2010-04-22-Communication, Transmitting

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Topic: Communication, Transmitting

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Thought Adjuster, Monjoronson, Machiventa

TR: Mark Rogers, Henry Z.



There was a question referring to the process of transmitting/receiving and the comments are as follows:


Mark: I will offer a few of my processes about what I do to get into the space and to get going in the process. Start thinking about everything your body is doing; the breath you're going to take becomes a conscious focus. You inhale and feel what it feels like to inhale and expand, take in the nourishment that our Mother provides for us. Thank you Mother. Just stop everything, see what it sounds like, what it feels like. If you do that you're in the moment, the very first coming to focus your awareness. There are a number of different mental constructs a person could use. I offer these as a suggestion. There are billions of approaches, these are just a handful that I use.

Sometimes if my mind is very busy I envision a crowded chalkboard and I wipe it clean with my intention. I visually see in my construct this chalkboard being wiped clean of the very busy set of scribbling all over it. This brings me a feeling that it is open now, it is free.

Another approach is to use the energy my mind wants to do something with and tell it to pray, to express my gratitude to get the ball rolling. This causes me to think about what I would be praying about in this moment. What am I grateful for? Once I have exercised my mind and put it to work for a project I consider worthy I then focus on relaxation, a letting go and letting down, a reclining into spirit and trusting I am in a loving place, in a secure place, a place that is sanctioned and part of my spiritual domain. It is a familiar place, a place of stillness, a place I have been many times, a place that has a sense of calm and peace and refreshment.

I then focus on the breath, have gratitude for the breath, a prayer to be in touch, to be connected, an offer to be connected, that it is my will. Invariably for me at that time if I let go and recline into spirit I have a sense of some otherness, some personality in my routine attempt to connect with the t/r process. Then there is this sense of recognition of energy signature, of distinct personality just as even now I have a sense of imprint of each of your energies, some of whom I have never met but based upon how you feel on the phone, your energy signature. You have a sense of mine, how I feel. The same is true with the celestial personalities. They possess their own individual energy signature and that's how you recognize them. Not, obviously by any physical aspects, but by how they feel, how you sense their energy.

Now, that process differs from what we do here tonight, from what happens here with our efforts to get in touch with the Inner Presence, the Voice Within as it is known in this circuit. In that case there is no sense of an alternate energy signature. There is no registry of the presence of another as we are so prone to define it. Instead, [for me] there is a sense of complete trust in the connection of which I have become aware and the only expression of this connection has to happen through me. This other aspect of myself is completely flavored and colored by my manifestation as an individual personality. It can be different to distinguish because of that but it is more sensed, in the same way you sense another energy signature from another individual, you also are able to sense the rush of spirit that is completely contained within, that rush of conviction that really brings with it some sense of certainty and some identification with truth.

So, for what it is worth I put my observations on record here and hope that something will work for somebody. An excellent method that is quite useful for starting the transmitting process or the expressing process is the use of journaling in some form. Some people can by hand, write out notes, some people can type if you feel it is not an obstacle. If you have to use a tape recorder and just speak into it, do something that is easy so you are not thinking about the process, it is just putting yourself in gear and going because nothing can happen as long as you are stopped and considering what to do. You have to actually be doing something to find whether it works or not, you have to put yourself in motion.

So if you are comfortable with a pen and paper, sit down with a pen and paper. Ask in sincere prayer and stillness, a question, and then allow that within you is one who can answer that question, and go forth and answer that question. Write it out as it comes to you. Don't worry about the accuracy, right or wrong, whether it is true, whether it is a fact, whether was noticed, just write, just go, just move and allow that spirit can guide, not only guide you but guide your hands, guide your thoughts, guide your expression.

So anyone actually interested in moving into the expression, I encourage you to use that step. It has worked for many persons I know. Don't consider that this is a public thing; when you start it is for you and you go back later and you read it and see what it feels like. See if you can feel the presence, something more than you, something in addition to you. You will sense that in the writing if you sincerely allow free expression; trust and engage in the process. I always come to this threshold where I have to pray for the strength to take that next step into the unknown. I can come all the way up to it, I can talk about it, but when it comes time to actually do it there is a realness and genuineness with having to align yourself. I offer my intention to align myself at this time and I witness to the constance and dedication of this process. I have never been let down and I am grateful to be involved with Divine Parents who are always so completely there for us, who completely have us in their hands. Thank you.

The Voice: [Mark] And there we have it my friends, I am this one's Inner Voice responding to the creative expression, the invitation to participate, the inclination to share. These factors are all present which can then bring us together. I am impressed at times with my counterpart for his sensitivity to pick up on directions which may be explored and perhaps some benefit derived. It is because he is in pursuit of what to do, what stone to overturn, where to plant the next seed and where would be a good spot to put in another tree. It is his motion, it is his action, which are physical factors in the unfolding of this process and I admire his willingness to step over his fears for I observe that they exist and that there is this conscious effort to step over them and not allow them to obstruct the forward momentum.

I observe that it is difficult for he is entirely unused to having the tables turned and have a discussion centering towards him but I nevertheless stand by my observation and it is simply good to be observed for what you are and what you contribute and accomplish in your efforts. How many of the trees take root and grow tall and what actually transpires as a result of this desire to plant so much that there might be so much fruit.

There were many good contributions offered, tips really, on how one person uses their thought train to guide them in the direction of their desires. This illustrates command over this thought-stream process which so often appears to be dominant and overbearing but can be commanded and directed and that energy that is present in the equation may be focused and brought to bear on the desired outcome as we were all able to witness here today. I would thank you all for hearing my comments here today and would like to open the forum up. I know there are others who would cherish the use of this opportunity as I do so I would offer it up to others at this time. Thank you.


Mark: I'm being directed to suggest that it might be an interesting exercise if everyone were to offer a little something that works for them [to connect with spirit], some technique that they have because it is so wide and varied.

Comment: I don't t/r myself but I have a triadic exercise that I use to go into stillness. I call it the practice of the presence as a three fold step. The first is practice being "present" in the now by focusing on the breath. Secondly I practice the "presents" or gifts as in the form of a prayer of gratitude. Thirdly I practice the "presence" of my Adjuster. It seems to work better than randomly trying to grind out some association with the beings that are so close that I don't even realize it.

Comment: One thing I know for sure is to [practice] in the early morning because at night I will surely go to sleep. I listen to George Barnard's technique which is to go through the entire body and try to relax the muscles, facial muscles, the arms, the shoulders, the legs, toes, the entire body.

Comment: I would sit at my computer and start talking to them [spirits] as though they were right across from me and would share what I'm feeling, what my questions were just as if I had a friend sitting there. I would get a response and go from there, just dialoging with them from the very beginning. They respond if there is anything I should be aware of. It all started by my sitting at my computer and start talking with them.

Mark: Henry, could I ask you what your process is when you go into spirit?

Henry: I think one of the most important things, and this was mentioned before, is the relaxation part. It is tremendously important to create a space in which of this delicate process takes place. The first thing I do is relax. There are many techniques with which to relax. My own is well practiced and it usually involves invoking some divine presence such as Mother Spirit, just asking her to come and fill me with a sense of being, a sense of love, a kind of spiritual embrace if you will. I get into a quiet space, semi-reclined, relaxed. This is going to sound funny but since it was asked of me I will share it. I used to go through this elaborate process on a physical level to relax my body. I would start at my feet and come all the way up to my head and call out parts of my body and command them to relax. During times of stress I found that quite resourceful.

But now I have this object that I hold in my hand and this has a tremendous physic calming effect, kind of like a pet rock or something. In this relaxed state I invoke a prayer and set my mind at ease and focus on the task at hand. If I am going to just openly transmit whatever presence becomes available I prepare for that, just open up in the space. I guess trust and faith come into play at this point. I will admit that I am always alerted to the space in which I am about to enter. It used to be more a kind of apprehension, you could feel what you were up against and to go beyond that is like a leap. At that point there is complete trust. I really have nothing profound or different from what has already been said. For a person just beginning to experience this process whether it is a personality or the Thought Adjuster it is good to journal, make notations, write things down or type them out or record them; however it needs to be.

I don't think necessarily that one needs an audience. This is a whole different process, the one of going public or a different part of the process. That requires a lot more trust. So this space that connects spirit to our consciousness is a sacred space and if you do this for any length of time it has a kind of niche and you can get into this space and move forward. I think prayer is tremendously spontaneous in that space and what one evokes is also conscious, real, palpable, from the heart and from an inner sense of peace and probably a reference of guidance on some level. That the space we come into, if I may be so bold as to give it some definition or reference, is like a some soul space, a space where the Adjuster is always present and you as a person invite a personality or presences to come into the space. Sometimes you may start by asking a question, initiate a dialog or response.

What is interesting is that nothing that comes into your mind is alien to your mind. What I mean by that is that it is somewhat familiar. It is not like there is an outside voice speaking to you, it's like an inside thing, in ones consciousness. Kind of like your mind speaking to you. In that respect it is tremendously subtle, so subtle that you could easily miss it if you are not paying attention and sensing what is going on. It takes a while to sense an energy presence or signature but certain personalities have this sort of energetic signature presence and I would say this is usually with beings or personalities that are transmitted on a regular basis such as Michael, Nebadonia, Machiventa, Monjoronson. These beings would have a familiar signature. The actual t/ring process, of allowing this to flow, will depend on each individual, how one approaches the nature of these things. I hope this has been helpful.

Mark: Thank you for witnessing Henry. [You are welcome.]

Monjoronson: Greetings to everyone assembled here, I am Monjoronson availing myself of the opportunity you provided here to approach the microphone and address you at this time. Like you I am in attendance and observing the testimony of the many different methods and approaches that have been discovered and utilized and are effective as they are adopted and used. The important aspect to remember of course is never to impose ritualistic qualities to any methodology that you may come across because if you attempt to crystalize around any one certain formula, you cut your abilities to be influenced by other methods down radically. The best approach is to find something that works, to rely on it on a regular basis, but to always be open for other influences that may be effective themselves.

As you repeat your process over and over again, you may find that you are able to condense it significantly and the steps that you once took methodically and singly in the process become streamlined into the direction and accelerated because you have created such active networks that they enable you to get from point a to point b much faster. And so you might begin with a certain lengthy process and end up with a single thought, even a single word, a single stone you hold and your entire process may be so condensed and concentrated that you traverse all the steps instantaneously.

It is quite possible for you to form this association in your daily routine by assigning a word to a certain process or pathway that you identify and utilize and in this way and through this method of association, oftentimes you are able to achieve the same results with a single thought or word as you labored to achieve through a disciplined lengthy process. Words such as 'together' in association with your desire to work closely with you Inner Voice, your Inner Guide may be used in an instant to align you with your intended desire to work closely with your partner, to work together.

It is a pleasure to throw another contribution into this pool of wisdom that you fill. Thank you for the opportunity to make my contribution and to observe you make yours. I offer you my deepest gratitude for your having created and provided this opportunity and as well I offer you my humble respect for your skill and ability and desires that have brought you to this place, that have brought us together in this place. I now am privileged to draw this meeting to a close and bid you all have a good evening, farewell.

Machiventa: [Henry] Greetings, this is Machiventa coming on board to add a few more servings to this already large menu which has been given here this evening. One of the things that I want to add, especially to those who may be beginning this process, is that there are no mischievous personalities who will attend to this process. In this respect, one needs not worry that they will receive something of a dangerous or negative nature in this process. This may be important for those that have considerations about contacting spirit and trusting spirit and personality from an unknown and unseen standpoint. Again, this is a tremendously trusting process on both sides of the process. It becomes necessary for the spirit personality also to connect and trust with the human consciousness.

Again, many times this process will reveal something, usually personal, to the individual who utilizes this process. This is the difference between a personal platform and a group platform where messages or teachings are given to the group. This is why one can come to this process with questions, pertinent and specific questions and direct these questions to the personality of ones choice. It is a weak analogy but nonetheless it fits in this situation, that as your telephone service, you call up a person with a particular number, in this spirit transmitting/receiving process you can call in a particular spirit personality. In this way you become familiar with their presence even if at first you may not be able to perceive that any communication is going on.


I present these things as little helpful hints and tools that may be added to the already expanded knowledge you have received here this evening through the various witnessing by the various human and spirit personalities. Again, I thank you for allowing me this opportunity to speak again to you and it is intended on all levels that this process of communication invariably brings an individual into a closer awareness and actuality of the reality of the human/spirit partnership in this world. I Thank you this evening, good evening.