2010-04-25-Leave the Past in the Past

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Topic: Leave the Past in the Past

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Ophelius

TR: Chris



Ophelius: “Today’s lesson is about leaving your past in the past.


Many of you stagnate or move very slowly in terms of real soul growth because you cling to old ideals and never leave your mind open to new thinking or new ideas. You seem to be stuck in a ‘time-warp’ of the past where you look fondly and nostalgically on everything that occurred during a very narrow ‘slice’ of your life and experiences while you resist everything that is new or would effect change in your life. Friend, if this you, I tell you that you are making it very hard on yourself and you will inevitably delay your progress in this world and in the (mansion) worlds to come by clinging to erroneous ideals and stubborn ways of thinking.

“Your advertising marketers know this type of human personality well and they exploit this weakness and promote their products by appealing to this narrow band of consciousness called ‘the age of relevance,’ or more simply, ‘the good ole days.’ Surely it is not detrimental to remember good and loving memories or positive life experiences, for these experiences help us to contrast and evaluate the conditions and values of our current life experiences and well being. It becomes unhealthy when we believe that nothing in our present life will ever ‘measure up’ to those things that have occurred in the past -- a time when there was real soul growth and progression, but for some reason or another this growth slowed or stopped completely by some negative experience or outside influence that told you that you were unworthy and so you shrank into this mold you were told you belong where fear has kept you from becoming who your really are.

“On the mansion worlds many will find themselves in detention -- separated from those who willingly choose to progress -- until they can be healed of this type of thinking. Again I remind you that free will does not stop on this world, but continues throughout your ascension career, and you are never made to do anything, even when it is in your best interest to do so, until you are ready to move on. I encourage you to change this behavior now while you still have time on the earth and enjoy the ‘spice of life’ my friends. Embrace new ideas and invite change into your lives, for this gives your guides, guardians, and your Thought Adjuster a richer pallet to work with -- to teach and direct, and to help you to become all you can be -- a co-creative child and citizen of the universe.

“Step outside your comfort zone today. Try something ‘new.’ Listen to some new music; try a new exotic food; listen and try to appreciate an opposing point of view; leave yourself open to new opportunities and venture to see where it leads, for these are the leadings of the Creator’s will for your life. Leave fear and the voices of the past in the past and count it all a life lesson. Let the eternal Now be the continuation of the ‘good ole days,’ for every day lived in the expectancy of child-like wonder brings us closer to the goal of perfection and the finality of the Creator's embrace.


“Peace, “The Circle of Seven.”