2010-05-04-History, Urantia Revelation, TM

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Topic: History, Urantia Revelation, TM

Group: N. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Daniel Raphael


  • Moderator - Philip


Prayer: As we still ourselves we deepen into the presence of the Creator and we call upon the Creator to fill us with It's light, surround us with It's light. We ask for the Infinite Spirit to reveal Itself through the words of truth. We ask for clarity and we ask our guardians and guides to assist us in this process and we give thanks.

Philip: Good morning Monjoronson, thank you for being in attendance.



  • Jesus Vs. Michael

Question #1: When Michael fully regained His memories and inherent powers, at that point, did Jesus the man cease to function?

Monjoronson: Certainly not. Just as you come into your own with the God presence within you, as you raise yourself in your spiritual growth and become more morontial, you do not forget who you were and you do not forget the humility of how you came into this world and neither did the Son of God. Thank you.


  • Dispensational Resurrection

Preamble: When our Master passed to the next realm this signaled the end of one age and the beginning of the next one. This resulted in a dispensational resurrection in which all the sleeping survivors were resurrected. These resurrected ones were then given a chance to opt for ascension to the Father or choose annihilation.

Question #2: Now that you have arrived and another age is at hand, is there to be another dispensational resurrection? In other words, does your visit here to Urantia presage a new round of resurrections for all the sleeping survivors?

Monjoronson: Yes, when I come into physical form, this will begin a new dispensational age. Thank you.

Urantia Book, Urantia Movement

  • History of the Fifth Epochal Revelation

Preamble: Monjoronson, in the past year of so I have written a history which attempted to connect the various channeling episodes from the 19th century to the 20th century appearance of the Fifth Epochal Revelation at Chicago. One who contributed to that writing received, from Christ Michael, the year the First Revelatory Commission came into existence as 1898. The date by itself is not so important, but for a history, knowing a starting point is a very useful thing.

Question #3: Would you be so kind as to confirm this date or its correct date for us, and anything else concerning this starting point you would like to tell us?

Monjoronson: I must ask, whose starting date do you wish to go by, the one that is specific by yours or the one by which the revelatory commission was organized and the various studies begun? You dates are accurate but they do not completely reflect the history of this revelation through our efforts. The commission was organized long before that and the preparations made for the study and the writing of transcripts on the spiritual side was greatly completed by the first meeting of your forum. Thank you.

Question #4: As I review the writing of this history, I am struck by what seems to be the "suddenness" of these activities leaving England as a possible site to establish a great revelation and resurfacing in America in the first years of the twentieth century. Can you help shed any light on what appears to be the preparation of a limited-scope revelation in the '1870s' to an epochal scope revelation prepared for around 1906? Any discussion in this area would be most helpful to us to understand what to us is a blur of obscure events.

Monjoronson: The mortal background for this development began with preparations with Emmanuel Swedenborg much earlier. There developed many lines of evidence and developments from him to others. It was not until after the mid '1800s' that several mortal efforts of revelation were begun. You must recall those of Mary Eddy Baker and that of Joseph Smith among those as well. There were the Christian metaphysicians Charles and Myrtle Fillmore to name a few more. There were many outworkings of this both in the American culture and the American Indian culture. English revelation was not left behind but it was soon determined that this continent of the United States would be most fortuitous to use as its future was being written at the time. It would become a foundation of much influence in the world, therefore efforts were centered upon the residents who lived here. Thank you.

Question #5: It appears to this questioner because of the abruptness of the change, there was an intervention perhaps from outside of the local universe to make this change in scope. Can you point to any particular universe event in the executive branch or administrative branch, or even on Urantia itself, that led to changing to a whole different way of staging an epochal revelation? It almost appears the whole universe got involved to start it up in the Chicago area.

Monjoronson: Again this may appear to have been a sudden appearance to you but it was very intentional, developmental, gradual, and evolutionary. The sudden appearance in Chicago was coordinated by numerous events which you and your historians are unaware of and which I will not share with you. The events of Chicago were central to the propagation of this revelation, those who were interested, those who could legitimatize it at that time. It has been a great influence not to accept mediumship and this was influential in legitimatizing it to the reading audience. The aspect of the universe participating in this was extended to Uversa and through Nebadon, through Salvington.

Your world was deeply conflicted after the resurrection and Pentecost and the immediate apprehension and quarantine and detention of the miscreants of the rebellion followed. These actions were all coordinated at the same time as was the development of a new revelation. The Urantia Book and the developments surrounding Chicago were only one of numerous revelations that were being developed around the world. Many of those died from lack of interest and lack of being legitimatized. They were propagated in the minds of those who would be seen as quite eccentric and those who were marginalized by their society. The efforts of Christ Michael and Machiventa and the revelatory commission were numerous and what you see are the remainder of what are left. It is much as the process of evolution of different species, you only see what is left, those which are successful. Thank you.

Question #6: You yourself Monjoronson, were somehow present in the background of these early years of preparing the Fifth Epochal Revelation. While the need for revelation was understood for Urantia to receive for centuries, was it always an epochal revelation that was going to be considered? Did the inspection by Tabamantia and whatever he reported concerning Urantia play a large part to change what should be done for Urantia?

Monjoronson: Again, you preconceive an idea of what was ordained earlier had a major change of opinion and direction. There were many optional and contingent plans that were made early on in the second millennium that were put on hold and many were put into action. [Additionally], there was what you may consider to be the sudden appearance of plans and alternative plans. They were simply alternatives that were put into action when other earlier plans failed or were not sufficient to be carried forward by the events of your world. Thank you.

Teaching Mission

  • Early Teaching Mission History

Question #7: In preparing another history, I have reviewed the transition of what would become the Teaching Mission from New Zealand to America. Without prejudicing your answer by stating my interpretations of that transition, can you comment on what appears to be a case of the wonderful coincidence of a virgin group of truth seekers finding Abraham and then the awful warfare their efforts walked into between rival Urantia Book institutions in America just as New Zealand was helping transition their group experience to America?

Monjoronson: The beginnings of the Teaching Mission in this "virgin group" as you call it, in New Zealand, was essential to establish its legitimacy and its forthright connection to Urantia Book materials. This is irrefutable; this is something that exists and validates the work that began in New Zealand as legitimate and directly related to Urantia Book materials, histories, and development. It cannot be separated, because it was never meant to be separated; it was a difficulty in the publication of the Urantia Book that led to this separation. There was never a cessation of revelation in the work of the Correcting Time of which the Urantia Book is a part as well as the Teaching Mission and the Magisterial Mission are a part. . . . Thank you.

Question #8: Did this Urantia institutional warfare cause a door to close and shut out a large number of book readers who would have embraced the Teaching Mission in this period?

Monjoronson: It did not close a door but it did leave many potential enthusiasts for further revelation out in the dark. There are many who do not wish to be in conflict with established social groups. Your groups do not differ socially from those which deal with political issues. They want to be accepted; they want to be in continuation, and therefore they say nothing. They do not wish to move ahead; they stay with what is safe.

The cause of cessation of forward movement as you note was due to a shifting of gears to another contingent plan. This takes time. You have seen that within your world environment within the last ten years as major shifts and changes in your world causes us to move from one plan to another that is more advantageous. Thank you for your question.

Question #9: Is any of this turmoil in the period being referred to here [late '1980s'] in any way associated with releasing tensions brought on by the very recent adjudication of the rebellion experienced on Urantia? Does the physical world react strongly to major spiritual adjudications or maybe this was an exceptional event with obvious reactions?

Monjoronson: This was an internal development unrelated to the adjudication.


Philip: That concludes the question/answer session. Are there any further comments you would care to make?

Monjoronson: Thank you. It is our wish to clarify all difficulties that you have where we are responsible parties to your confusion. However, the vast majority of your confusion rests with your own capacity and failure to discern alternative possibilities for the interpretation of historic events. This [misunderstanding of historic events] has been an ongoing pattern of error in many peoples thinking, for they do not weigh other options with the same clarity and the same fervent energy as they do for their own biases. . . .

Philip: Thank you Monjoronson, we deeply appreciate your being here answering our queries. We also like to thank our T/R and all those involved in aiding the Monjoronson Mission.