2010-04-25-N. Idaho TeaM

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Topic: Right Mindedness

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson, Elyon

TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris



Monjoronson: Hello my friends, I am Monjoronson here to accept the invitation you provide to further discuss and examine the implications of this idea of right-mindedness. I appreciate your having picked up on my contribution to this subject and I feel it might be helpful to continue this discussion through another interpreter so as to help further flesh out the concept.


You observe in your discussion that this whole process that you have been undergoing with the Teaching Mission, the teachers, and the representatives of spirit, that you have grown to be somewhat conditioned by having been exposed to other values and once having been exposed to an alternate value system, you then have the opportunity to choose among your various value systems and since it is the desire of your heart to approach things which are divine, you invariably find yourselves choosing the more righteous approach so far as you are able to discern this difference anyway.

You have hit on something quite critical to any form of planetary or wholesale shift in the consciousness and awareness of a people or a culture or a world, that is things will certainly change to reflect whatever value system you are operating under. If you change your system of values, then all else outside will certainly reflect this choice. If you now will witness, on your own world that you have great contrasts evident before you when people operate under different systems. Your corporations for instance, are not beholden to any values other than the interests of their investors and profits. When this operating system does not include aspects of compassion or fairness or justice then the operating system that is functioning is not errant in their process of discrimination or competition. They are merely operating under the rules of that value system.

You see many organizations and groups which operate under their own value systems having those things which are important for them to uphold and promote and they tend to forsake all other methods in favor of their own. All these examples you witness in your lives on this world of different governments, different companies, and how they operate and what is important to them, gives you some perspective as to the wide variety of platforms of operation that are present on your world.

You have been about the process of exploring the spiritual dimension and the value system that is operational in this dimension and each lesson of tolerance, forgiveness, love, stillness and appreciation, have brought into your arena of consideration a different set of values and what you uphold and cherish as the most significant aspects of your operating system are at this point vastly different than others who have not been exposed to these higher values, these values that are present in right-mindedness or right thinking.

So here is where the unfolding of a new age on this world hinges, this idea of introducing ideals and higher concepts and ways of thinking which are superior to old habitual patterns which are no longer serviceable under the new paradigm of spiritual awareness and appreciation. It is not so much a struggle to force new concepts and ways of looking at things on people as it is an opportunity of grace that you all have to offer an alternate perspective, to present to be considered, choices which are of higher moral and spiritual character than the ones under present operation. You will find that this new spiritual pressure applied to your world will be prompting many to search and seek for an alternate perspective because they will grow dissatisfied with the same old status-quo, the predictable approaches to deal with life circumstances which have never been successful before. They will be looking for new approaches and new pathways to take them to a new horizon that they have not been to before. There is a great need for those along the way to point to a different trail, a trail perhaps less traveled but far more rewarding.

So you see, the shift that we are looking to facilitate on this world is truly a shift of consciousness and all the physical outworking of such a shift will simply be as they are, but the underlying factor to all the outer lying effect is this swinging and coming about of human consciousness to be upgraded in their construct of thinking, in their foundation of awareness and when they are provided with the righteous concept and choices they will be attracted to try that which is new and different and promising, especially if they can be exposed to one such as yourselves who are practiced in these principles and are well aware of these principles that are so new and different to so many.

I always appreciate the opportunity to join you in your discussion and sharing. It is my privilege and pleasure to do so. I sense that there are others who would utilize this opportunity this morning so I bid you my farewell. Thank you.

Elyon: Greetings my friends, I am Elyon here to enjoy basking in the glow of this spiritual luminosity that I sense in this gathering. I would take the opportunity to discuss a little bit about this process of creating right-mindedness. As has been stated on your world, the first step to change or correction is to realize that there is an issue in need of correction. So when you are going about your daily activities, step one would be to simply observe your thoughts, see where your mind goes, notice habitual patterns of thinking. If you had that thought before, recall the last time and under what circumstances. Simply witnessing and observing the tendency of your mind is certainly step number one in changing your consciousness.

Step number two is to halt from time to time, your thought processes when you observe that a thought has just been issued habitually and you recognize it as inconsistent with your higher value system. That is when you stop, you stop the playback that you are doing of a previously recorded response much as you would lean forward and push the button on the tape recorded to stop. Simply noticing and having the ability to stop is a large part of the restructuring of thought patterns towards right-mindedness.

Next , it is your honor and privilege as a co-creative being to re-record over a previously recorded response; that is, to note the tendency of the mind to go in one particular direction then, to rewind to where you felt that response solicited and intentionally insert the response, press record and insert the higher response that you could see yourself having, that you wish you had had, that you would like to have. Through your active action of will you are able to inject into your equation a new response based upon a different and higher set of values. If you can master the ability to observe, to jump in and take control, to hit the stop button, to then hit the rewind, to then insert your new recorded response then you will find that in so doing you are creating a new operating system for your next set of choices, a new reference point from which to observe your world and make your decision.

This exercise, of course requires practice and repetition as does all of your learning cycles you have observed. It is not enough to simply engage in it once, it must become a mindful process until it becomes a natural process. But if you undergo this process as you have over the years of following the lessons and the Teaching Mission and applying them to your lives, you find that there is a natural and gradual shift towards having a different platform of awareness which is based upon higher and higher ideals which are finding their way into your value system. Thus everything you observe is seen through this lens of awareness and will never look the same again.

I thought I might take this opportunity to insert this into the formal record as a practical hands on approach to rewriting your basic operating system with intention and purpose and towards the desired result of creating this natural state of being, of perspective, of observing the world from a state of more right-mindedness, more correct thinking.

Thank you for the opportunity to be involved with you today. I send my love, farewell.


Cathy: The beginning of this message was a drawing starting with a straight line and then moving almost in a rounded stair-step fashion. There was a series of many steps moving upward to a higher level then a straight line at the higher level.

Unknown: In the approach to shifting your consciousness to a different level of action it would be helpful to focus your attention to the position that you are occupying. As you can observe from this drawing, there are many small adjustments when going from one level to another. Change is not always a large step, but many small adjustments made while moving in a forward direction. It is important that the movement be to a higher level and that it be also progressing forward.