2010-05-02-N. Idaho TeaM

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Topic: Spirituality, Attitude, Perception

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Unknown, Monjoronson, Nebadonia

TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris



Elyon: Good morning my friends, I am Elyon bringing my warm greetings to all and accepting the invitation you provide to step in to your discussion group this morning and offer my two-cents worth, my different perspective to stir into the mix just as your perspectives are so offered.


I would pick up on this train of thought of this notion of the individual and their relationship to happiness, joy, peace, and contentment. As you all are well aware, many observe the environmental factors at play in ones life and some use these environmental factors to create an aura about their expectations in life and because they are co-creative beings, they are not surprised when the things that they either hope for or are fearful of materialize in their lives. The advanced student in spiritual principles will realize that environmental factors are simply that, environmental factors. They do not impose any necessary circumstances on an individual but rather are simply factors in play in the equation.

What ls far more important in determining the reality for the individual is their basic predisposition, either to look at the situation with a positive tilt, one which predisposes joy and happiness, or one which may tend towards sorrow, sadness, or fear. These lenses that you look through are what makes your current reality come into focus. If you are looking through the lens of fear and apprehension, then those aspects in your given surroundings will come sharply into focus and you will see what you thought you would see.

LIkewise, if your lens is polished to bring into focus the goodness, truth, and beauty contained within the circumstance, those aspects will stand out and come sharply into focus. So as you all have learned, it is not your circumstances or environmental factors which impose a life of either happiness or despair, it is rather what you bring into the equation which combine certain factors present to bring you the results which you are creating. Those pilgrims of time and space who can fully embrace this awareness are sharpening their predisposition so that the lens they are looking through is polished to bring out and sharpen into focus those aspects that they choose to endorse or make real in their own experience.

There is this other aspect mentioned in the discussion of the significance, even importance, of not going the journey alone and as was mentioned, there is value in taking time for personal reflection and the solitude to process in your lives and as well by way of bringing balance, there is the rewarding component of getting together, even in forums such as this, to share that which you have processed and in so doing to make your contribution to the overall truth, beauty, and goodness contained in the equation.

It is very true that an individual who is confined away from all other individuals eventually will go what you refer to as 'stir crazy.' Likewise if you are surrounded by too much distraction and influence constantly, you become drained and might become stir crazy as well. There is a balance to be observed where there is an allotment of time for you to take as an individual and likewise there is the giving out and mixing with the collective consciousness that is inherently good and stabilizing for the individual.

I appreciate the opportunity you provide for me to join your conversation this morning and offer a few more words on these subjects. These issues directly speak to the overall concern of mankind of what the purpose is, what the meanings are to be derived, and how to best go about designing this art of living. And so I am ever pleased to offer any alternate perspective that may become useful. In respect for this forum I will now withdraw to allow for others. I will remain in attendance to observe or for any dialog directed at me. Thank you, farewell.

Unknown: [Cathy] Among the path to happiness is shared values and ideals. If a person is pursuing a path of action alone, the opportunities may be of limited scope. In a group of individuals, all are having their personal view of what the path forward should be. As the individual joins with others a subtle change appears in the intention for action and service. The presence of others brings forth an expanded view of service possibilities and connections within the group. This is [through] your pursuit of opportunities for service [which] brings an alignment that will propel the entire group towards the qualities that lead to a perception of happiness. All perception is a condition by the intention and motivation behind the action that is pursued. Together, individuals enhance the intention of each one. A compatible group brings forth shared values and ideals. A focus is created on service that enhances the experience of the results of service. Individuals perceive this as an enhancement of their own personal happiness. Indeed, happiness shared is happiness doubled. Each one of the group is a reflection back to the others enhancing the experience of all. As all are shining forth their inner joy and happiness, the reflection shines forth to warm and activate the others. Be happiness and shine forth joy.

Monjoronson: [Mark] I am pleased to have the opportunity to join you this morning. I am Monjoronson and I delight in discussions such as these. I would offer a few more words in the direction of perception. There is a phrase in the construct of this t/r that on this world, "perception is reality." This phrase illustrates the tendency of the perceiver to color and flavor the observation of facts into the reality of their choosing. As you are all aware, news happens, for instance, all the time, all over the world, and yet you observe that there are different perspectives provided by those who would bring you this news and in so doing, offer some level of interpretation.

Whereas the facts of the case may be present to be observed, the perception of these facts is what causes the perceiver to make sense out of the information and if they are predisposed to want to believe in a certain way, then the facts of any given circumstance can be used to support their forgone conclusion. This is what is such a challenge on this world because all of the different observers are all making their own individual perception based upon their own individual experiential data bases and therefore there is no underlying basis of definition for absolute truth, beauty, or goodness, rather one persons goodness may in fact be interpreted as another persons evil and one truth may be misconstrued or misinterpreted to imply its opposite meaning.

As we move more and more into spiritual dimension there will come to influence the definition of all of these aspects, an underlying basis for truth, an underlying identification with beauty and a common sense of goodness. As we work towards sharing such common views which I have recently referred to as right-mindedness, then we will start to see things and perceive them with far more divine views and righteous undertones. This will be a uniting factor for these will be the tones and the hues that will call to the sons and daughters who are seeking spirit direction.

As you have witnessed on your world, once an idea takes root and takes firm hold, the time for this idea to change thought patterns has been diminishing as your technology has enabled you to spread ideas and thoughts around the globe well nigh instantaneously. This advent will be greatly advantageous as new ideas and visions are exactly what are needed to change the basis of understanding and awareness for many. So it is, we are involved in this process even now for these words will be spread abroad to many outside this group and will find reception by a great many who are on the spiritual path and sorting their way through the sea of material now being provided for them to find.


I thank you all for joining me in this project which is not only individually beneficial to all who join together at this time but also represents a significant contribution to the collective consciousness and is simultaneously of service to the One and to the many. I appreciate the opportunity to work with you at these times. I now bid you all have a good day and a good week. May it be filled with much spiritual fruit which may be harvested and shared. Thank you and good by.

Nebadonia: [Cathy] Blessings be upon you my children. I am with you in your efforts and am with you always