential that in their training that they be trained and made aware of this era that approaches death, where the presence of spiritual beings becomes more and more observable to the elderly. We recognize that in many facilities there is not a spiritual orientation, yet there are many facilities which do have religious or spiritual orientations, and these particularly should be trained for the care of the elderly, who approach death. It is important that the keys of traversing through the veil and back again, be made easily and acceptably for the elderly, as these are forays of consciousness to the early morontial states of awareness. There is oftentimes recognition of some religious preference of the elder person, and this is a good facility for their care. There would also be, in the future training, and a placard stating that this elder person has a preference for spiritual connection or communion in the process of moving into the afterlife. This is a far stretch for many contemporary care facilities, and for many caregivers, yet in those facilities which attend to this need, this is essential to be made known to the caregivers. Many times the babblings and talk and observations of the elder person, who is approaching death, is audible to those around them, and this is oftentimes disconcerting, dismaying, and disappointing to the caregivers. They should actually appreciate this evidence of approaching death and the ease of the elder person who is approaching that new horizon.

Vicki: This seems to connect to how caregivers view their patients, and in a way to the three values that we’ve been given. The one that stands out the most for me right now is “social equality.” Sometimes I think that more energy needs to be placed in the relationship between the caregiver and the patient. Can you speak to this, Monjoronson?

MONJORONSON: Most definitely. Oftentimes, elder people who are near death, are more often in the care of caregivers than they are with family members. It is important that the caregivers develop a friendship with the elder who are in this situation. This lends to the development of trust and the ability or freedom of the elder person to express themselves aloud or to share their experiences with the caregiver, without being reprimanded or chastised or made to feel guilty or disabled in some way. These caregivers represent the closest supporting members of an extended family that they will experience in this time. This support is important as it is emotionally based, which lends to the capacity to be at ease spiritually with crossing over.

  • Increasing numbers of the elderly and increased costs of their care

Vicki: As you know, ours is an aging society, and even now we are beginning to feel the impact. Frankly, with the increase in numbers of aging citizens, and the increase of cost for caregiving, we are unprepared for this. What do you suggest we do at this time to alleviate this problem?

MONJORONSON: In the past, when there were far more resources, the elderly were housed in ward after ward of doddering old people, who were unable to care for themselves, those who were suffering from dementia, those who were suffering from Alzheimer’s, those who were physically infirm. When these situations are necessary, it is important that the quality of care be maintained. As more and more elderly come into the population, it will be necessary for families to take up more of the care of their elder family members. The addition of a grandmother’s apartment, or suite attached to a house, will become an important addition to any residence. You will see more and more of this in the future. These must necessarily be on the ground floor, and easily accessible to the outside and inside. The care of those who are greatly disabled, those who are no longer “with you,” so to speak, mentally or spiritually, that are in a vegetative state, are often those who are candidates for care in larger wards.

  • Maintain care as long as the Thought Adjuster remains within

You are on the cusp of an evolving social situation in your nation and across the world, as the elderly people increase in numbers, and more and more become more greatly infirm and incapable mentally and physically. You are, unfortunately, unable to ascertain the presence of the Thought Adjuster within the individual. As long as the Thought Adjuster remains in the elderly, then we urge you to maintain them, care for them, and support their mental, emotional, social and physical needs. Your society in many ways is very primitive in that you continue to accept that life is a hallowed and sacred issue. It is the primary value that sustains individuals, societies and civilizations; however, life without quality, life without value—meaning worth—is useless. You have, literally, an “icon” that represents something that is of great and tremendous respect and value, yet the icon itself is hollow and only signatory of what it represents.

  • Euthanasia practiced on advanced worlds

In more evolved societies on other worlds there is awareness when the Thought Adjuster leaves. The absence of the Thought Adjuster that means that the conscious mind is unable to make moral decisions, and the person is oftentimes, in most societies, brought to an end in their life support systems. A metaphor is that of trying to keep cut flowers alive long after their color and fragrance has vanished. Just as you do not continue to water and fertilize the dead flowers, so too do these societies not feed the empty hulls of their loved ones.

This may seem heinous and callous to you, but it is the same respect that you would give a gravely ill or dying dog or cat. When they have no longer have the capacity to make moral decisions then an elder person, who has lost their conscious mind and who no longer has a Thought Adjuster with them, they are no longer human. This is a far stretch for many of you to accept, yet on most worlds, this is simply the case that happens. Your world is not as mature, considering those worlds in the advanced state of light and life, no one dies—almost all, if not all, individuals fuse before physical death, and fusing, they are transported immediately to the mansion worlds. Those worlds, which are less mature than that, do experience physical death, and they do practice this euthanasia aspect in those cases where the conscious mind is no longer active, and the individual is no longer occupied with the Thought Adjuster.

  • Treatment of deeply criminal individuals on advanced worlds

Your situation is much more complex and primitive, and you are obligated to continue with your cultural norms and mores, as you have in centuries past, respecting life no matter what the quality of it is. This also relates to the deeply, criminally inclined individual, which is not directly related to the elderly, of course, but those individuals who have lost their Thought Adjusters and who are predatory upon your societies. These too, in advanced civilizations, are eliminated from the population. Those who are criminally inclined and who still have the Thought Adjuster present with them are sterilized so they do not procreate and duplicate the criminal mind that they have. This too is quite a removed topic, morally from your sense of appropriateness, however on advanced worlds, it is a daily occurrence, and receives appropriate civil adjudication by civilian tribunals.

Vicki: This has been a topic of discussion among friends and family here. It helps me understand this disconnect between what we feel is morally right, and the reality of our existence on this planet. Like you said, at our level of maturity we can’t always apply perfect practices to an imperfect system. Is that correct, Monjoronson?

MONJORONSON: You have this correct.

  • Differences between mortal and morontial thought

Vicki: All right. For quite a long time, I’ve been trying to understand the difference between morontia and mortal thought, and so this theme may be interwoven in some of my questions. Since we aren’t capable at this time of perceiving when the Thought Adjuster leaves an individual, does it require morontial abilities or capabilities to do that? Is that part of the morontial spectrum or state?

MONJORONSON: Yes it is; it is part of the human superconscious mind, awareness and the lower morontial conscious awareness.

  • Those of jeopardized life during Transition Era

Vicki: I’m assuming that with some of the events that we are told may occur during this transition time, that this will impact the numbers of the elderly population, and that the elderly population will be drastically reduced. Is that correct?

MONJORONSON: Yes, that is correct. The elderly and anyone who is under the care and support of others will have their lives jeopardized during this Transition Era. The social systems of societies that have suffered great physical cataclysms or from some epidemic will be the first ones who will not survive. It will require very capable and competent clear-thinking individuals to survive during these situations. You can imagine that whenever anyone is institutionalized, whether it is a hospital for physical illnesses, a mental hospital, prisons, jails and so on, that the lives of these individuals will be in jeopardy during this Transition Era. It has always been that way, throughout all civilizations on your world, those who are dependent on others are the first ones to succumb to the difficulties of the time. Does this answer your question?

  • Population stabilization

Vicki: It does, and it brings up another question: Will this be enough to balance this situation in the near future, or will we continue to experience the impact of an increasing, aging population?

MONJORONSON: No, the population that will remain will be of great value, and those who are capable will assist; those who are incapable will become directed by those who are capable, whether it is the care and cleaning of a home, preparation of meals, childcare, or simply doing yard care—whatever menial task that they can assist in, they will be able to live in that environment. Do not anticipate a growing elder population, though this is possible (pause), an increasing, aging population is very [un]likely as those who remain after the Transition Era, will be young and middle age, and they will represent the majority of those who survive. Families with large numbers of young children will as well be in jeopardy, as [will] those families who have numerous elder persons in their care.

Your nation has not experienced this or seen this occur in its existence, and so this is all unfamiliar territory to you, as you review your national history of your people. However, in other countries, there have been natural and social disasters which have consumed the lives of hundreds of thousands of individuals, and those who remain are the young adults, the adults and the middle aged, at most. Then it is time to repopulate the society, but then in the new era, after the new era, it will be necessary to do so with thought, forethought and care, so that you are not once again overburdened with an enormous population.

  • Depression throughout our society

Vicki: Monjoronson, there’s another condition that we see not only with the elderly but throughout our entire population and that is ‘depression’. The prevalence of it is disconcerting. I know there are many factors involved here, however could you tell us what you consider to be the major factors for the vast amount of depression we see in our world?

MONJORONSON: Most definitely, I would be glad to, and you are quite correct that this is a major tragedy of most advanced societies. It is not a factor of the advancement or development of a society, as even in primitive societies there are those who suffer from depression. Depression is oftentimes a latent issue in the mind mechanism of your species. Depression is most oftentimes triggered by a tragedy or some kind of trauma, whether it is physical, social, financial, or other. The individual as an organism has been thrown out of their routine—what they anticipate, what they expect of their life.

When you have a technologically and materially advanced society as yours in the United States, Japan and Western Europe, the expectations are mighty and powerful for fulfillment. Children are programmed to think in terms of having everything they want, and to be entertained into their late adulthood by these social and material supports. However, those with lesser expectations seem to survive much more easily. If you were to lose an arm in an accident you would have to cope, you would have to relearn your skills, to balance your life without this one limb. And so you would [not] have an expectation of living life as you had, and the differences would come into play as depression. However, it is not so much what happens to you, as how you interpret what happens to you that is the major cause of depression.

Some individuals can lose their eyesight and go on as though they have not had any further problems; they are not in depression. However, there are others who lose their vision, who become greatly depressed, suicidal and incapable of supporting themselves. It is a matter of degree. The development of depression is dependent upon the latent genetic predisposition for depression, oftentimes it is latent, it is not active, and does not come into play until some trauma causes it to come to the forefront of their life. Serious social and interpersonal stress can bring this on as well.

Healthy minds, genetically and developmentally, usually do not develop depression. However, in a society as yours, which has so much social dysfunction, depression has increasing frequency among the population. There is no immediate antidote other than to raise new generations of people whose material expectations are lower, whose ego expectations are moderated, and have taken on more humility into their intra- and interpersonal relationships. There are of course, always have been, developmental psychoses and depression, anxieties and other mental illnesses, which come into play as an individual enters/exits puberty and enters early adulthood. This is unexplainable outside the realm of genetic predisposition. Oftentimes depression, schizophrenia and other mental illnesses are predisposed, due to the genetics of a line of family, just as there may be a predisposition for brown eyes, or blue eyes or green eyes, there could be a predisposition for depression or other mental illnesses. Does this explain?

Vicki: Yes, it does. Here is one other question related to this, I am concerned with our dependency right now, on the medicinal treatment for psychological and emotional depression. The number of those using antidepressants is quite staggering in our society. I guess I’m wondering if the use of these antidepressants interferes—or how they interfere—with our ability to be spiritually connected?

MONJORONSON: They have a powerful effect on the capacity of the individual to continue their development and their maturity in their emotional sphere and their spirituality. The attainment that they had prior to the time of medication is usually the level that they will maintain during their medicated era of their lifetimes. Psychotropic medications are very useful for those individuals who are dangerous to themselves and a danger to others, however, there has become an overuse of these medications as individuals have not been trained to cope or handle or manage their depression, their anxiety or their erratic thinking. These are aspects of training that can address the mental/emotional difficulties individuals have.

The most important aspect involved is having the individual use their will to direct and guide the healing and maintenance of their mind. This simply is not a part of the regimen of treatment in the medical/psychiatric community. Yet it is completely valid; it does work; has been proven to be highly useful. What works against using this is the immaturity of your society in general, plus highly paternalistic psychiatric ethic, and those who want to be babied, to be cared for, to be pampered, to not have any pain or discomfort no matter how small or how large. This too is a matter of the maturity of your professional community, as there are very few standards or thresholds for the use of medications to treat these difficulties of mental-emotional aberrations. This is referenced to a more evolved and developed society, with a more developed and evolved medical community.

  • The history of our medical community is still very young

You must realize, dear ones, that your medical community has only come into its own in less than a century. In 1910, your medical profession did not require a college degree, so the maturity of the ethics and morality and professional and technical capability of this profession is still very immature; it has a long way to go. Given another century, your medical community will be much more advanced. It is even now on the threshold within the next thirty years of completing most of its remedial education and capabilities. It is on the threshold of beginning to treat many genetic maladies through genetic manipulation, prior to birth, prior to conception. This will be a tremendous advancement to your civilization, to the genome of the human species, and greatly increase the capacity to unlock the potential with each individual. I have gone quite astray from your question, but these are all related. I thank you for your question.

Vicki: Thank you! I think you gave us such a wonderful perspective on this whole picture. I think it was very helpful.

Developing the morontial mind while in a mortal body

Monjoronson, I’d like to talk about the morontial mind, and I don’t want to take anything away from the work that we have to do with our mortal minds, here, and put too much emphasis on this, however, I have studied quite a bit, over and over again, what was said in the Urantia Book about the morontial mind and what has been said in some of the transcripts, and I know you’ve told us that we are capable of developing very early morontial capabilities during our mortal life, and that in fact, some people are doing so now. It seems to me, without taking away from our physical existence, that this is a desirable path to pursue, so I’d like to ask a few questions that may help us delineate the differences between the mortal and the morontial mind.

I’d like to first say, maybe for the benefit of our audience, that we know that when we cross over, that we will exist in a morontial state, that has been described to us as almost a graded state between the physical and spiritual existence, and that the appearance of this morontial shell that we inhabit, changes as we progress, and reflects the level of development we have attained. That part I understand. What’s difficult for me is the distinction between the mortal and morontial mind and its abilities—that confuses me. So my first question is: Could you possibly explain to us a bit more about the difference between the mortal and morontial mind, so that we can better perceive or identify when we may be functioning in the very early states of morontial existence, as a mortal?

  • Begin the process of evolving the mind with intention

MONJORONSON: I would be glad to, but I will greatly limit my answer to the realm of practicality for your living, if I might. I do not wish you to intellectualize this process very much at all. Let me begin this way, that you can begin to evolve and develop the bud of your morontial mind during this lifetime, first of all through your intention for your life as a mortal. What is your intention? Those of you who would be concerned about knowing the differences between the mortal and morontial mind, most of you would have already made the intention to begin living as a morontial being in this realm, yet we know to a person, that most of you have not. Most of you have prayed to do God’s will, but you have not made the intention of how to do that in this lifetime.

You can begin by stating an intention that includes doing God’s will, of course, and to live in harmony with your fellow brothers and sisters, and to develop all the potential on all realms of consciousness in your being, during this lifetime. That would, of course, maximize your mortal potential, and begin the maximization and development of your morontial potential. You will know that you are growing when you become aware that most of your interests and most of your thoughts do not have to do with selfish interests, that there is not the “me” in everything; where you begin to see yourself as a cosmic citizen, though that status may be quite a ways off. You begin to see yourself introspective on your world as an individual who is growing, evolving, developing and moving on.

If your mind is stuck on this moment, on this year, in this lifetime, this house, this career, then you are not thinking in terms of morontial perspectives. You begin to take on the morontial when you begin to think as a morontial being; a morontial being realizes that they have moved past the material realm, that they are now in the morontial realm. You can begin this process by understanding, knowing and affirming that you are a morontial being in the making, and that your perspectives are the universe, and that you are the very beginning of this. You will notice, as you move through the years, that your thinking has changed. You must take stock of your thinking, to reflect at least once a year, upon your growth—how are you doing? How you see others and life as the same or different from the past. You will see yourself as a morontial, as one who is a part of a grand universe.

When you cross over, you will become part of a class, and you will move together in this class from one stage to another. You will have many commonalities, and you will move together, so that you have friendships, you have commonalities, you have associations, you have a social universe that you live in, that you are not alone. As a mortal [you] can begin to realize in your thinking that you are not alone; that you are one of many who are one the path of ascension, of growing, of developing. The morontial person is moral, is ethical, does exercise a social consciousness, is fair at all times. They are really beginning to live in the Master Consciousness, meaning that they do not see others as a means to self-aggrandizement, but seeing others as equals in the same journey that you are on.

  • ‘Will’ is the key to morontial growth; intention is its plan

Comparative thinking is something that would be most difficult for you now, as you would need a tri-part mind—mortal, morontial and then have the perspective of observer of both of those realms. You, at this point, do not have that capacity, though you can do that in reflection of your past thinking. The difference is between how you lived and thought and spoke and treated others five years ago, in comparison with how you treat them now, how you treat yourself, and how you relate to others in this lifetime, in this moment now. Your question is fraught with numerous difficulties, mainly because of the limitations of the mortal mind, and your mind mechanism. You begin to express the morontial mind when you use your will for the highest and greatest good of your own existence, your own soul, and as it is in association with others. The will is the key to your morontial growth, your intentions for living, sets the course of a plan for your life, no matter what your career is or how wealthy or poor you are.

Vicki: This changes my perspective somewhat. I understood that the morontial mind was one that involved itself in the ethics and morality of a higher level of living. But I think it was tremendously helpful for us in that it put our focus where it needs to be when we think of morontial thought.

  • The ‘warp and woof’ of morontial growth

I was wondering if you could clarify this for me: In the Urantia Book, it describes the morontia as its warp being spiritual, and its woof being physical. What does that mean, Monjoronson?

MONJORONSON: It means that you live as a morontial being, between the mortal/material, and the spiritual realm. You will not become spiritual until you graduate from the schools of Salvington, and are preparing to move to the next set of schools in Uversa, of the superuniverse of Orvonton. Your question really is very similar to those of traditional Christians and others, who believe that the transit from death to heaven is one jump and complete. There is a tremendous preparation for the spiritual, and in that realm you will be a fused individual, you will have completed all of your education in Nebadon, and you will be preparing in Uversa, of that realm to then traverse to Havona and Paradise. The warp and woof of that fabric is woven in the morontial realm, where you use the history of your existence, the memories, your experiences as a mortal in the material realm, to assist you in becoming more spiritual. You are a ‘spirit becoming’ in the morontial realm; you have left the material realm, but it is so fresh in your mind, your memory and your repertoire of experiences that it really does provide a tremendously strong thread in the weaving of the new fabric of life. Do you understand so far?

Vicki: Yes, I do, and I think I was thrown off by the metaphor. I think I have a better understanding now. [Now] we are talking about the weaving of fabric and I was thinking more in terms of a musical metaphor. (Laughing.) Thank you for that.

  • Morontial senses, psychic ability and manipulating energy

I think that some of us confuse morontial growth with our ability to develop psychically and to develop our morontial senses to be able to manipulate energy, or accomplish higher levels of altered states in meditation. I want to make sure I understand this. Is it that even though these are part of this process of morontial growth, they are not the essence of it? Is that correct?

MONJORONSON: That is correct. What you are talking about is just the phenomenology of being a morontial being. As a morontial being you will have many more senses than you have now. You will be able to perceive and know things at a distance, as though you were right there. This is what you might call “psychic phenomena,” but this is part of the morontial senses and abilities to live there. There is no “game playing” with the senses, as there are here. Here you have the five senses, plus the psychic abilities which mirror those five senses, plus those who have the capacity for accessing consciousness, you can see events and situations at a distance through time, past or the future. This is something that is taken for granted in the morontial realm, but it still has an air of irrelevance, simply because you live in the now, here and there. Your capacity in the morontial realm to live in the future is very limited, as you know what lies ahead of you already. Your program of progression and academics and schooling and training will be presented to you, and you will have many options. You will look back at your material life as very limiting, and something that you would not want to return to, as you progress in the morontial realm. You will realize that having many more senses and tremendously expanded capability gives you an empowerment, rather than a sense of limitation. Does this help?

Vicki: Yes. Yes, very much. I have more clarity about the morontial existence and about its relevance to us as mortals, at this time. Thank you.

Morontial mind will be free of disabilities

MONJORONSON: I might add that your mind mechanism as a morontial will be “true,” meaning that you will not have issues of genetic disabilities, mentally, emotionally or physically. You will have the capacity of your morontial mind, which will only be limited by your character, your immaturity, your emotional/spiritual evolution, and yes, you will have an emotional repertoire that you can exercise in the morontial realm. This too, as in this material realm, is reflective of your spiritual maturity. Do you see the difference between your physical, mental, emotional limitations in this realm here, and the lack of them on the other side?

Vicki: Yes, very much so.

  • Morontial mind will be based on spiritual maturity, character and personality

MONJORONSON: So this allows you to access your capacity in the morontial, based upon your emotional and spiritual maturity and the developments of your character and personality. I want to make those two very separate. I asked you about the first and we had that out of the way. Now we speak about the character and personality and spiritual development of you in the morontial realm, and this is always reflective of the maturity that you had in those aspects, when you died and came into the afterlife.

[This is Daniel: What he’s trying to tell you is that, yes, you will go across, but everybody will have a good mind! And how will you have developed it, depends upon how well you developed your character and your personality, and how you used all the faculties of your being, during your material life.

Vicki: Exactly, so we are all going to cross over, with potentially a good mind, that we may not have had in our mortal existence, without the handicaps—we are going to pass over without the handicaps, but we are all going to be in a different place, because of what development of character and personality and morals were accomplished here.

Daniel: Exactly.

Vicki: That’s what I got from it—I wanted to be sure though, there wasn’t … I had to think about this and make sure I wasn’t missing something, but okay… that might be helpful to include in our transcript.

Daniel: It might be, yes. I agree.

Vicki: Although others might read it and just “get it,” where I had to—being a part of the process—had to really make sure I was understanding it, so….]

  • Our limited view of science and how it distorts our perceptions

Vicki: Monjoronson, I’d like to begin to touch on some topics related to science and to our consciousness, and I’d like to approach them from the standpoint of a lay person’s understanding. We know that the field of science is somewhat compartmentalized in our world, and that we have a limited understanding of it at this point, although in some areas we are more advanced than others. In what ways does our limited understanding of science, distort our current view of ourselves?

MONJORONSON: In Western societies of your world there is the odd reverence and respect of science as the purveyor and provider of all things that are needed to your societies and to individuals. It has created a distortion in your appreciation of who you are, what you are and how science can help you live. Most of your Western thinking resolves around science as a panacea for everything in your contemporary life. It has given you a distorted view of who you are as an individual. You have begun to think of yourselves as electro-chemical automatons, with a brain and thinking, yet you are far, far more than that. Science has only a limited capacity to reveal to you truth, beauty and goodness. In many ways, it can reveal truth, but this is physical truth; it does not seek to confront the boundaries and dissolve those boundaries between philosophy, and to think in terms of living as not only a mechanical means, but an existence of being.

There are many intelligent people in your society who have rather limited lives because the science that they have assumed to be all encompassing is actually quite limiting. It is important that the value people assign to themselves be expanded tremendously. In the future, you can imagine your family members—children, great-grandchildren—as saying, “No, I am not just an organism in our society. I am a thinking being who contributes meaningfully to our society and to my life, and to that of others by how I live and how I think, and how I express that living,” which has nothing to do with science. Your spirituality will begin to expand then as well. The scientific mind is very limited, and it is very biased; and it is very narrow minded and very linear—all of which does not contribute to the wholeness of the individual during their mortal lifetime. It gives them a very limited perspective of their place in the universe and in their societies, and in fact, it has injured them greatly by limiting their capacity to engage others and their own life, philosophically, spiritually and in the development of their personality. Does this address your question?

  • Crossing the boundaries between science and spirituality

Vicki: Yes, it does. I think it is a beginning. For a long time, I have felt quite powerless in finding a way to resolve this disconnect between my growing spiritual reality and the lack of spiritual acknowledgement among others, many of whom are deeply committed to just a scientific viewpoint. The statistics indicate that the majority of our scientists do not believe in the existence of God. But I’m wondering, that with the advent of some new scientific discoveries that support the existence of other realities, that we may be crossing the boundaries between spirituality and science, and that this may be an avenue to bridge these two disciplines. Is that an accurate assumption?

MONJORONSON: Yes, it is. Your scientists are soon to expire their capacity to sustain your societies. Your societies need something more than just science, electricity and material goods. They need something that maintains your society as vibrant, alive, growing, as the healthy social organism it is, and must be to remain in existence.

  • Shaman’s ancient knowledge vs. modern science’s views

Vicki: This week I expanded my knowledge of energy fields. My readings ranged from understanding how the ancient American shamans manipulate what they call, “luminous energy fields,” all the way to the discoveries of modern science, and their theories of an underlying matrix or grid, that connects all matter and energy in simultaneous ways. What I think I’m discovering is that the language may be different, but the general concepts related to energy fields may be similar. Is this a correct assumption?

MONJORONSON: Yes, it is.

Vicki: Okay, so could you help us connect the dots between what one author describes as ‘the best science of today,’ and the timeless wisdom of the past?

MONJORONSON: Yes, the best science sees the beginning of the integration of the quantum universe, with its linear approach. The shaman’s perspective of the universe is intuitive; they have an intuitive understanding of how the universe works. The scientist, on the other hand, wishes to prove how it works. The shaman’s intuition knows that it does work, that it is eternal, it is universal and that it is self-maintaining, and that [it] is not necessary to understand how it works, but that it can work, does work and it can be manipulated for the individual as they choose. The scientist is approaching the quantum experience of the universe as an extension of the mind, of the mind mechanism, and that universe energy is manipulated by the mind. The shaman knows this already, and simply does it. There is not a necessity to understand how it works, from the perspective of the ancient wisdom.

The ancient wisdom bypasses all the mumbo-jumbo of scientific equations and simply puts the mind into alignment with the energy that is, to use it and manipulate it. The scientist, on the other hand, speaks of the mumbo-jumbo of the intuitive shaman as unintelligible, yet they both seek the same ends, and that is to make sense of the universe and to be in alignment with it. The shaman is however, far, far ahead of the scientist in this regard, as the ancient wisdoms assist the individual to be in alignment with the universe energy in this lifetime and always. This is a way of living; the life of the one who accepts ancient wisdom, lives in alignment with the way of the universe, and the way of the universe is good, benevolent and kind… and generous, vastly generous! And this is what the scientist understands in the atomic and sub-atomic energy that lies latent in the atom and its inherent energy.

  • Mind manipulation of universe energy

Vicki: Monjoronson, what stood out for me in your last answer was the fact that the universe can be manipulated by the mind, and this is something I’ve been contemplating. When you shared with us that we do not realize the power and potential of our bodies and our minds, are you referring to this idea that we are less victims and observers of what occurs around us, but we have more potential to control what occurs around us by this quantum power of consciousness within?

MONJORONSON: Yes. You already are powerful manipulators and controllers of universe energy, but you are unaware of it, you are unconscious of it and you have not trained your mind to do so constructively and powerfully on your behalf. The beginning of living in a morontial existence in this lifetime begins with declaring an intention for your life, one that is in agreement with your universe career of ascension. Yes, it could mean that you are materially well endowed, that you have material capacity, but this is a very superficial aspect of using and manipulating universe energy. The more important aspect is to be in alignment with the universe and the harmony that is inherent in it, to be able to use the energy of the universe in this lifetime, for your great good. Declaring an intention sets your orientation for your life, for your existence, for your living, and that by being aware of this once or twice, or several times a day, assists your mind to support the fulfillment of that intention.

  • Responsibilities for manipulating energy

Once you become conscious of your doing this, and that you are responsible for your thinking, then you use your will to guide the outcome of your life, your performance—what you think, what you say and what you do, and the choices you make and the actions you take. These must all be in alignment for you to manipulate your universe energy for your greatest good. Most people are unaware of this; most people have not declared this intention; most people simply live their life and think their thoughts and fight against what comes to them, and they have not laid a foundation for good outcomes for their thinking. Their thinking is powerful to form what comes into their life and so it does. If you have been raised to think negatively about yourself, you have a low self-esteem, low self-worth, and a poor self-image and poor expectations for the future, well guess what? That will be delivered to you, and so it is. So once you become conscious of you being in charge of your lifetime, being responsible, declare an intention and then will your mind to fulfill that for your highest and greatest good, it will do so! Your mind is incredibly powerful, but you must train it to work for you, for the best good of your life, now and forevermore.

Vicki: Monjoronson, you shared with us earlier, that when we project energy through our conscious intention, that though we may not be personally able to detect its effect, it does have an impact. This tells me that though we view this as a spiritual activity that it also has some scientific implications, possibly related to the discovery scientists are making in the fields, such as neuroscience and quantum physics. Is that correct?

MONJORONSON: That is correct.

Vicki: Do you care to expound upon that a bit, so that we understand?

MONJORONSON: Yes, I would be glad to. You are quite correct in stating that this is not a matter of spirituality; you are basically dealing with the energy of the universe in a very similar but rudimentary fashion as an energy controller on your planet, or located someplace in space in this local system. You are learning the rudiments of energy manipulation and movement. When you have an intention, and you see this and command the universe to bring this into existence, you are manipulating those energies to fulfill the intention or the image, the outcome, the outworking of the intention. You have a vision behind the intention, something that will be fulfilled, and so it is your mind draws in the energy to bring that into agreement.

  • The miracle of providence

It may be interesting to you, that the opposite side of that is providence, where you do not have a mind image or an intention for some outworking, but that nonetheless, it comes to you anyhow. This is the miraculous aspect of the Creator working in and through you. It is the “bounce,” so to speak of your life upon the universe, where it bounces back to you as you would want it to, without asking. This gives great pleasure and joy and excitement to the adventure of life and living, do you not think?

Vicki: Yes, and it confirms my belief that if we plan our lives in a way that is good for us and the universe, and also aligns with providence, that things move faster, they move better. Am I correct?

MONJORONSON: That is correct. I draw you the metaphor of practicing tennis, by yourself, across where the net would be, there is a board, a backboard, and there is a white line drawn across this board where the net would be. And so you hit the ball into the backboard above the white line, and it comes back to you in different angles, but providence is kind of like taking away the backboard and you hit the ball to the other court, and without seeing how it comes to you, it comes across in different angles, where you are able to receive it and reciprocate. You then become a partner, shaking hands, so to speak, with the good of the universe, and you are then partnering with the energy of the universe.

Vicki: I think that today’s session has connected a lot of dots! It has given us a much better picture into the unity of things, and so I’m going to end with one last question: Would it also be accurate, Monjoronson, to say, that this new age of consciousness will not only be a time of spiritual enlightenment, and an awareness of the larger universe around us, but will also be a time when we may unconsciously unlock many energetic potentials, that we have not yet learned to express?

  • Mind is the mechanism through which will and consciousness work

MONJORONSON: Yes, it most definitely will be. The “age of consciousness” is a good title for this awakening era. It states to everyone that you are connected, that there is consciousness and that you are also, and as well connected to cosmic consciousness, and your human race consciousness, that you are part of the matrix of your world, on an energetic level of consciousness. Through this development, you are truly beginning to understand more of the rudimentary powers and capabilities of mind. Mind is the mechanism through which will and consciousness works. When you ask Nebadonia and the Infinite Spirit to invest your mind with its highest capacity and capability, with immense clarity, you are truly invoking the best that you can invoke for your mind mechanism, to become a far more powerful and responsible member of your universe, through the appropriate use of your consciousness, your will and your mind mechanism.

  • Training of the mind mechanism is paramount

Mind mechanism must be clear! This is paramount; you must begin to ask for clarity in your mind mechanism, through the help of your Thought Adjuster, the Seven Adjutant Mind Spirits, your Guardian Angel and from Infinite Spirit, Nebadonia, the Daughter Spirit of the Infinite Spirit in our local universe. It is important to have a clear mind, as you say in your computer field years ago, “Garbage in, Garbage out!” Too, oftentimes there is too much garbage in your thinking now. It is cluttered with negative thinking, pessimism, cynicism, bitterness, hostility and all negative emotions. These must go for you to become a powerful agent of the benevolent good that could come to you, and is coming to you, if you have the capacity to form it for your life and for your ascendant career. Yes, dear ones, you do have incredible capability and capacity. It begins with the recognition that you have a will, that you can set an intention for your life, and that you can train your mind. Training of your mind is very important, and it is only in the rudimentary stages of development, whether in martial arts, or whether in academics, or scientific procedure, or spirituality. This is almost virgin, undeveloped territory for your society, for your spiritual culture. Thank you.


Vicki: Thank you, Monjoronson. Once again, you have expanded our horizons, considerably!

MONJORONSON: It has been a pleasure to be here with you.