2010-04-26-Dissertation on Truth

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Topic: Dissertation on Truth

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Bzutu

TR: George Barnard



Bzutu: “It is so that when you are searching for a particular answer, you will mostly find a Midwayer prepared to speak with you. We have our rules and regulations, yes, but we know we can assist without having to always clear the matter with our superiors, especially if the enquiry has earlier been routinely answered. It is different for Teachers like Samuel and Aaron, for they are subject to the curriculum Machiventa has in mind for the 11:11 Progress Group, and as well, they are subject to even more stringent rules than are we Midwayers.

“Rather than my answering the question as posed, I prefer to give the group some instances about the perception of truth, which can come to you in many ways. For even the youngest of you, truth – and I note that this is in the form of the child realizing safety as distinct from danger, trustworthiness as distinct from deceitfulness -- comes by means of The Adjutant Mind Spirit of Intuition. For as long as you function with a calm, meditative state in later life, the Adjutant Mind Spirit of Intuition will continue to work well for you.

“In later life, much of this true or false perception is triggered by another’s, often involuntary, body movements or the intonation of his or her voice. Those in psychological practices make a point of discerning real answers in this way, as do the Midwayers who have observed you for more than 30.000 years. Indeed, who among the 1,111 loyal secondary midwayers needs a lie detector, when, as well, they can read your aura?

“In circumstances in which you need to question the validity of something you perceive, it is more likely to be the Spirit of Truth that will give you the ‘yes or no’ feeling, and in some instances have you swiftly and correctly state out loud your ‘yes,’ or your ‘no’ answer to the unasked question -- your momentary wondering – ‘Is this the Truth?’

“Whether intuition, or revelation of a kind, it is reasonably safe to accept that either The Adjutant Mind Spirit of Intuition, or The Spirit of Truth would have been responsible for the ‘knowingness without factual proof’ of an answer being ‘yes’ or ‘no,’ a situation being ‘safe’ or ‘dangerous,’ and irrespective of whether this knowingness arrived during wakefulness or sleep.

Information input into the conscious mind by the Thought Adjuster is wisely considered to be a rare event. Knowing all of your future, this Gift of the Creator of all is likely to foresee that, should you be left without certain information, your spiritual path may well ‘lead to uneven ground,’ and it is therefore that you may be provided with knowledge – true revelation – out of the blue. Yet, my friends, whilst I posture (present) this as generally being the case, there are some among you that have developed contact with their Indwelling Spark of God to such a degree, they will be provided with the earlier mentioned ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers even for the relatively mundane.

“All-enveloping Truth beyond expression can only be experienced with the arrival of Cosmic Consciousness – the event of true Spiritual Enlightenment – as came to Saul of Tarsus and Pascal, Whitman and Blake. Such universal Truth can be relived, felt, enjoyed, but never adequately explained.


This is ABC-22. Later, fellows!”


The question posed by an 11:11 subscriber: Do you know if there is a difference between one’s intuition and Thought Adjuster?