2010-05-11-New Spiritual Circuity

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Topic: New Spiritual Circuitry

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Mark Rogers


  • Moderator - Philip


Mark: I'd like to start today’s session with the expression of recognition for having reached Q/A session #100 for the Monjoronson.com service project that a few of us got together and rallied around almost two years ago and managed to envision this project into existence and shove it off from the shores to be sailing out here on its own. I call Monjoronson to witness far better than we are able to, the consequences of these actions. Oftentimes it may feel as though we operate in seclusion or separation from the project as we get together and contribute our little parts to the equation. It is good to stop and recognize that we are a part of this team and to appreciate what this team has accomplished. I am thankful for this process, thankful for this team, thankful for the association with Monjoronson. It has enriched my life; I am sure I speak for others as well. I welcome this opportunity we share together even now and would petition Monjoronson to join us as he so faithfully does once again to continue this project we have joined in association with and to drink this cup, this milestone of accomplishment with us at this time. May it be a tribute to the Father, may it be a pleasure to the Son, may we fulfill the desires of the Father in this process. Help us to make it so. Thank you.


  • New Spiritual Circuitry

Preamble: Machiventa Melchizedek said in 2008 that the Melchizedek Order would be making available a new dimension to the spiritual circuitry on Urantia which would allow a more direct process of engagement between Melchizedeks and man. We know that we can access a spiritual circuitry that you have set up. We can feel your energy signature going through our hearts. We know that any help that we receive will enhance our ability to help our brethren.

Question #1: Can you discuss in more detail what Machiventa's offer will entail? Any additional information would be appreciated. Thank you.

Monjoronson: Greetings this evening, I am Monjoronson here to join with the team in the process we have come to delight in. It is ever true that there will be an enhancement of all forms of connection, of every form of circuitry that you can imagine. The effects will be magnified and the potency of the circuitry will be enhanced until the task at hand is accomplished. The task at hand it to get those individuals who are interested connected. This can happen in a number of different ways and among a number of different personalities, even orders of beings. The prerequisite to this happening, of course as has been stated, is the sincerity of the petitioner and the diligent application to making the attempts. This component of putting yourself in motion is key to getting anything done. Once you are in motion you may be guided or led but it is your choice to contribute the motion.

So I encourage you to be about whatever procedures or practices you think are helpful to you in this regard. There is no set of standards or requirements that must be met other than your sincerity and diligence in the process. If these aspects are present, you can be assured the universe will find a way to utilize whatever means are available to bridge the gap as this is what the infusion of spiritual energy, the influx of spiritual capacity is going to make possible. All those who seek will most certainly find. Those who apply themselves will most certainly gain. Even those who are uncertain and perhaps slumber on the sidelines will be aroused and made curious by this new spiritual presence and energy. Since you are already aware of this spiritual current and energy, you will be the more suited to ride this wave as it comes in and utilize the energy present to propel you forward. I hope this addresses your question.


  • Experiencing Big Personal Changes

Preamble: This individual has many questions because he has nobody to talk with in depth about what has been happening to and with him. He has been discovering many aspects about himself that he never knew was possible. He feels he has so much pent up energy within that is waiting to be shared and he is not sure, but he thinks he is capable of "consolidating" and then "emitting" powerful "waves" of energy. He feels an immense focused release when he concentrates after clearing his mind but only when he is lying down on his back in a very specific spot/position. He has tried sending out his energies while sitting up, reclined, in various rooms of his house yet still can only get the real "power" when he limits himself to very specific circumstances as time/place/position.

Question #2: Is there any significance to his merkaba being a place/location of increased power/ability to send energy or receive energy or is this just his human mind limitations that he puts on himself?

Monjoronson: Thank you for this question. I appreciate your willingness to share some more personal matters for consideration. The short answer to your question is that these conditions that you perceive necessary to make possible the circumstances you experience are in large part a construct of the mind. This is not necessarily to be judged as a bad thing or a good thing, rather it is the way mind works. Mind assembles things which are familiar and when the pieces of the puzzle it recognizes come together it assumes a familiar condition that was present when all the various pieces of the puzzle were present before.

The fact that your mind has assembled these particular constructs is of no particular significance. What is of significance and is illustrated in your question is this notion of then how much control the mind has over the state of being and this subject is well worth exploring because if it is true that you can recreate certain states of being that you desire to be through using the minds ability to reconstruct pieces of the puzzle. Then as well you can utilize this function of the mind to do your bidding and assemble pieces which you desire and install and build with intention for the same purpose, that is, with the same objective of creating this safe place, this merkaba as you may refer to it, as an act of will, not as a result of circumstance.

When you learn that the same thing can be accomplished with the mastery of the direction of your intention, the focusing of this tool of the mind, then you will realize it wasn't about the time or the place or the circumstance, merely these things were present when it happened and your mind created this association. You may recreate any associations you like, that is the grace of the mind circuit which you are connected to. You can decide to build yourself a safe place entirely within the construct of your thoughts and accomplish the same thing but this requires direction, focus, intention, patience and purpose. Is there more to this question.

Philip: There actually was but I think you answered it. He wanted to know whether using a quartz crystal could assist in focusing the energy or increasing the overall intended effort. If so, how could this crystal be put to best use as far as like where to position it such as touching it to his chest, visualizing the energy permeating the crystal and so forth.

Monjoronson: As a continuation of the response to this question, the crystal is an inanimate object and it has what powers you will allow it to have, no more, no less. It is not an intelligence of its own which brings any personality or individuality into the equation, it is an element to be observed and appreciated and to the degree that you decide it is an important aspect of your process, it will be an important aspect of your process. You may choose to associate this crystal with the space you are creating but I remind you it is a material aspect which is in relationship to a spiritual plane. The two are not in the same dimension nor do they require each others existence to individually exist.

Therefore if you want to build this association as mentioned before, you are free to do that and it is not as though it would be required or necessary in any regard but it may in fact be a useful trigger or symbol for you to use which has such a strong association with its spiritual state that it helps you to make this association and create this synapse. To the degree that it is helpful it may be a good thing. To the degree that you decide you cannot be in a spiritual space without a rock, it is a bad thing. No amount of your spiritual indoor state is dependent on anything, and I repeat anything, that is physical. It is good as observed to create pathways through ritualistic action or prayers or any number of approaches that you might use and still these are not integral to the achievement of the spiritual state that you are going to except in that they aid you as familiar guideposts along the way. Nevertheless, when you are in a completely spiritual place there is no real connection that is helpful to be made to the material plane. Thank you.

Philip: Thank you Monjoronson, that is crystal clear.


  • Teaching Stillness

Question #4: I have discerned from recent sessions that stillness leading to T/Ring is of paramount importance. Are there personal T/R teachers that can evaluate and lead us to our celestial teachers and thus to T/Ring?

Monjoronson: Thank you for this question. I will acknowledge your statement that stillness is quite often seen as a prerequisite to this state of T/Ring and again I must make reference as this [includes] the scope of the last question. Many components to the process discussed are material aspects, even this practice of stillness is a material practice albeit it is designed to promote spiritual awareness and an opening up to the spiritual dimension but nevertheless the act in itself is an act of material discipline and so I hesitate to make a definitive statement that it is directly required in any way. Stillness is like forming the merkaba, is like prayer and meditation. These are processes of the human mind, physical aspects that you can use to create a conducive environment to be launched into the spiritual plane. At that point they become insignificant as the dimension between material and spiritual is shifted, so is the significance of anything material and mortal shifted when you are discussing entering an entirely different dimension.

This dimension of spirit is not strictly dependent on anything material as I have said, therefore even this prerequisite of stillness may not be a required component at every given juncture. As a matter of fact, the more time one spends in this practice of stillness, the less time is required to achieve the state of spiritual awareness so that it is possible for it to be an instantaneous shift, a shift that is made by the sheer force of the will of the shifter, the one who is familiar with the pathway, has traveled it many times and now can traverse this distance instantaneously by projecting his desire to do so down the path.

Utilize every form that seems to benefit you in this process of exploration. Fear not for experimenting and trial and error, but always realize that these actions that you take, these steps you adopt, these procedures you find useful, are but your transient stepping stones. They are not the place you are going. They are merely aids in the route to get you there. Thank you.

Question #5: Is there a future pioneer traveling group in mind that can help us with this to expand the T/Ring of servants?

Monjoronson: Thank you for your further questioning. I have no band of apostles I send out now except for you, except for those who come in contact with these words. If this feels as though it has a personal recognition with you, then you may feel entitled to take this message out and spread it but I have no chosen ones. I rely on all the ones out there choosing this option, choosing this possibility. We do not mandate the how, the when, or the who will be utilized as T/R's nor is it the ultimate goal of this mission to grow a crop of T/R's. Rather, we seek the grassroots individuals such as yourselves who are in place all throughout the system and who are willing to come to the realization that they are connected in this process, who are willing to invest the energy and the discipline to create this association with spirit and who then are called to be service minded enough to offer this accomplishment and this gift of grace to others who would benefit.

Let me be clear that this interim step we are experiencing at this time where there are a limited number of contact points we refer to as T/R's will be eclipsed by a much larger and broader dispersion of contact points, each of which will be connected to an even greater source. The Indwelling Divine Fragment that is partnering with all those who seek is the ultimate source to be contacted and it is present, it is onboard, it is already associated with all those who seek. If all of the seekers were to find this connection there would be no need to ask one such as myself or any other celestial personality for instruction, for guidance, for interpretation, or for advice. I am here with the other celestial personalities in this interim step to interface with you through any of those who can find and actively create the portal necessary to facilitate this process of transmitting/receiving but this process too shall give way to a grander connection where we need not strain to hear from limited points, words of spiritual wisdom. Rather will all those who seek, find this ability to commune with spirit if they will but keep knocking at the door and be diligent in their efforts. I hope this addresses your concern.

Philip: Yes, thank you Monjoronson and I believe you've answered the other three questions that he had.

Teaching Mission, Magisterial Mission

  • Developing Organizations for the Teaching Mission and Magisterial Mission

Preamble: As you noted in a session we have titled Northern Colorado #116, you presented thoughts about the lack of any organization existing from the human side of participation that can organize and lead people who are interested in both [Teaching Mission and Monjoronson Mission] to participate in. My questions are asking for clarifications on the idea that organizations have a place in these activities.

Question #6: One of the reasons the Teaching Mission does not have a general organization dedicated to the mission [they do for social purposes] is that most resist the idea of anyone exercising leadership or providing organizational skills that would lead to a national or international organization on behalf of the interests for the Teaching Mission. Would you say that bringing forth such an organization has many positive results that would outweigh the suspicion most members feel toward organization? Must we wait for such an organization after this initial group of Teaching Mission adherents have left the scene?

Monjoronson: Thank you for your concerns for the safety and well being of the Teaching Mission. First I must do my part to allay your fears that somehow things are going disastrously wrong or failing or doomed to some unfortunate end for such is simply not the case. True enough we can observe the current state of affairs and wish that it could be one way or another but the entire process is in a constant state of transition and so it is impossible to bring any particular judgement because it would be based entirely on such a limited perspective as we observe in this organization.

I assure you, all these avenues of approach will be successful. It is within Michael's mandate that this gigantic experiment succeed. So to that end, what the Father approves and the Son desires, is. It is only left to have the pieces of the puzzle come together and manifest into reality. If you were to see it from this perspective, a great amount of your apprehension and fear over the apparent lack of success would be dissuaded.

As for organization and leadership, I would have a few words to say. This condition represents a rather good news/bad news scenario. On the one hand you have individuals all agreeing to agree on the fact that all perspectives are valid and all approaches are accepted and to therefore perhaps be leery of any one direction or option being proposed over any of the others. This condition, while noble in its pursuit to bring equality to the table, also may be a stifling effect in that if you are always looking to normalize every position, then you are presented with few distinctly different options to accept and choose.

This is where leadership is necessary to any organization. An organization with no distinct direction is floundering and will show no great movement in any direction because it is stuck trying to please all the different views contained and therefore cannot move in any one direction for fear of offending another direction. In these days of enhanced spiritual awareness, what we need are true leaders, those who will stand up and say I believe this to be the way and I am about going in this direction and I will demonstrate to the universe through my actions, my intention, and I am proceeding thusly. Having stood up and offered an option, others may choose to associate or not with this direction but at least there is direction, there is movement, there is a cause to support other than just being a support group of those who would maintain the status quo and play to their comfort zone.

As you observe in your natural environment, one ant alone cannot have that much impact but many ants together can literally move mountains. So it is with your need for organization. You gather together to add your individual forces to the greater force, to the direction you support and in this way you all benefit by lending some energy to a grand project that you could never move forward on your own. You observe that this works routinely but there must be a direction, there must be a purpose, there must be some leadership to declare a direction and to steer all those who would be the hands on deck on a given compass heading, otherwise the ship will simply go round and round, no captain, no leadership, no direction, no purpose.

As for the project as a whole, we are not here to define for you the nuts and the bolts of what to do. We are here to support you as you envision what it is you can do and become inspired to be involved and to create forward motion. Then we can work together with you and assist you in your purpose but we are not here to say go this way, go that way, do this and that. We are here to cheer you on from the sidelines as you call the play and execute the moves. I hope this helps.

Philip: Yes, it would appear Monjoronson that you have answered the next four questions quite clearly and so I think that concludes our questions for the evening. If there are any additional comments you would care to make on any subject we are all ears.

  • Recognizing the Achievement of the 100th Q&A Session with Monjoronson

Monjoronson: I would take you up on your offer to have a few words. First, I would like to join in the recognition of the accomplishment of this team as we go through this process now for the 100th time. Certainly all those involved had no real idea what this would look like, feel like, or be like at the time this inspiration was shared, this purpose was proposed but it struck a resonance with all those team members involved and there was a coalescing around an idea. This mere suggestion, this example of leadership was exactly the type of thing I was just referring to.

If you will but make a start, make a beginning, then the universe can flow to assist you and bring you all that you may have need of as is evident here as we glance back over our shoulder at the 100 successful efforts that have been offered to come directly to seeking individuals with an opportunity to come together. I am grateful for this opportunity that has been provided and I stand in humble recognition of all those who have taken the material steps and provided the necessary material energy to bring such an idea into the tangible realm and make it accessible to all those who would desire to find it on this earthly plane.

This is an example of success. We oftentimes are ready to identify and relate to episodes which appear to not be successful, to not have brought as much fruit as we might like to the vine but I say to you once again, it is merely your vantage point as all of these efforts have met with success for they have been a service to the Father, they have been a gift to the Supreme and those things are true measures of success. It is only your inability to see this association which could even have you considering that such gifts you have provided were somehow not successful.

I thank all those who have been steadfast with me. If I had apostles who walked this earth at this time, these would be them. My humble and faithful servants who have heard the call and who have answered it. I offer my sincere appreciation for the many efforts made to accomplish this and bring this expression of grace into the material realm.

Also, before I leave tonight I would make a comment based on tonight's questions and observe a thread I see running through many of the questions tonight. There is always the concern that you proceed in a correct fashion when you are trying to do whatever you are trying to do in relationship to spirit. Should you do it this way, is it okay that way, what if we try this, what if that happens, what should I do, what could I do? To all these concerns of appropriateness I would merely say "fear not." If you are engaged in pursuing spirit, you are on the right path. You may find in your efforts paths which are more fruitful more beneficial, more effective for you in your search but every path that you traverse is necessary and righteous for you to be exactly where you are, doing exactly what you are doing, because there is something there to be gained for you. There is some step to be taken, some distance to be crossed, some lesson to be learned, some universe principle to be accessed.

That is why you are where you are, that is why you are doing what you are doing. It is all good, it is all proper, it is all righteous. You cannot err when you are setting your sights on spiritual exploration of who you are as a spiritual being. You are merely uncovering aspects of yourself that you have yet to find. That is what you are seeking and this ability to interface with spirit dimensions outside of you is a natural part of this spiritual advancement. It comes as part of the package of your seeking and finding. It comes as a result of your efforts to go after it, of your diligence in the process, of your sincerity throughout. If these are present and if it is the desire of your heart to come closer to your Divine Parents, to find your relationship to them in the spiritual dimension, then it is not possible to err.

Trust, relax, be at peace with who you are, with your position and station in your eternal spiritual career and relax into your station so that you may absorb all that you are there to absorb and be in gratitude that this is the way the plan works. I hope these words help to bring you peace and assurance that all is well, you are well. Your Divine Parents greatly appreciate your efforts and will work tirelessly to assist you as you will work to find them. This is a universal truth in which you may trust.


It has been my extreme pleasure to be involved once again in this milestone session 100 as it has been my pleasure to be involved throughout. I look forward to our continued success in this endeavor and to be available to those with ears to hear and hearts to ask a question. Thank you and good evening.

Philip: Thank you Monjoronson. We greatly appreciate your efforts and the efforts of your staff for all the light that you bring. We would also like to thank all those involved in this process at this time and call it good. Thank you. [[Category: N. Idaho TeaM]